Jay Inslee’s Democratic Socialists targeting senior social security

Jay Inslee’s political philosophy is a bastardized hybrid of Benito Mussolini corporate fascism and Al Gore’s the sky is falling. While Republicans at the Federal level have passed the biggest tax cut in history, Jay Inslee and his lemmings are attacking Washington State’s senior citizen population and going after their livelihood.

We remember when gasoline prices approached $5 dollars a gallon in the Puget Sound. This high cost of fuel had to be factored in when we made a trip to the grocery store, home improvement center or even a coffee shop. That gallon of milk for the children became $8 instead of $3. That sheet of OSB went from $5 to $15. Even the $4 cup of shitty coffee at Starbucks had the $5 a gallon penalty attached to it. Washington’s $5 a gallon gasoline cost had a stifling effect on Puget Sound commerce and job creation. However, our seniors on social security bore the brunt of the cost increases.  Our farmers will bear the brunt when they till the fields for our food when diesel fuel is artificially driven up by Jay Inslee’s fascist policies.

Jay Inslee seems to be an enviro-fascist in the mold of Mussolini. Instead of leveraging corporations into armaments production and attacking Ethiopia,  Jay Inslee and his special interest-backed cabinet are leveraging inept special interest-backed environmental policies and attacking the tax base.  In fact, Jay Inslee is Al Gore on steroids.  Jay Inslee feels that his policies to reduce carbon emissions is a mandate for the greater good. Even if his carbon taxation scam will only affect global warming .000000001 over a period of 100 years, he insists are attacking our senior population’s ability to make ends meet.  Over the last 2 years, Jay Inslee has raised property taxes on Puget Sound’s senior population by 30%. His carbon reduction scam will cost our seniors another 15% in utility bills. ST3 taxation has driven car tabs through the roof. Of course, his 25 cent gas tax will hit even harder.

Republicans deal with carbon issues by providing tax incentives for alternative energy production. We provide incentives to companies when they want to produce the Hitachi battery here in the Puget Sound. Republicans do not torture the citizenry with taxation.  Republicans incentivize and then let Laissez-Faire economics do the rest. 

The Democratic Socialists have depended on racist labeling and social wedge issues to gain office. Then, when they are in office, they go nuts raising taxes and enact enviro-fascist policies that suck the cash fuel from our economy. Given that all of Jay Inslee’s enviro-fascist polices will have zero effect on the environment, we can only conclude that they are smoke and mirrors taxation policies for the benefit of bigger government budgets.

Jay Inslee and the Democratic Socialists hold our homes hostage for property taxation via one levee after another. Now they are going after our parents and grandparents tiny little social security check and handing it to bloated State government agencies. Meanwhile, the Puget Sound is becoming an economic no-go zone.

Brodheads populated the Washington Territory after we help create it with land grants for veterans. Jay Inslee is basically a carpetbagging swindler that arrives when all the hard work has been done. Inslee, on the other hand, takes from our seniors and citizenry and grants it to Al Gore’s buddies. Your basic bureaucratic thief.

Jay Inslee is a no-account swindler, charlatan, and snake oil salesman. Washingtonians need to muck-rake this Jerry Brown-style liberal fraud dumb ass out of office.





Brodheads and the State of Washington

I served my country in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves from 1977 to 2006. I would retire from the Air Force Reserves in 2006 after an 18-month activation for Iraq and escorting one of the final C-141 Starlifters to the Boneyard. The transition from C-141 flight engineer and world travel in support of our national interest would be a horrific loss of status and an emotional trial that would last a full 5 years. In order to replace my service to the country, I would fixate on running for US Congress. My last effort would yield over 8% of the vote without one single interaction with the WAGOP.

In addition to fixation with running for Congress, the internet provided me an avenue to research my heritage. While my uncle Doug, a B-52 pilot, was dealing with the final throws of prostate cancer, he gave me a copy of the Brodhead history. It had been copied over many times and was almost unreadable. I would stow the document in the top drawer of a dresser and forget about it for 10 years. Then I would stumble across it and finally read it. I went further by engaging in an internet search of the Brodhead name.

My research would almost seem like a scene in the Matrix.

During my research, I would find that my great plus grandfather, Captain Daniel Brodhead I, would be second in command of the Nichols expedition in August of 1664. Hailing from Yorkshire, England, Brodhead would lead the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam, hence, we played a role in establishing WASP  control of the New World.  Moreover, Brodhead would be present when Stuyvesant surrendered.

110 years later in August of 1776,   Daniel Brodhead III  would defend George Washington’s retreat across the East River after a devastating defeat at the Battle of Long Island. He would be on the last boats with Washington. He would then tend the fires on the Manhattan side in order to fool the Britsih forces into thinking that Washington’s forces remained encamped on the west side of the East river, as they marched for Fort Washington on the north-west side of Manhattan.  Daniel  Brodhead III would also accompany Washington’s ragtag army as it escaped to the Deleware River. Thomas Payne coined it “a time that tried men’s souls” in his book the American crisis. Today, because of Jay Inslee, we are in a “Washington State crisis”  of taxation and an unadulterated  Democratic Socialist march to a stifling bureaucratic wealth redistribution state. Jay Inslee thinks we live in Norway. He is the most job-killing governor in Washington’s history.

In September 2001, I would fly a 911 support mission to New Jersey and be on one of the only aircraft in the skies across America.  We would fly from sea to shining sea along the path of the Transcontinental Railroad. The trip of 5 hours in our C-141C Starlifter used to take months by oxen and cart. The C-141C aircrew would see the smoke from the collapsed Twin towers from 100 miles away and 35,000 feet. The approximate locations of the Deleware River, Trenton, Princeton, and Valley Forge.

All three of the events in Manhattan were within blocks of each other and spaced by a time span of 350 years.

During the Mexican America war,  Thorton Fleming Brodhead would serve under his cousin General Franklin Pierce.  He would also serve with the Washington Territory’s first governor Isaac Stevens. Both would die on September 1st 1862 while fighting for emancipation.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead would vote in favor of Stevens for the Washington Territory governorship. He would also have his name on the Washington Territory legislation and copious military roads that crisscrossed Washingtonia.  In addition, he would author legislation that created the Transcontinental Railroad along with establishing the mail service to the Puget Sound.

Brodheads established English speaking rule in the New World, fought for Independence, fought for Guadalupe Hidalgo, fought for emancipation, and facilitated the populating of our “Manifest Destiny.”  Other noteworthy events were the Fremont Carson expeditions, The Gadsden Purchase, The Oregon Territory, The Utah Territory, The Nebraska Territory, The Kansas Nebraska Act, The Wilmot Proviso, The Annexation of Texas and the list goes on and on. Many of the first government buildings in  The Washington territory were funded by legislation voted on by Brodheads to include Fort Steilacoom. We also voted to fund the Capitol building etension that created the West Wing, the East Wing, The Capitol building dome, and the Congressional Library. We then authored the bill that purchased the Jefferson manuscripts.

Brodheads served with every face on our currency in battle or on the House and Senate floor.  We served with George Washington through 8 years of the American Revolution.  We served with Abraham Lincoln in the House from 1847 to 1849. We served with Alexander Hamilton at Valley Forge. We served with Andrew Jackson on the battlefield and in the House. We were personal friends with Benjamin Franklin and served with him during the 1st Continental Congress. Meanwhile, Jay Inslee, the liberal thief is stealing our money with far-fetched plans that will do absolutely nothing for our economy or environment.

Going further within the Matrix, the roads that my shop and the bulk of my real estate assets set on were funded initially as a military road and voted on by Brodheads. The legislation was voted on by a great uncle Senator Richard H. Brodhead.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists of Washington State are running amock. They are raising property taxes and holding peoples homes hostage. Soon, very soon, it will take almost half of a senior’s SS check to pay property taxes and insurance each month.  Jay Inslee is not done there. He wants to add an energy tax to our senior’s utility costs and gasoline consumption costs after driving up car tabs as well.  Jay Inslee wants all senior social security checks to go to his inept special interest taxation schemes. The Democratic Socialists under Jay Inslee are raising taxes and chaining our senior’s to his foolish and bizarre spending habits like no other time in Washington State’s history. Out of 3500 US counties, Pierce County is on its way to being ranked 50 in property taxes. The liberal socialist are running big business out of the Northwest, killing job creation and taxing the citizenry to death.

It is sad that Susan Hutchison was fixated on identity politics candidates. Her political efforts from “Vote for Pedro” to identity politics candidates at the State level were pathetic.  Of course, she then jumps off the vote for Pedro amnesty shill to Donald Trump’s position on strong immigration laws. This suggests that her political strategies changed like the wind.

Susan Hutchison’s inept political strategies have resulted in the elimination of checks and balances and an unbalanced Washington State legislative construct.  As a result, the Washington State taxpayers are being taxed to death from property taxes to a sky is falling energy tax and a multi-generational ST3 taxation scheme from hell.

While you might have found “Brodhead for Congress” as obtuse, and unworthy, your candidate selections were absolute shit.

Jay Inslee and his Democratic Socialist entourage are destroying the Northwest and everything the Brodhead family has worked for. They are giving away the sweet promised land in exchange for overzealous bureaucracy and stagnating taxation. Brodheads passed epic legislation that spanned a continent and facilitated the growth of Washington State. Jay Inslee is a socialist thief that is turning Washington State into California and New York.

But then again, you boobs are simply too stupid to see the value of my candidacy. While my name has  extreme game, you folks are parading over the demise of the Washington State Dream.  Ya haven’t got a worthy strategy to regain any sort of momentum and rely on extremely average symbolism.

Sorry if I am just an enlisted man that made his millions from pennies by himself. Sorry if I understand world affairs, our military, and how to create jobs. You should go back to elevating artsy fartsy identity politic bullshit candidates and their impotent symbolism. Tell us how a 20 year old is a job creator….

Brodheads help make this country great. Jay Inslee is flushing the Northwest promise into a bureaucratic shithole of taxation and decadence.

Brodheads helped tame The West with the blood of immigrants with the lust for freedom, a family, and a piece of land.  Folks who work hard to live the American Dream.

Inlsee is one of those no-account swindlers who only take from the hard-working citizenry.


Congressional Globe https://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query




Bill 348 of 364,

Submitted permit application for Colorado build

Now that I have submitted all of my drawings and applied for a building permit, we are 10 days away from breaking ground.

Paid $110,000 for 2.7  view acres with a $51,000 water tap included. Property is situated in a million dollar neighborhood with views of the Rockies and Longspeak.

Once I get the structure location staked out, I will leave it to my sub-contractor to excavate, foundation, and frame job…

Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 02



Pierce County property taxes increase by 15% for 2018.

The worst byproduct of a Democratically controlled house, senate, and executive are their grotesque penchant for tax increases.

In Washington state, the Democratic Socialists like to raise property taxes in order to fund their far-fetched schemes.

Because of Democrats, and voter apathy, 1000 sqft. 3 bedroom rambler dumps in Tacoma, Washington are seeing property taxes that approach $4000 a year. As a result, landlords and rental agencies are having to raise rents. As a consequence, the liberals that voted for ST3 taxation, now want rent controls? Of course, they will also want more money for section 8 housing as well.

Within a few years, under Democratic Socialist rule, Pierce County will see property taxes that are $400 a month. Meaning, the average service based economy worker will pay 1/4 of their wages after tax just to pay Jay Inslee’s property tax bill.

Next, Jay Inslee wants to add an energy tax ?



Did Obama exploit the “Patriot Act” to wiretap Donald Trump?

Not to be outdone by Nixon and the Watergate wiretapping, Barack Hussein Obama used Hillary Clinton’s fake Russian dossier to manipulate the unconstitutional FISA courts to authorize surveillance of Donald Trump.

It seems that the Federal government is now using “The Patriot Act” to surveil political candidates. Next, they will use FISA courts to surveil court judges, school teachers, and anyone that is deemed a threat to the deep state.


Orlando Brown plugs the biggest Bronco Hole

When Clady and the Big-O left town, Bronco fans thought Peyton Manning would need crutches. In fact, the Broncos have been trying to find an Orlando Franklin or a Ryan Clady ever since they left. When these two fellas were around, the Broncos had the best offensive line in Bronco history. It was the Cadillac O-line from hell. Nobody touched the QB. lately, however, Denver Bronco Quarterbacks have to run for their lives almost every snap. There is no time for a second read or the coverage to extend a play.  Given that Siemian is just as good as Cousins, and unless Elwood fixes the O-line, there will be the same results in 2018.

When we look at tape on Orlando Brown, we see an OT that can move people out of the way. We see a guy that can simply neutralize edge rushers. Orland Brown does two things: he strengthens the left side and moves defenders out of the way for Anderson, Booker, and Henderson.  Elwood could then move the Mormon monster to the right side. These changes along with a superior RB blocker and nobody touches Siemian. Orlando Brown also increases yards per carrying before initial RB contact and makes the defenders focus on the run. This would free up the passing game tremendously. So, not only does he protect the QB, he increases RB performance by a couple yards per carrying.  Then, believable play action becomes deadly.

So, Elwood can pay Cousins huge money and still get the same results, or he can take Orlando Brown with the first selection and plug the biggest hole of all.

Orlando Brown is a big reason why Baker Mayfield looked so good.

Elwood is only one selection away from the total replacement of Clady and Franklin.  At that juncture, he can make a much better decision about the QB thing. As it is, if he pays Cousins the big money before fixing the O-line he is wasting $30 million in cap. If Von Miller is any indication, Cousins will want big guaranteed money. He will also want the ability to tie up huge sums of cap if he is traded later on down the line.  That is simply bullshit.

Cousins could be a high dollar Orton bust. Under the current O-line construct, Cousins will be running for his life and susceptible to injury. Elwood would be putting the cart before the horse.  I get the horse first. I get the biggest baddest assed O-line horse on the field. I get Orlando Brown at number one. I think it is a no-brainer.

The Denver Broncos will win the AFC West just showing in 2018

When Elwood brought in John Fox as head coach, he was looking for a stable leader that brought mental stability to the Bronco Organization. The Broncos quickly evolved from the depths of McDaniels, Orton, and Simms to the wonderful 2011 season of Tebow. While the Broncos would eventually lose to McDaniel’s and Brady, Tebow thrilled us. Not only that, he made us feel good as Bronco fans. It is not if one wins or loses, it is how we play the game that counts. This is how we play the game of life with no regrets.

The Bronco organization went from Peyton Manning, Fox , Kubiak, and copious division championships and Superbowls to Vance Joseph and the identity crisis from hell. The Bronco’s young quarterback corps had to negotiate a plethora of variables from inept play calling to a coaching merry-go-round. John Elway has paraded over a musical chairs style management prowess and recruitment effort.  There was no consistency in the running game as well.  It almost seems that Elwood bases his management style and strategies on immediate gratification.

The Broncos are at the same place they were in 2009. If Elwood employs the same recruitment script, he will bone up the D-line with a super edge rusher like Bradley Chubb, and a run stuffer like Vita Vea.  He will also look for a few linebackers and a cornerback.  Justin Simmons is turning into a pro bowl safety. In reality, the Bronco defensive depth chart is a thing of beauty.

The offense line needs just a little more strength.

The Bronco running game really came on at the end of 2017. Devonte Booker upped his game from an average rookie to a consistent 4 yard per carrying bruiser. He even looked good at punt and kick returns. Dudes a stud.

Musgrave simplified and improved the play calling.

The only glaring issues related to the WR corps is Emmanuel Sanders and the disruption to the locker room he projects. The chemistry of the WR corps needs to be altered.  DT, as always. is good to go,

Elwood needs to handcuff Siemian for the 2018 season. It is possible with a few adjustments and he brings it in 2018.

I bring in Lauletta, and one additional rookie QB and forget Cousins. I focus on a Superbowl defense and allow Vance Joseph’s consistency to come to fruition. In reality, Vance Joseph has not proven himself and should be considered an unstable variable at this juncture.

The toughness of the 2017 Bronco schedule played head games on the organization. Then the tough facade of the AFC West Division collapsed. The Kansas City Chiefs played like crap. The Raiders regressed, and the LA Chargers, well, anyways.  In 2018, even with the current QB ranks, Denver wins the AFC West and makes the playoffs.

If I am Elway, I make Vance Joseph and his new coaching staff work their asses off before handing them a mid-tier QB like Cousins. I make them confront turnovers and special teams. I make them confront the Sanders dilemma and a way to extract the locker room from his presence. While he might be a nice guy, he is a 600-yard receiver and an opportunity cost to the detriment of others.

Bradley Chubb or a Lawrence Taylor/Demarcus Ware clone is the fastest way back to the AFC West Championship.  We just have to look at the Seahawks dominant defense and dominant running game when Russel Wilson dispatched Manning and the Broncos in 2013. I believe Siemian would manage the Broncos well when all the musical chair variables are limited and give way to consistency void of self-defeating head games.

With just a little tweaking, Siemian is a Cousins for 1/30th the price.

Lastly, back in the day, the Broncos Orange Crush was the lightest D-line in the NFL. However, they brought it to every single game. We remember how Karl Mecklenburg and Rulon Jones would stay in the trenches and give it every ounce of attitude and energy on every play. Perhaps, the Broncos need another Mecklenburg or two on the front lines and in leadership roles.


Denver Broncos quarterbacks Peyton Manning, front, and Trevor Siemian warm up during a practice at the team’s NFL football headquarters Wednesday, Dec.16, 2015, in Englewood, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski) ORG XMIT: CODZ103

Denver Bronco fans want Kyle Lauletta

let us look at the Senior Bowl and all its variables. A group of strangers comes together along with a hodgepodge of different coaches. They then practice for a couple of weeks. Specifically, the quarterbacks only have a few reps with the newly assembled wide receiver and tight end corps and have a limited opportunity to develop timing and synergy with the players. They have to make due with the players they are given.

Kyle Lauletta seemed to be able to immediately adapt to new players and playing schemes and excel. He built synergy on the field immediately and was a demonstrative gamer. If we look at the tape, we see a quarterback that does everything that Siemian cannot do. He reads the field, throws to any player on the field, and is extremely accurate. Lauletta’s ability to adapt, his super quick release and his deadly accuracy are things to behold. When we look at his highlights, we also see a guy with a cannon arm that can drop the ball on a dime.

The Bronco fans want a grassroots QB that they can watch grow.  Kyle Lauletta is the exact same size as Elwood at 6′-3″ 216. Lauletta can scramble like Elwood and has a skill set that is much like Joe Montana and Drew Brees.

Elwood needs to retain Siemian, Lynch, and Kelly and bring in Lauletta for the preseason.

Both Cousins and Keenum are not worth the big money and would be a waste of cap. We want a rookie QB this time.

Kyle already has a superior media interaction set and the core of a nasty NFL animal. You can see it in his eyes.

If I am Elwood, I pick this guy up and feed him from a fire hose to include the Denver hurry up offense. I retain Siemian for his Manning Corporate memory.

A good offense begins with a good defense. Defenses keep QBs on the field. Defenses win Super Bowls. Pick up, Lauletta  “Elwood,”  and use cap space for the D and O-line.


The Trumpmeister delivers an epic State of the Union address.

Many of us miss the days of Ronald Reagan and his wonderful State of the Union speeches.  They were believable and delivered a message of hope.  The twang in George Herbert Walker Bush’s voice made his State of the Union addresses torture to listen to. Slick Willy’s speeches were outright lies. George Walker Bush’s WMD rhetoric was a joke. The way he spoke his words were simply laughable. With Barack Hussein Obama, I did not believe a damn thing the $10 trillion deficit dude said. All of his rhetoric was simply bullshit.

All in all, the presidents between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were simply special interest liars who did not fulfill promises. What we got was “read my lips, depending on what the meaning of is is, I will not use the military for nation building, and you can keep your doctor!”

Donald Trump is keeping his promises. Even then, the Democratic Socialists and their liberal yellow press are in a full court press slamming Trump. Trying to watch a PBS channel before the Trump speech, was like watching botoxed old has-been socialist in a libtardia group commiseration session. How odd, Barack Obama goes in with a high approval rating and delivers epic lies not from the heart and he gets a  Nobel Peace Prize.   Trump delivers, and he is painted as a failure? Trump will see a rise in his approval rating. A big rise. Trump spoke truth from the heart. He is also doing what he ran on…..

Donald Trump makes the Democratic Socialists in the House and Senate look like an unhinged and a mentally unstable carnival show.

Trump offered a compromise on DACA and a pathway to citizenship for the border wall.  In response, the libtards sat their indifferent with a negative grimace on their self-serving faces. It seems that the billionaire is outsmarting and outmaneuvering the psychologically damaged dumb shits that make up the Democratic party.

Senator Schumer looks like the scum bag that got his ass kicked in high school. In fact, all of the Democratic Socialists would not stand for most of the things that Trump made statements about. They did not cheer unemployment numbers or job creation for minorities. The did not cheer the 401Ks of hardworking Americans. They did not cheer the pillars of society or stand with the police officer or soldier.  They did not clap for the $24,000 standard deduction, the lowered corporate tax rate or companies coming back to Detroit. Hell they did not even applaud wage increases for hardworking Americans.

In reality, the Democratic Socialists looked like a bunch of commiserative chimps in $1000 dollar suits that had nothing to offer the American dream.  All they want is to marinate in their petri dish of control, blame division, commiseration, race baiting, class envy, and wealth distribution.  They suck…

Donald Trump delivered one hell of a good speech, and I believed every single word he spoke.

Schumer is a disgusting piece of partisan hack shit.

Image result for schumer at state of the union



If Elway trades away Demaryius Thomas, he is a dumb ass.

Peyton Manning turned average wide receivers into 1000 yard receivers and good wide receivers into 1500 yard receivers.  In 2011, Thomas would be limited to only 11 games and even Tim Tebow got 550 yards of production from Thomas. Since his 2011 injury, Thomas has been able to fight through low-level injuries, and avoid the injuries that would end an NFL season. Under Manning, Thomas was a 1500 yard beast. Trevor Siemian tried to maintain a high completion percentage with Thomas when Manning road off into the sunset with his long neck silhouetted against the light.

In 2017, Thomas was able to amass close to 1000 yards through 3 average quarterbacks, a new coach, and a mid-season change to the offensive coordinator. Demaryius Thomas makes average NFL quarterbacks look good.

Emmanuel Sanders, on the other hand, struggles to stay on the field and is plagued with injuries that severely affect his overall performance.  He seems to be going the way of Champ Bailey with chronic foot and ankle issues. During his last three games with the Broncos, even average cornerbacks covered him like they were tattoos. Paxton Lynch could not connect with Sanders unless he was tossing from point-blank range. Even then, Sanders could not catch the ball.  Emmanuel Sanders and his off the field alleged predatory sexual advances are quite suspect and a distraction to the locker room.

At this juncture, Elwood needs to see what effect a fella like lauletta has on the Denver Bronco receiving corps. Chances are, that he would be able to exploit  Demaryius Thomas, as well as Cody Latimer, Henderson, McKenzie and the sunshine boy. Broncos fans want a grassroots rookie QB. We don’t need another $30 million year QB.

Demaryius Thomas is a franchise player in the mold of Rod Smith or Jerry Rice.

Should Elwood let Thomas walk, he might need to be diagnosed for CTE.  Thomas is a Bronco for life while Sanders is a come and go….

Demaryius Thomas is a 1500 yard Julio Jones on an NFL team with a mid-tier QB. As it is, he was the only WR keeping the Bronco receiving game alive in 2017.  Elwood needs to look elsewhere.

Of course, after, Von Miller’s basement reality show, he might be an 8 sack dude in 2018. Might start looking at Chubb.