Is Margaret Brennan leading CBS back into Cronkite territory?

It was quite refreshing when Margaret Brennan took over for John Dickerson as host of “Face the Nation”. She replaced Dickerson’s irritating and biased twang with balanced objectivity and a satiating professional demeanor. In fact, she is extremely disciplined as it relates to logic and critical thinking, non verbal clues, delivery and even the tonal quality of her voice. She seems to put copious effort into presenting the news in a non-biased fashion, however, she does add factual content that is not affiliated with the biased social media inspired drivel of the liberal yellow press.

This is not the case with CBS “This morning.” Her associates on CBS “This Morning” have become TDS ridden social justice warriors who bias their every word with race baiting contempt and utter lack of balanced objectivity. Their faces have become entrenched symbols of the liberal yellow press and conditioned hatred for others. For these individuals, there is no journalistic rehab center which can reinvent them. Their liberal yellow press ass kissing mold is now set in stone. The only thing left for CBS is to send them to the mail room and elevate new faces.

Lara Logan saw the writing on the wall. She could no longer lower her standards of journalism to meet the objectives of CBS and its rigged social justice warrior phys-ops plan. She saw that there was simply no more toxic liberal left marginal mental productivity to be harvested and signaled an exit strategy. . She took a stand for journalistic integrity and 80 million baby boomers uttered bravo, bravo!

The 2020 election media process is shaping up to be a doozie. CBS is at a turning point. They can side and expose the liberal insanity and racist labeling of the Democratic party and facilitate division and hypocrisy or they regain the journalist high ground of intelligence, discipline, objectivity and non biased reporting.

It would be good for Republicanism if they stay their course of fake news, race harvesting, and division and simply expose the Democratic Socialist agenda. In fact, the circus of Democratic Socialist candidates and their gibberish will only result in a Trump land slide election in 2020. So, it is actually in Trump’s best interest for the liberal yellow press to stay it’s course of negativity, omitting, division and race baiting. Elevating the current Democratic Socialist dogma is only “free press” for Trump. Americans have had enough.

CBS can service the left or they can service America. It is quite a Catch 22. CBS stays its liberal biased course and exposes the DAZI party in all their inept and ignorant glory which helps Trump , or they can change their biasing options. It is clear however, that Margaret Brennan understands the journalistic toilet drain that the liberal yellow press is flushing and she wants to right the ship. At this juncture, the liberal yellow press are making massive fools of themselves in front of everyday Americans. We have become weary of the campaign. Two more years of TDS gibberish and CBS is no longer a respected news organization. They will be synonymous with state run propaganda entities in dictatorship countries.

Some of us have heroes and we are not whores to the liberal yellow press. How refreshing.

Today, the world is safer and has more promise when Brennan covers the current Trump/Kim Jong Un negotiations. America and the world deserves her professionalism and dedication to her craft. We are better society when we elevate the best that journalism has to offer. We create safe harbors for humanity. We work together.

On second thought just stay the course. It will be good for Trump and deal a death blow to Democrats in 2020.

Rip Peter Tork!

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VP Pence visits Auschwitz and Munich

As a former USAF aviator that served from 1978 to 2006, I have been to almost every single military base on the planet. As final cadre of the Mighty C-141 Starlifter, I did the Iraq war and a dozen different humanitarian missions through out the years. I have flown over the entire length of the soft under belly of the former Soviet Union. I have flown over the Middle East dozens and dozens of times and transitioned the far reaches of Africa and Asia. Every continent, save Antarctica ,was my class room.

I can tell you that the The United States military has spent enormous amounts of money building other people’s infrastructure across the world. The logistics costs of a single C-17 cargo sortie is about $100,000 each, hence, even the smallest military presence in the far reaches is at an enormous cost to the tax payer. The Bush and Obama wars of choice cost the American tax payer over $6 trillion dollars. We built massive infrastructure projects in countless countries while our bridges fall in the river here at home. In reality, most of the money spent on war is consumed by fuel, logistics, and infrastructure building. Instead of building a border wall here in the USA, Afghanistan gets new schools. Instead of new schools here and new roadways, Germany gets more military housing, and Iraq gets billions in military base assets. In reality, the USA maintains a massive air-bridge to every part of the world. The Ops tempo budget alone consumes $200 billion a year.

Just the national debt interest payment on the Bush/Obama wars of choice will cost upwards of $500 billion a year when the FED rate increases to that of the Clinton era. Bush and Obama really screwed the pooch when it comes to $16 trillion in added national debt in just 16 years. Sadly, today, Uncle Donny isn’t paying any attention to fiscal sanity and he too will add trillions to the national debt. In fact, he is on track at $1 trillion a year in deficit spending. If re-elected in 2020 and deficit spending remains constant, uncle Donny will add another $10 trillion to the national debt by 2024. This would be considered a modest forecast. However, once FED rates rise and FED treasury notes pay a higher interest rate, just the interest payment on the $30 trillion in national debt payments exceeds $1.5 trillion a year in 2024. Double that of current military spending. Because of the Bush/Obama perpetual war and spending along with uncle Donny’s financial irresponsibility, the Federal government will eventually destroy the US economy.

All of the massive infrastructure building in far off countries does not benefit the American people economically. It is just symbolic waste.

For too long, NATO countries and the UN have been getting a free ride and leaving the USA to conduct the bulk of military operations. Their socialist governments and European industrial disease are severe economic determent’s to how they fund NATO. In addition, many countries have grown accustomed to massive and unrestrained Bush/ Obama perpetual war spending, so withdrawing to more prudent spending severely impacts their economies. Moreover, when Trump asked them to spend more to defend their own countries, they pitch a bitch. They want everything for free. They want us to pass the debt onto our children.

As we recall, the transition from guns and butter after Vietnam in addition to taking the dollar off the gold standard was quite intense. Americans saw insane levels of inflation and interest rates. Today, Donald Trump is bolstered by a very strong economy as he attempts to take the USA off of the Bush/Obama perpetual war economy. He has been very successful. Transitioning from Bush/Obama perpetual guns and butter to an America first economy is good for this nation. We have been giving away the farm for way too long as it relates to foreign military spending, unbalanced trade deals, and foreign aid. So, it really doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. They just want our money. However, we need that money here. Sorry! The world is stronger when America is stronger. The American people are stronger when we focus on MAGA. However, “Arbeit Macht Frei” does not apply when we face a $1.5 trillion a year national debt payment. In fact, we become slaves to Bush /Obama/ Trump spending.

Look at Adam Schiff the tyrannical dummkopf here!

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Happy presidents day uncle Donny!!!

President Trump is solidifying his base on a daily basis and looking good doing it. I used to not care for Kevin, but he has evolved, and now I support the man. Well done boys!!!! Keep it up, and feel good about what you are doing for America these days…keep the faith. Keep the core, and keep the strength. Keep it!

Sorry if I am simply better looking than yall!!!

Who is Eugene Scott?

When Barack Hussein Obama spoke in front of the Tier Garten and apologized for America, he also left Berlin a million dollar cleanup bill. Then after 8 years of perpetual war and inept foreign policy, he left office. He also left the Germans with a massive refugee crisis to clean up. Our buddy Obama even put the German Chancellor’s email system under surveillance.

In France, the French are yelling Trump’s name. In Germany, conservatives are yelling Trump’s name.

We can see that Eugene here is starting a rumor that our European allies do not support Trump and it is a replay of the Obama era and apologizing for America. Ok, even a 10th grader can figure this one out. Superb attempt. naaa scratch that .

America was engaged in almost 20 years of perpetual war. We are now ending the guns and butter and focusing on America.

Eugene, buddy, please read Washington’s farewell address.

Sorry Eugene, but I have flown 1.76 million miles in support of our national interest. Below is my resume. Read it and weep.

Sorry but I think you are simply full of shit!!! I cant believe that you worked at the epic Kansas City Star and now engage in Washington Post gibberish. What a bummer. What a waste of a handsome and well spoken guy….

My GPA was just a little higher than Rick Perry’s.

Next time, stand in front of the Brandon-berg gate with your buddy Nakamichi.

David Nakamura’s inept and DTS ridden argument skills

When I was in college, I majored in poverty and minored in beer drinking, and stalking and defiling college babes. Well maybe not stalking. How about chasing? I had a double minor.

Back during the 1980s, there were only two genders. A man had the penis and college women had nice knockers, a vagina, and a pair of tight fitting Levi 501 shrink to fits, super bras and high heeled pumps. Today, the borders between what a man and a woman really are have been altered by the lunatic liberal left. Today, some of our more liberal colleges have 19 different genders to memorize, catalog and communicate with.

Imagine going into a college bar and attempting witty banter and chitchat with a college babe. Imagine buying her a few beers and then listening to a gender tirade. What a drag! In reality, all the different gender moronic gibberish has basically been created by those that simply cannot get laid. While a small percent of individuals are wired incorrectly and do not match their physical gender, the rest of the gender stupidity was created by the bottom of the natural selection scale. It seems to be ridiculous coping skills and a rejection of normality. It is simply sad theatrics and a form of tragic validation. Power over one’s perception of artificially created gender is a sad and abnormal psychological construct. The creation of 19 different genders is an attempt to bolster the roles of the abnormal.

The lunatic left is now trying to turn kindergarten into basic training for gender dysphoria. Instead of hopscotch and marbles, the lunatic left wants to recruit for the LGBT movement in grade school. Wtf? I thought college was for discovering one’s self and not Kindergarten. I mean at 5 years old, one has just learned how to wipe one’s ass and use a fork. I do not understand how the politics of gender belongs in the 5 year old’s class room. For real, kindergartners are still picking their noses, eating boogers, and shitting themselves. How on earth are they supposed to learn gender pronouns and gender educate when they stumble at wrst? Some school children cant even read in 8th grade and the liberal politic wants them to learn gender politics?The bottom line is the liberal left is willing to abscond the sanctity of natural child development and take our children.It takes a village has become concentration camps for gender confusion indoctrination and the facilitation of abnormal and decadent behavior.

Then there is David Nackamura , a writer for the Washington Post. The Asian American that graduated from the University of Missouri seems to be a DTS ridden identity politics writer. Given his inept diatribe as listed below, Nackamura may have been too busy drinking Saki while he was completing his journalism degree. David Nakamura is simply a mouth piece for the liberal left. His job is to think for the liberal nincompoops. Just as gender politicians seek to extent the abnormalities of gender confusion, David seeks to extent the abnormalities of lunatic liberal thought. His low level and ignorant diatribe is purposed and directed to his soft in the head liberal demographic. For normal educated Americans, the level of biased ignorance he projects is insulting.An ignorant demographic symbol of the lunatic left.

Donald Trump is outwitting all of the delusional members of the DTS ridden liberal yellow press. Instead of premise, premise conclusion, we get Liberal yellow press journalists stating what amounts to 9th grade levels of logic and critical thinking skills. I mean, David, bless his heart speaks like a 9th grade cheerleader talking about a rival bitch.

In reality, the Japanese race is much more detail oriented, educated, complex and advanced than Mr. Nakamura in my opinion. I have been there 50 times, and know full well that ol buddy Nakamura is dumbing himself down in order to regurgitate the liberal yellow press DTS bullshit script.

Could it be that I gained more logic and critical thinking skills at a community college than David has received in 30 years of writing?

As it is, David Nakamura is the king Samurai of the Washington Post liberal yellow press.

So, here is the real scoop. Americans want the wall built. Americans are now viewing the Democratic Socialist party and the lunatics of the liberal yellow press as obstructionist morons that engage in propaganda and revisionist gibberish. We grow stronger, and well you, you work for Bezos and do his bidding.

Lastly, the first two months of the Pelosi dingbat 116th Congress has not gone over real well. Americans view Pelosi as a dementia ridden unAmerican lunatic. Americans also view the DAZI party as baby killers, and uneducated lying liberal morons that support a massive and corrupt government.

So, in the future, please formulate your arguments with real premises before asserting a conclusion. Oh and base your premises on logical fact and not unsubstantiated emotional gibberish that evolves into the conclusion of a DTS ridden moron. That is a start.

Oh and we won big this week. The Trump witch hunt has led to nothing and we are getting some border fence built. Meanwhile the DTS ridden liberal yellow press just got its ass kicked for everyone to see. Oh go and cry on Booker’s shoulder. Or maybe Pocahontas.

Coons running interference in support of deep state tyranny

The DAZI party is all about compromising our sovereignty, baby killing, gender politics and running interference for deep state tyranny.

Here we have senator Coons plugging for FBI corruption and deep state tyranny. Coons is a domestic enemy of We the People. Unbelievable.

Senator Coons actually supports FBI abuse of the FISA courts and illegal surveillance. Not only does he not support our national sovereignty, he supports the eradication of our Bill of rights. We have not seen this type of heinous treason in our baby boomer lifetimes. Never before have we witnessed senators supporting illegal government surveillance along partisan lines.

It is clear that the DAZI party is becoming more and more like Hitler’s NAZI party, SS, and Gestapo. The liberal yellow press is also going willingly to the journalistic integrity killing fields. They are willingly engaging in Pol Pot style re-education indoctrination and revisionist fake news.

Senator Coons is reducing our government to a third world socialist shithole surveillance state…. He should move to Venezuela…

Senator Coons is basically a stupid traitor that is so ridden with DTS that he cannot discern reality from fake news gibberish. It is clear that Senator Coons is a soft in the head revisionist dummkopf that plugs for tyranny.He is simply too stupid and biased to realize that he is a traitor to our cherished form of government. He belongs in a KGB disinformation unit and not in our legislative halls. What a jackass!!!!

It is such a catch 22 when a DAZI party official will support the most corrupt and illegal surveillance FBI act in our history while also wanting to take our guns? Congresswoman Pelosi will attempt to take our guns because we support a border wall? WTF?

Trump can easily use military construction money for border wall

I served from 1978 to 2006 in the USAF and USAF Reserves. As a C-141 Flight Engineer, I have been to almost every single military installation on the planet.

The military has gone from 14 by 14 lead base painted barracks rooms to luxury apartments and up to date housing. New military construction has been going on since Vietnam. The U.S. military has spent utter hundreds of billions updating all military installations over the past 40 years. Gone are the days of open dormitories and old wood barracks with a common shitter.

Taking a few billion from the military construction fund for a border wall will have zero effect on the quality of military life or readiness.

Below is a video of the dorms I stayed in 1978 during the Cold war. They were up dated on the outside, however, the rooms were 14 by 14 lead painted cells. Today, again, the military is paid very well and they live in new apartments, houses, and luxury dormitories.

I worked on the B-52H and pulled nuclear alert. KI Sawyer is where I pushed maintenance stands through 2 feet of snow at 45 below zero.

Today, the remaining B-52 inventory must be re-engined to gear driven Pratt and Whitney PW1000G engines. Fuel consumption and carbon emissions would be reduced by 50%. PW1000 engines would double the B-52H combat radius and allow for anti-terrorist strikes anywhere in the world without air refueling assets.

The dormitories listed in the video is where I lived. The chow hall is there too. Oh my word. These are the dorms I talk about in my book From Babbitt to Baghdad.

US Grant, Isaac Stevens and Thornton Fleming Brodhead

From 1963 to 1973, Mount Grant was in my back yard. We would ride horses and dirt bikes all over the foothills and up to the high mountain summits. For me, it was there that freedom was defined. There were no fences or inept social laws. Children were not subject to gender dysphoria indoctrination or a political agenda. We learned our ABCs and were taught that drugs were bad. We played in the traditional domain and sanctity of natural child development. Boys were boys and girls were girls. We weren’t fodder for the decadent liberal left and their mental problems.

It is a moral imperative to shoot down SB5395. The sanctity of natural child development is not for sale to the LGBT movement. We will not allow the liberal left to turn Kindergarten into basic training for gender politics.

U.S. Grant, Robert . E. Lee, Isaac Stevens the first Washington territorial governor, Franklin Pierce and his cousin Thornton Fleming Brodhead would all serve together in Mexico. U.S. Grant would distinguish himself at the Battle of Chapultepec when he carried a Howitzer field cannon up into the steeple of a Catholic church. There he would hold off a slew of Mexican soldiers. Pierce, Stevens and Brodhead would be on the ground. Many would be brevetted for bravery. Robert E. Lee would prove to be a genius at battle field engineering. Pierce would become president of the United States and populate our manifest destiny with the blood of hungry legal immigrants. Today, dysfunctional inept liberals in the DAZI party want to give the territories of Guadalupe Hidalgo back to Mexico. DAZI party officials are actually going to sue the president over border security. This would be considered treason and an attack on our sovereignty from enemies within.

U.S Grant would leave the military and become a drunk. Issac Stevens would become the territorial governor of Washington state. Thornton Brodhead would be one of the founders of the Detroit Free Press in addition to a Senator in the Michigan State Senate. Robert E. Lee would teach at West Point.

President Abraham Lincoln would send a personal invitation to Thornton Fleming Brodhead and ask him to raise the 1st Michigan cavalry. Brodhead and his Wolverines would be among the first calvary units to come to the aid of Washington DC.

Grant, Stevens and Brodhead would all volunteer to fight for the North and Emancipation. Stevens and Brodhead would die on the same day September 1st 1862. Grant would go on to win the Civil war and defeat his friend Robert E. Lee. George Armstrong Custer would take command of the 1st Michigan and quell Jeb Stuarts charge on the East Cavalry field of Gettysburg. Custer would also be instrumental in defeating Robert E. Lee when he abandoned the trenches of Petersburg. Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan on his way to Appomattox to accept Grant’s terms of surrender. The Michigan Calvary would avenge Brodhead’s death when a member of the 5th Michigan put lead into Jeb Stuart.

On a side note: Senator Richard H. Brodhead would say yes to the creation of the Washington territory. He would author bills that gave out land grants to veterans. He was also involved with the creation of military roads across the Washington territory along with the funding of forts such as Fort Steilacoom. Of course, U.S. Grant would serve at Fort Steilacoom , and it was there that he became an alcoholic. Richard H. Brodhead would be on the library committee for the Capitol building extension. He would say yes to the building of the West wing, the East Wing , the library and the Congressional dome. Simon Cameron would secede him. Richard would die a little while after Gettysburg.

Today, Washington state is being controlled by Jay Inslee and his DAZI Party. Inslee is a severe enviro-fascist bureaucrat that is fixated on extreme taxation measures. He does not care for the tax paying citizens of Washington state only taxing the citizenry to death via inept legislation and taxation policies. Brodheads helped conquer this great country from sea to shining sea. Inslee is one of the snake oil salesmen that shows up when all the fighting is done. He is just a heinous self serving idiot carpet bagger. He is the worst governor in the history of Washingtonia. He is destroying everything Washingtonians have worked for. It is time to field a quality Republican gubernatorial candidate and put these DAZI party enviro-fascist taxating bastards out of our misery.

Today Mountain Grant is home to a very large herd of Long Horn Sheep.

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