Trump triumphing in Korea as DOJ investigates Hillary Clinton

When I was a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves, we did copious presidential support missions. Before the C-17 entered the USAF inventory, the C-141 Starlifter was used to haul the presidential limousines around. In addition, the Secret Service had to watch the vehicles 24/7, so they would ride along with the C-141 en route to the destinations. The C-141 crews would exchange stories with the Secret Service. The word on the street was that while Barbara Bush was extremely wonderful to interact with, Hillary Clinton’s code name was “The Bitch”!  In other words, Barbara Bush had class, dignity, empathy for others, and adhered to the protocols of common respect. Hillary Clinton, the lying, conniving political whore, on the other hand, treated the Secret Service like they were “Untermenschen. ”

Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to cruise the earth looking for Clinton Foundation donations. Her entire tenure was a pay to play adventure funded by the taxpayer.  There were no gains made on the Korean Penninsula. Iran got several hundred billion and kept their centrifuges while Americans lost their doctor. Libya would see regime change and then be replaced by radical Islamic killers that beheaded Christians on the beach. Obam would surge in Iraq and Afghanistan and become the nude centerfold for the Neocon. Europe would be overrun by predatory refugees as a result of the Bush and Obama wars of choice. Meanwhile, the Clinton purse became full of bribes, payoffs and pay to play schemes.  In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton failed miserably on the world stage. In addition, her jet-setting for Clinton Foundation donations put her in the hospital. So sad that her physiological capabilities could not keep pace with her lust and greed for foreign donations.

The crowning achievement of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS was lying about Benghazi and blaming the deaths of Americans on a video. In fact, the Obama administration was inundated with one lie after another.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is dealing successfully with North Korea by manipulating China and it’s trading tariff bullshit. He is successfully exploiting his lower corporate tax rates to bolster his ability to make trade deals as the US economy is simply getting down to business.  Moreover, US companies are bringing back huge amounts of foreign capital and providing copious bonuses to its workforce. In 2019, hundreds of millions of Americans will see the $24,000 standard deduction on their 2018 tax return. As it is, the new burgeoning and massive boomer population that is coming down the pike is becoming a major part of the US economy. This original baby boomer wave pails in comparison.

Lastly, the Obama economy enjoyed a half dozen years of the continuous quantitative easing handicap, low-interest rates, treasury bond shuffling, and debt monetization. Obam also added $10 trillion to the national debt. It would be wonderful if Trump focused on reducing the Federal leviathan by 20% and returning responsibilities to the States.  It will not bode well for Republicans if he too adds, trillions to the national debt needlessly.

As it is, however, Trump makes Obama look like a community organizing partisan hack doofus whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house. .


The only question that remains is who executed Seth Rich?


Margaret Brennan brings credibility back to “Face the Nation” and CBS

Pennsylvania senator Richard H. Brodhead was married to Jefferson Davis’s Neice. At the time, Davis was the “Secretary of War”  under Franklin Pierce. Davis also was in charge of the Capitol building extension that created the West Wing, East Wing, Congressional library, and Capitol building dome.  Brodhead was on the Library Committee, but also submitted bills related to the Capitol building extension.

Brodhead was a Democrat. however, the great Democratic party no longer exists. It has been taken over by all manner of whining idiots aided by a sickening liberal yellow press.

Here we see Margaret Brennan sitting in front of the results.

One only has to watch a few episodes of “This Morning” to understand that CBS no longer adheres to high journalistic standards. It seems that the folks that host the show must regress to non-value adding opinions and attacks on all things Trump. Folks like John Dickerson,  Norah O’Donnell, and Gayle King always interject their liberal yellow press bullshit whenever they can. Their journalistic logic always seems to be skewed to “Trump fixation”! In reality, They are now so extremely jaded with biased gibberish that the twang of their voices is like listening to the mental unhealthy diatribe of a paranoid schizophrenic.  Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite and adhering to the high standards of journalism and only presenting the facts. While Cronkite would regress into a slight opinion once in awhile, today’s CBS journalist interject yellow press gibberish every single day.

It seems that Margaret Brennan takes journalism very seriously. She presents the argument and then allows the audience to come to a conclusion. In essence, she respects the intelligence and opinions of the individual and only provides concise information on the topic at hand. The only body language she gives away might be the batt of an eye when she is prodded to step across the line. Brennan’s professional standards, demeanor, and presentation are simply refreshing.

It is clear that many at CBS have gone off the journalistic farm and are more worthy of working at a pre-internet tabloid on a rack at the checkout counter than a major network.

As it is, Margaret Brennan is doing a wonderful job with “Face the Nation”! She is rebuilding the show’s credibility after  John Dickerson ran it into the liberal yellow press gutter. It is good that “Face the Nation” does not have to endure the heinous and biased twang of Dickerson’s voice. As it is, Dickerson is the CBS version of Stephanopolous.

Here is an example of a high-level logic exchange between Paul and Brennan… Incredible…..

Newt Gingrich left us out of his Valley Forge book.


Donald Trump scoring high on foreign policy and economy

The liberal yellow press downplayed Bill Clinton’s creative use of a cigar and an intern’s vagina along with serial sexual harassment allegations. . However, when it comes to Donald Trump’s disturbing and alledged copulations with a disgusting porn whore, the liberal yellow press are all in.  Then again, screwing a possibly STD-ridden porn slut that is venereally linked to the likes of Ron Jeremy and the rest of the porn industry is heinously disgusting and extremely low class, especially when one’s wife just had one’s baby.  This type of behavior suggests that Donald Trump only views women as erotic sexual objects and nothing more. In fact, he might be emotionally bankrupt in the love department.  If this is the case, Donald Trump is not only a narcissist, he is a self-centered being that prioritizes decadent self-gratification over the sanctity of marriage and the physical and mental health of a spouse. . Moreover, we must take pause when a president is so quick to violate his vows of marriage, given that he has a social contract with his constituents. If Trump did indeed screw a porn star when his wife just has his child, , the act makes him a creep and an unvirtuous scumbag.  Trump’s alleged behavior should fit right in with the liberal yellow press and their elevation and celebration of sodomy. At least, Donald Trump is not a Barnie Frank. I guess he has more dignity than that.

On the foreign relations front, Donald Trump has adopted GW Bush’s penchant for doing what he says he will do. When a Syrian president gasses children, Donald Trump targets Syrian military installations. There is no lying about Benghazi.

Donald has also started working a deal on China’s devalued currency and trade deficit. As we recall, China’s 30-year plans and labor camp wage structure have wiped domestic products off the shelves of the entire world. In essence, China has been allowed an economic handicap for generations. While the rest of the modern world is seeing their middle class evaporate, communist China is seeing their technology manufacturing sector and merchant class explode. China is seeing their shipping industry and shipbuilding prowess dwarf the rest of the world.  Hence, just as China has exploited their 30 year plans to undermine and kill off the rest of the world’s manufacturing and trade base, the USA must adopt 30-year plans of their own. It is either that or allow “The Arsenal of Democracy” to regress to a large proletariat of minimum wage earners that cannot afford to pay for the social net, for 80 million baby boomers. The Trump tax cuts have started the ball rolling, however, we must have massive corresponding cuts in the federal government. Trump must focus on the Federal balance sheet.  Increases in the FED rate must be accompanied by reduced fedearl spending.

Another agenda that Trump has been successful at is the denuclearization of North Korea and the unification of the Korean Penninsula.

Lastly, Donald Trump’s foreign policy and economic policies make GW Bush and Barack Obama look like stupid neocon ass kissers and community organizers. Trump’s foreign relations prowess makes Hillary Clinton look like a lying and conniving political whore that the yellow press failed to drag across the finish line.

As far as Mueller and the bullshit Russian probe, Americans are sick of the charade. Oh and Comey is what is wrong with the FBI and its wholesale infiltration by Gestapo like Democratic Socialist sleeper cells that investigate along political lines. The FBI must be sanctioned by cutting their budget by 30% and a purge of entrenched high year tenured FBI agents.

There are no words to evaluate Tom Kaine’s utter stupidity and synthesized partisan hackery gibberish.  It seems that the Democratic Socialist platform is basically special interest enviro-fascism, destroying the Bill of Rights, class envy, taxation, open borders, and non-value adding anti-Trump gibberish.

Good job reigning in Jeff Sessions and his hostility towards Marijuana and States Rights.   How on earth did you come to the conclusion that Jeff Sessions was right for America in the 21st century? WTF?







Mercedes Benz Sprinter engines are failure prone garbage

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is an overcomplicated machine with a tiny little failure prone shit engine. The diesel engine is insanely complicated and requires MB dedicated diagnostic equipment to do anything. The diesel exhaust system and controls are failure prone and expensive.

The biggest problem with Mercedes Benz products is the MB dealership. Parts and service costs are extremely high.

The OM62 MB TD engine is made with substandard parts like cast rods, cast crankshaft, and an aluminum block system that does not control oil pressure well. The engine also has engine bolts that are one time us. Parts are proprietary and extremely expensive. In addition, the cast crank cannot be welded or machined and there are no oversized bearings. Hence it is a throw away motor.  The diesel emissions control system is basically overpriced garbage.

At 158 horsepower, the 3.0 TD OM62 does not belong in a Sprinter Van. It belongs in the junkyard.

The body is excellent and huge, hence, the Sprinter simply needs a new power plant. That way, the need to use the MB dealer is completely eliminated. In addition, there would be copious power for pulling and better power in the passes.


Enter the 2018 5.3 Chevy engine with 6 speed auto. 360 horsepower with  23 MPG  on the highway. Extremely simply emissions system.


If I am Elwood, I take Saquon Barkley in the first round

The Broncos have been making due with the Shanahan style late round plug and play running backs by committee scenario forever it seems.

Denver Bronco fans have looked on with nausea as it relates to the Bronco RB  corps. For a mighty long time. From Ronny Hillman to Selvin Young, the Broncos have seen more than their fair share of average NFL Runningbacks. Of course, sometimes they do well with an  FA like Willis McGahee. Other times they release folks like Knowshon Moreno when they are ready to kill it the next season. Still, other times they recruit a Travis Henry. In reality, the Broncos have been plagued with average running backs, while other teams get athletic freaks like  Akeem Hunt. We are still working on just winning the division. A Superback is part of the scheme.

Anderson and Booker could be the best running back duo the Broncos have had since Anderson and Bell.

CJ Anderson was the only saving grace when it comes to the running back situation during the last   4 seasons. In fact, CJ Anderson can turn it on when he is healthy and the run block scheme is working. Devante Booker looked way better in 2017 than 2016. In fact, he outperformed Isaiah McKenzie on special teams.  With Jared Veldheer on the right side along with Dallas Goedert at TE and Booker becomes a solid weapon.

Because the Broncos picked up Case Keenum, and they have Paxton Lynch, the Broncos should look at Saquon Barkley in lieu of a QB.. Dude is a super athlete that reps 225 40 times and runs the 40 in 4.40   He could be the next Terrel Davis or Devante Freeman. An RB depth of Barkley, Anderson, Booker, and Henderson would be epic. This depth could be justified by Booker’s ability to play special teams. This means that McKenzie and Janovich might have to move on.

Barkley could be a “Superback” like Ed McCaffrey’s boy. “We bouts to play Bronco football!”

There was a funk hanging over the Bronco receiver corps in 2017. It needs an exorcism and a paradigm change. Barkley, Goedert, and Washington change the current stagnate construct for the better.

Should Sanders regress to a 500 yard WR, the jury will come to a verdict. The Broncos need a second round WR. The 3 Amigos 2.0….

Every single drafted QB is a crap shoot.

There is always 2019 for a QB.

Brodhead picks


Saquon Barkley

Dallas Goedert

James Washington


Vita Vea

Sam Hubbard



Liberal yellow press employing Goebbelsesque propaganda techniques on school children

For many, social media has replaced TV.  the internet and social media have basically destroyed information and advertising vehicles like the phonebook and newspaper. Today, the internet is eroding the cable TV market as well. Instead of watching national news programs that add a twist of liberal yellow press propaganda, many just want the news in a few paragraphs void of conditioning or advertising.

Today, the entire infrastructure of the liberal yellow press are attacking entities like Facebook and Google. Facebook is considered the “Old people’s ap!” Older people vote in elections, so the liberal yellow press wants older people to actively censor FB because it is an effective propaganda venue.

The Liberal yellow press is elevating the attacking of our 2nd Amendment rights by children in an attempt to get younger people to vote against older people’s political positions. In addition, they are now seeking to channel the gay rights movement towards the gun rights issue.

We have never seen anything like this where traditional yellow press entities and liberal political groups employ a massive spectrum political campaign that attacks entire social media constructs. They want to pull independent voters away from social media so they cannot be conditioned by others to conservative values/.

The Stormy Daniels 60 minutes interview was conducted in concert with Hillary Clinton’s diatribe on women voting for Trump because of their husbands. Then they sought Facebook association and inclusion because of Trump FB advertising in 2016.

The liberal yellow press and the Democratic Socialists are now seeking to indoctrinate children via extreme propaganda techniques. They are now wanting to condition children in the school system like Apple conditioned children to only want $800 I-phones in lieu of a $200 Motorola G5 plus. hence, the liberal yellow press is now focusing on 15-year-olds in preparation for the 2020 presidential elections. They figure that as the baby boomer dies off, they can dominate the political landscape by conditioning children.

We can already see how liberals have destroyed Christianity in our school system. They then introduced gender dysphoria to Kindergarteners. It is clear that the education system wants to indoctrinate children to liberal policies every single step of the way.

Whether the liberal agenda is good or evil, the reality that they are targetting children for political conditioning and the application of Goebbelseque multi-generational propaganda techniques is heinous. Our public school system now wants to churn out gender role confused identityless spiritually bankrupt student clones that can be manipulated into destroying the Bill of Rights. The school system is now treating our children like cattle. Education has now given way to political conditioning

We are seeing an all-out war between social media and traditional media for the propaganda throne.

Violent video games along with the information age have changed human value structures. Large corporate entities like Apple know the value of conditioning and branding the student body with free I-pads etc. Now they are expanding that propaganda machine to manipulate the branding of social media entities. The liberal propganda machine is taking a multigenerational approach to political indctriantion using the Apple model.




Is Donald Trump a sleeper cell for the Democratic Party?

The economy collapsed under the last Republican president. Under George W. Bush, both the housing market and the stock market imploded. It took the American workers ten years to rebuild the economy.

So, the Democratic Socialists run Hillary Clinton the lying and conniving political whore. Republicans, select Donald Trump after a year-long Republican primary debate season that was simply heinous to watch.

Trump says he will drain the swamp and then votes for all things Schumer while massively cutting the Corporate tax rate and doubling the Standard Deduction. As a result, the CBO is now saying that the 2018 deficit will be over a $trillion.

Next, Trump starts a trade war while allowing the FED to raise interest rates.

Trump is setting up America’s 401K system for a Wall Street harvest and an economic downturn. He seems to be sabotaging everything that Americans have worked for over the last 10 years.

Trump is sabotaging the Republican party and rewarding Wall Street

Trump’s approval rating will hit 10% as the Stock Market tumbles.

Check out how much better looking and wholesome Gary Johnson’s girlfriend is  than Melania Trump? Plus she probably did not sell her ass back in  Slovenia.


I voted for the Big Johnson




Brodheads, Franklin Pierce and Isaac Stevens

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would serve under Franklin Pierce, his cousin by during Mexican American war. He would also serve with Isaac Stevens the first territorial governor of the Washington Territory. They would be engaged in battle at the Battle of Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec, along with the fight for Mexico city itself. Both would be breveted for bravery. Brodhead would become a Captain and Stevens would become a Major. The Mexican American War would establish a friendship between Franklin Pierce and Isaac Stevens, and possibly Thornton Fleming Brodhead

After the Mexican American War was over, populating our Manifest destiny began in earnest. When Franklin Pierce was elected president, Isaac Stevens was nominated to be the first governor of the Washington Territory.


Executive Office, March 17, 1853.

To the Senate of the United States:

I nominate Isaac I. Stevens, of Massachusetts, to be governor of the Territory of Washington.

Of course, Senator Richard H. Brodhead would vote in favor of Isaac Stevens etc.

During the beginnings of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln would ask Thorton Fleming Brodhead to raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry. He and his Wolverines would be among the first to come to the aid of Washington DC in the face of a growing Southern threat to the city.

Isaac Stevens would also be called up and promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

Stevens was transferred with his IX Corps division to Virginia to serve under Major General John Pope in the Northern Virginia Campaign and the Second Battle of Bull Run. He was killed in action at the Battle of Chantilly on September 1, 1862 after picking up the fallen regimental colors of his old regiment, shouting “Highlanders, my Highlanders, follow your general!” Charging with his troops while carrying the banner of Saint Andrew’s Cross, Stevens was struck in the temple by a bullet and died instantly.


Brodhead was commissioned as Colonel and commander of the 1st Michigan Volunteer Cavalry on August 21, 1861. He was mortally wounded leading his men to the charge during the 2nd Battle of Bull Run in August 1862, dying a few days after the battle. He was posthumously brevetted Brigadier General, US Volunteers, for “gallant and meritorious services”, which was back dated to August 30, 1862.

George Armstrong Custer would take command of the 1st Michigan later that year.

Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan to accept terms of surrender at Appomattox.


Image result for franklin pierce army


Trump and FED conspire to shitcan Housing and Stock Market

The only thing Donald Trump will drain is the 401K system.

The FED is raising rates because of the so-called strong Trump economy. Of course, once interest rates rise, housing starts collapse with the loss of wealth effect.  In addition, investors that lost most of the 401Ks under GW Bush will look to retain their artificially bloated stock market wealth by selling off.

Donald Trump signaled to Wall Street that there will be a harvesting of the American 401K system when he started a tariff war with China. In addition, Trump is not bothering to lower deficits via smaller government. In fact, he let Schumer mount him like a dog in heat. The latest budget does not drain the swamp, it kowtows to it. Hence, Trump’s irresponsible tax cuts and Obama style penchant for spending will create serial trillion dollar deficits.  All of these measures are designed to ignite the final bounce of the GW Bush economic collapse and the Obama era FED tools of low prime rates, toxic asset repurchase, and continuous quantitative easing. The Stock Market is primed for a massive 1987 style sell-off.  Of course, the American workers are the fall guys.

Americans that make the mean family income will use Trump’s  $24,000 Standard deductions for the household items and better nutrition. They will not invest in a Stock Market Bubble. So, they Stock Market is subject to interest rate increase and the Trump Trade War along with Trump deficits that rival Obama. Once the Stock Market tanks, construction will follow a little later.

In reality, the Trump Stock Market Bubble is basically a bubble on top of the Obama Stock Market Bubble. The folks that get out the soonest then retain other people’s wealth.

Trump is colluding with Wall Street, so the big Wall Street firms can make huge commissions and sell America short.  This is the largest orchestration of wealth redistribution in history.

The Stock Market will have to have an adjustment because it is overvalued.