Pilot perspective on 737 max 8 crash

As a C-141 Starlifter Flight Engineer, I had the pleasure of performing “the Sim” every year for 16 years. It would be 4 or 5 days of systems training and then running emergency procedures in a triple axis simulator. The Simulator instructor would input all sorts of aircraft problems and then allow the aircrew to work the problem as a crew. The Flight Engineer would run the applicable emergency procedures checklists. However, several malfunctions required immediate action by the aircrew and were would be dealt with via a “Bold Print” checklist . These “Bold Print” items would be committed to memory by each crew member. When a Bold print emergency such as engine fire occurred, the pilots and engineer would perform tasks that were committed to memory. There was no time to get out the flight manual.

The C-141 Starlifter Flight Engineer also computed aircraft “Take Off” data. Parameters such as field altitude and temperature would dictate jet engine power stettings at take-off..

The weight and balance of the aircraft and percent of “mean aerodynamic chord” would dictate stab setting. Percent of Mean aerodynamic chord changes with cargo weight and location longitudinally. It dictates where the appropriate center of gravity is on the aircraft longitudinally. Fuel load in the wings dictates the lateral center of gravity. During the takeoff roll, once the aircraft achieved rotate speed, aero-dynamic forces on the the stabilizer forces the nose up and orients the aircraft angle of attack for the climb out phase of the take off. The flap setting for takeoff is 75%.

Once climb rate is established, the main landing gear is raised followed by the flaps retraction. The flaps are subject to airspeed limitations air speed limitation or maximum flap speed. Somewhere around 200 to 250 knots. During the retraction of the flaps the nose of the aircraft would then natural pitch up as the nose down ward forces of the flaps would be removed. Of course, during this stage of flight, a trained Air Force pilot or an American trained pilot would be vigilant as it relates to the stab positioning and climb rate as the flaps are positioned to zero. To establish climb rate after flaps are retracted, the pilot can either engage the auto pilot or manually adjust the trim. The stab will then move to an appropriate position that facilitates maximum fuel economy. Once this setting is established, the fuel burn and the change of mean aero- dynamic Chord would then dictate where the stab trim is set. After that, the auto pilots adjusts yaw and pitch via small inputs on the elevator. In flight, at cruise speed, the elevator is making constant up and down movements to maintain level flight.

On the C-141 Starlifter if the nose and climb rate were too high, and the angle of attack guide vanes sensed a stall, the column would shake or “shaker onset!”

Air Force pilots would have understood all the ramifications of a runway pitch trim. They would have disconnected the pitch trim from the auto pilot and applied manual pitch trim in the opposite direction. If the pitch remained in the terminally nose down position, the aircraft would have been put into a 45 degree bank to change aerodynamic force direction. A combination of ailerons, and maximum rudder deflection would have kept the nose of the aircraft pointed away from the ground. The aircraft throttle settings would have been retarded, airspeed reduced and the flaps extended in preparation for a landing. At reduced air-speeds the stabilizer is then unloaded and not subject to ” jack screw motor stalling.” When the stabilizer is not subject to excessive aero-dynamic forces, the crew could then easily set the trim to a fared position for landing.

To deal with a stalled stab pitch trim situation, the air speed is always reduced.

The 737 Max 8 crashed because a combination of erroneous input signals, and extreme pilot error and inadequate pilot training. It seems that the pilot totally forgot about his power settings, air speeds, and his flight control surfaces.

The problem can be fixed by adding back up angle of attack guide vanes inputs, beefing the stab trim jack screw and motor system via stronger electric motor and hydraulic assist if it does not already have one. Consideration should be given to limiting stab setting travel to predetermined limits via flight testing protocols. A stabilizer should never be allowed to travel to an extreme downward nose pitch position. These limits must be determined by the pilot.

Aircrews must be trained thoroughly on stab trim emergency procedures. They must be trained on air-speeds, and how to unload the stab so it does not stall under high aerodynamic loads.

Pilots like to yank and bank aircraft way too much. With longer aircraft, stab settings have a huge affect on nose up and nose down attitudes along the percent of mean aerodynamic chord. This also suggests that the pitch trim power and jack screw must be much stronger and the emergency procedures for runaway pitch trim committed to “Bold Print” memory.

In sum-mating, it is clear that the pilots did not understand the effects of a stalled stabilizer jack screw . They left the throttles at take off power settings and accelerated to 500 knots. They then attempted to manually trim under severe aero-dynamic loads. A USAF pilot would have reduced the throttle setting and configured the aircraft in a banking turn while applying stab trim in the opposite direction. The Ethiopian dudes simple flew it straight into the ground.

Jay Inslee polling at zero

Donald Trump employs 22,500 people. As president, he doubled GDP growth and reduced unemployment numbers to the lowest on record. In addition, close to 10 million people are off food stamps. The stock market is 30% higher than at the highest point during the Obama administration even when the Obama era relied on zero % interest rates for 7 years.

Speaking of zero %, it seems that Jay Inslee is polling at zero and has only raised $2.2 million dollars for his campaign.$2.2 million is like a well funded Congressional campaign. $2.2 million also suggests that Jay Inslee could only tap into his traditional campaign revenue stream and has zero appeal beyond that sphere.

With Bernie Sanders at 30%, we can conclude that about 30% of the Democratic Socialist party are socialist deadbeats that will fall for anything. If we look at the votes Hillary Clinton received, then Bernie Sanders has about 20 million supporters. Jay Inslee, on the other hand, has 10 times less at best. In fact, given his reputation as the worst governor in Washington state history and the current 50 states, it seems that Jay Inslee’s political career and power are at an end. Just like Hitler dragged Germany into the slaughter from his Berlin bunker, Inslee’s last year in office will be brutal on the tax payer. To validate his narcissism and enviro-fascist pathos, we can expect every manner of taxation scheme shoved down our throats. It is not about Washingtonians, it is about Jay Inslee. It has always been about Jay Inslee.

Jay Inslee is polling well behind a whole slew of economically inept senators and unknown idiots.

Jay Inslee is like a herpes virus. If he calls it quits in 2020, he will come back in 2024 again. I exact joy from the visions of Jay Inslee in retirement. His only political power will be over the dog !

Maybe Inslee should come out as gay and french kiss his boyfriend in front of a church. His poll numbers might go up…. It seems that the DAZI party cares more about LGBT rights than global warming…..

AOC and the roll out of her extremely inept “Green New Deal” stupidity kind of pissed on Jay Inslee’s “The sky is falling” campaign strategy. Jay just blame it on bad timing.

Below is Buttigeig kissing his butti. I guess he is the “poster boy” for the LGBT movement. Of course, the DAZI party will put more credence into Buttigeig’s status as a gay identity politics candidate with zero private sector job creation skills than a business man that created utter tens of millions of jobs and personally employs 22,500 people. This would be considered a case in point as it relates to DAZI party stupidity. Of course one is then a bigot if one does not support a gay for president. Even when the gender pronoun has a paper thin economic and political portfolio. experience.

Hell, one is considered a bigot engaging in hate crime if one even says a negative thing about the homosexual.

If Buttigeig ever becomes president, our shool system will become training grounds and re-education centers for LGBTQ indoctrination.

I think I will support Trump who is actually “Making America Great Again” and has a babe of a wife. Trump has class and not the morally regressive behavior of a wild street dog. Just sayin…

What a catch 22 of symbolism as Notre Dame burns to the ground.

Ilhan Omar’s twitter feed silent as Notre dame Cathedral burns

Ilhan Omar offers zero condolences on her Twitter feed as Notre Dame burns.

Ilhan Omar referred to the bombing of the Twin Towers by Saudi Arabian nationalist as ” someone did something!”

Apparently, Ilhan Omar could care less if Notre dame burns to the ground. She only has empathy for herself and Muslims. In fact, Ilhan Omar is probably having a beer with her brother as they watch this wonderful Cathedral collapse.

To Ilhan Omar, the crusades are still in full play. Christianity and Catholicism is a threat to Islam.

Pelosi tries to right the mad Democratic Socialist plantation prison ship

In the past, it took enormous mistakes and circumstances for the American people to vote in a Democratic candidate for president.

The cult of personality pays huge dividends as it relates to presidential candidates. John F. Kennedy looked quite polished on national TV while Nixon looked pale and sweated on his upper lip. The nation would kick dick under the bus. The assassination of JFK would ensure that LBJ “the Texas racist” would win re-election, especially after they skewered Barry Goldwater a nuclear war monger. Of course Vietnam would allow tricky Dick to win the presidency after RFK was gunned down at the Ambassador hotel. I guess Hubert Humphrey’s grotesque face and irritating twang was simply less endearing then Dick and his weird nose. Nixon would still benefit from the shadow of Dwight D Eisenhower.

Good old Dick would orchestrate the Watergate break-in and have to resign after defeating George McGovern. Then even-though Gerald Ford seemed to be a sound and responsible presidential replacement, his pardoning Nixon, and Watergate, would allow a Peanut farmer to win the White House. Rampant interest rates, ugly sweaters,the Iran hostage affair and the Carter malaise would spell his quick undoing and it was Reagan to the rescue. Reagan would start the deficit spending explosion.

The Reagan Bush legacy would stand strong until “read my lips, ” Bill Clinton came along. His cult of personality along with the Super Bowl 60 Minutes interview would propel Bill to the White House. Americans were sick of George Bush’s twang and the economy stupid. But then, after several blowjobs, and cigar theatrics in the cloak room of the White house in addition to lying to the American people, Al Gore would suffer the inconvenient truth of the second coming of Bush.

Bush 41 would manage the first Iraq war in stunning fashion and then remove the troops quickly. His leadership would restore respect and confidence in the US soldiers. Bush II would enter America into 20 years of perpetual war, create a massive surveillance state, and run the economy into the ground. Even though Bush 43 led through the dot.com bust, 911, and the collapse of the stock market several times, the sub prime mortgage crisis would be his undoing. The Democrats then put Barack Obama in the batter’s box. Obama would double down on all things Bush II, and eventually use the Bush II surveillance apparatus to put Donald Trump under surveillance. An illegal behavior that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket. Obama would be aided by continuous quantitative easing and almost zero interest rates for the economy stupid.

Republicans would do everything they can to undermine Donald Trump during the 2016 election. They would attempt to run another Bush only to see poor Jeb go down in flames. Trump then had to debate a panel of idiot nee-cons that supported inept positions on more perpetual war. The Democrats elevated Hillary Clinton. Hillary would get her ass kicked. Hillary and the Obama administration would then engage in a Trump collusion scam to run interference on the surveillance of a presidential candidate.

In 2019, the once centrist Democratic Party has become a prison ship of extreme leftist racist labeling and commiserating open borders morons. Even while the Americans are enjoying low unemployment numbers and the domestic labor pool cannot keep pace with job creation, Trump is called a racist.

The last vestiges of the Bush, Clinton and Obama eras are deep state surveillance, racists labeling, the Middle East in ruin, and Europe overrun with refugees. Of course the LGBT crowd is running a presidential candidate while also attempting to indoctrinate 5 year olds in the school system. Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists are running severe idiot candidates when the economy is in overdrive stupid.

Today, all Trump has to do is tweet something and everyone knows in 5 minutes. Of course 60 minutes will give Pelosi airtime to declare that the Democrats do not support Socialist candidates when they are running dozens and dozens. Americans were more interested in the aged Pelosi struggling to put together rational statements and control her dementia related lips and mouth theatrics, than listen to what she actually has to say.

100% of Republicans, 50% of Hispanics, and the bulk of independents support Trump. Pelosi’s first 100 days as speaker of the House ranks with the most inept leadership since, well, since we can remember.

All that Uncle Donny has to do is cruise and gain a few wins here and there for 2020. Nobody trusts the idiot Democratic Socialists and 2020 will be their complete undoing.

Nancy Pelosi has gone toe to toe with Donald Trump several times and has come up on the short end of the PR stick. Today, democrats are breaking ranks with Pelosi’s Border wall positions. Pelosi is now breaking with the Democratic Socialists to regain centrist ground. Given that all the so-called centrists shot their loads on the Mueller scam, that ship has sailed.

Pelosi’s liberal idiot prison ship is taking on Watergate and it will roll over in a sea of common sense voters. It is too late for Nancy regardless if 60 minutes has thrown her a life line. She will go down with the ship of fools.

Luke and Ensign Brodhead survived a British Prison Ships. Sorry, but we are tough bastards.

Cory Booker is not entitled to the high moral ground

Many Americans view Cory Booker as a divisive opportunist. From the start as a US Senator, he has used his position to cultivate racial division and hatred. One could say that Cory Booker is a full on Al Sharpton protege.

Cory Booker is only a little less TDS ridden than a Jeb Bush or lets say Chuck Schumer. In the national presidential candidate scheme of things, Booker fancies himself an er apparent to Barack Obama. In the US Senate, he shares the mad left with Jackson, Waters, Cummings, Schiff, and and the other congressional cadre of population dense liberal morons.

Cory Booker has demonstrated that he is not a unifying figure but an overzealous racist labeling commiserative ass. In fact, he has burned the high bridge at both ends and all of his political credibility fell smoking into the Rappahannock. In addition, his heinous demeanor, and radical positions preclude him from being a positive and effective legislator. He facilitates and exploits alienation.

Cory Booker cannot transition from tending the DAZI plantation control agenda and cultivating national division to making moral judgement on Donald Trump. This is clear hypocrisy.

As a C-141 Flight Engineer in the United Sates Air Force and Air Force reserves, I performed an “Operation Provide Comfort” mission to Mogadishu. The world reached out to Somalia to lend a hand and provide food for a starving peoples. In return, they killed American soldiers and dragged a naked Marine through the streets of Mogadishu.

On the morning of 912, while hauling FEMA assets to New Jersey, we saw the smoke from the Twin Towers from 100 miles away and 35,000 feet. Later we would be tasked with hauling Al Qaeda to Gitmo and then the Iraq war. While activated for 18 months, I had the honor of transporting utter thousands of wounded soldiers. Many of these boys and girls joined the military after 911. Countless suffered mental and physical injuries from car bombs and IEDs. Millions went to Iraq and millions of soldiers do not give a rat’s ass about Muslims or Islam. Tens of millions of veterans are disgusted with Ilhan Omar. Everyone gave her a shot at being a solid Congresswoman until she opened her stupid mouth about Israel. Then she followed suit with 911 BS. WTF????

The Twin Towers were attacked by racist and bigoted Saudi Arabian terrorists and Arab nationalists that wanted us out of Mecca. As a result of these attacks several thousand people were killed and several tens of thousands of people suffered the after affects of the dust they inhaled from the collapsing buildings. Countless first respondents, city workers, and citizens suffered from life debilitating COPD and premature death. New York was traumatized while Muslims danced on roof tops.

Muslims danced on roof tops!!!!!!

Ilhan Omar is a Jew and whitey hating Muslim woman. She does not suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome but a severe form of an anti America and anti Israel pathos. A social pathos and religious dogma positions that were conditioned into her from the time she was a young child of Islam. Because she does not have the mental ability to overcome this conditioning, it is clear that she has a very low EQ and is a liability to herself. When she down plays and laughs about the importance of 911 and the loss of human life, she sends a message that she basically thinks that the bombing of the Twin Towers was a non event on the Allah Akbar time space continuum. It is like we have visions of her laughing and dancing on the roof tops.

She has declared that she has zero empathy or genuine human caring and consideration for the people who lost their lives in the falling rubble of the towers or jumped from windows to avoid being incinerated.

Trump is not elevating hate or white nationalism. He is just telling a Muslim Congress woman that she is out of line. He is just telling tens of millions of New Yorkers that he does not approve of this woman’s diatribe. It is just politics.

The DAZI party that Booker and Omar belong to have been labeling Americans racist, bigots, and misogynists since 2007. They have also been cheer leaders for rioting in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. As a result of Booker telegraphing his hate for our police force, even police women of color were assassinated.

Booker, made his name as a whitey hating Senator. He is cut from the same mold as Jussie Smollett. Accountability does not apply to Booker. As a DAZI party member, he is never held accountable for his divisive diatribe, race labeling, and demonstrative acts.

In reality, Booker is an identity politics candidate that wants to play the race and TDS card for political donations.

Yaaaa, most American see Booker as a self absorbed and grandiose lime light seeking narcissistic personality disorder. He will never poll higher than 2 to 5% . He is using the 2020 presidential race for campaign donations and to run his big fat mouth .

Lastly, Booker blames everything on Donald Trump from Christ Church to mail bombs. The boy who cried Trump. He will never be able to climb out of the public relations hole he has dug for himself. He should just quit now and spare us from having to listen to his utter disingenuous race bating bullshit. Dude just quit!!!!!

Obama’s “Spygate” to eclipse Nixon’s Watergate

Richard Nixon lived and died with his Watergate reputation. Every single day after the notorious Watergate break in, Nixon had to give thought to Watergate, Watergate, Watergate. Once he had resigned and left the White House on a helicopter, the rest of his life would be consumed with “WATERGATE!,” “WATERGATE!,” “WATERGATE!!!!!” Even though Nixon got us out of Vietnam, he would be remembered as a “Watergate crook” that had to resign in utter disgrace. He would then live out the rest of his life as a hated pariah and social outcast. One can only ponder whether Nixon was thinking of Watergate when he suffered a massive stroke due to a dislodging blood clot.

It is easy to deconstruct Obama’s SPYGATE. We only have to look at Hillary Clinton’s role as a young attorney in the Watergate hearings. We then add a dash of Clinton ” deny, deny, deny!!!! Several pints of overzealous deep state federal bureaucrat mushed brain matter is folded into the potion. Next, the concoction is biased by Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Socialist controlled commiserative House and conniving Congressional committees. The recipe is complete with the addition of a 5 pound sack of liberal yellow press coverage. The fairy tale contrivance is presented to the public and inundated with the propaganda techniques of Joseph Goebbels. The big lie is fed to the airhead liberal and repeated over and over and over again. However the only people who believe it are ignorant people that suffer from TDS.

You see the Russian collusion hoax was designed to run interference for Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the deep state. It was just like Benghazi and Susan Rice making the media rounds to spread a lie. The Trump Russian collusion hoax was designed as political offense and the shiny object in the face of the most heinous and illegal government activity in modern times.

The Democrats knew that the surveillance of Donald Trump by several government entities would eventually lead to the Obama DOJ, and members of the Obama cabinet. Had Hillary Clinton won the election, all of it would have been covered up. But since Trump won, the Democrats and the liberal yellow press had to run long term interference on the truth and elevate Trump Russian collusion.

Now that the Mueller report is over, the American people are demanding a full investigation into FISA court abuse and the illegal surveillance of a presidential candidate. We want to see where the rabbit hole goes. 100% of Republicans are now behind Trump. However there are utter millions of independents that want to know what the hell went on during the last months of the Obama administration.

If Obama knew about FISAGATE and the surveillance of a presidential candidate that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket, history must document this fact.

It would be a wonderful Catch 22 if the Obama administration was found guilty of illegal surveillance along partisan political lines and then pardoned by Trump.

Donald Trump has the full weight of the Congressional legal system behind him now, and he must use it. Glory is fleeting, but the label of SPYGATE crook would taint the Obama legacy for eternity. I say we go for the throat!!!!!

In the final analysis, the current Democrats base their entire presidential campaign on racist labeling, inappropriate levels of LGBTQ rights, indoctrination in our school system, socialism, enviro-fascism, infanticide, open borders, and out right lies. They will seek to undermine a Congressional inquiry into SPYGATE at every turn. They will justify illegal surveillance with the argument that Trump is a racist. All or the logic and critical argument has been stripped from their public relations Russian collusion interference scam. Trump has terminally tilted the Democratic party and liberal yellow press propaganda strategy and now must take the offensive and ring their necks.

The liberal yellow press’s predicament is much like the routing of Confederate forces at the “Battle of Five Forks!” Once Five Forks fell, Petersburg and Richmond would fall and Robert E. Lee’s forces would attempt retreat en masses to save his army. Now that the Meuller report is over, the “Five Forks” of the Liberal yellow press have fallen. CBS will have to abandon the trenches of biased propaganda and regain it’s journalistic integrity ahead of the other liberal press corps divisions. As it is, the current Democratic Socialist generals and liberal cable news traitors are a bunch of nincompoops. All Trump has to do is act in a methodical fashion like US Grant and beat on the liberal line for the next year and a half.

We must overwhelmingly win the House and Senate so we can restore prolife and the Electoral college. A nice byproduct would be the relegation of Obama’s reputation to the political gutter of history and the presidential shit-list Hall of fame.

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Ilhan Omar should just go back to Somalia

The beginning of white nationalism began with the Hudson Bay company via the Dutch and then the British Imperialist. English speaking white nationalism would go full tilt in the New World when my direct blood line great plus grand father led the British soldiers that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam in 1664. Brodheads being from Yorkshire England, it was only natural to rename New Amsterdam to New York.

As second in command of the Nichols expedition, Captain Daniel Brodhead led the military aspect of regime change. He brought severe white British nationalism with him. He treated the Dutch with contempt and allowed his soldiers to harass and beat up the Dutch folks on a regular basis. I mean after drinking Dutch swill and pissing on the Wall or “Wall street, ” it was fun to chase Dutch whores and beat up Dutch men.

110 years later 3 Brodheads and a son would fight for Independence. Instead of disembarking Man-O-Wars, they would cross the East river on boats with George Washington. Luke and Ensign would get musketed at the Battle of Long Island and spend time on a British prison ship on the Hudson.

Later we would fight in Mexico for Manifest Destiny and help bring the transcontinental railroad. We then took bullets for Emancipation. After that, the Transcontinental railroad would be completed and Indian genocide would begin along with the eradication of the Buffalo and the extinction of the Carrier Pigeon. legal immigrants from across the world would flock to the West and the new conquered lands. Ex slaves would flock to the cities. Once Reconstruction was cancelled, the Republican dream of Black freedom and racial harmony in the South would give way to Jim Crow laws and the Democratically controlled KKK. Other feats of Democrat inhumanity would be the internment of the Japanese during WWII, and Democrats standing in the way of equal rights until LBJ ( the white Texas racist) created the plantation. .

Today, the DAZI party labels the party of Lincoln as racist. They call Republicans white nationalists while they vote to exterminate black babies in and out of the womb in New York. The DAZIs call us racist because we want to secure the border. They feel that national sovereignty is racist and that America should be given to the illegal immigrant. Never mind that it was the Spanish nationalists that conquered the Aztecs via small pocks and murder. Never mind that Mexicans treat South Americans like an inferior race. Never mind that nationalism is rampant across the world from India to South Africa. However, instead of the violent black nationalism we see in Cape Town, in America, we are American nationalists. We are melting pot nationalists. We go to war to protect our freedoms. Most of the time anyway.

Now we have Ilhan Omar basically down playing 911. How insulting. I have been to Somalia and it is a shit hole. She should resign from Congress and go back and live in the Mogadishu shit hole. She does not deserve to live in a country that the hardworking legal immigrants from across the world call home. She does not deserve to live in a country that is defended by patriots so she can live in a clean, advanced, and free society based on the rule of law, equality, and the rights of the individual. The Twin towers were bombed by Saudi Arabian Muslim Arab nationalists. You stupid woman.

We hauled humanitarian supplies to her home in Somalia. All we got in return was our soldiers killed and a naked dead Marine dragged through her neighborhood. It is clear that this bitch hates America and does not understand what we stand for. I guess she is an Al Qaeda loving Jew and whitey hating Muslim nationalist.

Then after years and years of race labeling and abuse by the DAZI party, when an American calls foul on Omar’s antisemitic, anti American, and racist labeling, Alexandria Occasio-Cortez calls it a Republican attack on a progressive women of color. WTF? I guess racism is tolerated among the DAZI party ranks. Just ask Jussie.

America has come along way since my grand pappy brought white nationalism to the continent in 1664. Obama and the DAZI party set race relations back to 1960s.

In reality, however, it is the DAZI party that is the party of hate and commiseration.

Come to think of it, Brodheads fought for freedom at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights ( AOC’s district.) We then went on to help populate this country with the blood of legal immigrants. We were the ultimate job creators. AOC on the other hand is a stupid revisionist race baiting ex-bartender. Oh and wasn’t Hernan Cortez a Spanish nationalist when he killed all the Aztecs. Didn’t the Mexican nationalists treat other races with contempt? Arent all nation states based on common language, religion and race nationalism? Oh I forgot, America is based on melting pot nationalism regardless of how race bating the DAZI party conducts itself. .

Jay Inlsee is quite delusional

Jay Inslee has an economics degree. That is hard to fathom. After he earned his law degree, he worked as a prosecutor, a state representative, a US representative and a governor. For his entire working life, he has worked for bureaucracies. Every single paycheck he has ever received comes from the tax payer. He hasn’t made a single penny in the private sector. This is the reason why Jay Inslee has zero empathy for the hard working tax paying citizen.

Once the George Bush economy collapsed, housing prices in Tacoma and Seattle tumbled. During the Obama era of continuous quantitative easing, the Washington state economy limped along. Jobs were extremely hard to come by and many folks were unemployed for years.

Housing prices in the Puget sound began to increase during the last two years of the Obama administration. property taxes went up 10% a year for two consecutive years. When Donald Trump was elected, the Puget Sound economy took off and property taxes went up 31% in one year followed by another 10% hike. Jay Inslee had absolutely nothing to do with housing prices going up. Jay Inslee had nothing to do with private sector job growth.

All that Jay Inslee did after the Trump economy hit the gas was attempt to cram a carbon tax down or throats. He tried to pass another gas tax. Inslee stood idly by when property taxes increased by $1000 a year on a rambler dump in pierce county. He did nothing when car tabs went through the roof via the ST3 smoke and mirrors multi generational tax scam. Now lying Jay wants an income tax, a capital gains, tax, more gas tax, a carbon tax, and a massive property tax increase for 2020. Moreover, even though the Trump economy has been a windfall for State revenue streams, Inlsee and his DAZI party fascists want more revenue and more spending on unnecessary bureaucratic adventures.

Lying Jay knows absolutely nothing about private sector economics. In fact, he and his liberal socialist cronies are running business out of the Puget Sound. If this man ever gets elected to the presidency, he will shut down Boeing and bring poverty to the Northwest.

Old lying Jay the snake oil salesman, has done everything he can to increase big government in Washington State. He doesn’t care about the seniors that live on a fixed income. He doesn’t care about the folks that work the entry level service based economy jobs or how they can pay the rent when Inslee raises property taxes every year. He does not care about the super commuters that drive to Seattle to work everyday. All he cares about is himself and his narcissistic personality disorder. All he cares about is personal power and how the liberal idiots will continue to elevate this self absorbed taxation mad man.

You can see it in his eyes as clear as day. Jay is more worried about the downhill slide of his over the hill socialist political persona than the economic well-being of the folks in his charge.

How amateur, Jay Inlsee compares and contrast the worn out trickle down economic bullshit argument when he himself is an unrepentant taxaholic liberal economic nincompoop who did absolutely nothing for Washingtonians in 6 years.

Property taxes on an average entry level 1000 sqft rambler dump in Tacoma


Lady Candace levels some DAZI party officials

It is a prevailing Catch 22. Because of the Trump economy, dozens of liberal dominated governors have been able to balance their budgets. Some like Jay Inslee feel that even when Washington State is swimming in Trump economy revenue, more unnecessary taxation is required. Instead of fiscal responsibility and discipline, Jay Inlsee and his DAZI party members want to expand State government and exact more job killing tax increases. The Trump economy is like a new credit card to Jay Inslee. Of course Washington State DAZI party members will call Donald Trump a racist white nationalist while enjoying low unemployment numbers and State revenue windfalls.

In the DAZI party’s world, racist labeling is more important than the dignity of a job.

It is hard to understand how the DAZI party plantation owners keep minorities in line with their inept policies. Hispanics for instance are prolife Catholics with work ethic and very strong family values. They are the last people on the planet to execute babies in or out of the womb. They are also the last folks on the planet that want a school system to teach their children gender pronouns or the sexual behavior of the LGBT political wing. Make no mistake, the LGBT movement runs the DAZI party.

Even though Obama put illegal immigrant children in cages, the plantation owners and liberal yellow press focus on Donald Trump. The DAZI party will do anything and everything to keep Hispanics in the fold via scare tactics and racist labeling. In order to remain a viable political entity, they must engage in Goebbels style propaganda in the face of the Trump economy, and Trump tax cuts.

The Black community has benefited little from liberal policy. In order to coral disenchanted blacks for political control, DAZI party officials and the liberal yellow press routinely employ social labeling. The techniques of racial division and racist labeling started when Obama won the DAZI party presidential nomination. One was considered a racist if one did not vote for the plantation owners.

Next Obama sided against the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman and pushed same sex marriage through the liberal dominated Supreme court. One was then labeled a bigot if one did not vote for DAZI party officials. Today, the eradication of Christianity in the school system has been replaced with LGBT indoctrination of 5 year olds. In the liberals world, it is OK to sensor religion but the “anus based spirituality” and religion of the LGBT movement is not subject to the same ethical treatment. One is then labeled a bigot if one does not approve of teaching kindergartners gender dysphoria. One is labeled a bigot if one does not approve of exacting Kinsey experimentation on little tiny children. Little folks that are like information sponges.

52 percent of Washington voters supported same sex marriage. That issue is settled. However, the LGBT movement is now expanding gay pride and seeking to indoctrinate children within the education system.

The DAZI party wants open borders for voter recruitment. They now want to start political indoctrination on 5 year olds and one is a bigot if one opposes the tyranny. So, Washington families can either fight for their children’s social and mental well being or allow the LGBT movement and the school system to engage in institutionalized child abuse and conditioning.