Brodhead Solar power legislation explained

$132 for 300 watts

Solar panels have plunged in pricing. Today a 300-watt solar panel can be had for $129.000 off of E-bay. Unlike older panel technology, the newest solar panels are installed on corrugated plastic and can be glued to a surface.  20 of these new style solar panels can be had for  $2600 plus shipping. This means 6000 watts on a sunny day or enough power to light “100”  60-watt bulbs.

Today’s grid tie inverters can supply power to a battery bank. They can supply isolated power to a residential circuit breaker panel. They can also export power to the grid, however, legacy utility companies have lowered the prices they will pay customers with solar power surpluses.

Exporting surplus solar power to the grid should not be an objective. The objective is to build a residential solar power system that will power heating and cooling systems as well as an electric car. The only limiting factor today is the cost of  battery technology. This could be overcome by a standardized 10 KW  lithium ion battery bank.  The automotive industry is fully tooled up for lithium Ion battery bank production, hence, car style battery banks should cost no more than $2500.  Low-cost automotive battery banks in conjunction with natural gas and low wattage min split technology will heat and cool a house without legacy utilities.

The good news is that the battery bank of an electric car can power all the needs of a house overnight. So, the car is charged quickly during the day and then the power is returned to circuit breaker panel during the night. This arrangement would render legacy utilities as simply obsolete.

So not only will the battery bank of your car take you to the store, it will power your residential power needs overnight.  The only caveat is that the electric stove, electric water heater, electric furnace, and electric dryer have to be replaced by gas appliances or low wattage alternatives. Electric coil heating is simply ridiculous power hogging technology.

Brodhead solar power legislation would allow homeowners to finance a new solar system within a mortgage when they buy or refinance.  Banks normally only loan money on the amount of a home appraisal. It is left to the owner to gain financing for solar infrastructure. Many people do not want additional loans to pay or simply do not have the money.  Now. let us say that mortgage companies are mandated to  provide solar system  financing as part of a loan ahead of time. Then the homeowner could finance the solar system before moving in.  However, instead of charging 5% for the money, the interest rate on the solar system would be limited to the prime lending rate plus a small percentage.   Obam’s inept FED and monetary policies will take 10 years to  rectify using small yearly  FED rate increases, so the time is now. This would reflect pennies on the dollar for a $15,000 to $20,000 “standardized”  residential solar system. The installation would be done by certified contractors at a predetermined price. A price that is set by an advisory board or solar commission board. This would create massive jobs.In addition, solar financing could be buried in the mortgage loan industry. Meaning, whenever a home is sold, the cost of the solar system is buried in the purchase price leaving no additional debt for the seller or the new home owner.

Today, technology allows the sun to power one’s house and one’s car. When these costs are rolled into a mortgage, a low-interest HELOC, or an interest only HELOC,  a homeowner will see huge savings in energy costs.

This means more money for everything else. The multiplier effect would be insane and would create hundreds of thousands of solar-related jobs.

Here in Tacoma, the utility company charges several additional fees above and beyond the cost of electricity. A large under-insulated home with electrical heating can cost $400 or $500 a month to heat.  The same goes for cooling or heating homes in the entire West. Even modest use of electricity costs upwards of $150 a month. When we add in $250 a month in monthly vehicle commuting costs, we can now visualize the cost savings. In fact, the cost savings would be equal to the amount of money Obamacare takes from our wallets.Lastly, my legislation would be excellent for Hispanic alternative energy workers. America has always needed the blood , sweat and work ethic of the legal immigrant. That is who we are.

In the final analysis, Brodhead Solar renaissance legislation would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Social security revenue, and Federal revenue.

We helped pass legislation that spanned a continent and put millions to work. Pioneers that had a lust for free enterprise and the American dream. We can do it again, and we will do it again. We must, given that our children’s futures are being subject to special interest oppression and they  are turning to the false prophecy of stagnating socialism for answers. They are trading in the American dream and willingly chaining themselves to the loom of socialist stagnation.

Next, I will talk about retooling the higher education system


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New 300 Watt Semi Flexible Frameless Solar Panel 24V Volts 300W Made In USA!





Should Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval make Las Vegas a Sanctuary city?

Nevada governor Brain Sandoval could have run for the presidency in 2016. Instead, he chose to devote his remaining tenure as the first Hispanic Nevada governor to the children of his State.  In 2016, the American voter had a choice between a lying, conniving political whore and a narcissistic reality TV show/real estate billionaire.  These choices were the most ridiculous presidential choices in modern times.

Liberal voter apathy would put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse saving America from the Clinton dynasty. Of course, Donald Trump would come out of the gate as an immature authoritarian that states nonsensical gibberish, suppresses speech and continues the Bush/Obama surveillance agenda. Presently, he is window shopping for wars in order to “Make America neo-con again.”

Brian Sandoval will not be in the running for the presidency for the next 8 years unless Donald Trump resigns or is impeached. Trump could choose to not run in 2020 which opens the door for Mike Pence who is already running for the 2020 presidency. I mean, while Trump makes a fool of himself, Mike Pence is maintaining his public persona and serenading the conservative base, and using Air Force 2 to do so.

Brian Sandoval can choose to compete with Queen Catherine Cortez for the Hispanic voter in Las Vegas by enacting executive orders to oppose Donald Trump or he can not react and garner favor for I-11 and gaining BLM  Carson District’s land for Nevadans.

Las Vegas lives or dies by the immigrant labor force. Las Vegas hotels and casinos are full of illegals that clean the rooms, cook the food, wash the dishes and perform every manner of logistical event required. Without, immigration, Nevada cannot hire the folks that will build Project Neon or the new Raider stadium. So, Sandoval can do what is right for the state of Nevada commerce, or he can kowtow to an inept president who wants to round up illegals and put them in soccer stadiums before transporting them by cattle car to Mexico.

The reality is that Mike Pence will need Sandoval in 2020 if he wants the West. If Brian Sandoval wants Catherine Cortez Masto’s senate seat 4 years after his governorship is over, he will have to side with sanctuary status for Las Vegas. If he does this, he becomes the enemy of the radical conservative agenda. In 4 years should the Democrats run an Identity politics centrist with a good reputation, Donald Trump is one and done. He is probably one and done anyways.

Brodheads have always dealt from a position of strength.

a sanctuary city executive order for Nevada may have a negative effect on Las Vegas tourism. In addition, Sandoval can kiss Interstate 11 funds goodbye. Moreover, there will be no chance of getting BLM land for Walker River State park or the relinquishment of BLM land in the Carson BLM District to the state of Nevada.

Now, no sanctuary status for illegals with criminal records would be a win-win and a compromise that would suit everyone.

Sandoval could raise copious funds from the copious Casino executives and make a stand in the West quite easily.

Donald Trump and Sean Goebbels Spicer maintain a “cattle car mentality” as it relates to immigrants. With their anti  1st Amendment and 4th Amendment postures, they will be a flash in the pan.  So, Brian, make certain your laptop camera is taped off, and do what you feel is good for Nevada.

In the final analysis, should Sandoval submit an executive order that Makes bNevada a sanctuary state, he alienates conservatives, and there may be loss of State revenue and empty rooms?  There has to be a compromise that is a win-win or Brian Sandoval is true to what the Las Vegas voter Demographic wants. As it is, Donald Trump is hostile to States rights, and the Bill of Rights.  This is where he is weak given Sessions, Spicer, and sanctuary cities etc. Lastly, Las Vegas is a suburb of LA. 70% of Southern California is Hispanic. Do you want Southern California boycotting the train system and Las Vegas? tell trump that you will temper your executive strategy that meets a percentage of his position in exchange for Interstate -11 funds from Phoenix to Vegas and BLM land.  Call a special session and do a speech that is a superb compromise covered by Nevada TV.  Only illegals that have broken the law will be deported.  Then play up support for border enforcement via drone technology etc. blah blah blah border security before dealing with comprehensive immigration reform etc. This would be along the lines of Bush? Rove etc.

Gestalt with Pence, Ryan, and Nevada Republicans. Kiss Hutchison’s governorship or defeating Cortez for the Senate goodbye if you screw this up. Oh and tell Laxalt Junior to not put his foot in his mouth.

Trump would win big if he backs off on Fed meddling with marijuana states rights, gives up BLM land in the Carson City district, and backs off on his cattle car immigration policy. As it is, he and Spicer look like idiots at this juncture.  Make America great starts by giving up BLM land in Nevada for the State and development. It starts with an Interstate between Phoenix and Las Vegas. It starts by Federal block grants for Medicaid and pre-existing conditions and across state lines private sector healthcare. Let’s stay the damn course shall we!!!!

Or go all out including boycotting Trump hotels in Las Vagas. I really think that Sunny has the upper hand at this juncture.



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Donald Trump’s neo-con authoritarian regime

If the media had balls, they would boycott Whitehouse press events

favoritism is not free speech

In 2008, the once anti-war Obama doubled down on all things Bush. He would continue the surveillance agenda, surge in Iraq and Afghanistan and perpetrate the Federal government takeover of health care. He would elevate same-sex marriage to that of man and a woman and then seek to turn our school system into basic training for gender confusion.

Obama would encourage revolution in Egypt, bomb Libya, and seek to destroy Sykes Pecot by attacking Syria. When he left office, the once anti-war candidate would be the only president in history whose presidency was always at war. In his foreign relations wake, the Middle east would collapse and Europe would be overrun with ISIS sleeper cells and Muslim immigrants.  Not only did Obama leave Berlin with a huge cleanup bill when he apologized for America in front of the Brandenburg Gate, he accelerated the Islamification of Germany.He left Europe with a huge mess. an Immigration mess that will ultimately lead to civil war between Muslims and European nation states.

The Bush and Obama administrations were “Dumb and Dumber!” By elevating Donald Trump, Americans have solidified a “Trifecta of Stupidity!”

Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” has morphed into a penchant for shitting on the Bill of Rights and enacting Naziesque postures towards the Free press. Allowing Sean Spencer to pick and choose who gets to attend Whitehouse press events stinks of Kim Jong Un style State media propaganda techniques. Donald Trump’s free press postures are more closely related to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba.

It seems that Donald Trump is more of a sleeper cell for the neo-con agenda and an authoritarian in the mold of the KGB. It seems he is applying Soviet style information suppression like his mentor Putin.

It is clear that Trump holds positions that are counter to the Bill of Rights. Suppression of free speech and totalitarian methods that have been portrayed by Sean Spicer should be an impeachable offense.

All the democrats had to do was run an average candidate with zero baggage. Instead, they elevated Hillary Clinton.  This allowed the rise of an idiot that shits on free speech.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence uses tax payer dollars to campaign around the country like he is perfect. He is the neo-cons neo-con and likes to do photo ops with war criminals like Dick Cheney. So what really got was an idiot for president and a Bush-Cheney clone waiting in the wings. Intelligent people saw this coming. Stupid people voted for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson.

As far as Sean Spicer, he is an abusive piece of garbage that needs his ass kicked. The power hungry squid reservist zero is a real bute.


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Sean Goebbels Spicer deffacating on freedom of speech.

During the American revolution, Brodheads would defend Washington’s retreat across the East river. Brodheads would also be wounded and spend time on British prison ships on the Hudson. Back then, the  Brodhead’s answered tyranny with the thrust of Pennsylvania steel through the liver. We fought for Independence for 8 long years.

Independence would lead to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The first right we fought for was “Freedom of Speech”.

Sean Goebbels Spicer the Whitehouse Press Secretary is an enemy to free speech. It is clear now that the neocons have taken control of the Trump administration. It is clear that not only will they continue the surveillance of the American people, they are engaging in Goebbelsesque tactics by censoring the New York time and others.

The Trump presidency has become the biggest bait and switch administration of all time.

Donald Trump is a coward and is allowing the neo-cons to run roughshod on our American Democracy and free speech. In the old days, this would have been met with a duel or a volley of mini balls.

Sean Goebbels Spicer is a piece of shit.

It seems that Jefferson sessions is also a special interest backed crony doing the dirty work for big Pharma and Tobacco.

Real conservatives did not sign up for this.

Trump has stepped across the final line, and is now a threat to our Bill of Rights and Constitution…

Justice Jefferson Sessions keep your hands off State marijuana laws

When one looks at Jefferson Sessions early life in Selma Alabama along with all of his extremely conservative behavior,  one sees a man that is completely out of touch with the rest of society.

In Jefferson Sessions world, cancer causing cigarettes are OK for public consumption. Jefferson says nothing about tobacco based  “vaping” which contains 10 times the carcinogens levels of a cigarette. Sessions say nothing about opioid-based pharmaceuticals that cause 50% of the overdoses. He turns a blind eye to prescription painkillers and the destructive effects of hard liquor.

In States that have legalized marijuana, over 50% of the voting population voted for legalization. Over 50% of State voters voted for same-sex marriage as well. As the older voter passes on, the 80 million baby boomers, generation X, and a Millenials will determine the future.  They will also determine who is voted into office.

The rest of America does not adhere to the oppressive tactic of the Southern states. A Black man with a few joints is not sent to prison in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon or Washington state. In the West, we don’t believe in Jefferson Sessions oppressive views on prison systems or incarcerating people for smoking weed.  Alabama jails are full of Blacks whose only crime was selling a few joints. Jefferson Sessions wants to go back to the wholesale oppression of blacks and people who take a few tokes her and there.

Today, the parasitic Federal government taxes American citizens so it can collect bulk data on our electronic behavior. It engages in foreign entanglements and nation building and then slips the bill to our children. It is subservient to the Pharmaceutical industrial complex that seeks to control and profit by monopolizing marijuana production and processing.

Should Jeff Sessions go after States that have legalized Marijuana, it will cause a citizen’s uprising at the level of prohibition. It will also spell the end of Republican party dominance and the rise of Libertarianism. There are a whole lot of real fiscal conservatives that don’t drink liquor or smoke cigarettes that take a few tokes of weed a week. A gram of doobie might last a month. These same conservatives stay at home when high, watch a movie. The worst offense is eating a large bag off Costco BBQ potato chips.

Jeff sessions are the DOJ for our Warfare Welfare state. He gets his marching orders from big drug companies and private prison systems. He wants to turn the rest of the country into the oppressive South. he needs to keep his reactionary redneck cotton picking hands off of the States and States Rights.

Jeff Sessions is a puppet for big drugs and Southern based tobacco. This is not about justice in any capacity. It is about corporate greed and doing the bidding of his donor list. Sessions is an old guard Neo-con that is all in on the oppression and surveillance and oppression of the American people.

Americans have given Trump, Bannon, Sean Spencer and the rest of his cabinet cronies just enough rope to hang themselves with. At this juncture, they are throwing the rope over the closets tree and lynching their political futures in full view of the public. Trump can extricate himself if he purges his cabinet of Neo-con assholes hell bent on subjugating America.


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While Nevada floods, Catherine Cortez Masto rants about poddy training the school system for LGBT rights?

When I attended the Mineral County school system from Kindergarten through 7th grade, the teachers weren’t talking about the politics of neo-moral relativism or LGBT bathrooms rights. It was not the job of the school system to inject poddy politics and gender confusion into the classroom environment. It was not the teacher’s job to help a 6-year-old determine if they wanted to be a boy or a girl.

In reality, only about .07 percent of school-aged kids have gender conflict. In some areas of the country,  that number is higher or lower depending on the level of liberally biased propaganda efforts.

Liberals and the LGBT crowd want to introduce gender confusion into our Nevada school systems and entice and recruit young impressionable sexually confused kids as an expression of LGBT freedom. In lieu of just using the teacher’s bathroom or a single multi sex bathroom, they want Nevada’s school system to adapt to their needs and allow gender confused kids to use any bathroom they want. This then opens the door to adult males with fake tits, razor stubble, and a wig to use the little girl’s room at your local primary school. Of course if one adheres to the morays, and folkways of tens of thousands of years, one is then labeled a bigot.

Social experimentation used to belong in college. Today, Senators like Catherine Cortez Masto are fixated on poddy training the Nevada school system. She feels that the needs of the less than one percent come before all the rest of Nevada’s student body. She has put LGBT rights ahead of the rights of the family. She feels that facilitating gender confusion is part of the mission statement of the Nevada school system. She feels that the school system should be required to teach the new liberal morality as part of it’s curriculum.  Symbols of religion have been removed and replaced with basic training for gender confusion.

The Federal courts and a liberal president decided to change the definition of marriage. They elevated same-sex marriage to that of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Now they are setting their sites on the indoctrination of children in our school system.  While this might fly in Catherine Cortez Masto’s Federal oppression realm, it does not fly for Nevada States rights. Dealing with childhood gender identity issues is the role of the family and not the role of a senator or a school system. We do not pay property taxes so teachers can “gestalt” about the merits of a penis or a vagina. What happened to reading, writing, and arithmetic?

Maybe Masto should be more interested in disaster-related infrastructure funds than fixating on primary school bathrooms as a means for divisive fundraising?




Is Catherine Cortez Masto a detriment to Nevada’s economic growth?

Queen Catherine Cortez  Masto the job killer

For the last 6 years, the Nevada legislature has abandoned the reactionary dogma that it had been infected with for decades. They understood that the Nevada school system needed an overhaul and better funding. They knew that Nevada had to be” tax friendly” in order to entice new companies.  They knew that the freeway infrastructure in Las Vegas needed to be rebuilt. They know that the Spaghetti bowl is dangerous as hell.

Las Vegas is the economic engine that powers Nevada State government. What is good for Las vegas is good for Nevada’s ability to fund all manner of government services, education initiatives, and infrastructure. Education funds help create a well-adjusted and capable workforce that can be employed at new Nevada companies. The infrastructure allows for easier access to Las Vegas and Reno. The more people that can vacation in Nevada and the more revenue there is for government and preparing Nevada’s children for the future.

Instead of “feed the horse and they will feed the chickens,” Catherine Cortez Masto is fixated on the rights of illegal citizens. She is fixated on feeding the chickens first. They now call her Queen Catherine Cortez, the cheerleader for the illegal Reconquista. That is her MO.

Instead of endearing herself to the new President and getting funding for Interstate 11, she is solidifying herself as an entrenched partisan hack that submits bullshit bills that won’t make it out of committee.

Instead of endearing herself to republicans and a new president, so all the BLM lands in the Carson City district are given to the State of Nevada, she wants to give Nevada to illegals. She wants to give revenue from tax paying legal citizens so illegals can sit on their asses and collect welfare while refusing to assimilate.

Catherine Cortez Masto has emerged as a Senator that would rather engage in the division than job creation. This suggests that she and her staff are simply stupid people beyond their depth.  Masto submerges herself in gibberish and is a detriment to job creation and the future of Nevada’s children. She represents her own vanity agenda and not Nevada’s future.

Maybe she should ask Nevada’s transient illegal population to fund Project Neon, Interstate 11 , and the walker River State Park?


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Catherine Cortez Masto’s inept stance on illegal immigration

My mother was a 4 foot 10 and a half inch German immigrant that barely spoke English. A really good job for her was working the cafeteria line for the Mineral County school system. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, she would spoon out the Salmon cake delight with a smile on her face.  For the students, salmon cake day was simply heinous. The line of students seemed more like a food line at Andersonville. Of course, she would be a rock star when she divvied out the fish sticks or pizza.

I remember how my mother struggled with writing English or even writing down a phone number. She had suffered from malnutrition at a young age when  Adolf Hitler’s NAZI party took the family farm. Opa Zeppie would not take the oath to Hitler and be sent to Dachau while the rest of the family was scattered across Germany.

I remember when we attended my mother’s US citizenship event. She had studied for the test for months and raised her hand willingly.

In Catherine Cortez Masto’s world, an illegal immigrant has more right to life on US soil than the beating hearts of the innocent unborn that are born to American citizens. In her world, it is ok for an illegal in her last trimester to camp out in the parking lot of a US hospital. It is ok for illegals that cannot speak English to undermine the wage opportunity for legal Hispanic citizens. People who stood in line, work hard, raise wonderful families, and seek better lives for their children.

Legal immigration and the “rule of law” is vital to the American dream for legal citizens. It is vital to the countless Hispanic workers that keep Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada’s economy alive.

To date, Brian Sandoval’s English learning initiatives and lead by example demeanor have resulted in an 11% increase in high school graduations in Nevada. Then again, we cannot ask the sons and daughters of legal Hispanics to compete for wages against illegals that hang out at Home Depot. When given a chance, the Nevada school system churns out well adjusted and educated Hispanic children that can compete for any job in Nevada. Well adjusted and educated children that will be employed by the numerous businesses that are leaving California and flocking to the Battle Born State.

Catherine Cortez Masto believes in the old way of doing business. She does not see the difference between legal Hispanic citizens that have paid their dues and illegals that lower the overall wage structure for Nevadans. This is an insult. She does not see the difference between the offspring of legal immigrants that work hard in school and will be the fuel that power’s Nevada’s economic engine in the future. Instead of precious tax base going to appropriate skill training, she wants to turn Nevada into a sanctuary state where all illegals get a free ride?

Catherine Cortez Masto fancies herself a modern-day Hernan Cortes and the leader of the Reconquista in  Nevada. She does not stand with legal immigrants. She stands with illegals. She probably waves the Mexican flag at her office in Washington DC.

Catherine Cortez Masto’s illegal immigrant friendly positions are counter to the rule of law and lower wage structure and opportunity for the Hispanics that are here legally.  Instead of livable wages for Nevada’s legal Hispanic population, she wants all Hispanics to enjoy the shared misery of a large labor force and stagnate wages.  Instead of tax revenue, she wants more freebies for illegals. Instead of tax revenue going to job training for legal Hispanics, she wants revenue for illegal families, that shun English and wear the Mexican flag on Fremont street.

Unless the flow of illegals is turned off, Nevada’s legal population will have to compete for low wages. It is called supply and demand.

The Nevada school system is already under a tremendous strain to assimilate and educate the children of illegals. Shouldnt the legal Hispanics that pay the taxes have first consideration when it comes to job opprotunity and the edcuation of their children?

Legal Hispanic citizens deserve the utmost in respect and all the good things that the American dream has to offer. Masto simply lumps them all together. She then uses the tactics of alienation and the world’s greatest legislative body as a vehicle for fundraising. She is not a Stateswoman in the model of paul laxalt or Brian Sandoval. She is a grandstanding partisan hack that cultivates division and  exploits ignornace.


Catherine Cortez Masto wants to lower the wage of all Hispanics


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Nevadans feeling buyers remorse with Catherine Cortez Masto

Some Nevada statesmen seem to get things done, while others, well, they grandstand on nonvalue-adding media issues and engage in partisan hackery. Catherine Cortez Masto seems to be the latter.

As Nevadans recall, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has worked like a Tesla energizer bunny to get things done and create jobs in Nevada. We have grown used to a man that logically assesses every situation before making an appropriate stand. He then acts in the best interest of Nevadans. In 6 years as governor, he has stayed out of trouble while managing the Bush economic collapse.  Sunny, as he is called, has never gone negative on a single issue and always presents things in a positive light. To date, Brian Sandoval has done countless things for the Nevada economy.  Here are just a few: Tesla battery plant, electric car manufacturing plant in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Raider stadium, Las vegas War memorial, Drone manufacturing, information corporations, education reform, medical school, Project Neon, English first programs,  and the list seems to get longer and longer each day. Even though Nevada’s first Hispanic governor would not endorse Donald Trump for his irritating verbal attacks on Mexicans and a Mexican judge,  he does have President Trump’s ear. In fact, Donald Trump reacted to Governor Sandoval’s plea for disaster relief funds within days.  This suggests that president Trump has respect for Sandoval and is open to helping Nevadans unless of course, Senator Masto’s alienating diatribe and actions get in the way.

The first thing that Catherine Cortez Masto does after winning Harry Reid’s senate seat is submit a meaningless partisan hack bill that will not make it out of committee. She wants to become the Immigrant friendly Queen of Las Vegas. Instead of representing Nevadans that live north of the Las Vegas race track, she focuses on endearing Las Vegas’s immigrant population.  Instead of reaching across the aisle like Sandoval has done for 6 years, Catherine Cortez Masto feels that attacking Donald Trump over illegal immigrants, and casting blame, will create jobs in Nevada. Instead of forging a working relation that could result in Federal funds being appropriated for Interstate 11, Masto is a negative oriented partisan hack job.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada State legislation are extremely immigrant friendly and have passed copious legislation that backs up this reality.

Catherines first partisan hack bill in all it’s glory.

Nevadans must now take pause given Catherine Cortez Masto’s inept priority structure. Unlike Brian Sandoval, Catherine seems to like political alienation and partisan hackery.  Sandoval represents all of Nevada. Masto only represents the transient immigration population and plays identity politics. Her political machinations are not a good fit for Nevada, Nevada’s economic growth,  or the future of Nevada’s children. In fact, her political strategy is simply laughable and stinks of a boobish college intern.  I think that Nevadans are feeling a little buyer’s remorse.

At this juncture, all that Catherine has going for her is a middle name of “Cortez” and a penchant for identity politics. This suggests that it is all about her and not the people of Nevada. Sorry Catherine, but my last name is Brodhead. We brought English speaking rule, Independence, Guadalupe Hidalgo, Emancipation, The Territories, and the transcontinental railroad to Nevada. You on the other hand,  like to submit artsy fartsy partisan hack feel good bills that create senate stagnation and seek to profit from identity politics. You are weak and pathetic and waste the senate’s time and tax payers money. At best, your first bill is an attempt at harvesting and exploiting misguided division and alienation. Your stupid bill seeks names and email addresses for fundraising. Thanks for using the world’s greatest legislative body for bullshit theatrics and exploiting the politics of identity and division. Your fundraiser sucks.


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President Trump needs a diversion method

During Obama’s first 100 days, the media kissed Obama’s ass. Hollywood would drop to it’s knees and wave Barack in for some fellatio on a regular basis. He could do no wrong. The Hollywood elites turned a blind eye when Obama ran up $10 trillion in national debt. They said nothing when he encouraged revolution in Egypt or bombed Libya. They seemed not to care when the once anti-war candidate became a sleeper cell for the military industrial complex and Sharia law.  They cheered when he ruined private sector healthcare and tripled policy costs for the working class. All the while, Obama dangled division and LGBT rights like we were babies in a cradle. Social issues would replace real legislation while  Obama took more land for the Federal government. He would also double down on al things Bush and barter America’s sovereignty for the illegal vote. Illegals had more right to life in the USA then the beating heart of the innocent unborn. Illegals could walk across the borders while Obama continued the Bush surveillance state and police state.

Today, the media and Hollywood started giving Donald Trump grief from day one.  The media would conjure up every manner of negative scenario when Flynn got the boot. Even Ivy league phycologists that never made a penny in the private sector are now claiming that Trump is mentally ill. They did not say a word about Barack’s pathological narcism, “Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy foreign policy,  lack of remorse,  or dried up serotonin levels. They cared less about the lies and deceit or the importation of sleeper cell jihadist terrorists.  All Barack did was dangle social issues to run interference for his big government policies and LBJ-style “Guns and butter program!’ He also sent David Geffen love letters while elevating sodomy to that of marriage between a man and a woman. They said nothing when Obama and the Democratic Socialists would not allow “Other people’s tragedies to go to waste” and harvested other people’s tragedies for political gain. To run interference for Benghazi, he would attack gun rights and exploit the Sandy Hook tragedy. The list of exploitation is long.

His solution to Syria was importing weapons to ISIS or poddy training the education system.

Today, all the Hollywood elites, liberal university mental health professionals, neo-moral relativist, and LGBT fuhrers are venting at the ass like fat cows in a Colorado feedlot because Trump is in office.

Trump needs to devise a propaganda campaign like Obama did. But instead of campaigning so men with wigs can use the little girl’s bathroom in a primary school, he should start on releasing BLM land along the West and East Walker Rivers in Nevada to the state of Nevada. In fact, all of the BLM lands that are part of the Carson District should be released to the State of Nevada.

Barack Obama was a wealth redistributing Democratic Socialist that ran up $10 trillion in debt,  collapsed the Middle east, bombed countries that were not a threat to our National Security, sucked off the neo-con agenda, and left private sector healthcare in ruin.  It should be easy for Donald trump to enact legislation that eclipses the poddy training of the school system. But instead of dangling division and the politics of internet generated morality, he might start divvying out BLM land and giving the Department of education the boot.

I lieu of attempting to introduce gender confusion into our primary schools, Trump might want to be a real leader. Screw the liberals in Hollywood and so-called menatl health experts. They are trying to make money and preserve their media piece of the pie in the face of the internet.

Mr. President, pick up the pencil and generate a bill that releases all land in the Carson District BLM to the State of Nevada. You will be a rockstar.


Written by:


Stephan  Andrew  Twain Brodhead


Photo of Carson City District Office Map

Bill 396 of 647,

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Republicans must eliminate the Department of Education now!

When Brodhead’s help pass legislation that funded the building of the Capitol building dome, the West wing, the East wing and the Congressional library, Washington DC was a small town on the Potomac. During the Civil War or “War of Northern Oppression” as the Southern Democrats called it, Washington DC would grow and grow. The Federal government would expand it’s control over the territories taken during the Mexican-American war. They would also accelerate the slaughter of the American Indian.

The Great Depression and World War II would see the rise of Social Security and the Military Industrial complex and thousands of lobbyists. To counter the total downturn in military spending after WWII, the Federal government fixated on Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq and so on.  While nuclear security and a viable defense force is justified, people like LBJ, GW Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama used our military for nation building 10,000 miles away. Peace is our profession,  has become Perpetual war is our profession.

Today, Washington DC is basically a parasite that feeds off the country like a parasitic character in “Dune!”  The once small town of the 1850s has turned into a leviathan of spending, surveillance, and control. They even tax us so they can perform bulk data collection. They read Washington’s farewell address while actively looking for foreign entanglements. They shit on our Bill of Rights.

Barack Obama went so far as to blackmail State education systems with cutbacks in funding if they did not allow the LGBT crowd to pick and choose bathrooms. He was poddy training our school system. Obama felt that men with wigs should be able to use your daughter’s elementary school bathroom. Anyways, The Federal government has become an oppressive leviathan that must be reduced.  They are a duplication of effort and can be replaced with State control and block grants.

We must start by eliminating the Federal Department of Education and replacing it with block grants to the States. The Federal workforce associated with the federal education and mind control department must be disbanded and sent to other departments. Only a small cadre of workers should be retained. Their only job would be analyzing and distributing block grants. Each block grant would be predicated on students and the economies of scale in each sate.

Let the States and inner cities decide how they want to spend the precious little funding. Let the states decide how they want to educate their children. the occupation of Japan and Germany are obsolete. So too is the occupation of our nation’s schools districts.  It is time to wrestle control away from Washington DC and restore the promise of America. Washington DC is simply a parasite.

The Republicans have control of the House, Senate, and Executive.  Carter’s Department of education has become simply another vehicle for federal oppression,  mind control,  gender identity bullshit, inept educational reforms and poddy training.   The Federal government has proven once again that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We will not trust our children’s futures to the machinations of a corrupt Federal education department that engages in social engineering and experimentation at the primary school level.  We will not have an oppressive Federal Leviathan dictating neo-moral relevitsim and how we raise our children. . It is time to kill it off.


Bill 460 of 647,