Democrats fixated on social wedge issues instead of the economy stupid

Obama exploited Sandy Hook to run interference on the Benghazi lie for 6 months. The truth has come out that the Obama administration was running guns from Benghazi to Syria and arming Islamic Jihadists. It is quite a Catch 22 that he sought to alter the 2nd Amendment here at home while arming ISIS in the Middle East. In addition, it is now coming clear that Obama allowed government entities to abuse Un-Constitutional FISA courts in order to put a presidential candidate under surveillance. This puts Democrats in the KGB, and Gestapo category. The Obama era was based on an Orwellian script complete with police state surveillance. Schumer and Pelosi are delusional idiots that have no business in leadership roles.

The entire Obama administration era was defined by almost zero Fed rates, continuous quantitative easing and toxic assets repurchase and bond repurchase. The national debt would balloon by $10 trillion after Reagan, Bush I and Bush II ballooned the debt. Jimmy Carter thought that 250 billion in National debt was a crisis. However, Republican led presidencies did not care and pushed the pedal to the medal and simply slipped the bill to our children. Fed interest rates were quite high at times. During the Obama era, the Fed would basically monetize trillions in debt and allow the Federal Treasury to reissue low interest rate bonds. Obama would add $10 trillion to the national debt in 8 years. This means $400 billion in national debt interest payments until the US government goes bankrupt. The Clinton military was $300 billion in 1999.

Today, the average interest payment on the national debt is about 2%. Now that the Fed is raising interest rates because Trump is in office, the national debt interest payment will balloon as Fed rates rise. Should Fed rates rise to pre-Obama rates, the national debt interest payment triples to $1 trillion over time. Soon, 25% of the Federal budget will be used just to service the debt. In reality discretionary Federal spending and national debt interest payments are being serviced by acquiring new national debt. It is like using a credit card to pay for other credit card debt.

Today, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are fixated on low level border wall issues as the national debt interest payment explodes. They are more interested in establishing decadent and non value adding cultural hegemony then maintaining value adding dialogue and social respect. They are more concerned about open borders then the $1.2 billion a day Federal debt interest payment. Democrats and Republicans are fixated on a circus and paying zero attention to Federal government spending and national debt.

It is a tragedy that Democrats cannot come together to cut a deal on DACA and fund the Border wall at $5 billion. Democrats are more worried about illegal immigrants and ballooning illegal immigrant entitlements than fixing government spending. They are the party of illegal immigrants and social wedge issue side shows. They only represent the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Socialist party. Their long term political vision is socialism and massive government taxation and massive government debt. They do not believe in the rule of law, and want to win at any cost.

Sum-mating. Pelosis and Schumer only represent illegals and “The Reconquista!” They offer our National sovereignty for the illegal vote. This makes them domestic enemies to the country. As it is, they are running interference for inept government spending and FED policies by engaging in useless social wedge issues. The Democratic platform is labeling white European legal immigrants as racist. They rely on racist labeling , division, and directing hate for their existence.

The USA is going bankrupt as China seeks to build a massive navy and annex the entire South China Sea. Democrat and Republican leadership’s penchant for spending is destroying our ability to maintain Peace through Strength and service even efficient government. Spending and exploiting racism seems to take precedent these days. Never mind that every “nation state” in the world is based on racism, let us establish a Democrat platform that fixates on calling legal white European immigrants racist and spend all the money. .

Trump has become the “2 minutes of hate” for the liberal yellow press, Hollywood, illegal immigrants, and the ignorant and useless Democratic Socialist party. Social media is morphing into the omnipresent TV in the movie 1984. The Bible replaced with the Koran and people offering their wrists to Socialist servitude, decadent moral relativism and cultural hegemony. It is quit interesting see the minds of lemmings being manipulated. The liberal yellow press dispensing biased ignorance and perpetuating “Ignorance is strength!”

I am standing with Uncle Donny!

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Hillary Clinton deleted emails to cover for massive government corruption

It is quite amusing. It is quite amusing to see low level liberal yellow press operatives manipulate truth and expose the limits of their sad logic and critical thinking skills. It is laughable to watch these media pawns twist truth in order to placate the DTS ridden.

Hillary Clinton helped facilitate the selling of uranium to the former Soviets. She then received utter hundreds of millions in Clinton Foundation donations. The FBI and other intelligence organizations completely overlooked the pay to play politics related to giving Russians weapons grade and power plant grade nuclear material. The government then engages in surveillance of a political candidate based on lies. To cover up an event that is more like KGB and Nazi Gestapo behavior, Clinton deletes 30,000 emails.The liberal yellow press is running interference for the most illegal and corrupt government behavior in modern times.

Today , the liberal yellow press is making an issue of Trump taking translated notes with him after a discussion with Putin. They seek to turn sniblets of information into an impeachable event, while letting the Clintons, Obama, and the FBI, NSA, and CIA off the hook. This makes them drastic supporters of the police state and a complete threat to “We the people!” It is sad that Nakamura seems to be a fake news reporter and not a real journalist. In fact, just as Joseph Goebbels poisoned his own children in Hitler’s Berlin bunker, Nakamura is poisoning real journalism just to keep his job for the King of Amazon. A massive business that is killing small business and reducing it to exploited and burned out sales people in cubicles that works 12 hours a day. In reality, Amazon is a trust that is corralling all of America’s business, and killing off down town real estate and malls in favor of warehouses on cheap land. Nakamura seems to be a fake journalist that biases his interpretations to a grossly inept level. he bias’s to such an extreme in order to support a scripted special interest dogma that he is no longer valid. A manipulated puppet in the Bezos’s empire. This alos makes him a pawn in the Bezo’s information police state.

The Liberal media is now kissing the ass of behavior that is NAZIesque. They have become basically proteges of Joseph Goebbels that repeat lies. This is a threat to the government of the people. Assassinate truth and repeat lies over and over again. The Washington Post and the new York times are basically clearing houses for fake news and DTS ridden bias.

The low level liberal press operatives are no longer standing for altruistic goals that sustain the American values as established by the founders. They engage in revisionist reporting along political lines.

Here we see this Nakamura fella making a fool of himself with inept bizzaro logic. He seems to be a silly standardized attempt at an identity politics symbol for Japan. The Washington Post reporter must have been hand selected by Bezos so he can spew revisionist gibberish. This production is at an intellectual level of Waynes World..

The liberal yellow press has gone so far down the rabbit hole of extremely biased reporting that they have turned into a lying reality show. These folks are not journalists. They manipulate information and lie to our faces along political lines.

Brodheads have always supported the Free Press. It seems that “Free Press is no longer part of the Democratic Socialist and yellow press world. They are just big mouths for special interest press that borders on a police state. My word, running interference for an illegal incident that made Watergate look like child’s play. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Thornton Brodhead -

Julian Castro the open borders identity politics candidate

Julian Castro has an ultra thin political portfolio. City counsel, mayor of San Antonio and Obama identity politics cabinet member.

Castro is strictly an identity politics candidate and is now the defacto king of the illegal “Reconquista!” Julian Castro is already waiving in illegals from South America. He is a welcoming symbol for illegal immigration and the complete reconquest of Texas and the territories of Guadalupe Hidalgo with illegals. He is a Hillary Clinton protege as well. Moreover, he looks to be somewhat of a Venezuelan socialist that will exploit division and racism to elevate himself into the political limelight.

Castro is a Gay pride enthusiast. In order to take advantage of the LGBT political donation streams, he will declare his support of LGBT indoctrination in the school system. Just as he was willing to destroy the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, he will probably push the Federal Education system to destroy the sanctity of natural child development and elevate gender dysphoria in Kindergarten if elected. He will strictly adhere to the new Democratic “poddy politic” and support men with fake tits and a wig using the the little girls room at the local school.

Most Hispanics are pro-life, pro-catholic, pro-family and employ the best work ethics this world has to offer. A majority of Hispanic Catholics are simply good people that adhere the values of Christ. They are hard working, love their families, and seek a better life for their children. They Love America. Trump gave them a $24,000 standard deduction and reduced healthcare premium costs. Trump created the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanic s in history. Hispanic leaders like Castro, will avoid this reality and focus on stoking racial hatred instead.

Julian Castro seems to support many issues that are counter to America’s Hispanic pro-family demographic. He supports wholesale abortion and fetal genocide. He supports same sex marriage. He supports the indoctrination of kindergartners in order to further the LGBT movement. He supports massive taxation on job creators and a massive intrusive government. Above all, however, he is strictly an identity politics candidate that believes in open borders, racial division, and outright socialism. Julian Castro is the opening salvo from the decadent and no-value adding Democratic Socialist party. The party of social wedge issues, justice via social media, freebies, taxation, racism, massive government, revisionist history, abusing the War Powers Act, perpetual war, Nazi levels of gun rights and gun confiscation, and gender pronouns. The Democrats of today are about like the Brownshirt street trash circa 1925 on the streets of Munich. They are a gaggle of ignorant socialists that engage in class envy, intolerance, and labeling.

As a student of Viva La Raza and the reconquest of Aztlan,, Julian Castro will employ the same tactics of division and racial hatred creating propaganda that Barack Obama used. He will avoid the Trump economy and securing our border. Instead he will focus on corralling Hispanics into the Democrat’s socialist plantation of race baiting, division, envy, placing blame, and social alienation. It will be another repeat of hate whitey and nothing else. This time, Democrats will start the hate whitey campaign from the depths of Texas. Instead of focusing on controlling the border and elevating the minority wage structure, Castro will focus on creating and elevating a nationally televised open borders invitation campaign via free press. he will focus on corralling the Hispanic vote via a hatred platform. In reality, all of Castro’s policies will seek to lower Hispanic wages, Hispanic employment, and Hispanic opportunity in favor of illegals, and big taxation schemes. Under the Hillary Clinton protege leadership, Hispanics will pay through the nose for everything and be put back into the unemployment line.

It is not about cherishing the “Melting Pot” and facilitating positive social discourse and societal harmony for the good of America. It is about destroying our national sovereignty for the illegal vote, exploiting minorities via emotional arguments and stoking racial hatred.

In reality, Julian Castro is a fraud that holds positions that are counter to what most Hispanics believe.

Castro’s open borders agenda only lowers the wage of legal minorities. His taxation policies would turn the USA into a Venezuelan shithole. Castro is not a symbol of the unification of the great American dream He is a Viva La Raza divisive figure head and a manifestation of his own vanity and self importance. Julian Castro is a threat to national sovereignty and a low level Democratic operative with a message of racial division and hatred for the vote. They treat Hispanics like cattle. Only fools would take him seriously.

Viva La Raza is a racist organization that will point the finger at the rest of America. Castro will call normal every day legal immigrants racist while elevating his own racist organization. The King of Viva La Raza, Aztlan, and La Reconquista is running for president.

Pramila Jayapal is an embarrassment to Washington State

How far down the toilette drain of decadence, ignorance, and outright lies can the Democratic Party of Washington state go before the average Washingtonian raises the bullshit flag?

Pramila Jayapal is now calling Donald Trump a white supremacist that wants to “Make America pure again!” WTF? She also insinuates strongly that Republicans hate legal immigration? If one doesn’t support Illegal immigration and open borders then one is considered a racist. If one supports the rule of law and national sovereignty, then one is a racists?

It is clear that Pramila Jayapal has a deep seated resentment for all white people. Hence, she must have a deep seated hatred for legal white immigrants from all European countries. She does not represent legal immigrants of color, or legal immigrants with lighter skin pigment, only illegal immigrants that match her skin color. This makes her an ignorant racist. She is also a socialist that supports insane levels of taxation on the so-called rich and corporations. hence, she wants to tax legal immigrants in order to support illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, and folks that do not pay taxes yet exploit entitlements, health care and the social net?

She also supports the LGBTQ indoctrination of school children. She feels that Kindergarten should be basic training for Gender dysphoria and LGBTQ recruitment centers. Jayapal offers the sanctity of natural child development to the LGBTQ community for political favor. In Pramila’s world, an illegal immigrant has more right to life on American soil than the beating heart of the innocent unborn. Illegals and anchor babies are entitled to freebies for the vote while America’s legal innocent unborn get the death penalty? She supports the dismemberment of the innocent fetus and the baby parts sold off.

It is clear that Pramila Jayapal only represents illegal immigrants and the undocumented. She wants our borders overran with illegals and our national sovereignty handed over to low education illegals from South America. Illegals that would not add to Seattle’s economic strength, but create economic burdens. How does a person that does not speak English compete for Seattles $15 and hour wage structure. How does an illegal with no English pay for a $2000 a month Seattle apartment? How does an illegal immigrant that does not speak English pay into the social net? They dont, in fact, 70% will become life long burdens on the government. Pramila Jayapal wants to turn Washington State into a Marxist Ghetto full of illegals just for the vote. If, however, one does not support being over run with illegals, then one is considered racist? WTF?

It seems that Pramila Jayapal’s hatred of white Anglo Saxon Protestants started in India. She seems to base all of her hatred of white people on the British occupation of India. She is now manifesting that hatred in America by calling white Americans racist and legal immigrant haters. Going further, she must feel that the north American continent should be dominated by people of color. This makes her a closet imperialist that bases the value of a nation on strictly color. So, she condemns white Europeans as a racist while orchestrating the takeover of our nation based on color? WTF?

White Europeans turned America into a society of order, cleanliness, religious freedom. A place where legal immigrants of every creed and color where welcomed from across the world. Pramila wants the USA to become a Marxist Utopian shithole with competing languages based on color of the skin.

Pramila Jayapal’s objective is to allow undocumented workers and illegal immigrants to take over the United States. She feels that the United States should be dominated by socialists who share her skin tone. She does not base a person’s value on their content of character, education or willingness to assimilate themselves into the American dream, only their skin color. This makes her a severe racist who bases human value on skin color.

Pramila Jayapal’s outward hatred for white Americans does not represent Seattle’s high tech Indian community. For if they support this level of racism and anti whitey hatred, then, well, Seattle employers will look elsewhere for non racist people with well adjusted societal assimilated behavior and higher social and emotional quotient.

America has almost an open door policy for high tech Indian workers as it relates to immigration. Seattle’s Indian high tech community dominates the employment roles at Microsoft and other high tech communities based in the Puget Sound. Folks from India with information age education can leave the low wages, pollution and cast system of India for America and high wages. It does not reflect well on this community when they elevate racist idiots like Pramila Jayapal to represent them. It does not reflect well on their intelligence and culture. In fact, it stinks of an anti assimilation behavior and the tactics of cultural alienation. In essence Pramila Jayapal is importing a penchant for a social cast system based on color. In addition, she feels that America should be a socialist country and all the high tech Indian workers that she represents should have most of their income taken to advance her cast system based Marxist Utopian stupidity.

What Pramila Jayapal really represents is a caustic and defeatist view of the world and politics based on racism, division, and societal alienation. In reality, she suffers from a deep rooted pathos against white people. This makes her a cast system oriented racist and divisive Marxist pervert.

Pramila Jayapal is an embarrassment to Washingtonians that cherish legal immigration and all people of color and content of character. Pramila Jayapal is just a disgusting racist and identity politics moron.

John Bolton visits Israel

It is time for the international community to recognize the Golan Heights as part of the State of Israel. The Golan Heights are essential to Israel’s national security.

Consumers rejecting $1000 I-phones

Instead of buying an I-phone for $1000, consumers can buy a loaded Motorola Android phone, a new 65 inch 2160 smart TV, and a high powered touch screen laptop with 12 GB of ram. It might cost a person maybe a few hundred dollars more for an entire suite of new technology.

Many of my friends have to have I-phones. To them, it is a conditioned badge of technology honor. I doesn’t matter if they are broke and rent an apartment, they have to have I-phones. Apple invested heavily into the school systems in order to cultivate life long customers that can be exploited. Currently, Apple is working on product structures that cost the consumer $50 to $100 a month when amortized. They entice people into buying new I-phones every year. So, that $19.95 house phone that lasts forever, is now an I-phone that costs a car payment to buy and operate.

Today, there are Android phones for almost nothing that have processors that compete with the I-phone. But still many people still want to spend 5 to 6 times the price of a Chinese made Android on a $1000 Chinese made I-phone. I mean, Apple exploits Chinese labor camp wages and industrial capacity and then sells their I-phones at a ridiculous mark ups in the USA.

Samsung followed the Apple marketing ripoff process with their galaxy series. However, now, folks are starting to realize that other cell phone manufactures offer Android phones for 1/5th the price with comparable performance and quality. Samsung sales are tanking and Apple is next.

Instead of buying a ridiculously over priced Apple I-phone, I purchased a Motorola X4 with octocore processor from Amazon for $229.00 . I then purchased a 65 inch 2160 Smart TV for $499.00 and an HP 17.3 laptop with 3.1 GHZ AMD processor, 12 GB of ram and a touch screen for $449.00. I spent a paltry $200 more for a suite of technology that I can enjoy. Of course, the HP laptop will be turned into a chrome book and stripped of any high ram consumption programs.

It wont belong before consumers blow off Apple for cheaper Androids. When that happens, Apple stock shits the bed and their cash flow reduces by at least 1/2. The Apple corporation is built on artificially priced I-phones that prop the companies numbers up. Just like NIKE, they exploit China’s wage structure, devalued currency and economies of scale. They then mark their products up 1000 percent and sell them to people that they conditioned via the school system. Sad but true.

Trump’s position on Syria and the Kurds evolving appropriately

When George W. Bush exploited 911 rage to attack Iraq, he had no refugee plan in place. Barack Obama did not consider Christians in Libya when he facilitated regime change after a weeks reflection and coincided the event with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. In addition, he did not understand the ramifications of shipping guns from Benghazi to Syrian rebels or turning his back on Iraq in lieu of adjusting the Bush Status of Forces Agreement.

The Bush and Obama doctrines created a massive refugee crisis in the Middle East. A refugee crisis that accelerated the Islamification of Europe. A humanitarian crisis that has helped turn the great cities of England, Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries into Muslim ghetto no go zones. Places where unemployed predatory Muslim males rape young European infidel women and then praise Allah while demanding welfare and housing.

Prior to the 2nd Iraq war, Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iraq’s Northern Kurds. He killed 5000 Kurdish men, women and children in Halabja. He also used air assets to attack Shiites in the South after Desert Storm. The Shiites were encouraged by George H. W. Bush and then abandoned when G.H.W Bush adhered to his strict policy of sticking to U.N. mandates. He brought Desert Storm to a close in Iraq after the “Highway of death” and World outrage. Iraq was removed from Kuwait, and we left.

These events then perpetuated a need for the Northern and Southern No-Fly zones. The Southern No Fly Zone fighter assets was based out of Saudi Arabia. The Northern No-Fly Zone fighter assets based out of Turkey. American military assets and infidels in Saudi Arabia were the reason why Saudi Terrorists attacked the “Twin Towers.” First they bombed the Khobar Towers and then they attacked New York city. Their intent was to rid Saudi Arabia of the infidel. G.W. Bush would exploit 911 and turn it against Iraq.He did not blame the dozens of Saudi terrorists or the backing they received by some in the Saudi government. George W. Bush used 911 to attack Iraq instead.

The U.N. then sought to do chemical weapons inspections in Iraq. The Iraqi’s under Saddam Hussein did attempt to placate the U.N. inspectors however, George W. Bush started verbalizing “Weapons of mass destruction” or WMD. He basically used the WMD and the exploitation of 911 to attack Iraq. In reality, Iraq under Saddam Hussein adhered to the UN no chemical weapons mandate. No chemical weapons were found in Iraq after the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Regime change in Iraq then became a power monopoly by the Shiite faction which perpetuated the rise of the Sunni insurgency and ultimately ISIS.

Turkey has been engaged with the eradication of Kurdish villages for decades. The same type of ethnic cleansing they engaged in with Albania.

The Northern Kurds of Iraq stood against both Saddam Hussein, and ISIS. The Kurdish population expands into Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Turkey. It is the largest common language and culture in the world without a nation state.

Unlike George W. Bush who turned his back on common sense, and his father who abandoned the Kurds, and the Shiite of Southern Iraq, Donald Trump is not abandoning the Northern Kurds. Barack Obama abandoned Libya, and Iraq. He then armed Syrian rebels affiliated with ISIS. Donald Trump is successfully fixing all of Bush and Obama international relation fiascoes short of rebuilding Syria.

Today, Donald Trump is maintaining a military hedge against Turkish aggression against the Northern Kurds. Donald Trump is not abandoning the Kurds. We remember how they stood with American soldiers through out the inept Bush and Obama era. We do not turn our backs on friends that stood with us on the battlefield.

Well done Bolton!!!

Trump should redirect War Ops Tempo budget to Border wall

The primary job of the U.S. military is to defend the country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Currently the new Democratically controlled Congress is more interested in elevating a Congresswoman with a poddy- mouth than re-establishing dialogue related to DACA and the Border Wall.

In reality, the 116th Congress is probably a conglomeration of the stupidest and most anti sovereignty idiots this nation has ever witnessed.

First we have Maxine Waters who wants corporate leadership to be burdened with equal opportunity. Meaning, Corporate leadership is no longer the domain of the intelligent, innovative and hard working entrepreneur, It is now the domain of liberal idiocy and a quota system.

Then we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to convert the country to environmentally friendly transportation technology within 12 years. Never mind that the earth does not have the mineral capacity to support utter trillions in metric tons of lithium.

Next we have the new Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. One of her first verbal acts as a Congresswoman is to call Trump a motherfucker and call for his impeachment without any justification.

Oh and then there is Nancy Pelosi the dingbat.

The liberal Congress and Senate had no problem defending other people’s borders 10,000 miles away. They had no problem when Barack Obama abused the War Powers Act to attack Libya. They had no problem when Obama ran guns from the Benghazi to Syria and helped create ISIS. They had no problem when Bush and Obama engaged this country in 18 years of perpetual war.

Today the border is being over run. The Border wall is only $5 billion compared to the $6 trillion that Bush and Obama spent on perpetual war.

Uncle Donny, declare a national emergency and direct military Ops Tempo budget and the Army Corp of Engineers to building the Border Wall. You can also deploy National Guard units to the border as well. You have Constitutional authority. I believe it falls within the War Powers Act along with executive authority. I believe that you also have strong Constitutional authority as well.

Remember Barack Obama ran on an anti war stance. He then doubled down on all things Bush perpetual war. Uncle Donny can ram this down their throats and say. Look I fixed Obama’s ISIS phuck up. I removed troops from the Middle East and Afghanistan, and I am protecting our own borders. I want to spend $5 billion and you spent $6 trillion and slipped the bill to our children.

Uncle Donny just do it. You have the support of your constituency. You also have Constitutional authority. Just redirect military Ops Tempo budget to combating terrorism at the border via executive action. It falls with the war on terrorism and drug terrorism. Let the idiots in the media and the new dingbat Congress cut their teeth on that.

Continue dialogue on reopening the government with Pelosi dingbat and then get a competing Senate Republican budget that extends DACA for 3 years etc. In the same breath sign an executive order directing Military Ops Tempo budget to the border. The reduction in worldwide Military Ops Tempo will allow the Air Force Airlift assets to focus on force reconstitution , training and retention. As it is, 18 years of high ops tempo has burned the aviators out. It is time to rest them so they can focus on reconstitution. That is a national interest. Of course they will try and use the Supreme court. This runs media interference for the next 6 months.

You are the Commander in Chief of the Military Forces. This means that you can control funding on how America is protected. Just do it Uncle Donny!!!!!

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Jacob Dolegala

Elwood has to decide whether Hogan and Grayson are just camp arms or waiver fodder. Kevin Hogan does have experience under center in the NFL albeit not much. Hogan also proved to be an interception machine. He seems to have to really put effort into long balls, but he can rush like a Tebow. He does have excellent communication skills and seems to be a balanced and positive gentleman. As far as Garrett Grayson, Bronco fans are wondering if he will go the way of the dodo or make a preseason stand.

Case Keenum is a scrapper and doesn’t quit. We have to determine if Hogan and Grayson are worthy of his mentor-ship and imprint or if we have to look elsewhere. We cannot allow Keenum’s scrapper attitude and will to win go to waste. We are going 13 and 3 in 2019. We must have a QB protege that can carry that momentum and benefit from the Keenumship. Keenum will be very strong going into 2019. A solid QB coach helps fix Keenum’s issues.

When we look at Jacob Dolegala highlights, we see a QB that is extremely comfortable in the pocket. The dude looks like he has an awesome throwing skill set as well. He has an effortless and accurate short Montana touch throw. The same over the scrimmage touch that “schooled Elwood” to the tune of 55 to 10. He looks like he could be an out of the pocket Plummeresque scrambler. Lastly, he is comfortable in the pocket like Tom Brady and makes excellent reads. His processing envelope is quite quick. Extremely quick in fact.

Case Keenum struggled with short throw accuracy over and over again during the 2018 season. Throws that should have been center mass and easily catch-able were either in the dirt, short or well out of the envelope. Moreover, Case Keenum seems to start slow and his accuracy develops later in the game. This is a detriment to the 15 scripted play scheme early in the game. Case Keenum threw copious behind the line dump offs to the sidelines with a defender parked right there and ready for an open field tackle.

Dolegala can throw the long ball effortlessly. He doesn’t have to load up much for even the 20-yard pass. He has very quick throws after the snap with the Montana touch. A scripted play dream machine. Dolegala looks like a bigger version of Jake Plummer and scrambles like him too. What stands out most is his patience in the pocket and Bradyesque reads. Dolegala either had an offensive line that was impenetrable or he has the ability to stay focused down the field and remain comfortable in the pocket. Dolegala may have way better short screen accuracy and touch along with a Cutleresque long arm. he might be a solid option for a Keenum understudy.

I need Elwood to call this guy up and bring him in for an interview and some reps with Sutton, Hamilton, Patrick, Lacosse, Booker, and Freeman. We need to see what this guys long ball looks like. We need to see how he throws the seam and sideline routes. Bring him out and treat him to a steak and a ride in the mountains.

One more thing: Do not rush Emmanuel Sanders back into the mix until he is damn well healed up.

Vance Joseph leaves Broncos better than he found them

Josh McDaniels, the hated one, rolled a wrecking ball through the Denver Broncos organization before Bronco fans called for his beheading. He would escape the guillotine by dressing up as a woman and taking an armored car to the airport.

He did select some good players though. However, Tim Tebow, a devout Christian, did not fit into the new media mandated anus based spirituality paradigm. The LGBT movement did not like him kneeling before God and praising Jesus. It was ok to take a knee during the National Anthem, but praising Jesus violated neo-moral relativism. In addition, he sometimes could not hit the broadside of a barn. Oh, and his release took 5 seconds. Lastly, he couldn’t make reads for shit. If he couldn’t find a receiver, he ran over the defense. His 4th quarter comebacks were insane. He took Elwood to the playoffs. Elwood then traded in Tebow and acquired arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Well depending on whose point of view. At any rate, Denver Bronco fans fell in love with Tim Tebow, and then Elwood engaged in Tebowus interruptus. Some of us were devastated and hated the idea of Manning coming to town. Plummer was on Prozac. Ya ya, I used that once before.

Peyton Manning was an extreme force multiplier in Denver. He plugged all of the holes on the offense and coaching staff. He was like a team of horses pulling a stagecoach with cowboy Elwood and shotgun Kube high on the wagon seat. All they had to do was snap the whip lightly and Manning ran hard until he gave out. No scratch that, Manning was a 55 touchdown energizer bunny with brains. Then there is the Mahomes 50. WTF? Lord Manning did require some drastic psychological adjustment measures and behavior modification in order to exorcize his postseason demons and self-fulfilling prophecy. Elwood was good at that. He then won Superbowl 50.

When Manning retired, it was like the second coming of Brian Griese only substantially worse. Without Peyton plugs, Kubiak reverted to his Houston days. When the Kubage quit after the 2016 season, the Broncos descended into a massive Superbowl hangover and identity crisis. Of course, the trifecta of shitty quarterbacks ran the Bronco D into the ground. The psychosis would manifest itself in 2018 as well. Great improvements were made but the malaise remained. Pagano, on the other hand, went 11 and 5 without Manning. Hmm very interesting. 11 and 5! 11 and 5! 11 and 5!

Anyways, Vance Joseph would enable early round draft picks and then increase Bronco productivity in 2018. But it wasn’t good enough. However, unlike Josh McDaniels, the hated one, Vance Joseph built the Broncos up and made them better. He was almost in the winner’s circle in 2018, only to see the Broncos engage in a late-season Pittsburg style collapse. Just as Peyton Manning and associates threw Jay Cutler into the pool at the Pro-bowl, Elwood politely showed Saint Joseph the door. Joseph would thank him and take his $8 million remaining contract money elsewhere.

In the final analysis, The Bronco players are still the best in the league. They just need better coaching and more synergy. The Saint Joseph exorcism is complete and now it is time to get down to business. Oh, and a little Tebowing.

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