Need update on military bases for illegals

I need the assessment on which military bases have appropriate billeting and dormitory accommodations along with maintenance status.

I also need transportation distances, logistics, and bussing assets and operators.

We might look at national Guard units for bus drivers, cooks, and facilities maintenance.

We must look at Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California for military base concentration centers.

Let’s generate at least one center complete with soccers fields, a chow hall, and clean barracks facilities for a media event. I need this today or no later than Monday. Get with Governor Abbot for Photo op.

Lackland AFB used to provide barracks for the Iranian Air Force. It probably has copious assets in caretaker status. kelley AFB also may have barracks assets in caretaker status.

We will also need a list of fencing contractors.

You might look at an old BMT barracks that has not been torn down yet. It will have all the accommodations under one roof.

Lastly, the Airforce basic training units will have extreme experience in transporting, controlling, disciplining and bedding down busloads of people. That is what they do

I need a complete list and plan of action by Wednesday of next week…


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Donald Trump to house the children of illegals in decent military dormitories.

In lieu of the cage system that Clinton, Bush, and Obama used to retain the children of separated illegals,  Donald Trump will use BRAK listed military base dormitories. There are dozens of military bases with up to date barracks in caretaker status. Each dormitory has sleeping rooms, a day room, and several large bathing facilities. In addition, these barracks complexes can be cheaply fenced off.

Currently, Donald Trump’s team is gathering a list of military bases and sending folks to investigate the conditions of the barracks facilities.

I would look at old SAC bases.

Another scenario is old  Air Force Basic training barracks at Lackland Air Force Base or the like. The best option is to look at freshly BRAK listed bases in Texas that received dormitory upgrades prior to being shut down. I am thinking Kelly AFB etc.




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“Easy Rider” becomes the symbol of an asshole (update)

For many of us, “Easy Rider” and” Crazy Larry and Dirty Mary” were cool movies. In fact, they were simply iconic movies.

“Easy Rider” was about cruising the country on Harley Davidsons, doing copious drugs, and tripping on LSD in a New Orleans cemetery. Then after some worthless drug-induced epiphanies, and a harsh hangover, the two long haired motorcycle-riding freedom loving altruistic cool dudes get offed by some regressive Southern rednecks.

“Crazy Larry and Dirty Mary” were about thieves in hot rod American made cars attempting a getaway. The apex of the movie is when they unveil the yellow 1969 Dodge Charger. Or was it Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry?

To many, including myself, these two movies were simply badass.  However, after Peter Fonda tweeted some shit about Trump’s kid, Peter Fonda is now simply an unworthy delusional asshole. Sadly Mr. Fonda, Clinton, and Obama separated the children of illegals too, however, you choose to skewer Trump just because he is a Republican.  If you were actually altruistic, you would have said that hateful shit during Obama’s tenure. But then again, the liberal yellow press would have skewered you if you said one of Obama’s daughters should be thrown in with a cage full of pedophiles. What a Catch 22.

Peter Fonda was supposed to be the nicer brother of Hanoi Jane.  Hanoi Jane waited until LBJ was out of office before launching he gibberish on Nixon.  Peter was to be the nice cool son of Henry Fonda complete with a helmet with the American flag on it. Henry Fonda maintained a Hollywood mold of Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. His children, on the other hand, became symbols of the free love era, drugs, and liberal activism.  While the sex drugs and rock and roll was quite fun, their liberal politics were inept.  Of course, the anti-war Fonda brats supported Barack Hussien Obama who was a closet neocon and spent more on needless war than any other president in history. Another catch 22.

Jane Fonda is now doing pro-sodomy propaganda films.  It was a real bummer to see Sam Waterston of  “The Killing Fields,” and  “Law and order” sleeping with Martin Sheen.  The talented artist devolved from epic performances like “Private Eddie Slovak” and  “Apocalypse Now” to sleeping with Sam Waterston.   Wow!!!!  What a downer. Next, they will show a doggie style scene. My, how Hollywood is swirling the social gutter. Then again, I might want to see Robert DeNiro fellating George Clooney while being disciplined by Rosie O’Donnell. So, from macho man Henry Fonda to LGBT propaganda films. My how things have changed.  Yet another catch 22.

Peter Fonda, specifically, has morphed from the cool let live druggy persona to a delusional nasty talking old asshole.  So much for the balanced approach to a cool persona.  In essence, Peter Fonda took a baseball bat to his legacy like when Jack Nicholson was beaten to death by rednecks in Easy Rider. No scratch that. The scene where the Easy Rider motorcycle exploded and burns is more appropriate. Life imitating art. Nice.

It is over dude, you are an old intolerant ignorant liberal asshole like Robert DeNiro.

Man alive, from cool dude to a heinous Hollywood elitist that tweets foul shit about Donald Trump’s boy.

From Henry Fonda’s epic performance in  “The Grapes of Rath” to tweeting hate gibberish. Dude, you are descending into non-value adding delusional gibberish and hate speech. Oh, my word. You shouldn’t have done so much acid in a cemetery. Go back to being a greater than thou spoiled Hollywood brat and up your Prozac dosage. Call up Kathy Griffin, smoke a little doob, and watch Gilligan’s Island reruns.

Peter you should have kept your mouth shut.  As it is, you crashed and burned.


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Pelosi Democratic Socialists holding up the show on immigration reform.

The Democratic Socialists under Schumer and Pelosi are no longer the party of JFK, LBJ, and the Great Society. The party of optimism gave way to Obama and exploiting other people’s tragedies. “Ask not what your country can do for you” became diversionary bathroom politics where a man with fake tits, razor stubble, and a wig could use the little girl’s room.  The religious  Democrat saw symbols of Jesus Christ removed from schools and replaced with gender dysphoria basic training and indoctrination processes in the kindergarten classroom.   The Sanctity of natural childhood development infected with the LGBT movement in our classrooms. Sodomy elevated to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

Pelosi and Schumer also stand for open borders where the USA has zero claims to its national sovereignty.  In Pelosi, Schumer, and the liberal yellow press world, a murderous illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member has more right to life in America than the beating heart of the innocent unborn.  Pelosi and Schumer will stand against Illegal family separation while cheering the separating of aborted babies by Planned Parenthood.

The Democratic Socialists are the party of division, violence, and intolerance. They are the party of placing blame, labeling,  obstruction and fake news. Above all, however, they are the party of open borders just for the illegal vote. Their fragile coalition of the decadent is crumbling. Minority unemployment is the lowest in recorded history. Wages among hard working Blacks and Hispanics is rising, however, the Democratic Socialist want to undermine wage growth by allowing millions of illegal immigrants access to America without regard to rule of law.  They then blame Trump.

Uncle Donny needs to dangle a DACA extension and demand that the Democratic Socialist vote to secure the border.

Before meaningful debate can continue, we must secure the Southern Border. If wage growth for honest and hardworking legal Hispanics is to rise, we must control the flow of illegal immigrants.  It’s a matter of supply and demand.

It is time to secure the border and vote on HB 4760


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Donald Trump neutralizes another Democratic Socialist wedge issue (updated)

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize for being the first black president of the United States. He goes on to spend more on perpetual war than any president in history. He then leaves Iraq and turns a blind eye as ISIS retakes large swaths of Iraq.  This Middle East turmoil creates the refugee crisis from hell as hundreds of thousands of Muslims overrun Europe.  The undeserving Nobel Laureate also engages in regime change in Libya.  Meanwhile, his domestic policy was exploiting other peoples tragedies and elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.   Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house.  His lack of economic experience showed as  GDP growth crept along at a snail’s pace.

Today, under Donald Trump, GDP growth is triple that of the Obama era. Unemployment is down to historic levels, and the stock market has increased by 40%. Instead of bombing Libya and abusing the War Powers Act, Donald Trump is focusing on diplomacy. In addition, he is fixing the messes that were left by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Winter Soldier.  In the scheme of things, Donald Trump’s first 500 days were simply wonderful. During Obama’s 8 years in office, the liberal yellow press coddled the man and gave him credit for things he did not deserve.  During Trump’s first 500 days, the liberal yellow press fixated on abusing Donald Trump every step of the way.  Hollywood turned against him for no good reason.

The Democratic Socialists are down to their last social wedge issue, and it is called DACA. The liberal yellow press blamed the separating of children from illegals on Donald Trump even though, Bill Clinton passed the law in 1996. Now that Donald Trump passed an executive order banning the separation of children from illegals, the DNC only has DACA and amnesty as their last illegal immigration wedge issue. The Democratic Socialists under Schumer and Pelosi refuse to cut a deal that secures the border with a tremendous wall and paves the way for DACA and a prudent form of comprehensive immigration reform.

This week, Donald Trump neutralized the DNC strategists and their yellow press as it relates to the separation of illegal immigrant families when they are caught crossing the border illegally.

The unemployment rate among minorities is the lowest in recorded history. Even then, CBS likes to bad mouth the Party of Lincoln and emancipation. Go figure.


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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s “epic Silver State comeback” (update)

When I started following Brian Sandoval, he was running for re-election.  He would kick off his re-election bid in an old railroad car in Elko , Nevada. The railroad car was a symbol of the Transcontinental Railroad given that most of The Nevada cities along the I-80 corridor owe their beginnings to the railroad.

At the time,  the state of Nevada got its ass kicked after the Bush economic collapse. Nevada unemployment was between 13% and 14%.  Of course, by then, many people ran out of unemployment benefits and simply quit looking for work. In reality, the Reno job market mirrored East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin wall. The Reno metro housing and construction market was a wasteland. The outlook in the Reno-Sparks area was dismal.

Brian Sandoval went undeterred.  Instead of regressing into a Carteresque malaise, “Sandy,” or Sunny rather, grabbed Nevada by the bootstraps. The dude put on a big smile and went to work.  With Sandoval at the rudder, he steered the Nevada legislature into lowering state and local taxation on new big business. As a result, Nevada recruited Tesla, Google, electric car manufacturing,  and a large list of high tech companies.  Under Sandoval’s leadership, Nevada is fast becoming the alternative energy epicenter of the USA. In addition, while governor, Nevada’s roads were beautifully maintained and topped off by “Project Neon.” Good job Rudy two shoes.

In order to fill these jobs of the future, Sandoval revamped the entire Nevada education system and focused curriculums on new technology jobs. He also funded a massive medical complex for the University of Nevada Las Vegas. For the sons and daughters of legal immigrants, he enacted English first learning programs.  Sandoval’s education initiatives lowered high school drop out rates to below 11% among Hispanics. Sandoval also instituted no bullying legislation into the Nevada School system and was way ahead of the power curve when it comes to dealing with violence in the school system. He then focused on school safety protocols. Sandoval dedicated his second term to the children of Nevada and followed through completely.

On the healthcare front, Sandoval implemented the most successful health exchange in the nation. The Silver State Exchange, as it is called, was the most inexpensive and punctual internet-based exchange in the country. He then saved rural Medicare service and recruited healthcare companies to service rural Nevadans.

As far as the military, Sandy built a war memorial in Las Vegas and an old soldiers home in Northern Nevada. Moreover, he visited his troops in Afghanistan.

Today, 1 million jobs have been created. Nevada unemployment sits at 3.3%. This means that 10 people out of 100 now have a job.

During Nevada’s comeback, mother nature was not kind to Nevadans.  Heavy snowpacks, temperature fluctuations, and torrential rains turned Sierra Nevada rivers into raging waters that flooded many parts of the Sierra East slope. The floods then gave way to massive fires. The biggest most hurtful setback that Nevadans endured is when Steven Paddock saw fit to murder 58 people from a window at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino. Las Vegans were shocked and horrified but pulled together. The rest of the world simply said “to hell with that mentally deranged Steven Paddock”  and came to Las Vegas in droves to show support and respect.  Today, Las Vegas will become the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders complete with a new Stadium.

In the scheme of things, Brian Sandoval’s tenure as the governor of the Battle Born state of Nevada will be considered to be the most successful governorship in the Silver State’s history. He left things better than he found them. He led dynamically through good times and bad. The dude gave it 110% every single day and it shows. He will be missed and extremely hard to replace. In fact, as a Paul Laxalt protege that cleaned sheep pens, Sandoval has eclipsed Paul Laxalt’s legacy of excellence. There is no replacement.

Sandoval made Robert laxalt’s  ” Sweet Promised Land” a whole lot sweeter.

I am going to pop the cork a little early on this one. Bravo!!!!

Congratulations  Sandy!!!!

Oh, by the way, the Raiders still suck!!!!




Bill Clinton started separating children from illegals in 1996 (Update)

Instead of massive job creation, Obama fixated on a decadent KulturKampf and exploiting other people’s tragedies.  All of America’s ills were blamed on Republicans. Howard Dean stated that the Republican party was the old white racist party.  If one did not vote for Obama then one was considered a racist.

If one did not believe in open borders and letting millions of Mexicans into the country illegally, one was considered a racist.

Today, the liberal yellow press is blaming the separating of children from illegal immigrants on Donald Trump. Even though Bill Clinton enacted the law, and Barack Hussein Obama continued the practice, it is now Donald Trump’s fault.

Without 90% of the Hispanic voter, the dwindling Democratic Socialist party cannot take back the House and Senate, therefore, the liberal yellow press is elevating illegal immigrant wedge issues and blaming Republicans.

When the vast Hispanic voter demographic files their 2018 taxes in 2019, married couples will see a  large tax refund because of Trump’s $24,000 standard deduction. They will also see lowered healthcare premium costs on the exchanges as well.   In places like Las Vegas with a huge Hispanic voter base,  the Nevada economy will see a massive uptick in commerce and tax revenue. Hence, all of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s legislative initiatives will remain funded and intact. Should Brian Sandoval be the handsome face on humane illegal immigration control, Nevada retains Dean Heller in the Senate and elevates Laxalt junior”s chances as well. Sandoval also makes his entry into national politics and expands his resume among the states taken by Guadalupe Hidalgo. Sandoval will term out in a few months.

Of course, Trump’s penchant for spending and massive tax cuts will usher in Obama style yearly national deficits. Then just as the liberal yellow press downplayed Obama’s $10 trillion in national debt, they will elevate Trump’s yearly deficits. The good news is that Trump will have to stop the FED from enacting more FED rate increases or the housing market and stock market tanks.

Uncle Donny needs to pass a DACA extension and then use old military base dormitories to house the children of illegals.  Build some soccer fields at these military installations. The best course of action is to keep the families together and have the Mexican government bus them back south on their nickel. We need to look at what sanctions on Mexico would hurt them the most in the short term.  I am thinking lettuce and tomatoes. Another option is using the shipping system to transport illegals from Brownsville, Texas to Veracruz.


Jeff Sessions will have to be removed from his position as DOJ. Trump must elevate a marijuana legalization friendly Hispanic to the position. As it is, all libertarians, Democratic Socialists, and Republicans view Sessions with contempt.

A transportation system back to Mexico City or Veracruz must be created. Trump can leverage Mexico by tariffing NAFTA  trade and then demanding that the Mexican government bus illegals back to Mexico City.  In lieu of detaining illegals long term, they are simply fast-tracked to collection centers inside Mexico and transported back to the south of the country.  The Mexican government would foot the bill entirely along with building the border wall.

The USA consumes 80% of Mexico’s trade exports.

Presently, there is less than 5.7% unemployment among Hispanics.

It is only a matter of time before pro-life Catholic Hispanics are pulled away from the fragile Democratic Socialist coalition.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has signaled that he is ready to be the next head of the Department of Homeland  Security. He loves the children of Nevada and has done all he can to ensure that Nevada’s children are successful. He will do the same for DACA kids and the children that are separated from illegals.

The only thing left on Sandoval’s historic agenda is an interstate I-11 between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

My wife stayed at Trump hotels in Las Vegas. They were clean, smoke-free and without gaming.  Above all, they were very secure with controlled entry points.  Trump knows how to run a hotel. She loved it.

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At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold

The Almighty has a way of giving us signs along the way. Some are in the realm of synchronicity. Some are in the form of angels and close friends. Sometimes, God simply puts an X on the spot that is most important. Today, I was sitting observing my new house build in Colorado from a suitable vantage point. All of a sudden, a beautiful rainbow appeared for only 60 seconds or so. At the end of the rainbow was my house, and hence, the loving and devoted contents within. Thank You, Diane, for 33 years of loving companionship.



Iran continues to finance Hamas attacks on Israel

Per Hanz Morgenthau and his teachings on balance of power among nation-states, the destruction of the Middle East has been good for Israel’s security. During the Arab-Israeli wars, all the Middle East Muslim countries ganged up on Israel. The IDF had to slap around the Egyptians, the Syrians, Jordan, and Iraq.  When the Sunni and Shiite factions of the Muslim religions are fighting among themselves, Isreal is more secure. Netanyahu basically stated this a few years ago.

During second Iraq war with the USA, the Iraqis lobbed Scud missiles at Israel just to be assholes. They wanted to entice Israel into military operations against Iraq. Any intervention or response from Israel would have united both factions of Islam against the USA.

Today, because the USA pulled out of the Iranian nuke deal, they have increased their support of Hamas and continue to harass Israel. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama and the Winter Soldier never considered HAMAS when they kissed Iran’s ass on the nuclear weapons deal.

Before the USA re-enters nuclear talks with Iran, they must stop all support of Hamas against Isreal.

The Iranian leadership is basically a circus of hateful, control freak lying assholes.  They make the Shaw of Iran look like a benevolent dictator.



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