Susan “Dynomite” Hutchison a hard act to follow

Rare are the individuals that can maintain a successful political media presence. Many will say stupid things off the cuff without filtering the message. In fact, the political world is full of idiots that say the stupidest shit. Like me for instance.

Susan “Kid Dynomite” Hutchison will be a hard act to follow given her exceptional communication abilities and fundraising prowess. It is demonstratively evident that Susan knows how to raise funds. In the fundraising world, she is a Babe Ruth. She should be Trump’s Press secretary.

Hopefully, she hangs around and helps the Heimlich dude maneuver the current level of fundraising.

Lastly, While you might find me obtuse, please do not find me being anything more than that. Otherwise, your perceptions are completely skewed…..

Oh , and do not worry, I won’t be an obtuse bother going forward. During the 2016 election campaign for House, I was presented  “one” single Twitter like from a Republican party associate, hence, I am used to the silent treatment.

Anyways, I am building my wife a vacation home in Colorado, so my priorities are a little different these days. At almost 9% of the vote, I feel honored. In addition, the reality had a healing effect on my core.

Please forgive me for the pathos I generated and let me just end this fixation.

I have decided to set my sites on being a world-famous singer, cage fighter, and Wolverine hunter in Kamchatka.

Good health to you folks…






Nobody listens to “Yellow press commiseration” about Trump

I voted for Gary Johnson, but, now that Trump has been in office for a year, I am very impressed with the Trumpmeister.  In the scheme of things, he is a genius compared the race baiting and labeling Democratic Socialists party and their yellow press brethren.  Journalism has been replaced with a bastardization of Rosie O Donnel, Jerry Springer, and Joseph Goebbels. In other words, state stupidity and lies over and over again until they are accepted as truth.

The Trump administration negotiated with China and pushed China into sanctioning North Korea. As a result, Kim Jong Un dressed in Western clothing sat up straight and is begging South Korea for an invite to the Seol Winter Olympics.  Kim Jong Un is now open to dialogue with South Korea because of Donald Trump. In addition, Donald Trump is open to dialogue with “Lil Kim” as well.  As we recall, Clinton, Bush, and Obama based their North Korean foreign relations on appeasement.

Next Republicans rolled back copious EPA idiot regulations and Obama land grabs.

Trump and conservative Republicans revised the tax system and provided America’s tax paying citizens a $24,000 standard deduction. For many, Trump taxation will put hundreds in the pockets of hard-working American families and also reduce Obamacare costs via subsidies.  If one makes $48,000 a year, the $24,000 standard deduction qualifies American families for huge Obamacare subsidies every month. trump cuts will have a remarkable effect on the millions of Hispanics with large families. This is why the Democratic Socialists are grandstanding on DACA and engaging in the Schumer shutdown.

Trump lowered corporate taxes. As a result, Apple is repatriating billions of dollars and will invest $350 billion into the American economy. Fiat Chrysler is coming back to Detroit and other corporations are lining up to bring their money back to the USA. In one year, the 401Ks of hardworking Americans have seen a 40% rise. Moreover, Trump has applied a stable hand to FED rates. Unemployment among minorities and whites are at 50-year lows.

As we recall, Obama shut the government down over Obamacare. The shutdown was blamed on Republicans. Now the Democratic Socialists shut down the government for the rights of illegals and the liberal yellow press blames Trump. The Democratic Socialists had an opportunity to discuss DACAand bring the shutdown to a closure, but took the option to turn the fiasco into free press.

It is clear that the only platform issues the Democratic Socialists have are commiseration and labeling Americans, racist.

The Liberal Yellow press are no longer journalists. They are a collection of commiserative and biased liars and the propaganda arm of the  Democratic party.

In the real world, Trump is stable and the liberal yellow press is simply lying morons with a grotesque, skewed and obtuse propaganda agenda.

Trump put tens of thousands of dollars in my pocket and I will reciprocate by investing in America. The Democratic Socialists and the yello press have done nothing for this America except call me a racist for the last 9 years.


Elwood has little cap space and should keep Siemian around

Elwood used a bunch of cap space for his tried and true defense. Von Miller negotiated an insane contract and bent Elwood over backward.

Everybody is talking about Kirk Cousins being a Bronco at $30 million a year. That’s poppycock. Cousins is no Manning. With just a few more tweaks, Siemian is a serviceable QB for less a million. In addition, Siemian gave everything he had and was making gains. It is not his fault that the Broncos O-line was a sieve. It is not his fault that the Broncos play musical coaching chairs either.  The Broncos were finally getting their running back situation in order under Bill Musgrave.  Anderson is doing very well and Booker could become a top-tier running back in 2018. In 2017, he was a 4 yard per carry bruiser.

The Broncos forced the ball to Emanuel Sanders. He also has a bulletproof contract and would be a huge cap hit if traded.  Sanders played since June with jail time hanging over his head. If his ankles heal up for 2018, he will be able to focus much better.  Sanders needs to knock that shit off.

The Broncos need a top-tier wide receiver that is big and fast like Julio Jones to augment 88. Then you have an insane WR corps.

What the Broncos really need is repetition with the QBs they have.

Ok maybe pick up Mayfield in the first round and let the 4 Bronco quarterbacks go at it in pre-season. You can always let Siemian go after preseason and only endure a $13,000 cap hit. You are stupid if you don’t handcuff him for the preseason and let him walk. You do not know if Kelly is a flash in the pan or a gamer. Hell, you don’t know if Mayfield can compete in the NFL. What happens if Kelly, Lynch, and Mayfield simply suck in 2018? What then?

Screw 56, we already have Mcgovern.  There are some huge center guards out there. I dont do as much FA this year.

Elwood, give Siemian one more damn shot…He deserves it. Come on now!!!

Who else can we get for the D-line? Chubb, Vita Veda?

The Viking and the Eagle D should tell you something that you already know. D-lines win games. A good offense starts with a good  D-line. It keeps average QBs on the field and sends tip tier QBs deep into the playoffs.

The Broncos need to back off the musical chairs and stick with the program.





Nuclear tipped anti ballistic missile systems

My uncle Doug flew the B-52 loaded with nukes along the Russian border as part of Operation Chrome Dome. He was the squadron security officer that maintained the safe with the bomb routes and nuclear arming codes. He was also on the backup crew to the B-52 that collided with a KC-135A during an air -refueling over Spain.  The B-52 would explode and dump several nuclear warheads on the beaches of Palomares Spain, thereby ending nuclear airborne alert. During the 1950s, he would fly the B-29. He performed many B-29 missions that flew around  Groom Lake and filmed nuclear test explosions.

I would pull nuclear alert on the B-52 as an aircraft mechanic as well.

When I was a C-141B/C Starlifter Flight Engineer, I performed copious missions out to Kwajalein Island, the epicenter of anti-ballistic missile testing. A place where scientists and engineers have demonstrated that they can hit a needle going 18,000 miles an hour with another needle from 5000 miles away. A benefit from Reagan’s  “Star Wars” days.

Anti-ballistic missile doctrine was developed between the former Soviet Union and the United States of America over a half-century ago.  North Korea and other rogue nations were not part of the equation. We were not thinking of Kim Jong Un and his nuclear insanity when we settled on MAD policies with the USSR. We were not considering Kim Jong Un when we agreed to constraints on ABM technology.  We were not thinking of North Korea leveling Seoul, Tokyo or Beijing when we limited anti-ballistic missile technology to a conventional payload or kinetic weaponry. We worked within the confines of accurate anti-ballistic missile guidance technology that employed kinetic warheads. We are supposed to knock down an inbound liquid-fueled ICBM with an arrow shot from Vandenburg, Elmendorf or the Atoll. We are supposed to base our ability to circumvent the t,total annihilation of the West coast on high tech accuracy. In reality, this is a 1 in 10 gamble that is foolish to support.

MAD policy still exists. All nuclear weapon capable countries understand that nuclear war is unwinnable. Israel understands that three 100 kiloton nuclear weapons dropped on Israel and our friends in Israel no longer exist. The State of Israel is a radioactive ash heap. The Israelis also learned that the Patriot batteries were not as accurate as reported during the Iraq war.  It was truly hit or miss even when deployed against 1950s Scud missile technology with a massive infrared signature.  We probably can say the same thing about Aegis and THAAD systems.

Our anti-ballistic systems must employ low yield nuclear warheads. A small yield nuclear burst in the atmosphere over the Pacific or a Middle East shithole cannot compare to a 500 kiloton thermonuclear event in the heart of Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing or Tel Aviv. This is just common sense.

The USA does not adhere to a nuclear first strike policy. We have no designs on attacking Russia, China, France, England, India, Pakistan or any other country with nuclear weapons. We will counterstrike., hence, nuclear tipped anti ballistic weaponry is a national interest.

Our current ICBM capability must be updated with the newest solid-state GPS guidance systems as well.

The North Koreans and any other rogue nation with nuclear weapons must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA can shoot down any nuclear weapon they launch and retaliate with superior firepower.  They must know that any North Korean submarine that came within nuclear strike capability of the Continental United States would be sunk by the US Navy. They must also know that the North Korean aspect of the Korean peninsula would cease to exist after a US counterstrike.  Then again, We already have special ops programs that employ what is needed to blast one of Kim Jong Uns liquid fueled junk pieces out of the air. We just have to build 500 more.

Meanwhile the Air Force is taking Groom mine from my friends viaeminentt domain.

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Investing in Trump’s America

For 8 years during the Obama administration, utter millions of people and a hundred thousand corporations scaled back investment in America. They kept their money on the sidelines because of ridiculous Democratic Socialist regulation, social division, tax the rich rhetoric, apologizing for America, and massive wealth redistribution scheming.

Corporations were considered evil and sanctioned with the highest tax rate in the world.

Today, Republicans are rolling back Obama era stifling regulation. Under Trump Republican leadership,  taxes have been lowered and small business provided with lucrative 179 deductions. As a result, there has been and will be an uptick in small business equipment buying from Ford Trucks to farm tractors in 2018.  Today, small business and corporations can retain more of the money they make, hence, we are more willing to invest in Trump’s America.

The real estate market will overheat in the summer of 2018 . The Trump Stock Market will see massive gains. Individuals with high stock and mutual fund loads will sell off weaker positions in order to invest in real estate.  This will include a new residential construction building frenzy.   Trump’s new corporate tax rates are recruiting offshore companies such as Apple back to the USA. Apple has committed to $350 billion in capital investment in the USA. Soon, very soon, other companies will follow suit and bring back offshore capital for investment.

Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. His domestic policy was a KulturKampf of racial division, poddy politics, regulation, and apologizing for America. He put more emphasis on shoving birth control down the throats of the American female and undermining the strength of the family then developing the economy.  He even had the audacity to tell Notre-Dame students at their graduation event that abortion was an acceptable means of birth control. Today, Democratic Socialist will shut down the government in order to maintain illegal immigration. Trump creates job opportunity. Jobs that require vocational skills. Jobs that require legal immigrants that bring game to the table.  The Democratic Socialist support the importation of skilless illegal immigrants that consume tax base and welfare and the Socialist voter roles.

A bi-product of merit-based immigration is a strong safety net for our 80 million baby boomers whether they are legal immigrants or domestic born.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists and it’s yellow press are still fixated on the Obama era Kulturkampf of race labeling and illegal immigration. Go figure.

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Have not had the flu in 12 years

When I was flying worldwide as a C-141C Flight Engineer in the United States Air Force Reserves, I would be a pin cushion for every manner of a vaccine. Over time, whenever I transitioned a filthy airport or airplane, I would be lucky to not get sick. If one of the crew members was sick, the rest of the crew would catch it as well. During the Iraq war, I caught the flu in Germany and was laid up for two weeks back at home station. Once in New Zealand, I caught the flu from the loadmaster who showed up for the mission sick. By the time we arrived in New Zealand, I was sick as a dog and had to lay in a hotel bed for 3 days before I could perform any duties.  The Examiner on the trip blamed me for getting sick and affecting mission continuance.  What an asshole.

It has been 12 years since I retired from the Air Force after serving from 1978 to 2006. Since that time I have not had one single flu shot. In fact, my immune system recovered so well that I never get colds and they would only last 3 days when I do. It had been 12 years since I last had the flu. It took the flu virus a week of aching joints to finally show symptoms and effect my sinuses and chest. My body then killed off the virus within 3 days.

During the time I was afflicted, I blogged heavily. I also had a high exposure to the emotions and news related the NFL, politics, fake news, and the grotesque morals and skewed priority structure our current society are plagued with.  Between the sedentary lifestyle of blogging and being sick accelerates a 57 years olds mental and physical demise. The act is almost worthless an erodes a persons motivation, goal structure, moxy, and ability to execute.

So instead of fixating on unimportant things and succumbing to the negative behavior associated with preconditioning, I have to stop for awhile.

In reality, I have zero effect on our greater reality.

Instead, I will fixate on building and selling $1.5 million in real estate assets in 2018. We must focus on what we do best and shun non-value adding behavior. and social media gluttony.



Kyle Sloter poised to be QB starter for Vikings in 2018

Elwood recruits Kyle Sloter in 2017.  Sloter achieves a QB rating of 153.7 in the preseason and demonstratively beats out Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch for the start. Instead of letting Machine Gun Kelly’s nephew walk, he dismisses Sloter. Given that Sloter was the only “real gamer” on the Bronco QB staff,  Elwood simply made a huge mistake. Elwood has the propensity to stick with old accomplices and alliances without regard to the real consequences.

Elwood stayed with Siemian and Lynch and the 2017 Bronco season was simply a mess. Elwood will soon ship Trevor Siemian out of town while keeping his tall dude Paxton Lynch. Elwood has yet to give up the ghost on Lynch. Given that Elwood likes tall 1st round quarterbacks,  he is probably not leaning towards drafting a midget Johnny Football style QB like Baker Mayfield.

The Vikings will be letting Sam Bradford and Terry Bridgewater walk at the end of the season. Bradford is the injury prone QB from hell. Bridgewater seems to be a shadow of his former self.

The Eagles versus Vikings NFC championship is a quite odd affair. Both teams have Superbowl D-lines. Both teams are employing back up quarterbacks. The question is whether Nick Foles or Casey Keenum rises to the occasion.  Unless the Patriots collapse against the Jaguars, Foles and Keenum will be facing Tom Brady. Brady loves to school young quarterbacks. If Keenum cannot negotiate an NFC championship win, he is probably done with the Vikings. Kyle Sloter would then move into the starting position. Let that sink in.

At this juncture given that Emanuel Sanders is making uninvited sexual advances on women, he is now a distraction in the Bronco locker room.  If Elwood is removing Siemian because he is an injury prone QB that throws stupid serial interceptions, he has to look at Emanuel Sanders inability to gain separation and alleged unacceptable off the field behavior. At this juncture, Sanders struggles to get shitty TE numbers and was a big reason why the Broncos sucked this year.

As far as Trevor Siemian, he will find another home and be successful. If Trevor is able to get his next $1.9 million, I would invest in an apartment complex. He is just one more injury away from insignificance.