Bronco running-back corps extremely stacked for 2018

The Broncos are stacked at running back. the likes of which we probably have never witnessed in the history of the Broncos. well, except for TD the 2000 yard madman.

As we recall, chubby bear Anderson worked hard an rose in the ranks to number one on the depth. He when then suffer a season-ending knee injury.  In 2017, CJ Anderson would bounce right back only to be let go.

Knowshon Moreno was really coming on when he was allowed to walk. he could block for Manning and had superior hands. The dude was a stud. When he walked, we were left with CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman. On any other team in the NFL, the duo would have been average, however, Manning was that force multiplier that made the difference. Of course, the Denver D kept them on the field and Manning limited his mistakes. They would go on to win Superbowl 50.

I don’t want to talk about Siemian and Lynch.

Kirk Cousins padded his numbers with copious dump offs to the running back. The trend has inundated the NFL.  While Musgrave toiled slightly with a Christian McCaffrey style super- back with Booker,  the tosses were limited.

Enter Phillip Lindsay.

Ronnie Hillman was supposed to be the small tempo changing finesse speedster running back. In reality, he proved to be too slow and weak to build a team around. Most of us thought it was stupid to draft the SDSU dude in the first place. We laughed when the legion of Doom descended upon him and stripped the ball from him like he was a little bitch.

Today, the Broncos have two smaller backs by the way of Henderson and Lindsay.  Henderson was completely underutilized even though the dude is a badass.

The Bronco depth chart will probably start with Booker the Bruiser followed by Royce Freeman. It will be interesting to see who gets that number 3 spot between Williams, Henderson, and Lindsay. It will also be interesting to see if the Broncos move Janovich to RB as well.

We can be assured that Bronco fans will be pulling for Phillip Lyndsay as the hometown favorite. He might just be the second coming of Daren Sproles





Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio should just shut up

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Marco Rubio are the quintessential neocon asskissers. During the 2016 election campaign, they did cartwheels for the military Industrial complex.  They were like robin fledglings with their beaks wide open screaming for a Bush perpetual war donor list contribution.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was attempting to reboot the Cold war and cast Putin as the boogieman after toying with a  Russian reset button. This 180-degree turn came about when the Russians hacked the DNC and found a mountain of unethical and illegal activity.  Then Obama stood down like he did in Benghazi and blamed it on Trump even though he was a private citizen at the time. You can’t make this shit up.

The Kerry narrative is as stupid as blaming it on a video.

Currently, the US intel community is perpetrating a massive surveillance cover up via the Trump witch hunt.

Specifically, Graham never met a war he did not like. He should just shut the hell up and sit down.  Pompeo and Trump have North Korea handled. Graham, you are just nuisance. A neo-con ass kissing nuisance.

Rubio has proven once again that he will do cartwheels for the deep state. At this juncture, he can no longer be trusted to be a nonbiased intellectual asset to our republic. Marco Rubio is actually kissing the deep state’s ass and going along with the Winter Soldier. WTF?

Rubio will change his positions at a drop of a hat. he is more inclined to demonstrate his dedication to the deep state then represent his community.  Just like McCain, we have seen the waffling over and over and over again.


The “Winter Soldier” runs interference for Obama’s FISAGATE

It was John Kerry that gave aid and comfort to the Soviets when US troops were still marching in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam.  The Winter Soldier was all in when it came to calling our Armed services “baby killers!”  Not only did John Kerry insult our drafted patriots, he truly gave “aid and comfort to the enemy!”

At about the same time in 1971, Richard Nixon and “Watergate” started to rear its ugly head. Hillary was a young attorney on the Watergate commission. Once it was realized that Richard Nixon tampered with an election via the Watergate break-in, he was forced to resign.

Today, the Winter Soldier is all about undermining solid foreign relations with a nuclear Superpower. A 180 degree turn from his day’s bad mouthing Marines in the field and giving aid and comfort to Brezhnev. Instead of seeking to uncover what could well be the biggest presidential scandal in American history, John Kerry is running interference for Obama, Hillary Clinton, and “FISAGATE”!

John Kerry unwittingly gave crucial information to Marg Brennan related to Obama knowing about the Russians hacking the DNC. Presently the DNC is playing the narrative that Russia has something on Trump when in reality, they have copious on Hillary Clinton.

John Kerry’s interview suggests that there was massive collusion between the Obama administration and the intel community as it relates to the wholesale surveillance of a Republican presidential candidate.

John Kerry’s narrative is probably opposite of what actually happened.

The Winter Soldier just gave the House and Senate a solid reason for a House or Senate investigation into the role of the Obama administration as it relates to the illegal use of the Patriot Act.

Instead of keeping his mouth shut, Kerry took it upon himself to double down on the narrative devised by the Hillary Clinton campaign which was whored out to the liberal yellow press. He is giving aid and comfort to the deep state. This makes him a traitor to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Republic.

There is a reason why Hillary Clinton destroyed emails, and the intel community is orchestrating a massive coverup.  It seems that John Kerry may have been in on it. I guess his shitty legacy is in the balance.

This is what happens when a bunch of overzealous libtards gets together with overzealous power mad partisan hack federal employees.  There is a reason why we must stand for the 4th Amendment and shit can Bush juniors so-called Patriot Act. We must stop the US intelligence community from employing Gestapo like tactics and exploiting FISA courts along political lines. This has to stop.

Thanks, Margaret…


The Brodhead resume

Bernie Sanders is losing his mind

The only reason why Bernie Sanders received a high percentage of the  Liberal vote is that he was running against Hillary Clinton the lying, conniving corrupt political whore. In reality, all the Dems had to do was run anyone besides Hillary or Bernie and the outcome would have been different.

That was then and this is now.  Trump is on a roll. people who used to dislike him, now see that he is mastering the political learning curve way faster and way better than King Hussein.  While the liberal yellow press and impressionable idiot libtards were skewering Donald Trump for wanting peace with Russia, the polls tell a different story. It seems now that 70% of Americans approve of peace with Russia.  This means that the only people that do not approve of Trump as it relates to Russia are the 20% of hardcore liberals that make up the Democratic party.

Previously, Hillary Clinton wanted to press the reset button with Russia. This position then morphed into reengaging the Cold War. The Liberal yellow press gave her a pass on her taking two extreme positions and waffling like a McCain.  It is now clear that the Russian Cold war reboot came straight out of the Russians hacking the DNC and Susan Rice giving a stand down order.

As soon as Donald Trump actually does a control. alt, delete on previous neocon foreign relations dogma with Russia he is labeled traitor? I mean the libtards came out of every corner like earwigs in Colorado. Obama was bad mouthing Trump in South Africa and declaring himself the King of the African continent, while the Winter Soldier was stating how treasonous Trump was for giving aid and comfort to another nation.  Never mind that the Winter Soldier got his political start by actually giving aid and comfort to North Vietnamese communists. Never mind that John Kerry bad mouthed our brave soldiers that fought and died in the jungles of Vietnam.

The biggest bunch of shit came from Bernie Sanders the mealy-mouthed socialist from Vermont that owns 3 different luxury homes. Bernie is really the one that likes authoritarian regimes. I mean it was the Obama administration that increased the IRS, targetted conservatives, imposed requirements on buying Obamacare, and threatened to shut the government down over stupid wedge issues. It was Obama who bypassed Congress when making adjustments to Obamacare. It was Obama who violated the War Powers Act and bombed Libya. It was Obama who shit on the Bill of Rights and had a nude centerfold of neocon Bush in the oval office. Then there are the massive regulations that Obama sought.

Liberals have always been closer to authoritarian dogma than Republicans. We saw it in Germany. We saw it in Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Italy, and every other country that dabbled in socialist constructs.

Bernie Sanders is more closely aligned with communism than any other pseudo lawmaker in the Senate.

At this point, Sanders is simply an old and commiserative mealy-mouthed partisan hack that plays to the grandiose ineptitude of the liberal yellow press. He is an idiot. A non-value adding grandstanding mealy-mouthed Socialist idiot.

Sanders belongs in a Florida old folks home where he can mumble stupid things to himself.

While Bernie’s garbage diatribe might fly with extremely ignorant political lemmings and Democratic Socialist nincompoops, the rest of us find his hackery as offensive drivel. Baffoon !!!!


Mike Pence has vested interest in maintaining the Trump economy

The Bush wars of choice and a wacko real estate derivatives market killed the American economy. Then after over 5 years of anti-Iraq war attacks from Harry Reid and Barack Obama, America elevated Barack Obama to the presidency over waffling John McCain. Soon after that, the Fed lowered interest rates to basically zero in addition to implementing continuous quantitative easing. trillions were channeled into toxic asset and bond repurchase.  The Fed bought up Federal treasury debt so the Obama administration could issue new debt at very low interest rates, in fact almost zero.

No other president in history spent more on war. No other president in history benefited from a massive fed debt monetization scheme as Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, the liberal yellow press will bury this reality.

On the home front, savings interest rates were lowered to .15%.  Hence, the only place to invest the family dollar was either buying a house and renting it or putting it into the Stock market.  Millions of Americans were compelled to max out 401K contributions as a result.

The Obama economy was coddled by the Fed for 7 years. This staved off the severe economic bounce that would have occurred after Bush ran the economy into the ground. however, the bounce is still alive. It is only buried in an artificially bloated Stock Market.

Now, the Fed is basically hammering the Trump economy with rapid interest rate increases. In lieu of coddling like King Hussein enjoyed, the Fed is riding roughshod on the Trump era.

Should the Stock market crash after Fed mismanaging of interest rate readjustments, the event will give the Democratic Socialists copious fodder. They will say that the economy was good under Obama without referring to Fed coddling etc.

In reality, the Democratic Socialists welcome an economic decline. In fact, they are hoping that the economy fails so they have a chance in 2020. The Democratic party is just the party of social wedge issues and the liberal yellow press. They offer nothing save commiseration, gender stupidity, race labeling, inept foreign policy, open borders and fake news. A crash in the economy due to Fed meddling gives the heinously ignorant liberal left extreme amounts of political currency and propaganda substance. Should the Stock market crash, Mike Pence’s political future after Trump is severely reduced.

The Congress and Senate must step in and only allow “2”  Fed rate increases a year or hard federal revenue will be negatively affected, and unemployment numbers will rise. Moreover, the housing market will slow.

The chart below shows how biased the Fed is towards Democrats and how harsh they are towards Republicans.

Because of Obama’s 7 years of Fed coddling, Wall Street is extremely overvalued. People will not care about Russian, North Korea, or historically low unemployment rates among Hispanics when they have lost $50,000 from their retirement accounts.   I need you to address this Fed issue unless of course, you want yet another market collapse on the Republican watch. If this happens, your political career is over.




Kissinger gives Trump a “kudo” I think

We cannot compare the tense times of Nixon and Brezhnev to Trump and Putin. When Kissinger was Secretary of State under Nixon, the Soviets and the USA were intense and uncomfortable foes. The Soviets did not play second fiddle to anyone on earth. The zones of communist influence were almost etched in stone. However, the Soviets and the USA while nuclear superpowers, loved to engage in conventional weapon proxy wars like Vietnam etc. In addition, we had our armament sales customer base and the Soviets had theirs. Iraq bought T54s heavy battle tanks, and the Shaw of Iran bought F4 fighters. The North Vietnamese purchased Kalashnikovs and  SA2’s and the South Vietnamese bought M-16s and Patton tanks. During the Cold War, armaments producers made billions.

America would eventually lose in Vietnam because of the politics of limited warfare. Instead of raising Hanoi to the ground with the combined efforts of all the B-52 models. The bombing campaigns used a limited number of B-52s. It was more about Lyndon Baines Johnson’s  “guns and butter” construct then winning.  Of course, Nixon would continue the war for profit another 5 years.  The same strategy of maintaining long wars of choice was employed by both Bush and Obama. However, instead of one single war, the neo-cons and the military industrial complex maintained two simultaneous trillion dollar wars. After the regime change in Libya, Obama was looking at war with Syria until Putin set him straight.  Sanity during the USA’s epic orgy of perpetual war spending.

In the case of North Vietnam, a massive Soviet-supported North Vietnamese army would march from the highlands to Saigon. Obama would turn his back on Iraq as well, and let 3000 pissant ISIS fighters go all the way to Baghdad without lifting a finger. Gerald Ford and Obama emulated one another in that regard.

The Soviets would get their asses kicked in Afghanistan aided by the US industrial complex. Then after trillions spent in Afghanistan by the USA, the same result will occur. Afghanistan will still be a 3rd world shithole with a lower standard of living than Barney Rubble living in Bedrock.

Everything was copacetic until Reagan supposedly outspent the Soviets and the Berlin wall fell. Some would say that the Berlin Wall falling had nothing to do with Reagan’s massive serial federal deficits. It was a way for the neocons to justify deficit spending.

Today, the Russian border is back to circa 1937, except total communism and state control have morphed into something closer to capitalism. Just as Hitler’s economy was based solely on war production and would collapse without a war, the Soviet economy suffered its collapse in 1990. Now former communists are embracing free-market reforms while liberal deadbeats in the USA long for the failed socialist utopia.

Today, the US military industrial complex has exhausted its shopping for wars shopping cart.  There is money in PayPal but no bad guys without nuclear payloads. There really is no boogieman’s left to totally unite the herd.  Then again, as we speak, the neocons and the idiot liberals seem to be forging a pact of ignorance. They want to maintain all the conditioned international pretenses of the past, and Trump is a traitor for attempting to change the world for the better. It is a catch 22 that our intelligence agencies are more like the KGB and less like that shining city on the hill. Both Bush and Obama wiped their asses with the Bill of Rights while our gallant soldiers were fighting their wars of choice. Even the Winter Soldier is calling Trump a traitor for enabling better relations with the Russians. Bizzaro and embarrassing times aided by the stupidity of the liberal yellow press.

Today the only bright lights of foreign policy are powered by the competence of  Trump and Pompeo. The neo-con nut jobs of McCain, Graham, Rubio, and McConnel, just to name a few, are too Pavlovian to see the light.  In fact, they are obsolete. They are so used to performing fellatio on the neocon donor list that they have no understanding of our world today.

Lastly, Kissinger understands that Donald Trump tells the truth and acts in the best interest of the people. In reality, he is not looking for another war. Unlike Bush and Obama that engaged this country in the worst foreign policy in history, Trump just wants to stave off the collapse of the Stock market after almost a decade of Continous Quantitative Easing during Obamas Fed supported economy, debt monetization, and massive deficits etc.  This is not the days of Macnamara, Westmoreland, and Lemay paranoia. These are not grave times, but a time to rejoice and live one’s life without fear. These are the days of Trump.

Oh and Kissinger really can’t say much about Trump and Pompeo. Kissinger understands the neo-con agenda all too well. Now he is an innocent bystander that is simply astounded by Trump’s audacity, and the evilness that has consumed the deep state.





Letter to John Elway from the Brodcastbooth

Dear sir,


I have been a Bronco fan since 1973.  Over the past few years, I have observed Mike Klis’s professional writing and reporting style. This aided me in coming full circle on the importance of remaining positive and writing and reporting as a motivator, mentor, and force multiplier. In the future, I plan on only representing the positive aspects of the Broncos and its players.

I would like to be considered a bonafide sportswriter. Of course, this would entail access to post-game meetings along with training camp press venues etc. etc.

Presently, I am both a foreign relations political blogger and a sports blogger, however, I am willing to up my game and present things in a Klis/Ware manner.

Here is my portfolio.

With your tutelage, guidance, and positive lead by example demeanor, I have learned that negativity related to Broncoville is a non-value adding waste of time. I still won’t buy a Chevy from you unless it is a Volt and you cut me a really good deal.

Lastly, I wrote you a letter after the loss to Jacksonville and personally delivered it to one of your Car dealers.

I would love an invitation to be part of the sports blogging community.

Like you, I have things to do in the private sector, so, anyways, you will have to extend an olive branch. If not, that’s ok too.

There are few people with my extensive world knowledge, writing skills, and epic sense of humor. I should do some dreadlocks. How is the chow?


The Brodhead resume

The FED sabotaging the Trump economy

Is the Fed sabotaging the Trump economy and seeking to affect the midterm elections?

King Hussein was considered an economic messiah when he entered office in 2009. In reality, his greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. The Obama economy was on life support for several years. Obama enjoyed a steady IV drip of Continuous Quantitative Easing. The FED also purchased US treasury bonds and toxic assets so the Federal government could reissue lower interest rate bonds etc. In reality, the FED engaged in massive debt monetization.

The FED handicap that Obama enjoyed allowed the big government nanny to continue the Bush wars of choice and also continue to bloat the Federal leviathan. Obama would add $10 trillion to the national debt. Fed rates and economic tools lowered the interest payment on the national debt to about 2%.

Today, as the chart shows, the FED is raising rates on Donald Trump quite rapidly.  The Fed is seeking to sabotage the Trump stock and housing market in 2018 or 2019.

Sadly, the Stock Market is incredibly overvalued. In addition, the housing market is in another bubble.

The Fed is seeking to destroy the 401Ks of Americas working class via quick  FED rate increases just because Trump is in office. The Fed should slowly increase prime rates at a maximum of .5 % a year if not .25%.

The Trump effect started on November 4th, 2016 when the Dow was 17888. The Dow had been propped up for Obama’s entire presidency with basically zero prime rates. When Trump was elected, the Dow basically tripled in value in 18 months. If we were to follow the normal Dow chart even under Obam era QE, it should only be at about 20,000. Hence, about 4,000 to 5, 000 Dow points are strictly Trump effect numbers and corporate tax rate restructuring, .  When the Fed raises rates two more times in one year, the Dow and Nasdaq engages in a massive sell-off.  People will be buying safe haven stocks or housing. Soon, the  Trump wealth effect will be gone along with 30% of the nations 401K system.  Of course, the Democratic Socialists will blame it on Trump.

Once bank saving interest rates hit 4%, the over bloated Stock Market shits the bed.

When a president alienates the press, they can retaliate by engaging in fake economic news and propaganda. Of course Wall Street is frothing at the bit at the prospect of selling America short again.

It is sad, but folks with “Trump derangement syndrome” would rather see the economy fail and a collapse of the 401K system because Trump is in office.

I had Obama derangement syndrome, but he was a liar who never let other peoples tragedies go to waste.

The good news is that the  Trump  $24,000 standard deduction will put thousands into the pockets of main street and not Wall Street. Hispanic families will see a big tax return in 2019 along with lower MAGI adjusted healthcare options on the health insurance exchanges.  At some point, Republicans will have to do a full court press for the Hispanic voter or risk a socialist takeover of the country.

I get my middle name from Andrew Jackson. My grandfather is named Andrew Jackson Brodhead as is my great great grandfather.

Andrew Jackson is rolling over in his grave right now as the Fed raises interest rates along partisan hack lines. They babied Obama for two terms and now are putting a stick up the Trump economy’s ass.

The only saving graces are the massive baby boomer wave demographic that is now hitting the job market along with Trump tax cuts, and axing King Hussein’s insane penchant for regulation.

Economically, Obama was an idiot that was pampered by the Fed so he could run the national debt up to $20 trillion and pay the interest on the debt via low Fed rates. Now, watch as maintenance on the Obama debt climbs and climbs and climbs. Of course the liberal yellow press will blame it on Republicans.


Whoopi Goldberg living in a “Bizarro Twilight Zone”

I actually never watch The View.  Whoopi Goldberg used to be a funny gal. Today, at 62, she is a  commiserative liberal ideologue that engages in self-delusion.

While interviewing Jeanine Pirro,  she claimed that Trump was a divisive racist etc. etc. etc.  She then launches on a diatribe about Mexican illegals etc. etc. etc.

The View should be called  “old hag  stupid liberal bitchings.”

In reality old Whoopi friggin doo, the Obama era was the most divisive administration in American history.  Everything you stated on the View was more about Obama then Trump.

Jeanine could have gone full court judge on Whoopi Goldberg, however, she just smiled and laughed it off. I guess she did not have time to engage the low hanging political fruit that Goldberg was regurgitating.

Goldberg thinks that all white Republicans are racist. She does not care that minority unemployment is at its lowest in history. She does not care that Black unemployment is the lowest in 50 or 60 years.  She does not care about good relations with Russia or denuclearizing North Korea. She only views things through the lens of a commiserative  and alienated celebrity black woman that plays on the emotional argument. To remain valid, she must maintain the Democratic Socialist plantation platform.

Without the Hispanic vote, the Democratic party goes down the tube. They are now offering complete open borders for the illegal vote.

The average Hispanic family will see lower health care costs and a $24,000 standard deduction when they file 2018 taxes. The Democratic Socialists do not have an answer for that reality save commiseration and labeling.   In addition, intelligent blacks are leaving the democratic party in droves. They speak from their wallets and not an illusion propagandized by the liberal yellow press.  The Democrat platform is imploding as we speak.

Whoopi should get therapy for her Trump derangement syndrome. It is unbecoming. The old Whoopi Goldberg that we used to love is a heinously negative being today. Damn, and I thought she was a very intelligent actress with balanced objectivity.   That was her MO.  Guess I gotta cross her off the list too.


Trump coaxes epic stupidity out of the liberal yellow press

“The Free States of Trump” will prevail !!!!

Margaret needs to get her shit back together and look at things rationally.

For those of us that served in uniform during the Cold war, Trump reaching out to Russia was quite Reaganesque. I for one served on B-52 nuclear alert. For me, it was incredibly wonderful when Reagan and Gorby cut a deal. America and the former Soviets went from nuclear brinksmanship to a much more stable foreign relations platform. The world and especially the United States was much safer.

King Hussein sent Susan Rice to lie about Benghazi. The liberal yellow press gave her airtime when she blamed the death of an American ambassador and 3 patriots on a stupid video. Of course, the Obama administration “would” engage in one lie after another.

Donald Trump has yet to lie to the American people unless the nuances of would and wouldn’t are considered a lie. The liberal yellow press gave Bill Clinton a pass when he stated “It depends on what the meaning of is is, hence, wouldn’t is within their preferred envelope. Unless of course, the George Stephanopoulos sliding scale is applied.

Donald Trump reaching out to Russia, for those of us that are sane and educated, is a good thing. We can tuck our children in at night knowing that Trump and Putin respect and like one another. It would not be like that if the lying, conniving, and corrupt political whore was in charge.

It is clear that the NSA, CIA, and FBI are infected with deep state partisan politics and hackery. These entities now feel that they are on equal footing with the Congress, Senate, Executive and Supreme Court. Unless they are put in their place by cutting budgets and Congressional inquiry, they will continue to tamper with elections in the USA.

It is public knowledge that the DNC actively supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Additionally, King Hussein actively sought to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection. So, tampering with national elections is a DNC and Democratic Socialist phenomenon.  In fact, Democrats have been tampering with elections since Republicans passed legislation that allowed Blacks to vote.

Today, the Democratic Socialist platform is as follows:

Open borders

zero right to a national sovereignty

elimination of ICE and rule of law

Domestic disharmony, race labeling,  bigotry labeling, division, cop killing

Inept foreign policy to include bad relations with the Russian nuclear power.

Contempt for truth and the rule of law. They are the party of anarchy and epic stupidity.


Under the neo-cons of Bush junior and King Hussein, the world descended into turmoil.  Millions of people died. Millions of people were displaced. Donald Trump is not an ass-kissing neo-con moron.  His efforts have made us much safer as a nation. Now, he is leveraging North Korea and sincerely looking at reconstructing the Middle East.  We will regain the moral and ethical high ground that we once had as a nation.


Uncle Donny gets an A plus for extending a hand to the Russians.

Be polished and strong my friend and thank you for making my world a damn whole lot safer.

Oh and thank you for exposing the stupidity of the liberal yellow press, Democratic Socialists, and the neo-con Republican ass kissers.

The Brodhead resume