Trump coaxes epic stupidity out of the liberal yellow press

“The Free States of Trump” will prevail !!!!

Margaret needs to get her shit back together and look at things rationally.

For those of us that served in uniform during the Cold war, Trump reaching out to Russia was quite Reaganesque. I for one served on B-52 nuclear alert. For me, it was incredibly wonderful when Reagan and Gorby cut a deal. America and the former Soviets went from nuclear brinksmanship to a much more stable foreign relations platform. The world and especially the United States was much safer.

King Hussein sent Susan Rice to lie about Benghazi. The liberal yellow press gave her airtime when she blamed the death of an American ambassador and 3 patriots on a stupid video. Of course, the Obama administration “would” engage in one lie after another.

Donald Trump has yet to lie to the American people unless the nuances of would and wouldn’t are considered a lie. The liberal yellow press gave Bill Clinton a pass when he stated “It depends on what the meaning of is is, hence, wouldn’t is within their preferred envelope. Unless of course, the George Stephanopoulos sliding scale is applied.

Donald Trump reaching out to Russia, for those of us that are sane and educated, is a good thing. We can tuck our children in at night knowing that Trump and Putin respect and like one another. It would not be like that if the lying, conniving, and corrupt political whore was in charge.

It is clear that the NSA, CIA, and FBI are infected with deep state partisan politics and hackery. These entities now feel that they are on equal footing with the Congress, Senate, Executive and Supreme Court. Unless they are put in their place by cutting budgets and Congressional inquiry, they will continue to tamper with elections in the USA.

It is public knowledge that the DNC actively supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Additionally, King Hussein actively sought to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection. So, tampering with national elections is a DNC and Democratic Socialist phenomenon.  In fact, Democrats have been tampering with elections since Republicans passed legislation that allowed Blacks to vote.

Today, the Democratic Socialist platform is as follows:

Open borders

zero right to a national sovereignty

elimination of ICE and rule of law

Domestic disharmony, race labeling,  bigotry labeling, division, cop killing

Inept foreign policy to include bad relations with the Russian nuclear power.

Contempt for truth and the rule of law. They are the party of anarchy and epic stupidity.


Under the neo-cons of Bush junior and King Hussein, the world descended into turmoil.  Millions of people died. Millions of people were displaced. Donald Trump is not an ass-kissing neo-con moron.  His efforts have made us much safer as a nation. Now, he is leveraging North Korea and sincerely looking at reconstructing the Middle East.  We will regain the moral and ethical high ground that we once had as a nation.


Uncle Donny gets an A plus for extending a hand to the Russians.

Be polished and strong my friend and thank you for making my world a damn whole lot safer.

Oh and thank you for exposing the stupidity of the liberal yellow press, Democratic Socialists, and the neo-con Republican ass kissers.

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Senator Rand Paul “Trump’s Intellectual ally”

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Founder’s understood this. However, George Bush and Barack Obama felt that the 4th Amendment was obsolete with the rise of the internet. Many of us knew that the Patriot Act would eventually become a tool exploited along partisan hack lines. Many of us understood that it would only be a matter of time when the US intelligence community abused the Patriot Act to surveil people in power, intellectuals, teachers, police officers and anyone they deemed a threat to the Deep state. Once again, Democratic Socialists have proven that they always have the tendency to become Naziesque tyrants and circuit 1920s  style Munich  Brownshirt street trash.  The right always has to counter the tyrannical conduct of the left.

“The free press is under attack,” he added. “Censorship and state control of media is on the rise. Social media, once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity, has proved to be just as effective in promoting hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories.”Barack Obama 7/17/2018

“”””Obama benefited from his state control of the liberal yellow press and exploited social media to the fullest against average America.  he used the internet to promote division,  racial discord, ignorance, hatred, and to cover his ass on the Benghazi lie. The Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press then used the Steele Dossier to promote a conspiracy theory and abuse the 4th Amendment. Now he engages in revisionist history.  Coming from the guy who surveilled the Associated Press?….. Really?????  “””

The liberal yellow press will do anything and everything to promote the Democratic Socialists party. They will revise history to meet their objectives. During the Obama era, Democratic operatives and the liberal yellow press employed the tactics of hate, racism, division, and outright lies to stay in control.

Today, the deep state and liberal yellow press refuse to go after Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. While General Petraeus was threatened with jail time for a few emails,  the Deep state intelligence community gave the Clinton’s a free pass.  They then go after Donald Trump over a Steel dossier that was generated by Hillary Clinton. The liberal yellow press then blames Trump fo Russian hacking of the DNC when Obama was in power? WTF?

Today, folks like George Stephanopoulos want to re-engage the Cold War. They want to extend their Kulturkampf of divisive domestic policy to the world stage just because they hate our current white Republican president.

Our freedoms are under attack. The Obama style democratic operatives are infecting federal entities with corruption along the lines of the KGB and Gestapo. If they will go after a Republican presidential candidate, it won’t be long before these Obama era sleeper cell nut jobs go after individual Senators and Congressmen and exploit the Patriot Act in order to do it.

Lastly, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan have shown the world that overzealous US federal government employees can become a corrupt threat to our freedoms and the Bill of Rights. They are easily manipulated into lying to the American people and abusing their powers along partisan lines.

The American people must know if the FBI, NSA, and CIA engaged in Watergate-style surveillance tyranny along political lines. if they have, some people need to go to jail.

Sadly, Mccain, Graham, and Rubio have shown the world that their thought processes and allegiances are easily manipulated by the liberal yellow press.

Rand Paul bases his observations on reality, intellectualism, and historical context.


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Americans are seeing a disturbing trend from the FBI, CIA and NSA

In many regards,  American society has not been able to meet the ethical challenges that the rise of the internet age has presented.

The Bush administration destroyed our 4th Amendment via the Patriot Act. Ever since Bush and an inept Congress and Senate approved the wholesale surveillance of the American people, Federal entities that control information seem to have run amock. It also might well be that the NSA, CIA, and FBI are now using FISA kangaroo courts to do anything they want.  The Bill of Rights no longer applies according to the Deep state.

Beyond the false accusations of  Trump/Russian collusion, there is something else going on. Something deep and sinister within the previous Obama administration and the NSA, CIA and FBI. I mean why would the FBI let Hillary Clinton off the hook for blatant crimes, while going after Trump via the Steele Dossier?

It is clear that the previous heads of the NSA, CIA, and FBI suffer from Trump hate derangement syndrome. Meanwhile, Mueller and Rosenstein seem to be running interference for the deep state.

Why is it that General Petraeus had the book thrown at him for a few emails, while Hillary Clinton was completely shielded. He was then replaced with a Clinton operative. What the hell is going on?

It is clear that the Congress and Senate must investigate whether Patriot Act abuses occurred along partisan lines.



Trump baits liberals and neo-cons into pledging allegiance to a Cold War reboot

The Democrats and the liberal yellow press showed us their lust for inept domestic policy. They supported a conclusion that all Republicans were racists. Liberal lawmakers encouraged rioting in the streets and cop killing.  They thought poddy training the school system was GQ.  They think that our children should be indoctrinated to the ways of the LGBT movement and gender stupidity as early as kindergarten.   They also think that we should have open borders and that murderous illegal MS-13 gang members have more right to life in America than the beating hearts of the innocent unborn. Many believe that the children of illegals should not be separated while supporting the violent poisoning and dismemberment of a late-term fetus. The list of Catch 22 scenarios is long and doofus.

When Barry Goldwater ran against Lyndon Baines Johnson, the democratically controlled press labeled Goldwater as an unhinged warmonger that would start  a nuclear war. America and the Soviets were at the height of the Cold War. The Soviets had thousands of megaton nukes pointed at American cities.  With the push of a button and every single major city and military installation in the United States of America became an ash heap. All of the dense population centers would see tens of millions of people burnt to a crisp at the speed of light.   Encouraging bad relations with the Soviets was condemned by Democrats.  Now the liberal yellow press would rather enter another Cold war because Trump wants peace?

It is amazing how the Obama administration, the DOJ, and the FBI may have abused the role of the FISA court and Patriot act to surveil a Republican presidential candidate. The Meuller investigation will not reveal a thing about their Russian collusion investigation either. Hence, when Trump did not acknowledge Russian hacking, he only did it in response to the deep state and their corrupt secrets. It is ok for the deep state to not acknowledge surveillance, but it is not ok for Trump to do the same?

When Donald Trump shook hands with Vladamir Putin, the liberal yellow press went nuts and basically declared their allegiance to a reboot of the Cold War. So, now the liberal yellow press and Schumer idiots now want to go back to the Cold War because Trump wants peace?

Corker should shut his big mouth. Newt Gingrich must be losing his mind, and Mitch McConnel looks like a turtle face.

Maximum pressure on North Korea includes excellent relations with the Russians. My oh my.

Hillary Clinton and Obama did not care when they surveilled Angela Merkel, the Associated Press,  the American people or Donald Trump,  but they care if the Russians hack the DNC database?  Clinton and Obama supported the wholesale surveillance of the American people and shit-canning the 4th Amendment.  I guess the law only applies to them and not the American people.

It is clear that the liberals are adding an inept foreign policy to their platform. I mean it is cool to elevate Che Guevara, and french kiss Hugo Chavez, but hate Putin because Trump shook his hand. I mean if the liberals liked the liberal socialist fraud Bernie Sanders, they should simply love Putin the communist.

Trump basically baited the liberal yellow press into welcoming a new Cold War? WTF?

Kudos Uncle Donny


Trump successfully re-calibrating “Balance of power” in the face of China and North Korea

We cannot blame John McCain for basically hating Russia. After all, he spent 6 years at the Hanoi Hilton.  For it was the former Soviets that provided the anti-aircraft technology that brought down US Navy Jets. It was Soviet-made SA-2s that brought down B-52s. We must as a country move on from the past and embrace solid relations with the Russians. The post-WWII Stalin era has given way to a globalized society. Of course, Lyndsey Graham still bases his dogma on the post-WWII era. A dogma that ended when Reagan started talking with Gorbachev.  Reagan was a conservative Republican. Lyndsey Graham is an unhinged neo-con ass kisser.   A delusional neo-con ass kisser. John McCain’s views on war have evolved over time. He demanded that Marines be withdrawn from Beruit when the barracks was bombed. This anti-involvement position then became a fetish for all things war.   We saw this when McCain wanted to stay in Iraq for 100 years. We saw this when he suggested that we support Georgia against the Russians. Both McCain and Graham are obsolete perpetual war barking dogs. Their collective delusional warmongering fetishes have no place in today’s world.  John McCain should resign his Senate seat. he has devolved to simply throwing non-value adding insults at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump went to Helsinki and put Putin on the American side of current events. Just as Bismark sought to isolate France from Russia during the Franco Prussian wars, Trump is isolating North Korea from Russia. In addition, China will have to take notice.

Of course, the liberal yellow press and the neo-con ass kissers hate Donald Trump so much that they would rather endure harsh relations with Russia, then give Trump his due.

During the Cold War, the Soviets were the boogie man and rightly so. When the Berlin Wall fell and Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Iraq became the boogie man for the military-industrial complex.  However, once Bush and Obama exploited the Iraq boogieman for arms sales and perpetual war, they abandoned Iraq like a one night stand with a smelly old whore.  ISIS then became the boogieman followed by Gaddafi and Bashir Al-Asad.  Now that the Middle East is in turmoil, Hillary Clinton turned to Russia in order to create another boogieman for the military-industrial complex. She needed that we/they argument against Russia since all the wars of choice had been fully exploited.

If Hillary Clinton was president, relations with Russia would become intolerable.

Today’s liberal yellow press is a bunch of uneducated morons that do not understand history. They manipulate their own stupidity in support of Hillary Clinton the lying and conniving corrupt political whore. They actually support deep state corruption over a balanced approach and solid relations with Russia.  As always, George Stephanopolous is a heinous ass.





Trump bringing back Reaganesque relations with Russia

Trump is getting quite good at baiting the liberal yellow press into taking absurd positions that go completely against their previous dogma.

For the entire Iraq war under George W. Bush, the Democrats and the liberal yellow press had a field day. Harry Reid and Barack Obama led the charge.  Obama said the surge would not work. Harry Reid said the war was lost as the 18-year-old Marines went door to door in Fallujah. Even though George W. Bush created a multi-nation coalition against Iraq, King Hussein Obama felt it necessary to apologize for America in Germany. In fact, his entire candidacy was based on getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, as soon as he is elected, he gets a Nobel Peace Prize for being black and then morphs into a John Boehner neo-con protege and doubles down on all things Bush. .The liberal yellow press remained silent.

Obama then surges in Iraq and Aghganistan along with regime change in Libya and elevating the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Then in order to completely destabilize Iraq and the Levant, he fails to adjust the Bush Status of Forces Agreement and abandons Iraq. He then allows 3000 pissant ISIS fighters to march all the way to the doorstep of Baghdad and Damascus. .  Bush Junior and King Obama’s efforts created the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII.  But, instead of going back to Germany and apologizing for his foreign relations incompetence, King Obama does nothing. He doesn’t even apologize for spying on our allies or the Associated Press. He then lies to our faces about massive surveillance of the American people.

Just as radical Islamists shoved a stick up Gaddafi’s ass, Obama shoved a stick up the ass of our foreign relations after apologizing for it. What a Catch 22!!!!

When our troops were fighting and dying for the rights of Muslims 10,000 miles away, Bush and Obama were shitting on the Bill of Rights. While our 18-year-olds were getting their legs blown off from IEDs, the FBI, NSA, and CIA were becoming secretive KGB  or Gestapo style entities that surveilled political candidates or anyone the FISA kangaroo court could be talked into.  Under Bush and Obama, the USA became the evil empire that shit on the Bill of Rights, engaged in regime change, and spent $6 trillion on perpetual war.

When Trump tells the truth about our nation’s foreign policy running amock under Bush and Obama, he is skewered by liberals and traitor  Neo-con ass kissing Republicans. Remember, Obama ran on an anti-war, blame America campaign and the liberal yellow press sucked his dick. However, when Trump tells the truth, and seeks Reagan/Gorby level relations with Russia, he is treated like a traitor.

lastly, Bush and Obama caused a massive humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.  When the USA polluted all the lakes and streams in Vietnam with Agent Orange, we offered zero restitution. When we destroyed the power structure in the Middle East and refugees overran Jordan and Europe, we offered no solutions except allowing unvetted Muslim terrorists into the USA.

Trump does not have to apologize for stating the obvious. It is obvious, that US foreign policy has been inept since 911. It is obvious to everyone that the federal government used the symbol of 911 to destroy the Bill of Rights and create a surveillance police state. So much so, that the FBI, NSA, and CIA collude with Democratic candidates and turn a blind eye to historic levels of deep state corruption.

The Russians hacked the DNC. The FBI, NSA, and CIA colluded with the Clinton campaign and surveilled Donald Trump.  Clinton wanted a reboot of the Cold War. Trump wants a Reaganesque level of foreign relations with Putin.  Trump did not create our current state of foreign affairs. Bush and Obama did. America did not trust Hillary Clinton. It is that simple. get over it.

If anything, Uncle Donny is bringing credibility back to our foreign policy.

Oh and the Winter Soldier can go screw himself.  Marco just shut up.

Uncle Donny gets an A-plus in Helsinki.

Get a grip, Margaret


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Will Putin help Trump fix the Bush/Obama mess?

There is so much historical context and background to cover here.

There were a couple reasons why the Soviets survived “Operation Barbarossa:” First, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and freed up 40 Russian divisions stationed in the East to counter the Japanese army. Secondly, the USA provided utter millions in Howitzers and ammo. Of course, Stalingrad would be a massive blunder while the Russian winter did the rest.

The tiny country of Finland was like a pack of Honey badgers that refused to lose to the Russians. Finland would kick the Soviets ass whenever they advanced.

Historians have stated that Hitler’s Germany had to go to war by 1938 or its military production economy would have collapsed. The Russians were able to stave off economic collapse until 1990. Their economy had been based on Cold War armaments manufacturing and a nuclear arms race. Their biggest customers were in the Middle East.

The Iron Curtain countries would quickly convert their economies from communism to Western European capitalism.  The Soviet satellites of the Middle East would continue to buy Soviet-made armaments with oil money. They would then attack Israel.

The Bush doctrine would overthrow Saddam Hussein and pit Sunni against Shia Muslim. hence the entire Levant and countries of  Sykes Pecot would descend into total war and chaos.

In reality, the Cold War construct in the Middle East basically controlled radical Islam. Once a domino fell,  the Sunni and Shia were at each other’s throats.

Today, Germany is expanding economically into what was once called “Lebensraum.” Instead of Tiger tanks refusing to start in the cold Russian winter, the Germans are buying oil and gas from Russia. Soon Germany, Ukraine, and Russia will enjoy massive trade.  NATO will be undermined.

So, here we have Donald Trump with  “tan in a can”  all over his face looking like a sleep-deprived  Boehner clone asking Putin for help related to North Korea, Syria,  and Iran. He is asking Putin to help fix the Inept Bush and Obama doctrines. This after the Bush/Obama doctrines were designed to eliminate arms sales between the Russians and the Middle East and negatively affect the Russian military-industrial complex and Russian economy. As we recall, Tan boy Boehner was the disease-ridden neo-con male street whore for the USA military industrial complex. Today, Boehner is smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day, mowing his lawn and pondering the $6 trillion bill he slipped to our children.

Hopefully, Putin can forgive the USA for the ineptitude of Bush and Obama and help us denuclearize North Korea. It would also be great if he can help us fix the Syrian catastrophe.

Alas, thank God that Hillary Clinton is not our president. It is clear that Trump has the balls, moxy and pragmatic approach to Russian/USA relations.

Kudos uncle Donny and thank you Putin, for even being receptive to helping the USA fix a humanitarian mess that we helped facilitate. Together, we can help create a peaceful Middle East and bring North Korea into an equal partnership with the global community. It is time to extend a helping hand and free North Koreans from it’s  Stalin era Cold War insane asylum.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer is fixated on  Russian collusion and being a divisive asshole while Maria Cantwell is simply a partisan hack dingbat.

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The Russians have actually remained calm during the Bush Obama perpetual war era

Donald Trump is pulling his hair out attempting to fix the heinous results of the  Bush and Obama doctrines.  In fact, Donald Trump’s hairline is so thin, that his balding forehead is becoming superbly evident in all it’s triple comb over glory. He will need another round of hair plugs or it is all over by 2019.

Prior to Reagan and Gorbachev cutting a deal and tearing down the Berlin wall, the Soviets made their money on arms sales. The Middle East was a massive customer base. Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Jordan all purchased Soviet-made tanks, troop transports, anti-aircraft systems,  radar systems, artillery pieces, ammo, and every manner of aviation asset. back in those days, nations aligned with the Soviet Union bought MIGs and those nations that were aligned with NATO purchased American made fighters. Iran under the Shaw was a major buyer of American made fighters.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, their navy rusted at Sevastapol. In addition, their military hardware sales logistics collapsed as well. Puppet regimes like Cuba were abandoned and left to their own devices. Places like North Korea had to maintain MIG fighters that were produced in the 1950s and used tremendous amounts of fuel.  Iraq was left with a massive tank core of obsolete Soviet tanks. In fact, the bulk of their tank core was built in the 1960s  and 1970s. 10 years of Iraq sanctions rendered huge stockpiles of munitions as useless.

George W. Bush declared no nation building when he ran against Al Gore. He would then use the symbol of 911 to exact wars of choice. instead of a single war like Vietnam, Bush and Obama maintained two wars of choice in addition to destabilizing Libya, Syria, and Egypt. The USA also extended their reach into the former Soviet Union soft underbelly nations. This would have been unthinkable during the Brezhnev era.

The Russians finally put their foot down when Obama threatened to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. Had this happened, Obama would have engaged this country in 3 simultaneous wars.  In reality, the USA became the Evil Empire during the Bush and Obama years while Russian remained calm. The Russians also helped the new fledgling Iraqi government survive when they gave them old Soviet ground attack fighters to stave off complete disaster against ISIS.  As we recall, ISIS was at the doorstep of Baghdad and Obama would not lift a finger.

So, while Bush and Obama perpetrated the worst foreign policy in the history of the United States, Russia remained calm. Their worst offense was attempting to maintain the Syrian Cold war construct so ISIS would not take the entire Levant and most of Sykes Pecot.

As always, Margaret, you are relying on stupid people that you call experts.

The only “Lovefest” that happened was when Bush and Obama engaged this country in an orgy of perpetual war.

Attempting to formulate valid foreign relations conclusions after Bush and Obama destroyed the Middle East Cold war construct is basically folly.

It will take a concerted effort by the Russians and Americans to fix Bush and Obama foreign policy you bunch of idiots.

The bottom line is that Putin helped defeat ISIS after Obama turned his back on Iraq and did not adjust the Bush Status of Forces Agreement.


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Calm down Margaret (update)

When I was pulling nuclear alert on the B-52 during the late 1970s and early 1980s, the USA had 20 Bomb wings and 300 nuclear payload-capable B-52s. When a Bomb wing had an exercise, they would generate every single B-52 on the base to nuclear status. The nuclear generations were not to impress Jody Foster, but to remind the Russians that we were holding up our end of the bargain as it related to MAD or “Mutually Assured Destruction.”  While the Cold War was extremely stressful for all Americans at the time, the folks at the B-52 bases were under extreme stress and arduous working conditions. Many of the Vietnam vets that had supported the B-52 during Arclight and the Linebacker missions against North Vietnam were cigarette smoking alcoholics with little patience for employing adequate supervision skills. It was all about the stress-filled mission of killing Russians. While Americans were watching Walter Cronkite or Disney, SAC Airmen were living the stress-filled existence of nuclear brinkmanship during the Cold war.

When Ronald Reagan worked a deal with Gorbachev, the catharsis was incredible. Americans would watch as all the Iron Curtain countries became free. Even the Ukraine was given its sovereignty back. The Crimea, however, was a strategic asset that the Russians needed for an Ice free port. In reality, the issues with the Ukraine and Russia are minor adjustments to Gorbachev giving away the farm. America must recognize Russia’s sovereignty over the Crimea and move on.

The last country that is a byproduct of Stalin and the communist Iron curtain is North Korea.  Since 1991, dozens of former Soviet satellite countries and Iron Curtain countries have been released from the communist zones of influence. They have joined the free world.

Hillary Clinton sought to re-ignite the Cold war during 2016 elections. Her campaign attempted to wag the tail of the dog as it relates to Russia. We all saw it. The Russians saw Hillary Clinton and the DNC as a threat to world peace and the USA/Russian relations that have developed since the fall of the Berlin wall. Their behavior, while reprehensible, is not an act or war Margaret.

The real acts of economic warfare are being perpetrated by China with their devalued currency, industrial espionage,  and theft of intellectual property. The real acts of war are the North Korean missiles that are being lobbed over Japan. The real acts of war are telling the world that Guam or Seattle will be destroyed.

America must get on solid footing with Putin’s Russia so we can leverage China into choking the life out of North Korea. We need to see the North Korean DMZ come down and freedom in North Korea. We also need to stop the wars in Syria and send the refugees home. Iranian terrorism and meddling beyond their borders must stop. Putin and Trump must kick Iran out of Syria and reduce its influence in Iraq. We must help Jordan rid itself of 1.5 million Syrian refugees.

In many regards, Obama’s Arab spring bullshit and policies for the post-Iraq war have caused a massive refugee crisis. America must help fix the worst foreign policy in US history.   We can only do this with Putin on board.

The Clinton, Bush, and Obama eras are over. The yellow press must get this through their heads. It is time to move on for the good of the nation. The bias and ignorance of the liberal yellow press have become intolerable. It is time to come together and rebuild Syria. It is time to bring the North Korean people into the modern world of freedom,  peace, and prosperity.

Lastly, just because the Russians hacked the DNC because Trump made a public joke, does not equate to Russian collusion.

I guess the Russians hated Hillary Clinton, the lying, conniving and irrational political whore as much as Republicans do.  It was just a big joke perpetrated by some Russians against a DNC and the Democratic party that is simply full of divisive and incompetent contentious fools. The Democrats are the stupid party.  That reality makes the liberal yellow press as simply stupid people as well. Time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Kudos Senator Cornyn.

Will Putin and Trump redefine and reengage an Anti Ballistic Missile treaty? (update)

During the 1950s, my Uncle Doug flew the B-29 around nuclear tests in Nevada so the DOD could film the blast. Later he would fly nuclear-laden B-52s on nuclear alert as part of “Operation Chromedome!” He was the squadron security officer in charge of the routes and codes. He would be on the backup crew to the B-52 that collided with a KC-135A over Spain. The event dropped numerous nukes on the beaches of Palomares.  The event would also usher the end of nuclear airborne alert by the B-52. I pulled nuclear alert as an aircraft technician on the B-52.

We could go into the SALT treaties and ABM treaties of the past, however, we must focus on the current lack of an ABM treaty between the former Soviet Union and the USA. I believe Geedub walked away from that deal in 2001.

The philosophy behind limiting anti-ballistic missile technology and deployment is that it made nuclear war more feasible. In fact, the existence of ABM systems undermines the argument of “mutually assured destruction” or MAD. Both the USA and the Former USSR had utter thousands of nukes directed at each other. Each nation had its own  “Nuclear Triad.” Any offensive use of nuclear weapons by either country would result in a devastating nuclear counter-attack. To limit nuclear genocide  President Carter directed nuclear strikes at only military targets. A departure from the fire bombings of Tokyo, Dresden and  the concepts of “Total war.”

I did copious C-141 support missions to the Kwajalein Islands the epicenter of anti-ballistic missile development. It has been over 8 years since the USA hit an ICBM launched from Vandenburg with an ABM from Kwag. In essence, they hit a needle with a kinetic energy weapon from 6,000 miles away. However, just as the Patriot batteries could not intercept every single Scud Missile launched on Isreal during the Iraq war,   a kinetic energy weapon is hit or miss. Even the THAAD and Aegis systems are hit or miss when the projectile is flying at 20,000 miles an hour. A 50 kiloton  ABM warhead propelled by solid fuel kills an ICBM 100% of the time.

In reality, the Patriot missile system has a very dismal performance record.

The North Koreans are using old liquid-fueled ICBM technology.  The technology is not far from Hitler’s V2 rocket system. The missile is launched and then climbs to its maximum height. The fuel is exhausted and the Missile transitions apogee. During the apogee phase, the missile slows down and then noses over in an arc. It is at this phase of flight that an ICBM is vulnerable. The Star Wars program dabbled with space-based kinetic weaponry that could be staged over ICBM launch facilities.  The kinetic weaponry would be deployed when the ICBM entered apogee.

Trump is dabbling with the weaponizing of space with his new Space Command.  Space-based weaponry is a whole new ball game. Space-based kinetic weaponry targetting GPS locations on the ground would be devastating. A kinetic energy warhead launched from space would obliterate Iran’s Natanz bunkers.

To increase the North Korean ICBM kill rate to 100%, it will require nuclear tipped  ABM technology.  This is a minor adjustment to the THAAD and Aegis systems.

Should Putin and Trump enter into an agreement that allowed for limited nuclear-tipped ABM systems to protect Seoul, Japan, and Guam, Trump basically pushes all of Kim Jong Un’s chess pieces off the table.

Kim Jong Un only has antiquated liquid-fueled ICBM technology. In order to protect Seoul, and Tokyo 100% the USA must utilize nuclear tipped ABM technology.

Should North Korea find itself in a war with the USA, they will hold Japan hostage just as Saddam Hussein threw Scuds at Isreal. Iran will certainly hold Israel hostage when they acquire nuclear weapons.

Excellent relations with Putin is required at this juncture. Recognize the Crimea as Russian territory, and do a limited nuclear tipped ABM treaty that allows for limited nuclear tipped ABM deployment in the waters off North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. Then press release that the THAAD and Aegis systems can be modified and deployed within 30 days.

Of course, the liberal yellow press will call trump the antichrist. So, maybe just make vague undertones to North Korean intelligence. .

We also need Putin to rid Syria of the Iranians and work on a Syrian peace treaty.

Blaming Merkel for the outcomes of the idiot foreign policies of Geedub and Obama is such a Catch 22. WTF? We need to fix Syria and send them home.

Maximum pressure must be applied to North Korea in conjunction with holding China’s feet to the fire.

A low-level psyops campaign is in order.  Dont go nuts….