Elwood has to take Barkley if he is still on the board at 5

The Broncos have been plagued with an embarrassing running game it seems like forever.  Other teams get massively strong power backs, and we get munchkins that can be tackled by a drunk meth whore on Colfax Avenue.

Elwood handles money like a drunken sailor so might as well pay big money for an impact RB.

Chris Harris Junior is right. The Broncos need impact players right out of the box. If Paxton Lynch is any indication, a rookie quarterback may not provide impact for three or four years. In fact, the stable of first round  QB draft picks that have failed miserably is quite large. Grotesquely large. The examples are copious from Johnny Football to Vince Young or Ryan Leaf to Jamarcus Russel. Baker Mayfield could be a reboot of Johnny Football. Chances are, he sputters like Brady Quinn.  In fact, Trevor Simian was closer to QB Valhalla then Baker Mayfield.

The Denver Bronco running game has been pathetic for years and years. Peyton Manning elevated the Bronco running game because he could throw the ball like a machine.  When Manning rode off into the sunset with his long neck and forehead silhouetted against the light, the bronco game shriveled up and almost died off.

Saquon Barkley can juke like a bitch. Alway we have to do is visualize Saquon Barkley taking CJ Anderson’s place, however instead of a few bust outs on the left side here and there, Barkley jukes like a bitch and is hard to contain. After only a few running plays, the secondary and safeties have to play shallow . With a little play action, and Barkley opens up Dallas Goedert, Sanders and DT.

Lastly, all playoff teams in 2017 had a Superback.   Christian McCaffrey elevated Cam Newton.  Levion Bell kept Rothlessburger viable. Devante Freeman elevated Matt Ryan. Kareem Hunt made Kansas City an unstoppable AFC West team. Of course, the Broncos would call a running play up the middle into a line of defenders instead.

When Kubiak quite, the running game remained stagnate.  Nothing really changed when St. Joseph came on board. Chances are that the Bronco play calling will again be stagnating and predictable. If Cae Keenum is to be successful, he will need the tools, hence, Saquon Barkley is the most valid option .


Elwood should trade off his 1st round draft pick

Elwood is in quite a quandary.  If he takes a rookie in the first round, he has very little cap space left for the rest of the rookie stable. In addition, he ties up $37 million a year with let’s say Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. This cost construct basically exacerbates Elwood’s current Von Miller contract woes. The cost of a  2018 first round draft pick would also put massive financial constraints on the 2019 season unless several high paid players are released. In reality, the Bronco draft strategy should be focused on replacement players that reduce cap loads for 2019.

It would be great to get a Saquon Barkley, however, his rookie price tag is simply too much. Moreover, with a little ACL tear and he is out for the season.  hence, defaulting to the Shanahan approach to the running back thing might be a strong consideration.

Bradley Chubb sounds great, but does Elwood want to pay $37 million for two D guys?

A good option for Elwood is to trade away a first-round draft pick for a 2nd round and a 3rd round pick. The Broncos will then be stacked at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds.

The best situation is to trade into a stacked 2nd round. and 3rd round He could then take a running back, tight end, DE pass rusher, and a run-stuffer.

While Saquon Barkley is a beast that reps 225 29 times,  there are other running backs that would be CJ Anderson 2.0. Devante Booker is turning into a badass utility back that will see 1500 all-purpose yards this season. All He needs is an RB partner. I suggest the TD path by looking at non-combine dues that rep high, run 4.40 40s, and can juke like a bitch. Maybe 6 foot 230 underrated. There is a Terrel Davis out there that could be beast modish.

Elwood has proven that he can recruit extremely good secondary players during late round draft picks.

If Saquon can go to an NFC team, the Broncos will be in the clear.

I think Lauletta is still in the running….

If I am Elwood, I sit on the sidelines on day one and see what is on the board on day two.

Wood simply ain’t got the money and needs to look at the financial implications for 2019.

The focus must be on a TE, RB, Run-stuffer, edge rusher, Gotsis replacement, and linebacker.

Dallas Goderte



Vita Vea

Edge Rusher









Iran should shitcan their nuclear program in favor of solar

It boggles the mind that General Electric talked Japan into building 5 nuclear power plants on a beach in the “Ring of Fire?” I mean only a few decades earlier The USA dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, the Fukushima meltdown has resulted in radioactive contamination zones and nuclear waste infiltrating groundwater and ocean fisheries. We can then look at Chernobyl as well as 3 Mile Island. In reality, nuclear power is the dirtiest energy production process on earth.  In addition, newer technologies do not require massive amounts of amperage that dams and nuclear power plants can provide.

All industrialized countries are downplaying nuclear power in favor of Solar farms etc. Germany will remove all nuclear power plants by 2021.

It would be a shame if Iran built a nuclear power plant close to Tehran and then it has a meltdown.

Iran has thousands of square miles of desert that are uninhabitable. These areas could be used for massive solar farms. The economic effects on the Iranian economy would be huge. So, instead of building outdated and dirty nuclear power plants that could contaminate large swaths of Iranian land after a meltdown, Iran should partner with solar power companies in Europe and China.  Led lighting and solar powered heat pumps can easily run on free solar energy. Iran should seize upon the energy renaissance that the rest of the G20 world is embracing.

America wants good relations with Iran. We want to be able to visit this beautiful country and swim in the Caspian.  The Iranian power structure just has to evolve.

They say the spent nuclear energy used by one individual over a lifetime is the size of a coke can.  This means millions and millions of coke cans that must be stored in secure facilities. In the USA, there are massive stockpiles of used nuclear fuel with nowhere to go.

Nuclear power is an antiquated energy production process that should be totally eliminated from the earth.

Dropping their nuclear aspirations in favor of newer technology would bode well for Iran. Nobody has designs on attacking a peaceful non-nuclear Iran.

All Iran has to do is eliminate their nuclear aspirations and invite solar investment.  This would put Iran’s economy into overdrive…  Instead, they engage in nuclear BS that is non-value adding and a detriment to Iran’s economy.  Zarif and the Iranian power structure must be a bunch of dumbasses. Then again the Muslim faith is a religion of control and subjugation. Instead of free energy for all, Zarif and his cronies want state control of dirty energy.  One would think that they would be smart like the Germans.


Nuclear power sucks…



Image result for massive solar farm

Bloomberg/Sandoval 2020

Mike Bloomberg has maintained a level of credibility for years.  Unlike Prah Winfrey who could be considered the Hollywood generated identity politics reality show liberal candidate from hell, Mike Bloomberg retains major clout as a balanced businessman and public servant with intelligence. Hollywood seems to take the rest of America as fools. Had Bloomberg gained the nomination instead of the lying, conniving, political whore Hillary Clinton, he could have won the Whitehouse.

The Democratic Socialists do not have a solid candidate for 2020 besides Bernie Sanders the socialist fraud.

Bloomberg could assert his platform as a reboot of the Conservative Democrat and push the party away from it’s current heinous march to socialism.

Bloomberg could then put Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on the ticket and simply roll over Trump Pence. The only caveat is “The South!”

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is a political moderate that dabbles in both sides of the two-party system. As an identity politics candidate that would capture 100% of the Hispanic vote, he is the Republican ace in the hole.  Sandoval has also pushed his state into technology-specific curriculums that support changing energy paradigms. As a prior US Circuit Court judge and lifetime successful politician, he has one of the sharpest political minds in the country and rarely engages in any sort of political regression.  In fact, his ability to maintain logical positions that fit well into liberal public opinion and intelligence is uncanny.  Sandoval was ahead of the curve as it relates to gun violence in the school system by enacting anti-bullying programs several years ago.  He was all in on gay marriage rights as well. Hence, he fits the current liberal and environmental mindset like a pre blood-soaked OJ Simpson glove.

Sandoval is seeing the last year of his two-term governorship. Given that 75% of Americans view Jeff Sessions with outright contempt, Trump and Pence’s May offer him  US Attorney generalship in order to keep him in the fold. Another scenario is running for Catherine Cortez Masto’s Senate seat.  However, if I am Mike Bloomberg, I lock Sandoval up for a run in 2020.

Bloomberg is a more balanced individual than Donald Trump. In addition, he is not hostile to alternative energy and an American energy renaissance. Oh, and Bloomberg would not lower himself to having intercourse with a porn slut.

Previously, I ran on a platform that included solar system financing as part of the home loan.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is betting on alternative energy and energy banking systems to increase Nevada economy.  He is revamping Nevada educational objectives to meet that end. He has also recruited copious alternative energy companies to the region via reduced taxation incentives.

Bloomberg will have to approach gun rights that maintain the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

Of course, Trump is basically killing it as it relates to the economy and foreign relations, so Mike Bloomberg has an uphill climb. The massive trump tax cuts may be his undoing as he restores Obama style federal deficits.

Lastly, Trump is a quick study and has already made the Obama presidency look like it was run by a divisive community activist whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house. Then again, the Bush II and Obama were the worst presidents in US history.

Bloomberg Sandoval could be the first cross-party presidential/VP ticket ever.

Put that in your Manhattan pipe and smoke it…




Elwood does not need a 1st round quarterback

All we have to do is read between Elwood’s lines to know what he is up to.

As we recall, when CJ Anderson went down from a Knee injury in 2016, Elwood was left with Ronnie Hillman, Devante Booker, and Capri Bibbs. The Broncos then picked up Justin Forsett.  The 2016 running game was simply heinous to watch. The only highlight of the 2016 running game was Devante Booker and his  3.8 yards per carry. However, even then,  many thought he was no better than Ronnie Hillman and failed to gain yardage after contact. Meanwhile, Hillman could be arm tackled by a drunk and emaciated Colfax meth whore. We crossed our fingers when Justin Forsett came on board. Oh well!

2017 saw Devonte Booker expand his capabilities by leaps and bounds. CJ Anderson looked like his old 2015 Superbowl beast self as well. However, given that Elwood has released CJ Anderson, there is now room for a real running back.  For the most part, the Broncos have settled for very average running backs since Terrel Davis. They have employed Shanahan’s “Make do plug and play running backs scheme!”  The focus was on a robust run blocking offensive line that could allow gramma with a walker to average 4 yards a carry. Those days are gone.

The Broncos need a  “Super back” in the mold of Devonte Freeman. A running back that can eclipse 4 yards a carry, block for the QB and catch QB dump offs. A Superback opens up the tight end for across the middle possession receiving etc.

The Broncos should take Saquon Barkley in the first round or a second round clone. The Broncos need to upgrade the TE position with Dallas Goedert.  These two additions fix the Offense and will open up Thomas and Sanders. They add dimensions that have been lacking since Shannon Sharp.

Lastly, look at Saquon Barkley’s legs, ass, and upper body. His calves are huge and he runs elegantly and with strength like Demaryius Thomas. The dude is a completely balanced package. The only way the Broncos win the division is if they pick up a badassed runningback and a TE to go along with the stingy and intelligent Case Keenum.



Trump triumphing in Korea as DOJ investigates Hillary Clinton

When I was a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves, we did copious presidential support missions. Before the C-17 entered the USAF inventory, the C-141 Starlifter was used to haul the presidential limousines around. In addition, the Secret Service had to watch the vehicles 24/7, so they would ride along with the C-141 en route to the destinations. The C-141 crews would exchange stories with the Secret Service. The word on the street was that while Barbara Bush was extremely wonderful to interact with, Hillary Clinton’s code name was “The Bitch”!  In other words, Barbara Bush had class, dignity, empathy for others, and adhered to the protocols of common respect. Hillary Clinton, the lying, conniving political whore, on the other hand, treated the Secret Service like they were “Untermenschen. ”

Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to cruise the earth looking for Clinton Foundation donations. Her entire tenure was a pay to play adventure funded by the taxpayer.  There were no gains made on the Korean Penninsula. Iran got several hundred billion and kept their centrifuges while Americans lost their doctor. Libya would see regime change and then be replaced by radical Islamic killers that beheaded Christians on the beach. Obam would surge in Iraq and Afghanistan and become the nude centerfold for the Neocon. Europe would be overrun by predatory refugees as a result of the Bush and Obama wars of choice. Meanwhile, the Clinton purse became full of bribes, payoffs and pay to play schemes.  In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton failed miserably on the world stage. In addition, her jet-setting for Clinton Foundation donations put her in the hospital. So sad that her physiological capabilities could not keep pace with her lust and greed for foreign donations.

The crowning achievement of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS was lying about Benghazi and blaming the deaths of Americans on a video. In fact, the Obama administration was inundated with one lie after another.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is dealing successfully with North Korea by manipulating China and it’s trading tariff bullshit. He is successfully exploiting his lower corporate tax rates to bolster his ability to make trade deals as the US economy is simply getting down to business.  Moreover, US companies are bringing back huge amounts of foreign capital and providing copious bonuses to its workforce. In 2019, hundreds of millions of Americans will see the $24,000 standard deduction on their 2018 tax return. As it is, the new burgeoning and massive boomer population that is coming down the pike is becoming a major part of the US economy. This original baby boomer wave pails in comparison.

Lastly, the Obama economy enjoyed a half dozen years of the continuous quantitative easing handicap, low-interest rates, treasury bond shuffling, and debt monetization. Obam also added $10 trillion to the national debt. It would be wonderful if Trump focused on reducing the Federal leviathan by 20% and returning responsibilities to the States.  It will not bode well for Republicans if he too adds, trillions to the national debt needlessly.

As it is, however, Trump makes Obama look like a community organizing partisan hack doofus whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house. .


The only question that remains is who executed Seth Rich?


Margaret Brennan brings credibility back to “Face the Nation” and CBS

Pennsylvania senator Richard H. Brodhead was married to Jefferson Davis’s Neice. At the time, Davis was the “Secretary of War”  under Franklin Pierce. Davis also was in charge of the Capitol building extension that created the West Wing, East Wing, Congressional library, and Capitol building dome.  Brodhead was on the Library Committee, but also submitted bills related to the Capitol building extension.

Brodhead was a Democrat. however, the great Democratic party no longer exists. It has been taken over by all manner of whining idiots aided by a sickening liberal yellow press.

Here we see Margaret Brennan sitting in front of the results.

One only has to watch a few episodes of “This Morning” to understand that CBS no longer adheres to high journalistic standards. It seems that the folks that host the show must regress to non-value adding opinions and attacks on all things Trump. Folks like John Dickerson,  Norah O’Donnell, and Gayle King always interject their liberal yellow press bullshit whenever they can. Their journalistic logic always seems to be skewed to “Trump fixation”! In reality, They are now so extremely jaded with biased gibberish that the twang of their voices is like listening to the mental unhealthy diatribe of a paranoid schizophrenic.  Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite and adhering to the high standards of journalism and only presenting the facts. While Cronkite would regress into a slight opinion once in awhile, today’s CBS journalist interject yellow press gibberish every single day.

It seems that Margaret Brennan takes journalism very seriously. She presents the argument and then allows the audience to come to a conclusion. In essence, she respects the intelligence and opinions of the individual and only provides concise information on the topic at hand. The only body language she gives away might be the batt of an eye when she is prodded to step across the line. Brennan’s professional standards, demeanor, and presentation are simply refreshing.

It is clear that many at CBS have gone off the journalistic farm and are more worthy of working at a pre-internet tabloid on a rack at the checkout counter than a major network.

As it is, Margaret Brennan is doing a wonderful job with “Face the Nation”! She is rebuilding the show’s credibility after  John Dickerson ran it into the liberal yellow press gutter. It is good that “Face the Nation” does not have to endure the heinous and biased twang of Dickerson’s voice. As it is, Dickerson is the CBS version of Stephanopolous.

Here is an example of a high-level logic exchange between Paul and Brennan… Incredible…..

Newt Gingrich left us out of his Valley Forge book.


Donald Trump scoring high on foreign policy and economy

The liberal yellow press downplayed Bill Clinton’s creative use of a cigar and an intern’s vagina along with serial sexual harassment allegations. . However, when it comes to Donald Trump’s disturbing and alledged copulations with a disgusting porn whore, the liberal yellow press are all in.  Then again, screwing a possibly STD-ridden porn slut that is venereally linked to the likes of Ron Jeremy and the rest of the porn industry is heinously disgusting and extremely low class, especially when one’s wife just had one’s baby.  This type of behavior suggests that Donald Trump only views women as erotic sexual objects and nothing more. In fact, he might be emotionally bankrupt in the love department.  If this is the case, Donald Trump is not only a narcissist, he is a self-centered being that prioritizes decadent self-gratification over the sanctity of marriage and the physical and mental health of a spouse. . Moreover, we must take pause when a president is so quick to violate his vows of marriage, given that he has a social contract with his constituents. If Trump did indeed screw a porn star when his wife just has his child, , the act makes him a creep and an unvirtuous scumbag.  Trump’s alleged behavior should fit right in with the liberal yellow press and their elevation and celebration of sodomy. At least, Donald Trump is not a Barnie Frank. I guess he has more dignity than that.

On the foreign relations front, Donald Trump has adopted GW Bush’s penchant for doing what he says he will do. When a Syrian president gasses children, Donald Trump targets Syrian military installations. There is no lying about Benghazi.

Donald has also started working a deal on China’s devalued currency and trade deficit. As we recall, China’s 30-year plans and labor camp wage structure have wiped domestic products off the shelves of the entire world. In essence, China has been allowed an economic handicap for generations. While the rest of the modern world is seeing their middle class evaporate, communist China is seeing their technology manufacturing sector and merchant class explode. China is seeing their shipping industry and shipbuilding prowess dwarf the rest of the world.  Hence, just as China has exploited their 30 year plans to undermine and kill off the rest of the world’s manufacturing and trade base, the USA must adopt 30-year plans of their own. It is either that or allow “The Arsenal of Democracy” to regress to a large proletariat of minimum wage earners that cannot afford to pay for the social net, for 80 million baby boomers. The Trump tax cuts have started the ball rolling, however, we must have massive corresponding cuts in the federal government. Trump must focus on the Federal balance sheet.  Increases in the FED rate must be accompanied by reduced fedearl spending.

Another agenda that Trump has been successful at is the denuclearization of North Korea and the unification of the Korean Penninsula.

Lastly, Donald Trump’s foreign policy and economic policies make GW Bush and Barack Obama look like stupid neocon ass kissers and community organizers. Trump’s foreign relations prowess makes Hillary Clinton look like a lying and conniving political whore that the yellow press failed to drag across the finish line.

As far as Mueller and the bullshit Russian probe, Americans are sick of the charade. Oh and Comey is what is wrong with the FBI and its wholesale infiltration by Gestapo like Democratic Socialist sleeper cells that investigate along political lines. The FBI must be sanctioned by cutting their budget by 30% and a purge of entrenched high year tenured FBI agents.

There are no words to evaluate Tom Kaine’s utter stupidity and synthesized partisan hackery gibberish.  It seems that the Democratic Socialist platform is basically special interest enviro-fascism, destroying the Bill of Rights, class envy, taxation, open borders, and non-value adding anti-Trump gibberish.

Good job reigning in Jeff Sessions and his hostility towards Marijuana and States Rights.   How on earth did you come to the conclusion that Jeff Sessions was right for America in the 21st century? WTF?