Bronco’s preseason opener showcases extraordinary player talent and depth

We could talk about Siemian and Sloter coming back to Denver and holding a quarterback clinic. We could talk about Paxton Lynch and how his days as a Bronco are now numbered. We could talk about Machine Gun Kelly II looking like a badass with a lightning release. Instead, let us focus on the bulk of the value adding obvious.

I am paying little attention to Case Keenum going 3 and out before giving way to Paxton Lynch’s traditional  “schitty play” and the lowest QB ratings since Chris Simms spelled Kyle Orton for a few.  Sending Keenum up against his old “almost Superbowl team” was non-value adding. In fact, it was about like sending Manning to Indy so he could beat up on Andrew Luck in front of his dedicated Indy fans and players. let us overlook the fumble for the sake of poetic license.

Instead, let us focus on Royce Freeman, the Tasmanian Devil,  The revamped O-line and how even the second and third string Bronco D-line looked like wolves tearing apart a fresh kill.

Royce Freeman can read the holes, juke like a bitch and then lay rubber. The tempo of his legs and feet become a blur as he kicks up turf and accelerates like a drag car. We all saw it. We saw a rookie that can simply “burn em off like a  1970 440 charger at Dog Pound Road in Longmont on a Friday night. I think he makes chubby bear Anderson look quite substandard.

The Broncos now have a bonified 4 yard a carry man.  Now all he needs to do is enact injury countermeasures and stay on the field. Dudes badass.

Then there is the Tasmanian Devil with incredible hands. We all saw it. Tazz reaches out and snags the ball, sucks it in quickly, and protects it.  He then jukes like a bitch and hauls ass. It is clear at this juncture that Tazz is ahead of David Williams in the depth. What a  $15,000 score. If indeed The Tasmanian Devils’ hands are as good as he demonstrated, he is a multi-role player that is a force multiplier in the backfield and down the field.

I have taken down my nude centerfold of Christian McCaffrey.

Quickly, the D-line was refreshing. They were all over the field. They made a few mistakes, but they were more like wolves with their heads bobbing back and forth while yanking and tearing meat from the bone.

It was clear that St. Joseph was giddy on the sidelines. Elwood and company have recruited massive talent. I have no doubt in my mind that Keenum will bring it all together.

Anyways, let us endure the last remains of Paxton Lynch’s not so excellent adventure in Denver. I told Elwood to keep Siemian and Sloter. Instead, he holds open enrollment for his extended quarterback handicamp for performance challenged 1st round quarterbacks complete with safe spaces and counseling sessions. The guy that cried at the Blackhole its only student. The only question that remains is do you cut him now or make Bronco fans endure the demise in excruciating detail?

I am sticking with Keenum and Kelly and begging the Vikings for Sloter. Trade them, Brandon Marshall.  Let him stay in their locker room during the National Anthem. DT shame on you! You guys have made your point and now you are simply being stupid.

Elwood looked quite handsome and stellar in his blue sports coat and white pants as he gazed from his luxury suite window. He squelched his grimace, NFL heartburn, and associative stress disorder with the swig of a double rum and coke, while he watched as Siemian and Sloter decimated the Orange Crush. Then again, it is only pre-season. During the regular season, Siemian simply cannot score and throws the ball away.  Paxton, however, likes to negotiate zero 1st downs, a 40 percent completion rating, limited yardage and then assumes his role as a QB dead man walking on the sidelines.

“Dead QB walking!!!’ Ya got yer dead QB walking here!!! DeadQB a walkin!!!!

What a bummer dude!

All is good. Just watch Royce Freeman highlights and have a $100 steak with TD.

All is well in Broncoville. Damn straight it is!!!!!


Tim Kaine condemns the Obama era of division and labelling

The hypocrisy of the liberal left is so thick, it takes a chainsaw with a new chain to cut through it.

In 2007, Howard  Dean labeled the  Republican party the old white racist party. Academics it seemed, followed suit with the analogy that the there was a party switch as well. Meaning all, the racist Democrats switched to the Republican party.  In addition, all party of Lincoln Republicans became Democrats. If we continue this inept logic then there were 60 million converted Republicans that put Obama in the White House. Moreover, 60 million Republicans converted from the party of Lincoln to the party of division, race labeling, cop hatred, open borders, socialism, and hostility towards job growth via reducing regulation, taxes and stagnate bureaucracy.

Because liberals have such a low political IQ and can be manipulated easily, the liberal yellow press relies on simple arguments and lies void of supporting premises. In fact, the liberal yellow press and Democrats will state simple lies over and over and over again, so impressionable idiot liberals will take it as gospel. That is why liberal idiots, academics and Antifa associate Republicanism with fascism and Nazi’s even though it is completely the opposite truth. Nazi’s are associated with German liberal socialism and dictatorship while fascism is a manifestation and truth that evolved from Mussolini’s fascist socialism.  However, Democrats and liberal academics continually engage in a burning of the books.   As always, Republicans are the party of educated voters while Tim Kaine’s party are heinous  Goebbelesque liars and historical revisionists.

Obama put the children of illegals in cages for 8 years. Alas, Margaret Brennan says nothing about that. Obama stoked racial hatred for 8  years as a matter of policy. Obama turned a blind eye to black on black violence. The liberal yellow press only elevated white on black crime and then blamed it on whitey. The liberal yellow press never lets a tragedy go to waste as long as it can be twisted into an anti-white Republican campaign. As far as NFL players taking a knee, their behavior has resulted in black neighborhoods becoming basically no-go zones like Muslim eras in London.  This reality has turned our inner cities into hell on earth and killing zones for innocent black children.

Of course, Tim Kaine calls Donald Trump a divider while totally avoiding the reality that Obama was the most divisive president and neo-con ass kisser in our history. As we recall, if one did not vote for Obama or his inept legislation, one was considered a racist. If one did not feel it appropriate that a man with a fake wig, fake tits, and razor stubble should use the little girl’s bathroom, one was considered a bigot. Obama also attacked faith-based organizations and attempted to normalize abortion and shove birth control down the nation’s throat. One was also considered a bigot if one did not consider sodomy at the same moral plain as the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. The biggest inept moral bi-product of the Obama administration was allowing the decadent liberal left to turn the public school system into basic training entities for gender confusion and dysphoria. Even kindergarteners are being sold at the auction block to the decadent  LGBTQ movement. It seems that even the sanctity of natural childhood development void of political agendas is being offered up to  Obama Kultur Kampf and it’s altar of moral decadence.

Never before have we witnessed a political party that is so hell-bent on undermining the strength and role of the family. Never. Their agenda is to divide and conquer the family. It takes a deep state village.

Never before have Americans endured a deep state that has so totally undermined our Bill of Rights and surveilled presidential candidates along partisan lines.  Of course, the liberal yellow press says nothing about illegal Federal corruption while elevating fake news as it relates to so-called  Trump Russia collusion.

The Democrats and the liberal yellow press have been actively dividing the country into individualized  culture, language and demographic camps for the purpose of marketing. The social media dictators are also cataloging the individual’s behavior down to a click. Today, the deep state,  information age and social media industrial complexes are surveillance and division entities that treat people like cattle.

Trump’s economic policies have almost tripled GDP growth. In 2019, millions of Americans will see a $24,000 standard deduction. As a result, Obamacare policy costs that have tripled health care costs in some states will cost less for millions of large Hispanic families..  Today, Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest rate in recorded history.  Black unemployment is at 6.6%. In reality, Donald Trump’s policies are inclusive. Today, everyone that wants the dignity of a job can probably get one. Of course, Tim Kaine wants completely open borders and no national sovereignty so illegals can take the jobs from hardworking legal immigrants. His open borders agenda is then cloaked in calling Republicans racist?

Tim Kaine is a moron that adjusts his lying protocols to meet the needs of a party that has lost its way. The only thing that the Democrats have to offer are open borders, racial division, revisionist history, fake news, and the plantation mentality of commiseration and placing blame.

It is a good thing that Trump saved us from a lying, conniving, and corrupt deep state political whore and her sidekick the political idiot Tim Kaine.

For the last 11 years, Tim Kaine’s party has been stoking the embers of division and praying on stupidity. He has zero credibility.  He is a divider and not Donald Trump. It is an insult to all Americans to elevate Tim Kaine’s revisionist gibberish.

Lastly, all Republicans want to do is lower taxes, level the playing field, and create economic prosperity. All we want to do is build the wall and recruit immigrants from across the globe that bring a vocational game to the table. Immigrants with a lust for what the American dream offers and will assimilate themselves freely into America’s melting pot of freedom. The same goal that Teddy Roosevelt and all Democrats wanted up until Trump became president.  In return for our efforts, we are labeled racists.

The liberal yellow press is sickening.

I remember when the lying, conniving political whore encouraged violence in Baltimore to kick off her campaign of division and racial hatred.

Tim Kaine, you are a moron.



Space Force Logo

Replace sky and clouds with the earth, space, and a GPS grid.  Then put a Knight on a horse holding a lightning rod.

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Case Keenum articulates awareness of Bronco offensive pitfalls

What a breath of fresh air! I have beaten the Trevor Siemian horse to death and then some. However, it is now time to compare and contrast Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian as it relates to the press conference.  With Trevor Siemian, we were treated to his boyish handsomeness and your basic college level jock simpleton diatribe. A reporter would ask a simple question and get a simple contentless answer void of expansion.  All we got was a fella that demonstrated a positive attitude with all the stale football nuances and cliches that were programmed in the highschool and college locker room.   Ok, that is great!!!  Yeah!

After day 10 or training camp, Case Keenum came in and articulated his awareness of some of the Bronco offense pitfalls. Siemian, Lynch, and Osweiler, almost threw exclusively to DT or Sanders. On occasion, they would throw to the other receivers, but for the most part, Sanders attempted to hog the show and DT remained the go-to franchise guy. Toward the end of the 2018 season, Siemian’s ability to release quickly or make second reads debilitated to the point where he could not connect with Sanders unless it was at point blank range.  Sanders ran all over the field in order to gain separation. This reality was exacerbated by a bad ankle injury etc. Meanwhile, Siemian would attempt to run for his life. Of course, by mid-season 2017, none of the three Bronco quarterbacks could score in the 1st or second half. If by chance,  they miraculously drove the ball down the field, they would inevitably throw an interception or something to that effect. The Red Zone was a no-go zone while McManus would choke early in the season.

Special teams were at a high school level.

The once extremely awesome  Bronco halftime adjustment went the way of the dodo.  Meanwhile, the Orange Crush defense would be left on the field for almost the entire game as the Three QB Stooges went 3 and out over and over and over again.

Lynch is entering his 3rd season in Elwood’s extended handicamp for performance challenged quarterbacks.  Maybe it is time for Machine Gun Kelly’s big legged nephew and a bus ticket for the Lynchmeister. Just saying. Then again, it will be excellent to see Siemian going toe to toe with Lynch and Kelly going toe to toe with Sloter. The best thing will be wtaching Kirk Cousins get his ass handed to him by Elwood’s D line from hell.

Keenum understands that in order for the Broncos WR corp to be successful, he must incorporate Hamilton and Sutton with vigor. It is a given that Sanders, as always, is going to give it 180%.  During 2017, he tried to make up for the trifecta of shitty quarterbacks at the behest of his physical health.

The Broncos used the running back hands sparingly.  Booker has proven that he has hands that are better than McKenzie’s. 2018 will see Booker breakout and eclipse 1500 yards combined yardage. In 2018, Booker improved his yards after contact in a beast mode fashion.   Dudes a stud and has made extraordinary progress over the past two seasons.  It will be interesting to see if Royce Freeman can be an adequate replacement for CJ Anderson. If his position in the draft is any indication, he will be. Henderson is ready to do some damage and should be given every opportunity to do so. Unlike the past, the Broncos have to play the dudes through thick and thin. Let me get that taste of victory instead of relegating them to the dust in the corner.

The Broncos O-line seems to have been fixed. Hopefully, Case Keenum does not have to run for his life on every down.

Lastly, Keenum told us the most obvious problems that plagued the Broncos in 2017. He also alluded to how he is going to fix it. Boy oh boy, that’s a really good start to 2018.

Now let us see some hurry-up offense, possession receiving, knowing where the 1st down marker is and not running it up the middle into a mass of defenders on 3rd and long. The good news is we have a pro bowl caliber QB and a completely updated Bronco O and D.  The 2018 Broncos are going to be brutal on the AFC West.

Case Keenum's #BroncosCamp presser

#BroncosCountry LIVE: Case Keenum meets the media after Day 10 of #BroncosCamp

Posted by Denver Broncos on Wednesday, August 8, 2018





VP Pence and Peace through Strength in space

Only two years after the end of World war II, the Air Force was created.  The Strategic Air Command would become an independent command as well. the B-17 and B-24 pattern bombing tactics that had evolved during WWII would expand to the delivery of both conventional and nuclear weapons to the far reaches of the globe. The B-52 force would become the third leg of the Nuclear Triad. Nuclear payloads could be launched on the former Soviet Union from land, sea, and air.

Today, a B-52 force with PW 1000G  gear driven turbofans could strike any location on earth with precision-guided weaponry without air refueling assets.  Acts of terror could be dealt with anywhere in the world within 24 hours by an air armada of fuel-efficient B-52s with every manner of high tech weaponry.

Aircraft navigation systems were once the domain of the rudimentary compass, airspeed,  winds and the sextant.  Navigators would use the stars to maintain a course over great distances. An aircraft on a bomb run could stray miles and miles off course.

Today, aircraft and military systems use both inertial navigation systems and the satellite-based Global Positioning System. However, over great distances INS systems are not accurate. A missile fired from a great distance might miss a target by over a mile. The GPS systems enable the ability to put a cruise missile through the window of Kim Jong Un’s motorcade from 1500 miles away. GPS would also enable pinpoint accuracy when dropping twin 20,000-pound MOABs on North Korean artillery sites from “80”  B-52s at 50,000 feet.

The protection of the GPS grid is vital to our nation’s security. Without GPS, a great percentage of our warfighting capability is diminished. We are basically back to inaccurate pattern bombing in lieu of putting a Tomahawk down Kim Jong Un’s chimney stack.

Space is a battlefield. A battlefield full of satellites.  Satellites are “intelligence”.  The balloons of the Civil war in America have become Space X satellites and Boeing built satellite killing platforms. that surveil the battlefield. Without competent surveillance apparatus, our soldiers are at a distinct disadvantage. High technology high yield precision-guided weaponry become useless. In fact, the entire US Navy devolves to the days of  “The Battle of Midway!” GPS is crucial to protecting the world’s waterways like the South China Sea. GPS is crucial to navigation and warfighting over massive distances. The Space Force and Space Superiority are crucial to every aspect of US Naval operations and navigation on the high seas.

Space intelligence and “Space Superiority” are the front line to  “Peace Through Strength. ”  Intelligence as always is a force multiplier and vital to the battlefield. Just ask Robert E. Lee when Jeb Stuart failed to surveil “The Gettysburg Battlefield just before “Pickett’s Charge.”

Abuse of the 4th Amendment by Meuller’s FBI is one thing. Space Intelligence and Space Superiority can avoid a Hiroshima level event on Anchorage, Seattle or LA. We cannot allow the rogue nation’s the ability to turn San Francisco into Dresden.

Space is also a place that spaced based anti-ballistic missile systems can be deployed. ABM systems that employ kinetic weapon magnetic shotguns that are powered by electricity and can shoot down a liquid-fueled North Korean nuclear weapon as it transitions apogee.

Space is the place where ground penetrating kinetic weaponry can be directed at places like Natanz where even bunkers that are 20 feet thick can be penetrated by depleted-uranium rods that are traveling at unimaginable speeds.

The USA must have the capability of disabling the enemy’s satellite system. The USA must maintain the capability of safeguarding our GPS system. the USA must be able to protect a massive satellite communication system and the massive GPS grid that all modern day navigation, military, and mapping systems depend on.  It is vital to our national interest and economy as well.

Space is a domain of  “Peace through Strength!”

That lone air balloon over the battlefields of Bull Run and Chancellorsville has now become a satellite. That lone bi-plane that flew over the lines of Verdun to access enemy strength has become a Space X launch vehicle. The US Signal Corps of the 1920s has become the US Space Force.

Just as we seek  “Air Superiority” over the battlefield, we must work diligently towards  “Space superiority.”

Lastly, when rogue countries like Iraq start losing a war, they lob Scuds at Israel. Should Iran acquire nuclear weapons, they too will threaten Israel. This time, however, it will be with nuclear annihilation. We must have the capability of destroying Iran’s GPS grid and countering intermediate-range nuclear threats from Iran from space if need be.

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Yellow liberal press running interference for deep state abuse of 4th Amendment

Philosophers have debated the meaning of truth for centuries.  The liberal yellow press pays zero attention to the philosophies related to understanding and delivering truth. Instead, the philosophy of truth has given way to Goebbelesque propaganda techniques on a collusive and industrial scale here in the USA.

The rise of the  Bush II computer surveillance industrial complex and the absconding of the 4th Amendment have resulted in abuse of the so-called Patriot Act along partisan political lines.

The Russians hacked the DNC during the Obama administration. Obama knew about it but stood down.  The Obama administration and DNC operatives then colluded with Hillary Clinton via the Steele dossier to manipulate the FISA courts into authorizing surveillance of a Republican presidential candidate.   This makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor. They then sought to link Russian hacking and election tampering with the Trump campaign after they lost. . All the while the Liberal Yellow press continually elevates and associates Russian hacking and election tampering with the Trump campaign in 2016? This is pure Goebbelesque propaganda techniques.  State a lie over and over again until it is accepted as truth.

The deep state and the liberal yellow press are in deep cahoots. It seems that the liberal yellow press and lying politicians are running interference for what could destroy the Democratic party and implicate several departments in the federal government from the DOJ and illegal FISA courts to the FBI.

The Meuller probe and the elevation of fake news is the enemy of the people. However, we must let it run its course.

Here we have Adam Schiff calling for a consensus and then calling Trump an impediment to the consensus? WTF?  From a guy that supports open borders, the elimination of ICE, and zero voter ID? WTF?

Adam Schiff is attempting to use logic and argument to formulate and then assert a conclusion and then blames Trump for impeding his argument?  Obama stood down when the Russians were hacking the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Now, Schiff is associating Trump with Russian collusion even though he was a private citizen? Then he is blaming Trump for impeding a suggestion before it is even considered?

This is an example of altering truth via inept argument and it’s elevation by the propaganda arm of the liberal yellow press. Adam Schiff is a purveyor of fake argument and fake news.

In this case, the liberal yellow press is willing to run interference for Obama and Clinton corruption. They are supporting the wholesale surveillance of a presidential candidate and blaming him for what happened under Obama’s watch.  They are stating a lie over and over and over again.

The liberal yellow press is actually running interference for Watergate level deep state corruption. This makes them the enemy of the Bill of Rights and We the People.

Adam Schiff, you disgust me. You are a truth-twisting piece of garbage and depend on the lying liberal yellow press to regurgitate your blatant lies and partisan hack formulated stupidity.

As far as Paula Reid, your weak assertions are completely unsubstantiated entry-level argument gibberish tailored to support liberal yellow press collusion dogma and the Goebbelesque propaganda agenda. This another example of epic fake news. You have zero journalistic integrity. You should be on the View or working with Jeong.


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The liberal yellow press enemy of truth

While folks like CNN’s Jim Acosta are not the “enemy of the people,” he is quite offensive, brusque and stale.  In addition, all of his fake news rhetoric is skewed to cast Donald Trump in a bad light.

I voted for Gary Johnson. However, even the most stupid people can see that Donald Trump is a really good president.  After a year or so, Trump proved his value to me,  an average intelligence blogger with inept control of grammar. .

Again, we used to have just ABC, NBC, and CBS. The  “Big three”  controlled the news down to affiliate stations. Their dominance would give way to cable. The internet would then explode news delivery into utter thousands of news and gibberish entities. The Big Three became a massive dilution of who controlled the news.  In addition, the hometown newspaper continues to lose market share and be scooped up by a relatively few corporate entities. 75% of the non-internet base media is made up of the liberal yellow press. As far as the internet, a few large entities control digital media down to a click. Social media is also controlled by a few giants.

Today, the President of the united states can basically communicate via tweets. He or she can completely bypass the liberal yellow press and all the so-called political content experts. The audience does not need a cable channel, free TV,  newspaper box, or phone book. All an American needs is an internet signal and an android cell phone. All the information a taxpayer needs related to what Trump is doing is a tweet and a valid non-partisan expansion from valid news organizations like “The Associated press!” We know that organizations like the New York Times and Washington Post only retain reporters and journalists that adhere to a strict biased news protocol, so they are not considered the “Free Press.” In reality, the liberal yellow press is not free press either. It is simply biased garbage.

All large newspaper organizations lose market share and then sell off to corporations that engage in the liberal yellow press.  Their editorial boards are basically worthless. That is today’s reality.

How we obtain news and information has become tens of thousands of different entities. Marketing strategies have changed as well. In fact, the once massive demographic that could be harvested by the Big Three have become every manner of subcultures and targetted audiences from LGBTQ groups to racial division groups.  The once large market has been divided and then divided again.  Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, is now using Facebook to surveil Americans for market habits in addition to censoring groups. He then sells this marketing data to other groups. Social media has become an information gathering tool that can slice, dice and catalog an individuals behavior down to a complex matrix and spreadsheet.  Porn sites catalog sexual appetite. The deep state collects all the data. The deep state can now use all the data to manipulate individuals and populations. So, much for the 4th Amendment.

Ultimately, however, the liberal yellow press has become an enemy of common sense and truth.  Even the Whitehouse press corps has become a Trump commiseration entity that suffers from TDS. At this point in history, the biased ignorance and hate of the liberal left and liberal yellow press have become something to avoid. Only people that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome want to commiserate with the liberal yellow press. It’s like a group session of mentally disturbed people spewing value less attack gibberish disguised as news.

So, yes the not so free liberal yellow press is the enemy of truth and the opiate of those that worship Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No scratch that. The liberal yellow press is and remains the fake propaganda arm of the Democrats.  A party that has regressed to unbelievably epic partisan stupidity. Navigating through the stupidty to find sound content is becoming a waste of time.

Now we know why Obama wiretapped the Associated Press.

Thats the Brod-brush.


Design document for gable detail Elderberry

After much research, we have found the horizontal glue laminates for the gable detail as engineered to be cost prohibitive and dimensionally incorrect.  Since we changed the gable fascia from 12 inches to 8 inches, an 8-inch horizontal arched beam is more appropriate. Hence we have opted to join two each 5/4 x12 x16 smart lap trim boards via glue and screw and then cut to arch. The depth of arch dimension should be 4 inches at C/L depending on best practices and determined by the builder.

The length of the arched beams on the two smaller gables to the left and right of the main gable can be no more than 96 inches, so the position of the lower corbels is predicated on this dimension and the location of the top apex of the arched windows. Again, the location of the lower corbels is predicated on 96 inches and best practices as determined by the builder.

The reason why we are limiting the arched beam length on the smaller gables is that we are using  2 each 5/4 by 12 by 16 trim boards to make two separate arched beams. If however, the length of 96 inches is inadequate then we will purchase two more boards. The initial distance will be determined by placing a horizontal 2 by 4 at the apex of each arched window from gable rake to gable rack.

The large center gable horizontal arched beam length will be determined by the installer.

The lower corbels will be made from  one 20 inch piece of smart lap trim board   backing board (5/4 x 4×20 inches)

An 11 inch long lower corbel cut from 4 by 12.

And a 15 inch  4 by 4   horizontal protruding


The 20-inch piece of backing board can be temp installed with sheetrock screws to facilitate siding install. The upper aspect of the backing board end will be cut to fit snugly against the freeze board at the appropriate angle. The upper 4 x4 x 15-inch horizontal protruding pieces can be mounted to the freeze board via angled and counterbored screws.


Please look at existing drawings and hand drawings.


VP Pence converses elegantly from the ramp of a C-17

During Iraq, I had the honor of operating the  C-141 Starlifter known as the “Hanoi Taxi” on medivacs out of Iraq.

Another honor was the repatriation of a soldier’s remains to Dover AFB or Travis.  When the aircraft arrives, it is greeted by the Honor Guard.  The removal of the casket from the aircraft is a highly scripted and honorable affair. While the body is being removed from the Air Force asset, we all remained at attention and looked on as the Honor Guard treated the fallen soldier with the utmost in respect and carefulness.

VP Pence, it seems accompanied the North Korean patriots from Hawaii to CONUS  showing a deep respect and appreciation for the MIAs that served in Korea.

Just as the repatriation of soldier remains from Vietnam ushered in an era of US/Vietnamese diplomatic and economic relations, North Korea has taken a massive and vital step towards assimilation into our global society.  This is simply wonderful for the North Korean peoples.

Should North Korea have the strength and courage to lead their country and join the world in freedom and prosperity, our patriot fallen will not have died in vain.  They will have given their final measure for freedom on the Korean Peninsula.

Hopefully, the North Korean power structure will see the wisdom in engaging the US in diplomatic and economic solutions to the current predicament and become equal partners in peace, prosperity, and a nuclear-free and United Korea. 

Thank you sir!

Message to Sarah Jeong

Some journalists go over the top and spew a firebrand version of anti-whitey rhetoric. It seems that Sarah Jeong of the New York Times is one of the more overzealous writers that is afflicted with Asian superiority complex.

Every single country in the world has its own form of racism. From the Hutus and Tutsis to New Delhi and Beijing, groups alienate themselves from others via racism, religion, or political affiliation. In South Africa, Apartheid has given way to the extermination of the white farming population and the taking of land by the government.  Another example of the racism teetertotter is  Rhodesia or untouchables in India, How about Christian beheadings on the beaches of Libya or Turkey’s elimination of Kurdish villages?   What about Bosnia or Yemen?  Today in America, even sexuality and gender are being dissected and cataloged into individual camps.  Some countries seek to maintain a homogenous society like Japan and consider all other races as inferior.  Others engage in an active genocide. History is littered with copious acts of racism. It is not limited to whites in America. In fact, it lives in countless forms across the globe.

Sarah Jeong is from South Korea. Had it not been for the white men that gave their lives for South Korean freedom, Sarah Jeong would have been born into a totalitarian state.  In fact, most of the soldiers that fought for Sarah Jeong’s country were white guys from every nation state that supported the United Nations.  Today millions and millions of white guys have served on the Korean DMZ protecting Sarah’s homeland from communist aggression and dictatorship.  If Sarah stated the same gibberish in North Korea, she would be in a North Korean concentration camp.  Oh, it is a bunch of white guys that are seeking the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula so Sarah’s aunts and cousins in Seoul are spared a Hiroshima level event.

It was white guys that created the greatest nation on earth, so she could express her 1 st Amendment rights. I don’t see that happening in China.   As it is, Sarah Jeong is bad mouthing the melting pot created by a bunch of white dudes. Her pathologically misguided and insensitive rhetoric has no place here. Her behavior is a relic of the Obama era of division and focused hatred.

In reality, South Korea is a nation of racists as well.  While they want America’s military presence and money, they have an underlying contempt for pretty much every other culture in the world. When they immigrate to the US, they immediately create mini Korea business communities complete with signs in South Korean. Many will refuse service to white customers. When they live in a third world shithole, they will do anything for the US dollar. However, when they come to the US they revert to the same racist nationalism they were accustomed to for utter centuries upon centuries.

Sarah Jeong seems to suffer from an anti-whitey racism pathos.   The pathos could have been learned in the home. Her parents may be responsible for Sarah Jeong’s conditioned aggression towards other races.  That is why teaching racism in the home is so destructive. Then again, white guys love to lust after LBFM’s.  In some regards, I do not blame her. The cycle of racism cannot be elevated in the home. It seems that the liberal left now embraces conditioned multi-generational racism if it is directed exclusively at the white races from Europe. Wonder how Sarah’s views on racism would go over in China? A nation-state of a billion homogenous beings. Would she be successful plying her trade and brand of racist nationalism there?  Or is her racism only directed at the white race? If so, she is an Asian supremacist.

This says more about her defeatist mental character than anything else.  She condemns whitey for what she herself engages in.   It is more about her failed character than her objects of contempt. Therapy would help.

But then again, it was a bunch of white guys who fought and died so she could be anyone or anything she wants in America. If she chooses to fixate on anti-whitey racism, that is her choice. Living one’s life consumed with contempt for a person because he or she is white seems to be quite a waste of time.

Putting a demonstrative and unhinged anti-whitey racist on an editorial board is quite heinous. I guess they both need therapy.

Really, you need therapy and we need an apology for your own good.

A beautiful and talented journalist cannot be consumed with hate and conditioned behavior.  Beauty goes to the core. Entertaining racist drivel is beneath your station.

Of course, she could go back to South Korea and be as racists as she wants. After all, South Korea is a single identity nation-state and many in that nation are racist to the core. Just like every other country on earth.

But seriously, Sarah, get some therapy so your conditioned racist BS does not interfere with your career or your personal well being and mental health. I think Obamacare will cover it.

really, I suggest that you visit a shrink and open a history book or just shut up!


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