Marco Rubio’s $1 trillion dollar military! This is a joke right?

As a former C-141 Flight Engineer in the Air Force reserves, I flew 5000 hours in support of our national interest. I started flying worldwide in 1991. In 2003 I was activated for Iraq and served 18 months hauling wounded soldiers. Even during the Clinton administration our military was taxed with a high operations tempo. The Clinton military  budget hovered around $300 billion. Even with a military budget of $300 billion and zero wars of choice, America was safe. Of course this changed when Saudi Arabian extremists bombed the Twin towers because our military was in Mecca during Southern Watch.. George Walker Bush would then blame Iraq for 911 and launch America into two costly an unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some estimate the war bill for Iraq and Afghanistan to exceed $4 to $6 trillion.

During the George Walker Bush administration, Republicans and Democratic Socialists grew an Orwellian police state. They created the Department of homeland security; the Department of homeland surveillance, and doubled military spending while adding another $200 billion a year in operations funding. Supporting one troop 10,000 miles away would end up costing $1 million a year. The cost per kill in Afghanistan was $1 billion per enemy troop. Meanwhile, the logistical nightmare added utter millions of flight hours to the DOD aircraft fleet. Instead of spending trillions on “Marshal Plans for Muslims,” we could have retooled the entire Air Force and Armed Forces to current cutting edge composite based clean burning technology.

George Walker Bush stated “no nation building” in 2000. Then he used the weapons of mass destruction lie to attack Iraq and destabilize the Middle East. Because of George Walker Bush and Barack Obama foreign policy ineptitude, radical Islam rose in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Now our European allies have to deal with a massive refugee crisis at their door step. Had we applied a balanced foreign policy after 911, things would be different. We would be safer. We would still have our 4th amendment rights intact. The VA budget would be $50 billion instead of $200 billion. We would not have a million case VA backlog or hundreds of thousands of wounded warriors.

It is clear that Marco Rubio will give our sovereignty away for the popular vote so he can grow military spending and engage in perpetual war. We have never had a presidential candidate promise amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants while promising more police state. Even though Marco Rubio has never served in uniform, he is promising more perpetual war to his special interest donor list. The truth is that Rubio’s perpetual war ass kissing program would add $400 billion to yearly deficits. This puts Marco Rubio in the delusional pipe dream politician category. Rubio is not a conservative, he is a Boehner McCain style military industrial complex cheerleader wannabe.

Rand Paul on the other hand wants a balanced foreign policy. He also wants to invest in our military here at home. Instead of Marshal plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away, we need to refit our aircraft fleet with new clean burning efficient technology. This would lower DOD fuel costs by utter hundreds of billions and drastically reduce carbon emissions. It used to be that  “Peace is our profession” until George Walker Bush and Barack Obama. Now it is “perpetual war is our profession.” Instead of peace dividends, our children will have to pay  trillions for foreign policy ineptitude and the utter lack in diplomacy.

The B-52 could be re-engined with the Pratt and Whitney  PW1000G engine. This would double the unrefueled range of the B-52H. This means America could respond to terrorism anywhere on the planet within hours without the need for air refueling assets. So, instead of a $trillion dollar Marshal plan for Muslims, we could have 100 B-52s with 8 million pounds of bombs show up at their door step. This how we should have responded to Afghanistan instead of trillions in nation building.

Many military units were deployed 19 times in Iraq and Afghanistan. George Walker Bush burned out the military and wore out equipment for what? Now Marco Rubio wants to follow suit?

Rand Paul is not an isolationist. Marco Rubio however, feels that the US military should do body cavity searches on s0-called terrorist 10,000 miles away at $1 million per troop per year.

Marco Rubio the poster boy for amnesty and cheer leader for a $1.5 Trillion police state? Wow…The truth is, we cannot trust this guy as far as we can throw him… Marco Rubio is an extraordinary bull shitter. We cannot afford this man in the Whitehouse or his soft in the head military industrial complex ass kissing propensities. Marco Rubio thinks we are all stupid and will respond to outright idiocy and theatrics. His generalities are insulting and sickeningly baseless gibberish. He does not know shit about foreign policy, the Military, Russian or the Middle East. He is a nincompoop.

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Jeb Bush versus Marco Rubio Florida electoral college catch 22


“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
Benjamin Franklin


Jeb Bush rode the coat tails of George Herbert Walker Bush into the governorship of Florida. For the most part, Jeb Bush was a popular governor. This reality helped George Walker Bush compete for the Florida vote against Al Gore. Of course, the dangling chad fiasco was resolved by a partisan effort in George Bush’s favor. Even today, many feel that the presidential election of 2000 was stolen from Al Gore in Florida.

In 2004, George Bush won  Florida by .5%.

Both Republicans and Democrats need Florida to win. Part of winning Florida is serenading the Cuban demographic , hence, the Latino vote. At this juncture, both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio consider the Florida vote theirs on the road to the Republican nomination. Both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio support the Karl Rove comprehensive amnesty program for America’s 11 million undocumented workers. They fancy themselves poster boys for amnesty and will give away America’s sovereignty for the vote. They will trade America’s sovereignty just to gain the presidency and enact their special interest agendas.

The catch 22 is that Jeb Bush has to execute Marco Rubio’s political reputation in order to gain  Republican favor in Florida. The consequence will be alienating Florida’s Hispanic vote and then an eventual loss of the Florida electoral college vote to Hillary Clinton.  So, Jeb Bush who won the governorship of Florida because of his father’s success will destroy the inroads to the Cuban vote by bashing Marco Rubio? Bashing Marco Rubio would then have consequences in California, Texas and other regions with a significant Hispanic voter presence.

Republicans already have an uphill battle given that a great percentage of Hispanics get free healthcare because of Democrats. Because of illegal immigration, Hispanic family wages are articially held down, hence, large Hispanic Catholic families have lower wages and per capita incomes.   Obamcare subsidies allow large Hispanic families to pay very little for Obama care insurance plans.  A policy that would cost at least $1500 a month for a large family costs pennies on the dollar. When a broken leg may cost $6000, Obamacare is a positive force for underpaid immigrants. Many Hispanics see Republicans as white racists that want to deport their mothers, take away free health care ,and anchor baby welfare checks. In addition, the Hispanic population was hit hard because of George Bush’s economic disaster. Minorities in general approve of Barack Obama’s wealth redistribution, and politics of division. The 45% of Hispanic voters that voted for George Bush no longer exist. Moreover, Obama/Clinton offers free stuff and bribes for the vote. Ben Franklin warned us.

In order to regain the Hispanic vote, Republicans will have to offer free health care or free stuff. This is where pro Obamacare Republican Brian Sandoval comes into the scheme of things. He is pro-choice, pro-Obmacare, pro-immigrant, pro-business and pro alternative energy.  He campaigned on no new taxes and then did the opposite, so, Brian Sandoval becoming pro- amnesty for the vote is not far fetched. As it is Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s presidential candidacy does not fit the current Republican paradigm. This will change when the economy collapses again because of Obama and Fed monetary policies. Brian Sandoval is a friend of the Bush family and seeks to maintain the benefits of those inroads.  he is also working diligently on an alternate route to the presidency when the paradigm swings to the center. Of course, there is also the neocon agenda.

In the “Art Of war,” one must get to know the enemy. Brian Sandoval is indistinguishable from Clinton Democrats.

So, we have Ben Carson suggesting the drone striking of baby toting illegals on the border. We have Donald Trump proposing that we should round up illegals in soccer stadiums. We now have Jeb Bush competing for the Hispanic vote with Marco Rubio while seeking to assassinate Rubio’s political reputation in Florida. Jeb Bush will destroy Republican chances in 2016.  Wow, Jeb Bush will attack Marco Rubio while offering amnesty and dealing away our sovereignty for the vote? What a Catch 22.

Because of George Bush and Barack Obama policies, the Middle East is in shambles and there are 20 million Muslim refugees seeking asylum in Europe. George Bush’s “Crusades” have created an epic problem for our European allies. Not only did Bush, Cheney Rumsfeld Rove and Wolfowitz destroy Middle East stability, they absconded our 4th amendment rights,  wire tapped foreign leaders and then cause a massive refugee crisis for Germany. Americans and the Europeans see Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as just a continuation of the idiocy. In fact, Barack Obama should go back to Berlin and apologize for his stupidity.

At this juncture, Rand Paul is the only candidate that has not alienated Hispanics, Blacks or mainstream Republicans. He did side with Hillary on Cuba however.  A Rand Paul/Brian Sandoval ticket would be hard to beat. It is time for Jeb Bush to simply bow out with dignity. Then again, given Barack Obama’s monetary polices and the current boomer demographic, the next president will inherit a mess. Perhaps it is fitting that the economy shits the bed under Hillary Clinton so it paves the way for Nevada governor Brian Sandoval in 2020.

Without the Hispanic vote, it will be impossible to win the popular vote. In some regards, it is within our national interest to set up gridlock in Congress so the Federal Government cannot grow. It is clear that the policies of our Federal government have set up a scenario where Democrats go full socialist. Then America turns into a stagnate South American style Hugo Chavez socialist state and the end of the Republic.

Even if Jeb Bush wins the nomination, this Republican will simply not vote.

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Marco Rubio and the gang of illegal immigrant ass kissers

What do Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have in common?  They all supported amnesty for illegals. As a member of the so-called “Gang of eight,” Marco Rubio supported wholesale amnesty for the vote.

When I attended a leadership forum in DC, it came clear that they had adopted the Karl Rove/Jeb Bush position of comprehensive immigration reform. Rove /Bush special interest Neocon Republicans are so hard up to win so they can enact their perpetual war agenda, they will hand our sovereignty to Mexico. This is bizarre since the Neocon efforts in Iraq, Syria, and Libya have led to 20 million Muslims refugees wanting into Europe.  Bush/Obama/ Neocon foreign policies have also spurned an increase in rapes and violence in both Europe and the United States.

So, not only do Neocons like Marco Rubio want to give amnesty to hordes of illegal Mexicans as terms of endearment for the vote, their efforts have created a massive refugee crisis in Europe. Marco Rubio fell hook line and sinker for the Rove/Bush/Neocon agenda and fancied himself the poster boy for amnesty.

In reality, Marco Rubio is a waffling single term senator that knows how to bullshit.  He can even bullshit in Spanish and offer amnesty for the vote. This is a joke.

Marco Rubio is not his own man. He cannot be trusted to manage this country and will fall in line with the failed Rove/Bush and Obama policies of the past.


Americans are sick of McCain, Graham, and Rubio. It is time they are voted out of office.


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George Herbert Walker Bush distances himself from GW

When I enlisted in the military in 1977, we did not wear our uniforms at the airport. It was only 2 years from the fall of Saigon, and the Woodstock generation still called the military “Baby killers!” Jimmy Carter was in office and the American economy was adjusting to a post Vietnam  “strictly butter” economy.  Nixon had taken us off the gold standard and home mortgage rates were over 12%.

Today, the Woodstock generation is 70 years. They no longer riot or protest wars of choice. They are too busy fixating on stock market P/E ratios at 30, checking the mailbox for the SS check, and organizing their pill boxes. The younger generation are too busy texting gibberish, and waiting tables to pay off student loans. Then again, mass attention deficit disorder precludes our younger generation from paying attention to anything that affects their future.

After Vietnam, the LBJ/Nixon style war mongers laid low until Desert Storm. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, George Herbert Walker Bush gained an overwhelming mandate to kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and restore Sykes Picot. Saddam Hussein’s forces were routed from Kuwait within days after a massive American military build up. After the “highway of death” slaughter, the international community called for a stop to the war. Meanwhile in Southern Iraq, thousands of Shiite Muslims were rebelling against Saddam Hussein. Once a cease fire agreement was attained, Saddam Hussein turned his Sunni controlled army and air force against the Southern Shiite. The Shiite felt betrayed by GHW Bush. Many neocons at the time, wanted to go all the way to Baghdad. Instead, George Herbert Walker Bush stuck to his mandate and withdrew from Iraq. In response to Saddam Hussein gassing Kurds in the North and slaughtering Shiite in the South, the Northern and Southern no fly zones were later established.  Northern Watch and Southern Watch as they were called would remain in force until the Iraq war in 2003.

As a consequence of the Southern no fly zone, Saudi extremists who despised the US military in Mecca responded by bombing the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and then high jacking airplanes to attack the world trade centers on September 11, 2001. George Walker Bush then used the symbol of 911 and the weapons of mass destruction lie to attack Iraq.

Unlike the George Herbert Walker Bush administration,  The George Walker Bush administration was run by neocons who only wanted war profit. Without the baby boomer rioting in the streets, the neocon perpetual war agenda went on and on and on. In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama picked up the neocon torch, surged in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and also attacked Libya. Of course he then abandoned Iraq and allowed the blood of American soldiers to go to waste. Hence, the brutality of Saddam Hussein was then replaced by the extreme insanity and brutality of ISIS.  The perpetual war bill slipped to Americas future generations.

George Herbert Walker Bush understood the balance of power in the Middle East. He established appropriate military mandates and stuck to them. He remembered the sins of Vietnam. His efforts during Desert Storm brought the pride back the uniform of the soldier. We were no longer considered baby killers and welcomed back as heroes and patriots.

George Walker Bush was a dumb ass who did not understand balance of power in the Middle East. He used an orchestrated weapons of mass destruction lie to attack Iraq and destabilize the entire Middle East. Because of George Bush, many military units were deployed 19 times in combat zones. The VA budget has ballooned from $50 billion a year to close to $200 billion. There are a million VA backlog cases. All told, the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan will cost $4 to $ 6 trillion. So, while Bush 41 brought pride back to the uniform, Bush 43 was a neocon ass kisser that put war profiteers and a donor list ahead of common sense, diplomacy and the lives of our soldiers. Because of George Walker Bush, America has been engaged in an endless war for close to 14 years with no end in sight.

George Herbert Walker Bush had to deal with the “Its the economy stupid!” he also led a successful war in the Middle East. He went in removed Saddam Hussein and got out. Had it not been for Ross Perot and the yellow press, George Herbert Walker Bush would have been re-elected.

George Walker Bush collapsed the economy and got America into a Middle East quagmire.

But then again, Bush 41 served in war while Bush 43 skipped out of Vietnam and never showed up to fly at his cushy Air Guard unit.

If I were George Herbert Walker Bush, I would throw junior under the bus in order to maintain my own historical legacy as a good  and balanced president who brought pride back to the uniform. .

Mission accomplished.


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Analyzing the Obama Legacy

Every president writes his memoirs, unless of course they are assassinated before they leave office. George Washington’s legacy was independence, freedom, and liberty.  James K Polk’s legacy was the fulfillment of our manifest destiny. Abraham Lincoln’s legacy was the ending of slavery and federal centralized control. Teddy Roosevelt brought us the great white fleet, trust busting, and the national park system. FDR brought us social security , won WWII, and expanded the role of the federal government.  Kennedy cut taxes, avoided nuclear war, and was shot from the 3rd floor of the Texas book depository. LBJ gave us Medicare, the Great society, and the Gulf of Tonkin lie .Nixon took us off the gold standard, bombed Hanoi, and wiretapped the Watergate hotel.  Carter stuffed the department of education down our throats and wore heinous sweaters. Reagan brought the Soviet Union to it’s knees and tore down the Berlin wall while running up massive debt. Bill Clinton lied about a blow job in the oval office and used the social security surplus for his budget surplus smoke and mirrors campaign. George Bush 43, used the symbol of 911 to attack Iraq, spent the entire social security trust fund on perpetual war, destabilized the Middle East, and also plunged the American economy into the great recession.

So, what is Barack Obama’s legacy?

The last two presidents that truly gave a damn about the national debt was Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  Under Reagan, the national debt ballooned. During the Clinton dynasty, the national debt continued to grow, however, this reality was masked by the social security trust pumping up the general fund. Had Clinton not used the social security trust to make his deficit numbers look better, the federal government still ran huge deficits. In addition, demographics and the rise of the information age helped Bill Clinton look good. Bush 43, in Reagan fashion , pumped billions into military spending, wars of choice, and then left the Middle East and America’s economy in ruin. Trickle down economics only trickled to the military industrial complex. Bush 43 sought to shoot off every single bullet and bomb in the Arsenal of democracy. All for special interest political donations from war profiteers. Collectively, Bush and Obama destabilized the Middle East so much so, that 20 million Muslim refugees are knocking at the door of Europe. In essence, Bush and Obama have accelerated the Islamization of countries like Germany. Obama wiretaps Angela Merkel’s cell phone and then creates a massive refugee crisis for Germany to deal with..


In 2008, Barack Obama could have simply reduced spending to pre-2008 levels. This in conjunction with eliminating the Bush 2% tax cut would have reduced yearly deficits buy utter hundreds of billions. Instead, Barack Obama became the yes man for huge government and put the pedal to the metal. The anti war candidate turned into the arms salesman in chief. Of course, Republicans clung to the 2% Bush tax cut and simply slipped the deficit bill to our children.  Meanwhile, John Boehner smoked 3762 packs of unfiltered red box Marlboros and cried for more perpetual war spending. All of it unchecked liberal government class and neocon ass kissing political theater.In reality, Obama and Boehner were America’s finest and most successful arms salesmen second only to GW and big dick Cheney.Shock and awe turned into shock and awe shit under Obama.

During the Bush 43 administration, the American economy was crushed by the dangling chad fiasco in Florida, the dotcom bust and then 911. Greenspan lowered interest rates to prop up the stock market and irrational exuberance. After the stock market crashed, investors then fixated on a housing bubble.  Of course, in 2007 the entire house of cards collapsed.

In response, Barack Obama said we must spend ourselves out of debt. Interest rates were lowered to zero, and the FED engaged in open ended quantitative easing, debt monetizing, and bond/toxic asset repurchase. In reality, Wall street received a massive subsidy while the federal government printed money from thin air and ran serial 1 trillion dollar yearly deficits. . As a result, America is again in a condition where the stock market is propped up, savings interest is less than .5%, and the housing market is inflated. The national debt has ballooned form $9.9 trillion under Bush 43 to $20 trillion under Obama. Because of Fed rates, bond repurchase, and debt monetizing, the interest payment on $20 trillion in national debt has been artificially held down. Once Fed rates and bond rates are increased, the interest on the national debt eclipses social security outlays.

Obama’s legacy is a legacy of debt. Our children will be paying for Obama’s monetary policies and $10 trillion forever. Instead of Cola increases to Social security, hard federal revenue will have to go to servicing the debt. So, while several million folks get free healthcare, and gays can get married, the way we fund our federal government has been forever handicapped by Obama incompetence.  In lieu of an economic messiah, Obama has engineered another catastrophic market collapse. We know this when the DOW plunges 2500 points with the threat of a 1/2 point Fed rate increase. Obama’s legacy is a legacy of economic incompetence, inept monetary policies, rampant debt, inept foreign policy, freebies, amnesty, compromising our sovereignty, surveillance,  and stoking the fires of racial discord.  Thats it.

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Yellow press attacks Ben Carson while leaving Benghazi Hillary the liar alone

Ben Carson states that some folks said he could get a scholarship to West Point and the lying liberal yellow press turns it into a witch hunt. Meanwhile, Benghazi Hillary Clinton the serial lying bitch goes un-challenged for her massive Benghazi lie. What a double standard. Ben Carson saves 15,000 lives as a surgeon while Hillary Clinton’s incompetence gets 4 Americans killed, and she then dances on their graves.

Ben Carson is too black  and too successful for the Democratic socialist liberal elite. The esteemed surgeon that was raised by a single mother and pulled himself out of the ghetto does not rank with Obama the dope smoker from Honolulu.  Ben Carson is a role model for the ending of the rampant black on black youth slaughter, but the liberals avoid this reality. Black candidacies matter only when a black candidate for president is a Democratic Socialist.

Obama’s presidency will cost our children an additional $10 trillion, but the liberal yellow press is worried about a West Point scholarship miscommunication? WTF?

It is clear that the folks at Politico are journalistic-ally and ethically challenged special interest backed jackasses.


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Politico’s yellow press lies about Ben Carson

Politico has stooped to lying about Republicans and plugging for the liar Hillary Clinton.

Here is what Ben Carson actually said.

At the end of my twelfth grade I marched at the head of the Memorial Day parade. I felt so proud, my chest bursting with ribbons and braids of every kind. To make it more wonderful, We had important visitors that day. Two soldiers who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor in Viet Nam were present. More exciting to me, General William Westmoreland (very prominent in the Viet Nam war) attended with an impressive entourage. Afterward, Sgt. Hunt introduced me to General Westmoreland, and I had dinner with him and the Congressional Medal winners. Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point. I didn’t refuse the scholarship outright, but I let them know that a military career wasn’t where I saw myself going.

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For the yellow press lying idiots at Politico, here is what a real liar looks and sounds like:



Hillary’s Benghazi lie in all it’s glory

When Bill Clinton lied about getting a blow job in the oval office, he was almost impeached. Bill Clinton lied straight to our faces, and then stated some gibberish about the meaning of is is. One can envision Bill Clinton stating “deny, deny deny” in his Arkansas draw.

There are other parallels.  Hillary Clinton served on the Watergate commission as a corrupt attorney. She was then fired. Nixon was being attacked for wiretapping. During the Obama era, Hillary Clinton wiretapped foreign leaders via the NSA, and used her own private email server to store classified materials. Just as the Nixon tapes were missing several minutes, Hillary Clinton’s server is missing several months of what should have been public and governmental domain and archives..

Of course, the yellow press will attempt to shame use into voting for a liar.

When I was a young man, I would get the belt for lying. In the Boy-scouts and the military our core beliefs forbid lying.  A Cadette at West Point or any of the military academies would be dismissed for the slightest lie. Lying on a resume can get you fired. Lying on a military enlistment or federal job application will get you fired. Lying in a court of law can get you a prison sentence.  Our children have always been taught that honesty is the best policy. It used to be that liars were condemned and berated. While “lying for Islam”  is encouraged, lying for political expedience in America is still lying. Hillary Clinton basically lied for Islam, and construed the death of Ambassador Stevens into a presidential race winning construct. Hillary lied to our faces to win an election, and then left the Middle east in ruin. Hillary and her staff are basically lying stupid idiots and the video below exposes this in all it’s glory.

Anyways, here is Hillary Clinton lying to the American people so Democrats can win in 2012. Hillary Clinton told foreign leaders the truth, while lying to the American people’s face. The truth is that Americans cannot believe a single word that Hillary Clinton states. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton’s in general are serial liars and will say and do anything to maintain their narcissistic control freak personality disorders.


So, Bill, Hillary  “is” a liar and that is the meaning of is.


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Are Hillary Supporters basically stupid people?

In 2008 and 2012, Democrats sought to shame independent voters into supporting Barack Obama. If one did not vote for Obama , one was considered an old white racist bigot. This mantra was then extended to the House and Senate when Republicans would not support Obama’s inept budgets or attacks on the Bill of Rights.  If a Congressman or Senator did not support Obama’s ineptitude or penchant for bigger government,  they were considered a racist or a bigot. Illegal immigrants expanded the mantra further by insinuating that  Americans that did not support amnesty were racists.  Next, Liberals then began attacking the symbols of our Democracy by seeking to change the faces of “The Founders” on our currency, as well as, removing statues of Thomas Jefferson from college campuses etc. It is clear that if left unchecked, Obama/Clinton style Democrats would erase the Bill of Rights, and eliminate all symbolism related to the Founding Fathers.  This is the same behavior that Russian Communists engaged in under Lenin and Stalin.

Democrats fully supported the removal of Christianity from our school system. They then fully supported redefining marriage between a man and a man. The Democratic controlled state of Oregon fined a business and drove a family into bankruptcy for not baking a cake for a same sex couple . Democrats then supported Muslims that were fired from their jobs because they would not deliver beer? Hillary Clinton blamed Benghazi on a video. Being politically correct with regards to Islam was more important than telling the truth to Americans. Islam, a 7 century religion, that engages in the practice of removing  the clitorises of female children, stones women to death, and gives light sentences for rape. While same sex marriage was passed by a voter majority in several states, Islamic extremists in some countries, give homosexuals the death penalty.  Of course, anyone who does not support Obamacare birth control is engaging in a war on women?

Hillary Clinton lied to our faces concerning Benghazi, blames it on a video, and tells the leaders in Muslim counties the truth about the terrorist attack, hence, Muslim leaders in third world shit holes are allowed the truth, while the American people are lied to?  It seems that Hillary Clinton does not respect the American people.

In the past, any party that supported giving away our sovereignty  to Mexico would be considered  traitors. Any politician that  supported same sex marriage would have been considered a pervert. Any politician that turned a blind eye to the implementation of Sharia law would have been removed from office. Now, Hillary supporters can be talked into anything.

In reality, Democrats feed off of division, and wealth envy. They like to give their supporters free shit. Today, a lazy Democrat can get free housing ($1500); free health care ($1500); Free food stamps ($500), and free Social Security ranging from $600 to several thousand a month. So, while most Americans work their asses off and never ask for a hand out, Obama’s welfare elitists make $75,000 a year in hand outs. Obama and Clinton supporters vote Democrat and lean towards socialism because they are the ones getting the free shit. While a hard working employed family pays the taxes, and the high cost of Obamacare, Obama’s welfare elite gets free shit and have zero skin in the taxation game. If one does not support this construct, one is considered a bigot or a racist.

It is only a matter of time before Hillary insinuates that Americans who do not vote for her are engaging in a war on women. Even though Hillary supports amnesty for 20 million illegals, inept monetary policy, wars of choice, and immorality, you will be labeled a bigot for not voting for her. Democratic operatives and the yellow press will actually seek to shame Americans into voting for a liar.

In reality, Hillary Clinton is a liar and a narcissistic personality disorder that danced on Ambassador Steven’s grave. She is not a role model for our children. In fact, Hillary supporters are basically stupid socialists with zero moral fiber or common sense.

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