Will Trevor Siemian improve or is stagnation the status quo?

The 2016 season started out well for Trevor Siemian. He could score in the first and second halves even with a terrible running game and porous offensive line. After he was thrown to the ground and suffered a grade 5 shoulder separation on his left shoulder, his 3rd down conversion rate looked quite Tebowesque. However, there would be very little scoring in the second half as the season progressed.  Siemian could not run for fear of compounding his injury. The running game sucked. The offensive line was the worst in recent memory, and everyone in the NFL knew what Kubiak was going to do on every play.

With Tebow, after dozens of 3 and outs, you just knew he was going to finally do something in the 4th quarter. The defense kept the score close and then finally Tebow would come out of his quarterback coma and get it done. If the run game sucked, he would run the ball himself. Tebow could not hit the broadside of a barn, but the O-line was a thing of beauty and gave him a few minutes to wind up and throw each down. Of course, his season would end with a schooling from Tom Brady, after serving Big Ben a helping of Demaryius Thomas out in the open in overtime.

John Elway made adjustments to the worst running game in Bronco history. In addition, he made some really solid FA deals, and also acquired a Mormon monster that runs as fast a grizzly. Kubiak saw the writing on the wall and rode off into the Colorado sunset maintaining his Manning/ Elway Superbowl 50 legacy. In lieu of stagnating in Denver like he did in Houston, Kubiak baled smartly. Of course, Osweiler would become the biggest QB bust in NFL history. But then again the ASU dude should not care because he will take $36 million home to Montana. Meanwhile, Trevor makes only a little bit more than the practice squad.

John Elway also made huge changes in the coaching staff along with picking up an ADHD QB and a mini  5′ 7″ running back that can put defenders on their asses. He also took a chance on Jamaal Charles. When the Bronco O-line is up to snuff, they have had wonderful luck with veteran backs if they stay healthy.  It will be nice to see when Charles takes Andy Reid’s Chiefs out of playoff contention.

We can only hope that Booker ups his game and CJ stays healthy. As it is, the RB corp will have to be trimmed, and unless Juwan  Thompson substantially betters his performance, he will be gone like Bibbs.  In hindsight, getting rid of Ronnie Hillman was just as stupid as letting Knowshon Moreno walk.

I figure that Trevor Siemian has 3 more games to prove himself or he rides the bench and gets dumped in the post season. Elway dumped Tebow in a New York minute in favor of Manning. If Siemian cannot perform after all the coaching and player adjustments,  Elway won’t feel bad when he gives him the Plummer/Shanahan slip.  In addition, unless Siemian solidifies his QB prowess, he will be relegated to low level offers from other teams. John Elway sees something in Siemian, so he will let this run its course. There won’t be any billboards just two less than average post-Manning quarterbacks and a losing season. It will be interesting if Machine gun Kelly’s nephew steps in and beats the bobzy never score in the second half twins out for the start. Paxton Lynch reminds me a Chris Simms and his less than stellar Orton replacement play.

Yupp, I say Siemian has 3 regular season games left if he sucks like he did when he played with a grade 5 shoulder separation. Like Shanny and RGIII, Kubiak played Siemian when he should have had surgery. What a tuff SOB. The 2017 schedule is tuff as hell…. It would be great if Siemian had an attitude like Derick Car, otherwise, 2017 will be a long season. .


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Adam Laxalt turning his back on Groom Mine

Ever since the Comstock lode, there has been a robust tradition of mining in the State of Nevada. As a child that attended Mineral County schools, I cut my teeth on stories of Mark Twain prospecting for gold and silver in Aurora, Nevada or editing for the Territorial Enterprise.  As a student and protege of “the real Nevada,” I learned to tell it like it is and pull no punches. We learned the value of a good woman, the value of a good piece of land with water rights, and the difference between a worthless horse and a well trained Nevada cow pony that could run cattle. As real Northern Nevadans, we learned to always tell the truth and stand for what is right.

Staring down a long mine shaft at Lucky Boy pass would cause wonder for the days when jackasses pulled ore carts,  and dusty tired miners worked hard to find that rich vane of treasure.  As children of Nevada, we were obligated to beg our parents for a trip to Virginia City, the Ponderosa ranch,  Rawhide,  Lake Tahoe,  or the Ruby Marshes to fish 18 inch Rainbows and Bass. As children of Nevada, we were obligated to journey to every mining ghost town or even pan for placer gold in the Carson river. Instead of the overcrowded city streets of California, we ran free in the deserts and mountains of a free Nevada. The Nevada mining tradition, the concepts of freedom, property rights, and the  Nevada childhood are inseparable.

As adults, many Nevadans we have grown up with would end up working for large mining operations. Mining operations that pay good wages for a good day’s work and allow a man  or  a woman to build a home and raise a family. Mining operations that create jobs and copious revenue for all manner of commerce and the Silver State. Every year, politicians embark on political pilgrimages that pay homage to the mining industry. Some tout how they cleaned sheep pens as proteges to former statesmen, but then remain lackadaisical as the Federal government takes precious grazing land and water rights. Instead of standing up for the rancher, we see politicians fixating on the gender confusion agenda. Instead of paying Nevada homeowners a fair price for their properties during eminent domain actions, they offer pennies.  In lieu of defending Nevadans and their property rights, some serenade Las Vegas billionaires or focus on passing “Feel good bills” that are terms of endearment for a specific voter demographic.

There were rumors that Adam was a lousy attorney and lackadaisical worker before he became the Attorney General of Nevada. We also gave him the maximum benefit for his service in the Navy, even though he was simply a lawyer in the safe green zone of Iraq for a couple months. Because Adam is a Laxalt, he is given the Laxalt benefit even when he does not deserve it.  Nevada’s love tradition and love Paul Laxalt. Sadly, Adam has not lived up to his grandfather’s legacy. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Today, the Air Force has taken Groom Mine as a matter of eminent domain. Groom Mine has been mined by the same Nevada family since the 1880s or about 20 years after Nevada became a state. During the nuclear tests at Groom Lake, the Air Force bombed the Groom mine and took the Groom Mine mill out of service. Now, they are simply taking the Groom Mine away from Nevada citizens.  It is said by experienced geologists that Groom Mine is sitting on top of a billion dollars in ore along with several aquifers that are plum full of pristine water that falls to Groom Lake. Of course, the Air Force took Groom Mine and 400 acres as well as equipment, buildings and a graveyard full of Native Nevada veterans that served this country. All the while, Nevada’s so-called Attorney general has done nothing. Defending Nevadans and their property rights is part of Adam Laxalt’s job, but he has done nothing. This reality of lackadaisical performance precludes Adam from every playing the Laxalt tradition card of  Basque sheep herding or being a good friend of Reagan.

It is clear that Adam Laxalt is no Paul Laxalt and does not deserve the free ride any longer.  He is a lackadaisical public servant and is not doing his job worth a damn. Nevadans have to call it as it is. Hell, Adam doesn’t even care if the Sheahans get a jury trial. At this juncture, Adam Laxalt is no different than a worthless horse. It is time to cut off the oats.

Written by: Stephan Andrew Twain Brodhead


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