Time to set and execute some goals

As we recall, I spent $500 bucks on Facebook ads for Adam Laxalt in 2014 two weeks before the election. I targeted specific voter demographics in swing communities. I probably had about a million impressions or so. I defended Adam laxalts shitty smoke and mirror veteran resume and attacked the Ross fellow. he won by 5000 votes. While I do not take credit for his win, I will take a little credit for helping the group think along.  Take it as you will control freak neocon ass kissing back stabbers.


I can either fixate on inept, impotent, and self-serving political hacks or I can go about my own business. As it is, I have rentals to maintain in Pahrump, Nevada, Beaver, Utah and Boulder, Colorado. I have few errands to do here and then it is off on a new adventure.

My wife is receptive and interested in a home in Gardnerville. I will address that once we have built a home on our 2.7-acre view property in Colorado. I have to spend my time on building my own wealth and livelihood and can no longer muster a propensity to fixate on Nevada leadership.

I understand that the Nevada caucus is a highly controlled voting structure dominated by the political elite. Hence, I will make my move when the general election arrives. In Nevada, the line between Republican and Democratic control of the governorship is razor thin. In order to win state wide elections, Republicans must rely on “Identity politics candidates” like Brian Sandoval or Catherine Cortez Castro Masto.  One has to have a Hispanic heritage to win.  Of course, Adam laxalt relies on his Basque heritage as a vehicle to win. However, abandoning Nevada’s mining heritage and Groom Mine is something the shitty lawyer and smoke and mirrors zero won’t be able to overcome.

However, abandoning Nevada’s mining heritage and Groom Mine is something the shitty lawyer and smoke and mirrors zero won’t be able to overcome.

Adam laxalt’s service in Iraq was an extraordinarily bloated up and bombastic falsehood.

Because of Laxalt’s last name, he is handed everything on a platter whether he deserves it or not.

Sounds like Adam laxalt was a crap attorney and now a corrupt and inept attorney general. Now he wants to play an undeserving hand to run for governor.

Laxalt parachuted into Nevada only a few years ago. Now he wants everyone to believe that he is worthy of the governorship just because he is the bastard son of a Republican Senator and the grandson of a Laxalt.

Its all about the cover of the book and elevation.

Anyways, I will go about making another couple hundred thousand this year on Real estate and finish my book when I have started on my Colorado home build. But first, I have to get good at some design software.


Diane and I also have to get on Tri-Care and shitcan Obamacare…

Adam laxalt is an undeserving smoke and mirrors shit candidate for governor..



Brodheads were the first to talk about VA benefits at Valley Forge

While Adam Laxalt was in the Green Zone for a few months to notch his political bucket list, I was flying worldwide 7 to 10 days a month for close to two decades. While he was eating at the officer’s mess, I was pulling nuclear alert and pushing maintenance stands through two feet of snow at 85 below zero.  While the Laxalts were eating at the tables at the highest levels of the political elite, my father was dying from exposure to Agent Orange.

Little Adam serves a few years and gets everything handed to him on a platter.  I serve from 1977 to 2006, and you think me obtuse and unworthy….???

Adam laxalt will have us eat sheep balls, but he does not have the balls to stand up to the Air Force and stand with the folks at Groom Mine. He must have tiny little political nuts….  Well, I think I will cut his political balls off and fry em up for him. Then I will present them to all Nevadans complete with a salad, and some shitting spicy sausage.

Mining is on the Nevada seal and you don’t have the balls to stand up for Miners in the State of Nevada?  Whaaaaat the Fuuuuuuuck??????That qualifies you as a traitor Adam!

If Adam Laxalt cannot stand with miners, how can he stand with ranchers, veterans, and Nevada  citizens as the Governor of the Silver State? This is a Catch 22!!!

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir, I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Stephan Brodhead




Here let me show you what honor really is….


Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, 30 December 1777

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman

Quarters [Valley Forge] Decr 30th 1777

At the Request of his Excellency the Commander in chief I take the Liberty of addressing you with a few Remarks, which have occured to me, relative to the Minutiæ of our Army: and some which in my Opinion may, by able Hands be improved, into Usefull Regulations.

I have had the Mortification to see that the different Staff Departments, have been for the greater part filled, with Men of low Ideas & indifferent Characters, owing perhaps to a Resolve of Congress which Declares, that, no Person in our Army should hold two Commissions1—This Resolve, altho I do not understand that, a Staff Officer at present holds a Commission, seems to have prevented Commissioned Officers being appointed into the Staff Department; which I conceive to be injurious to the Service; For were those Departments filled with Officers from the Line, they would not suffer themselves to be insulted in doing their Duty, as too many of the Officers in those Departments at present do, and their Honour would urge them to every exertion, in the way of their Duty: And upon this Plan, I am clear, that one half the Officers now employed in the Staff Departments, wou⟨ld⟩ be quite sufficient, for the Duty required of them. At present it is too obvious to escape the attention of a discerning Eye, that too many being employed for nearly the same Duty, their reliance on each other, and not being made of sufficient Consequence, occasions the greatest Supineness, Negligence & disorder.

I think it was also Resolved in Congress, that where Rations of Forage were not drawn for Horses, no back Rations should be paid for2—This appears to me very unreasonable, with equal Justice might they refuse Paying back Rations for Men, when their Commissaries neglected to Furnish them—This Resolve has in my opinion been Productive of very great Evil in our Army, I will not undertake to say that the Commissaries of Forage have been the more negligent on this Acct. But whether they have or not I believe it will not be denyed that the Inhabitants have been great suffere⟨rs⟩ in having Forage taken from them, without receiving the least satisfaction for it—I am persuaded this wa⟨s⟩ the case for this Reason. Officers could not, out of their Pay, afford to pay the Prices demanded for Forage, unless some equivalent was allowed for the unsupplied Rations; and yet their Horses must be fed or rendered unfit for Service; besides this the Rations allowed for Horses are by no means sufficient at this season of the Year unless the Horses are well Sheltered from the inclemency of the Weather.

I am informed that great waste is suffered of that valuable Article Hides, but as I am not well informed, shall say nothing more than that it might not be amiss for the Commissary of Hides, to be ordered to settle with the Commissary Genl of Purchases and see whether he has done his Duty.

I conceive that if proper Persons were appointed to gather the dirty Tallow of the Beef Cattle slaughtered for our Army, which at present is carelessly thrown away, & of the Ashes which might be collected from the Hutts, and furnished with large Kettles for Boiling Soft Soap, that the noncommissioned Officers & Privates of the whole Army might, soon be supplied with a sufficient Quantity to wash their Linnen, and a great quantity of Salt which must be used, for making Hard Soap saved to the United States. And if proper persons were appointed to Boil out the oil which the feet of the Cattle would produce, that a sufficient Quantity might be procured for Oiling the Arms, Accoutrements & Harness belonging to this Army.3

No Cause being greater or better than the Cause of America, her Officers ought to be put on as respectable a footing as any in the World—A Value ought to be set on their Commissions and their Commissions made transferable, the only mode to retain Gentlemen in the Army, and induce others to enter the Service—All Officers ought to receive half Pay during Life and be liable to be called into Actual Service when required. And where an Officer falls in the Service, his widow if he leaves one, ought to receive half pay during the Term of her Natural Life, And the Male Children of the Officers, ought to be Educated & brought up, at the Expence of the United States, according to the Rank & Merit of their Fathers, and they should be subject to be called into the Service in a suitable manner, as soon as they arrived to a proper Age.4

Noncommissioned Officers have not Sufficient respect shewn them, and their Authority over the Privates is not supported as it ought to be—Their Cloathing ought to be far Superiour in Quality to the Privates, and should have sufficient to enable them always, to appear clean before the Men. And as they are the active Officers, they ought, (especially the deserving among them) to be Carest. All Officers sent on Publick Business, ought to be allowed Forage for their Horses, & reasonable Expences.

It ought to be at the option of the Officers, either to draw Money for their retained Rations, or draw them in Bulk.

A Grand Sutler ought in my opinion to be appointed to each Division of the Army, & furnished with Liquor for the Officers at a reasonable rate, and the Officers to be allowed to draw, as many Jills of Spirits as they are entitled to Rations, but the Returns for Spirits ought to be made for all the Officers of the Regt at one Time, & signed by the Commanding officer of the Regt, & divided between the Messes by the Qr Master Sergeant, This Sutler should not be allowed to take any Profit on the Liquor, but be allowed Wages for his Trouble.

The Cloathing of the Army being generally too small, I apprehend it would be best to have the Patterns cut larger, and leave it to the Regimental Taylors (of whom there is commonly a sufficient number) to fit the Cloathing to the Men.

Colonels of Regiments, ought to be permitted to employ Agents, at such Towns or Places as they might Judge Proper, to Provide Cloathing for their own Regiments, especially as it appears that the Cloathier Genl & his Deputies fall greatly Short of Supplying the Army: and that Department, on the present Plan, has too great a Monopoly of Publick Contract for a few individuals, daily complained of, to Retain.

Regimental Paymasters paying individually the Privates of their Regts, I apprehend to be wrong. For at the same time that it saves the Captain’s some Trouble, it renders the Soldier too independent of his Officer, and puts it out of the Officers Power, without risk, to assist their Men with Money; altho they may be distrest for want of a small Sum, which is often the case in the Absence of the Regimental Paymasters; whereas if the Pay of the Companies was put into the Captns Hands, they being the best Judges of the immediate Wants of their Men, could have the Monies laid out by the Consent of the Men, to their Advantage. And all the Casualty Monies remaining in the Captains Hands, after Paying their Companies, should be put into the Colonels Hands as a purse for the contingent Expences of the Regt, for the due expenditure of which, the Coll should render a fair account to his Brigadier, every six Months.

The sick in Regiments are by no means Provided for, as they ought to be; and the Trifle of small Comforts provided for the Men, it is said, are commonly used by the Surgeons, to the great injury of the Sick: Each Regt ought to be furnished with a Hutt in Winter, and a large Hospital Tent in Summer, and no more of the Sick sent to Hospitals than cannot be avoided, as their Distance from the Regiments, affords great oppertunity for unnecessary absence from Camp, & finally Desertion.

The Division or Brigade Quarter Masters ought, to take great care, that the Horses assigned their Divisions or Brigades, have proper care taken of them, by the Waggon Masters & Drivers; they being most essential to the necessary movement(s) of an Army, and at Present so much neglected & Abused, even when Forage is provided by the Forage Master, that I will venture to say, it is not now in our Power, to advance or retreat with our Baggage & artillery.

Notwithstanding the Genl Orders issued again⟨st⟩ Officers keeping Horses, in or near the Camp, who are not entitled to Forage, too little regard has been paid to those Orders, by many Corps, and much of the Officers attention is taken up in providing for them, besides which it affords means for many to be absent from Camp, to the great neglect of Duty.5

I conceive that the different Articles proper to be brought to Market at Camp, ought to have stated Prices, and such of the Farmers as should refuse complying with the Terms, ought to be treated as Enemies—Nothing should be taken from the Farmer, but what considering his Circumstances, he could Spare without distressing him, except in Cases of the most Absolute necessity—All marauding should be severely Punisht, and where officers who have gone through the Country with their Horses, & under pretence of paying the Inhabitants for the Forage fed their Horses, have procured such Forage, and afterwards refused pay and given recipts, unless they are well entitled so to do, they ought to be made examples of.

As to the filling the Regiments, it appears to me, that no mode can be adapted, that will so speedily & effectually do it, as the drafting the Militia in the different States, and the sooner this can be done, the better, as it will require some time to discipline them, And if it was recommended by Congress, to the different States, that the Legislature of each state, pass a Law for that purpose: I have not the least doubt but it would be readily complied with, and I am further ⟨of⟩ Opinion, that all singlemen should be first drafted And that Non associators should also be enrolled & drafted for Waggoners, Artificers, Hospital waiters, Pioneers, Butchers, &c. instead of Soldiers, which would add greatly to the Number of our Fighting Men.

I have wrote to Genl Green my Sentiments, on sundry Matters relative to our Army: I wrote to him because I understood he was to collect the Sentiments of the Genl Officers, & officers commanding Brigades, relative to Rank, Arrangement, Regulations, &c. which I doubt not his Excelly has seen.

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead






The greatness of the Brodhead name dwarfs the Laxalts and the Sandovals

Brodhead led the troops that disembarked Man-O Wars and took New Amsterdam. We stood with Washington, We stood with Pope, Lincoln, Emancipation and Manifest destiny. Our name is on the legislation for the beginnings of the railroad and the telegraph. Our efforts for Nevada, make Adam laxalt look puny and insignificant.

The Governor instructed BRODHEAD to “be single and indifferent as to justice between soldiers and burghers” and “not let insinuations beget a prejudice in his mind against the Dutch.” But the Captain turned out to be a strong partisan of the English. 

Today, the Republican party wants me to be single and indifferent to the plight of the folks that owned Groom Mine before the Air Force took it via eminent domain.  The folks that have owned Groom Mine since 20 years after Nevada became a state is now fighting for a jury trial in order to gain just compensation. As it is, the Air Force is now offering only $330,000 for a billion dollars worth of minerals in the ground at Groom Mine.

Meanwhile, even though Nevada Brian Sandoval and Adam laxalt have the ears and the easy attention of the President, Vice President, as well, as the House, and Senate leadership, they remain single and indifferent to the Nevada citizens in their charge. This is shameful given that Brian Sandoval was a US district court judge while Adam Laxalt is the State Attorney General.

At this juncture, I believe that the honor and dignity of the Brodhead name will soon squash those of others. our legislative and military service make Adam look like an opportunistic hack.

Dude, we engineered  “the Sweet promised land” and have been responsible caretakers for over 350 years.

So, I will have to exploit my lineage and narcissistic personality disorder to the fullest.

It is a heinous and stupid political mistake to not side with Groom Mine and demand a jury trial. I need you to look into this….

I should just work on my Tarzan yell, make it perfect and post it on Youtube with a reference to Groom mine and Laxalt. It will go viral…Especially when it is called Nevada Tarzan yell… I mean if someone eating feces can go viral, well, you figure it out …

But the Captain turned out to be a strong partisan of the English.
Capt. BRODHEAD tended to embroil himself with the Dutch/French settlers,

Seems that I have become a strong partisan for Nevadans and tend to embroil myself in Laxalt/ Basque  thing….




In May 1665, when it was rumored that Albert Heymanse ROOSA, a Sergeant in the Burgher Guard, was to be arrested for a second assault on the English when he took away a soldier’s gun, the guardsmen armed and assembled. Having learned that their sergeant was merely summoned to court, they dispersed without taking any action; but their Officers’ Council felt constrained to investigate the matter. After taking some testimony, the investigation was suspended awaiting the coming of the Governor. Governor NICOLLS arrived in September and sought to ease tensions by replacing the garrison commandant with a commissioned officer, Captain BRODHEAD, who had brought his family here with him to America with the intention of settling here. The Governor instructed BRODHEAD to “be single and indifferent as to justice between soldiers and burghers” and “not let insinuations beget a prejudice in his mind against the Dutch.” But the Captain turned out to be a strong partisan of the English.
Capt. BRODHEAD tended to embroil himself with the Dutch/French settlers, even with his neighbors at the New Dorp (Hurley), where he had rented a farm. One day he arrived at the store of Louys DuBOIS while a fight between the feisty Albert Hymanse ROOSA and five English soldiers was going on. ROOSA had entered the store in search of a man to repair his plough-colter and, being badgered by the soldiers, who were in there drinking brandy, he had thrown the colter at one who was drawing his sword, scoring a near miss. Three of the soldiers had chased him outside. BRODHEAD’s presence ended the outside engagement, but BRODHEAD didn’t go inside to stop the beating the other two soldiers were giving the storekeeper, DuBOIS, and his wife. It was the English soldiers that preferred charges; and the Wiltwyck magistrates, with BRODHEAD sitting as an observer, held ROOSA for further examination. NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY RECORD, v.90, pp.94-102.

From Babbitt to Baghdad (Introduction)


I am the last guy that would ever write a book. During my educational years, and unless the content was interesting, I could not make it through the first half page. Some folks have a knack for writing interesting stories, others start out boring as hell and stay that way.  That is how Rand Paul’s book is. Writing is very important because it documents history, for when we understand our history, we never forget the mistakes of the past. Symbols of our history our mile markers that allow us to gauge our progress in creating a stronger union. A union based on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. A union based on human equality, equity,  fairness, and rule of Law.

Today, the so-called Alt Left and other violent left groups want to erase symbols of America’s past and replace them with meaningless gibberish. In some regards, the current leftist approach of sanitizing America’s past is like the “Burning of the books” in Nazi Germany. The so-called Alt left call themselves anti-fascists while offering their wrists, and the wrists of their children to communism. They are so ignorant of history that they do not know that communism is the extreme manifestation of fascism.  So, not only do they want to destroy symbols of American history, they are immensely ignorant of political theory and constructs.

A full 50% of the Democratic party have become socialists. We know this when Bernie Sanders garners 50% of the Democratic Socialist vote.  The Democrats were the party of the KKK for over 100 years. Lyndon Baines Johnson would turn this reality into the Great Society.  The KKK would trade in their uniforms and then employ a Democrat plantation formula. The height of propaganda would be levied in 2007 when Howard Dean labeled all Republicans as the White Racist party.  Because Republicans abused the War Powers Act and engaged America in Middle East wars of choice, the yellow press was able to so undermine conservatism that the Democrats took control of the House, Senate and Executive in 2008.  Elevating dingbat Sarah Palin did not help. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama would change his anti-war stance, come out of the neo-con closet, and double down on all things Bush. He would then seek to expand the Democratic Socialist plantation by harvesting division and other people’s tragedies. The Democratic Socialists would not only maintain spending on wars of choice, they would start new ones as well.  in order to run interference for the ultimate perpetual war bate and switch, they engaged in a culture war. During their “Kultur Kampf”, they would execute the government takeover of healthcare. As a result, in some states, health care policy costs would triple while others got it for free. Then those that were called racist would end up footing the bill for those that had a vested interest in maintaining the plantation of commiseration, control, class envy,  freebie entitlement and a massive wealth redistribution structure.


Just as NAZI Germany, Democratic Socialists here in America function best when they can exploit an ignorant society. They can function best when they buy into globalization and socialist taxation structures. In the Democratic Socialist’s world,  everyone should share the misery of the socialist construct. In addition, burdensome regulation is designed to destroy American business and reduce Americans to one massive proletariat of have nots. This is the ultimate objective for control of the masses. However, in order to facilitate the big lie, they blame the so-called rich. Eny is the currency of the Liberal left.

At one time, the Democratic party was a great party. In many cases, a conservative Democrat was more conservative than a Republican. At one time, they shared the ideas of the massive center. The center is where the common sense of America lives. It does not live at the lunatic fringe of the right or the left. Today, the Democratic Party is becoming a chat room for commiseration, violence, decadence, and liberal insanity. The so-called alt right does not exist. The is an invention of the DNC. There are however white supremacists and racist that are not part of the Republican party. They have no place in the “Sweet Promised land”

“America is like a big huge piece of Northern Nevada casino prime rib. Once you trim the fat of the left and right, then Americans have something to sink their teeth into.”   Stephan Brodhead

Anyways, This is the memoirs of a person that grew up in Nevada and was weened on Nevada conservative values. Values that would be espoused by Nevada greats such as  Grant Sawyer, Paul laxalt, Mike O’Callahan, and Brian Sandoval  etc. values that  are cherished  and defended in the “Sweet Promised Land!”  A place where if one did one’s absolute best, one could achieve anything. A place where one lived a clean and intelligent life void of vice and falsehoods. We learned to be honest in all things, and always stand up for what is right. Above all, we tell it like it is and are accountable for our actions.

The person writing this story is basically a pathological braggart with a Napoleonic complex and a narcissistic personality disorder. Read at your own risk. It is not an exercise in bureaucratic submission.  It is not designed to fellate the shafts of the neocon control group. It is not a politically correct ass kissing contest. It is the exercise of the 1st Amendment and free speech.

The story will take you from the deserts of Nevada to the far reaches of the world. It will be a running analysis of past and current events with twists of humor and out right insanity. The first part of the story is a short story about  B-17 missions over Germany. It was basically an experiment with character development that takes inferences from my German mothers’ heritage and incorporates the view from both the Americans and the Germans. It is written in the style of “Band of Brothers” where one’s service is looked upon through a sterilized and honorable lens.  Everyone is honorable and serves with integrity.  The shitty side of humanity or personality is not given a reference.  The hero of the story hails from Elko, Nevada.  In addition, Nevada’s history is touched on.  The B-17 wing involved with the story is the mighty 452nd. The squadrons focused on are the 728th, 729th and 730th. These same squadrons would be the last operators of the C-141 Stralifter aircraft in Iraq. After the B-17 story is complete, we will progress to the author’s struggle with marijuana and military service and then to service as a C-141C flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves flying wounded out of Iraq.  Ultimately, it is about trying to belong and serve one’s country with dignity.  It is about family honor. It is about getting knocked down and getting right back up. It is about tenacity and never quitting. It is about taking a big bite from the American dream and being proud of one’s family history and the history of this great nation. We cannot and we will not forget who we are or the dreams we have for our children. Hopefully, there is a value adding message for many. Hopefully, some might learn something that enables them to better capture the Americans dream and secure wealth and prosperity. Hopefully out of the depths of my pathos, and struggles, others will see a person that grew from his past and worked diligently to be a role model.

Quickly, I will also document flying on 911 and a plethora of synchronistic events and coincidences that border on the ridiculous. Be advised that one has to enter a historical realm of slight madness to see the synchronicity.

“America is a country of mentors, teachers, and role models,  and we pass on successful behavior on to our children. We do this through solid conservative values and strong families” stephan Brodhead

Stephan would fly 1.7 million miles in support of our national interest. He would serve in the US Air Force and Air Force Reserves from 1977 to 2006. During this time he would be deployed world wide 7 to 10 days a month over a 16-year period culminating in serving in Iraq.  Should you have the attention span, you might learn what really happened after 911 and how it was exploited for profit.

In addition, if your attention span is intact, and you can abide the books insane level of me, me, me narcissism, you might gain a few ideas on how to make it rich in real estate.

As it is, the main intent of this story is to document the last 5 years of the mighty C-141 Starlifter and its role, and the role of the 452nd  in Iraq.

I cannot write about my experience before defining all the trials and human growth tribulations I had to contend with on my way to the finest 5 years of my military service.   One only has the right to speak of events from an honorable and lead by example demeanor of experience.  I meet these criteria and my observations are worthy of publication and the documenting of history.

No other honor is greater than transporting our gallant Patriot wounded from the battlefield.  

so strap in, turn off your cell phone and let’s get this show on the road.



Lastly, this book will be distributed during the 2018 Nevada race for Governor. All proceeds of the book will be utilized for the strict purpose of informing Nevadans on how Nevada Republican politicians turned their back on Groom mine when they controlled the  US House, Senate, and Executive. Currently, the Air Force is seeking to bankrupt the Sheahans and avoid a jury trial. “All it would take to fix this issue ethically is for Adam or Brian to give Jeff Sessions a call and demand that the owners of Groom Mine get an expedient jury trial”. Because it is not happening, I am forced to shoot my political load on the Groom mine issue.  Given that the voting line between Republican or Democratic Socialist domination of the state of Nevada is ultra thin, this well-written book will be a game changer.  Groom mine is basically depicted on the Nevada seal. Not supporting the folks a Groom Mine will demonstratively show how the Governor and the Attorney General of Nevada abandoned the law and the property rights of Nevada citizens for political expediency. The book will document this historically for all time.

Nevadans have always stood for what is right and decent. It applied 150 years ago to the Battle Born state of Lincoln and it applies now. We simply have to remind those that stray from the course using our 1st Amendment rights.

“In the art of political warfare, tearing down a politician is easier than building one up” Stephan Brodhead


“The Democratic Socialists have added the tactics of Joseph Goebbels to their DNC playbook and the liberal yellow press are willing executioners”

Stephan Brodhead

” All it takes is for the Yellow press to pick up the scent and all hell breaks lose”  Stephan Brodhead

“When one inherits an honorable name and dynasty, it is incumbent on that individual to maintain it” Stephan Brodhead


“We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.” Aristotle

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

― Aristotle



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My Nevada style Tarzan yell

As a child of the deserts and mountains of Nevada, I often practiced my Tarzan yell between the activities of Lizard hunting, and running amok or mucking out a horse stall.  The TV show Tarzan was a mainstay along with Johnny Quest, Bonanza, Gun smoke, and Dactari.

Today, I employ my excellent Tarzan yell to call conservatives so we can combat the idiots in the  DC jungle and folks like “Simple Kevin.”

Lastly, if the gal that published “Confessions of a Serial slut” can make money, I think from Babbitt to Baghdad  ( growing up in the Sweet promised land) can make some cashish and hit tens of thousands of Nevada voters…I could be wrong. What do you think Adam? A simple phone call neutralizes my honest power.  Maybe you can talk with Simple Kevin about Groom Mine? he could then have a session with Simple Sessions!

Flying M has a really nice airport. Awesome location for political retreats in a primitive area.





Understanding the mental boundry of the synchronicity.

For me, writing is a way of corraling the thoughts that course through my mind every second of the day. Writing about my robust military service from 1977 to 2006 has been therapeutic. As a c-141C Flight Engineer in the Air Force with 4200 flying hours, I was at the tip of the sword. I had gone from roaming the vast deserts of Nevada where every canyon was investigated to roaming the earth and investigating every manner of culture. 4200 flying hours on the C-141C Starlifter equates to about 1.7 million miles of world travel in support of our national interest or 25 times around the world.

When the C-141C was retired in 2005, I would retire in 2006. For the next 5 years, I would suffer from separation anxiety disorder.  I was used to processing world knowledge from a fire hose. My knowledge base for current events was massive compared to the average US citizen. When the fun meter was pegged during the Iraq war, my BP freaked and my mind became of manifestation of Pavlov’s dog. Whenever I even thought about rejoining the military, I would salivate and regress into anxiety and mental disorder. But then again, my father who was swirling the drain of Agent Orange death still wanted to be in uniform and serve his country.

So, there I was, a very intelligent human with a deep creative mind and packed full of worldly information. The cost of my world education would cost the tax payer’s utter millions.

Republicans believe in the knowledgeable and educated voter. Intellectuals are the first to get the gas chamber when a country plunges into chaos and regime change. We saw this in Germany, Russia, China,  as well as Cambodia, just to name a tiny few. However, the neocon power structure likes to recruit and elevate their own candidates for hire office. They do not want intelligence and worldly knowledge, they want a pretty face that can only regurgitate their neocon dogma. Of course, they will always call the candidacy grassroots which is an insult to all Americans and the idea of free elections.  If however, a purely grassroots candidate runs a few times, they are called a perennial candidate by the same people who pick and choose special interest backed candidates. This is called a Catch 22.

To date, I have gone from a fraction of a percent to about 8% without any support from the Republican power structure whatsoever.  I am now on the radar along with writing a book. In addition, I have close to a million in cash on hand, as well as, the ability to leverage way over a million. Should I gain the Republic nomination for the Washington 6th district, I will force the democratic socialists into raising money. I will have etched out my piece of history and will then move on.

Before I wrote the B-17 story, I did not know who Dean Heller was. I pulled the story’s content out of my vast mind and ability to put it on paper. In my writing, there are coincidences beyond belief from the colors of a horse to a fine female ass in some nice Levi jeans.  The  Brodhead story includes a robust relationship with the LDS folks from the Mormon Battalion to Genoa, Nevada, the Utah territory and the first Utah capitol building. The final kicker was the Brodhead Heller House in Pennsylvania.


I know the limits of my sanity. There are mental borders that I will not cross. You fellas read my shit and you tell me what the hell is going on?

From Babbitt to Baghdad was written before our American history was attacked by the Alt left etc. Our story parallels what is happening to this country to a T.  August 6th.  Am I the only one hearing mother liberty ringing the bell? Are we going to let the Alt left and radical groups sucker punch the American dream on our own free soil?

Yeah, call me a perennial candidate. I will fight for liberty until I die. Just like we have for 350 years on this continent. I am here to keep us on the tracks. My honesty, integrity and even keeled common sense are second to none. When we base our existence on honesty to a fault, we become stronger as individuals and as a country.  The strongest arguments are formulated from a strong base of reality and honesty. We learned this from the Chery tree.  So, pick up the phone and call the US DOJ about Groom mine getting a jury trial. Let us maintain the honesty and integrity of Laxalt/Nevada and “The Sweet promised land!”

Simple Kevin has a history of elevating simple jacks that regurgitate the shit that is put in front of them…They always lose and make the republican party look like asses.

I got no place else to go!!!!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to plan my week and fix some rentals before going back to Colorado and building a house for cash in a million dollar neighborhood.


My Nevada Tarzan  Yell can be heard here. .  https://twitter.com/thebrodcastnet/status/901934851686768640



Adam laxalt hosts largest Republican Basque fry in Nevada history.

My wife thought I was nuts and decided to stay home to watch the 18-year-old cat and 11-year-old dachshund. In my former MAC aviator style, I loaded up the suitcase just before I would leave on a mission.  In my haste, I left a couple changes of underwear in the drawer. My wife would provide a few days of scrumptious left overs and assorted healthy snacks which were stored in the solar fridge.

When warming up the 3 litre Mercedes diesel, the dog would attempt to stow away, but given the 100-degree heat in Douglas County, Nevada, he would be put in the house and given a tender pet and “I’ll be back”! The Sprinter would run like a charm. The first night would be spent at a new rest area south of Susanville, California. The next day, I would head to Reno and then make the obligatory pilgrimage to Virginia city.  Once I had made the rounds in Virginia city, I headed to Yerington. I was looking for the East Walker river turn off.

As a child growing up in Hawthorne, Nevada, we had been to the high mountain meadows of Mount Grant dozens of times. Each time, I would look to the west to see if Yerington was visible. I longed to ride a dirt bike across the Wasuuk range and take the dirt roads to the west of Mountain Grant. In fact, for years, I had been plagued with dreams about the vast primitive areas beyond.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval tweeted pics of the area, so I got really jealous.

On my way to Yerington, I would stop at a park that was situated along the Carson River. Celebrating the Fremont/Carson expeditions legislation that were voted on by Brodheads, I frolicked naked in the Carson river.  During my walk back to the Sprinter, the strong sweet smell of Cotton wood leaves invaded my sense.  The trickle of a creek that would join the Carson would provide additional sensory pleasure. A few steps further, and I kicked up two huge flocks of quail. The sound and singing buzz of their beating wings comforted me and ignited my memory back to days of roaming the deserts and mountains as a child in Nevada. I would envision the area when Piute children would play among the cottonwoods or splash in the river.  I thought how wonderful of a place to feed and water the horses and cattle after making the torturous trip across the  Carson Sink. Then I think of the Brodhead trans-continental railroad topography surveys bill, and how it led to the destruction and genocide of the American Indian.

Once at the East Walker River dirt road south of Yerington, I would begin a new Nevada adventure.  For me, sagebrush was a gateway drug to the vast primitive beauty of Nevada.  My addiction for Nevada’s beauty had evolved from horses and dirt bikes to long voyages across the gorgeous state. The mountains would talk to my very soul. The canyons and vistas would offer strong medicine. Like an adrenaline junky, the hotels and casinos could not satiate me. I needed a big healthy gulp of Nevada nature. I needed my Nevada fix, and this time, I would drive from Yerington along the East Walker to the Flying M ranch, 4 corners, and the Lucky boy.  Once over Lucky boy, I would look at the horse stall at Lucky Boy Ranch that corraled my old brown and white gelding Chipper. I would feel ashamed that I had not been a better son and taken care of animals better. While in Hawthorne, I would visit Eric Hamrey and then run into a gal I lived close to in Babbitt along with the daughter of the guy who purchased Chipper. She said that they had him for 10 more years and he died at 27, hence, I had achieved two wonderful Nevada objectives. I found out about my brown and white cow pony Chipper and the wonders west of Mountain Grant.

That night, I would cruise South Lake Tahoe before sleeping in the parking lot at the Gardnerville Walmart. The next morning, I would wash up and attend Adam Laxalt’s Basque get together.  3000 Nevada Republicans would show up. For me, interacting with the type of Nevadans I was socially weened on from 3 years old, was refreshing and kind to my heart. I was among intelligent Nevada Patriots. Patriots from all walks of life from retired police officers and veterans to teachers and small business owners, just to name a few. Folks that were proud of their American heritage. Folks that enjoyed the blessing and contentment only freedom in Nevada can provide.   Many were my age with the lines of wisdom cast across their faces. Their demeanors and character were extremely familiar to me. Simply the faces of Nevada that I had grown accustomed to. Above all, I was both accepted and nurtured by their willingness to be open, warm and communicative.  The more non-judgmental nourishment I received and the stronger my inner core became. It was a pleasure to be among my kind of good Nevada folk in  “The Sweet Promised Land!”

The biggest treat was seeing the little  Basque children dancing to wonderful music. The hardest moment for me was keeping from crying when some girls on horseback arrived to the stage area presenting flags and the National anthem was sung.  For me, this was a quintessential duplication of my Nevada childhood and Patriot training unfolding in all its goodness and glory. Governor Susana Martinez was a joy to listen to. All of the Nevada State and Federal reps displayed excellent speaking skills, logical humor, and a strong conservative vision for America.

The most wretched aspect was abiding Kevin McCarthy’s diatribe on freedom. As we recall, Kevin is one of the Top Gun California boys that picks and chooses candidates ahead of time. McCarthy’s  freedom seems to be more along the lines of a Middle East shithole dictator where candidates are chosen by the power structure. The only thing that stunk more was the sheep pen smell that emanated from my underwear when I arrived back in Washington state.  I am not certain if Kevin McCarthy is qualified to talk about freedom and the Bill of Rights to a Nevadan. Oh, and your legislative achievement is basically cheer leadership for perpetual war.  I could go on and on about the over zealous self-absorbed power hungry neo con ass kisser but have lost interest.

Thanks Adam for putting on a great party. Now, work on a press release about Groom Mine and let us make this a complete win, otherwise, I will have to default to the honesty .tenacity  and creative writing ability only a  bright boy from Nevada can relate. I don’t belong to Kevin McCarthy’s party. I am a conservative centrist Republican with a brain.

All I can offer at this juncture is a dedication to the Groom Mine folks in getting a jury trial. Should this not be encouraged by a simple phone call to the US DOJ,  along with a press release, my path will have been chosen. I still believe in the old honest virtues and principals of the traditional Patriot Nevadan.  The same values that Paul Laxalt stood for.  I am very sorry .

Thanks again….

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