At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold

The Almighty has a way of giving us signs along the way. Some are in the realm of synchronicity. Some are in the form of angels and close friends. Sometimes, God simply puts an X on the spot that is most important. Today, I was sitting observing my new house build in Colorado from a suitable vantage point. All of a sudden, a beautiful rainbow appeared for only 60 seconds or so. At the end of the rainbow was my house, and hence, the loving and devoted contents within. Thank You, Diane, for 33 years of loving companionship.



Iran continues to finance Hamas attacks on Israel

Per Hanz Morgenthau and his teachings on balance of power among nation-states, the destruction of the Middle East has been good for Israel’s security. During the Arab-Israeli wars, all the Middle East Muslim countries ganged up on Israel. The IDF had to slap around the Egyptians, the Syrians, Jordan, and Iraq.  When the Sunni and Shiite factions of the Muslim religions are fighting among themselves, Isreal is more secure. Netanyahu basically stated this a few years ago.

During second Iraq war with the USA, the Iraqis lobbed Scud missiles at Israel just to be assholes. They wanted to entice Israel into military operations against Iraq. Any intervention or response from Israel would have united both factions of Islam against the USA.

Today, because the USA pulled out of the Iranian nuke deal, they have increased their support of Hamas and continue to harass Israel. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama and the Winter Soldier never considered HAMAS when they kissed Iran’s ass on the nuclear weapons deal.

Before the USA re-enters nuclear talks with Iran, they must stop all support of Hamas against Isreal.

The Iranian leadership is basically a circus of hateful, control freak lying assholes.  They make the Shaw of Iran look like a benevolent dictator.



The Brodhead resume


Mosul, a continuing symbol of Obama’s foreign relations ineptitude

As a candidate for president in 2007, Barack Hussein Obama “gave aid and comfort to the enemy” when our Marines were going door to door in Fallujah.  Obama stated over and over again that the surge would not work, however, once he became president, he surged in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Susan Rice stated earlier that North Korea is not a one and done situation. However, the one and done strategy was applied to Iraq when Obama did not revise the  “Bush Status of Forces Agreement” and was in too much of a hurry to leave. Had he left a rapid reaction force in the country, the rise of ISIS would have never happened? Estimates are that ISIS was only 3000 men when they started their campaign across the Syrian border into Iraq. The Shiite soldiers tasked with protecting the cities ran from their posts. ISIS was then able to plunder banks to the tune of billions while also inheriting thousands of Humvees and American made military equipment. ISIS would not be stopped until it was at the doorstep of Baghdad. It seems that Barack Hussein Obama’s Iraq foreign policy was an experiment in “one and done”  stupidity or a staged event.

The USA could have deployed a couple hundred C-17 aircraft packed full of Rangers and Special forces and airdropped men and equipment as soon as ISIS was detected. Instead, Barack Hussein Obama sat with his feet on the antique desk in the oval office with his thumb up his ass.

As a result of Obama’s incompetence in Iraq and Syria, Europe would be overrun with refugees. Previously, he apologized for America in front of the Tier Garten in Berlin. He would then leave Berlin a $ million cleanup bill.  Next, he would leave them a massive refugee crisis while surveilling Angela Merkel’s email traffic. He would also surveil the Associated Press. later it is quite possible that he abused the Patriot Act to surveil Donald Trump. Instead of transparency Obama maintained tight control over all activities in the Whitehouse as they related to the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Clinton , Bush Obama deep state.

So, Susan Rice, can you elaborate a little more on your high and mighty “one and done” analogy once again?  I mean everything that Obama did in office related to foreign affairs was one and done. Oh, he did employ the “Winter Soldier” to serenade the Iranians and give them utter billions in frozen assets without any stipulations that they stop their terrorist activities.

Now, Mosul stands as a symbol of Barack Hussien Obama’s extravagant foreign policy failure. The responsibility for the destruction of Mosul rests squarely on Barack Hussien Obama’s soldiers. Had he not fixated exclusively on exploiting other peoples tragedies and a KulturKampf domestic policy, Obama could have averted the ISIS catastrophy. As it was, he squandered a 6 trillion dollar war and the blood of patriots. The biggest  US foreign policy blunder in the 21st century if not  US history.

The destruction of the Middle East and its descent into chaos started with GDUB However, Barack Hussien Obama would turn the Middle East into extreme chaos and the refugee crisis from hell.

Oh and Margaret, everything that Bush and Obama did while abusing the War Powers Act was unconventional. From the abuse of the Geneva Convention Articles to drone strikes was unconventional. Totally counter to Washington’s Farewell Address.


The Brodhead resume

It is time for Susan

Stephan Brodhead is not part of the Hutchison campaign. The views expressed below are his own.


Brodheads led the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York. We would protect the Guns of Ticonderoga, defend Washington’s retreat across the East River, and fight for 8 long years during the American Revolution. We would fight alongside Isaac Stevens in Mexico for Guadalupe Hidalgo. We would then pass legislation that helped create the Transcontinental Railroad, and populate our Manifest destiny with the blood, sweat, tears, and toil of the immigrant. Our name is on the legislation that created the Washington Territory,  the mail service, government buildings, forts, and copious roads that crisscross the great state of Washington.

After the war with Mexico, Thorton Fleming Brodhead would found the Detroit Free Press. Today, the so-called free press has become the special interest controlled ” liberal yellow press.”  Instead of journalistic integrity, Americans are now treated to simply partisan gibberish. Thorton would die fighting for emancipation at the Second Battle of Manassas. On the same day that Isaac Stevens, the first territorial governor of Washington Territory lost his life at the Battle of Chantilly.

Once all the hard work was done by Americans and immigrants of every creed, carpetbagging snake oil salesmen like Jay Inslee and his special interest-backed envirofascist bureaucrats would show up and seek to turn the Puget Sound into a heavily taxed economic no-go zone. They were not the ones that came to Washington state to stake their ground, work hard and raise a family. They are not the ones that have paid the mortgage for 30 years.  They are not the ones that made the I-5 commute and showed up to provide the labor that turned Seattle and Tacoma into economic powerhouses and symbols of the American dream. A place that people come to take advantage of economic prosperity and the  “Sweet Promised Land”  of the Northwest. Jay Inslee and his entourage are simply bureaucracy salesmen.  People who take the hard earned money from hardworking families and give it to non-essential government entities that should not exist.

Yupp, after the hard work was done, Jay Inslee and his snake oil salesmen entourage showed up to tax the people of Washington to death.  They sat there and without any consideration for the taxpayer, they raised property taxes and every sort of fee. Now, if unchecked, Inslee and company will seek to add a carbon tax, capital gains tax, more job-killing gas taxation, and an income tax. Soon that 1100 square foot rambler that you bought will cost $500 a month in just property taxes. Then after you have paid on it for 30 years, Jay Inslee will come along and demand his bureaucratic cut in the form of a capital gains tax. In addition, the ST3 taxation scheme is a multi-generational tax that will see an automatic increase every single year until 2050. So, in order to pay hyper-inflated union wages on a multigenerational public works project, the homeowner will see their property taxes eclipse the mortgage payment. In essence, we the taxpayers will be renting our houses from  Washington state Democratic Socialists so they can spend money with reckless abandon. The Inslee socialists like to hold our homes hostage.

Lastly, Jay Inslee is now using our property taxes to turn early childhood education into basic training for gender dysphoria. Inslee is actually turning K-12 into indoctrination centers for gender confusion. Even the sanctity of childhood is being offered up to the LGBT movement. It seems that marriage equality was not good enough and now they are coming after the sanctity of natural childhood. This is the biggest immoral slap in the face ever tendered on the  American family. We send our children off to school to learn their ABCs and 123s, and not be taught to question their gender roles. We send our children to public school to learn and not be participants in a Kinsey indoctrination social experiment. It boggles the mind that people stand idly by as the symbols of Jesus Christ are replaced with neo-moral relativism and state-sanctioned gender politics. But then again, one is considered a homophobe if one questions the morals and ethics of teaching and validating sodomy in a kindergarten class.

Maria Cantwell is basically the federal symbol of the Washington Democrats. She is the US Senate version of  Kshama Sawant.  Sawant believes in a bastardized hybrid of Idia’s caste system and a Marxist state. Her tax the rich mentality and penchant for illegal taxation schemes are running big business out of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the Socialists that have never created a job in Seattle now want to tax the use of our streets. Paying to walk on a street to a store will produce nothing but an economic death for our inner city. The liberals who run Seattle are simply ignorant and inept fools.

Today, Republicans are leading a great American revival with 3.7% unemployment among whites and the lowest unemployment for minority groups in history.  Republicans have lowered taxes on both corporations and the married couple via a $24,000 standard deduction.  As a result, offshore capital is flooding back into the country and there is a massive high tech labor shortage. These tax constructs will guarantee a steady growing economy for the next several years. Meanwhile, low taxation areas are recruiting this new money while Washingtonians allow the current Democratic Socialists to run companies out of town.   Maria Cantwell has done nothing as large successful companies leave the state for other parts of the country that do not engage in Inslee’s taxation tyranny. Hell, Maria Cantwell has done nothing since 2000 and now she wants a 4th term? You have got to be kidding me.

Look, we all know who Susan Hutchison is. We all know how she is fully engaged with Republican politics and organizations of every form.  Her goal is to always do what is good and right for Washington. For 20 years she engaged in a high journalistic standard, and now employs that skill fighting for Washington’s future. On can elevate the liberal yellow press and all the gibberish or we can elevate the free press that this country was built on.  We can tell the truth and work for a better future in the Puget Sound or we can support a lousy senator by the way of Maria Cantwell.

In America, we reward diligence, tenacity, and a positive nurturing attitude.  We have watched as Susan has selflessly worked to better people’s lives and exact intelligence from the public process. It is now time to reward her for decades and decades of good deeds and works. Ya gotta call it like it is.

I am supporting Susan Hutchison for US Senate.

Please donate here if you want a positive change




Demarcus Ware a force multiplier in Denver

We all remember Elwood crying when he told us that he had to quit because he could not physically be the quarterback that he wanted to be and play football like he was accustomed to playing it. Hence, the post-Elwood era started in earnest after offing Dan Reeves and his  Atlanta Falcons. Brian Griese would do his best to make the transition, however, things would not get better in Denver until Jake the Snake showed up.  Of course, Shanny would trade in the 7-4 Plummer for Cutler who couldn’t cut the mustard. Shanny would then go down with the Cutler ship and be replaced by Josh McDaniels the hated one.

The era of Josh Mcdaniels, Orton and Chris Simms would give way to the year of the Tebow.  Elwood would trade in the Tebow for Peyton Manning. The Broncos would then enjoy 4 straight years of playoffs and Superbowls.

Like John Lynch on a concoction of goat urine, Peyton Manning would give up the ghost in his final year as a Bronco. Aided by the Osweiler, the Broncos would limp to the Superbowl. Then the behavior modification of being benched by Elwood for the Oz would enable Manning to overcome his postseason self-fulfilling prophecy and win another Superbowl before riding off into the sunset with his long neck and forehead silhouetted against the light.

DeMarcus Ware would have to quit because of a nagging lower back issue. Even though Demarcus ware was quickly picked up by the networks, he missed the trenches.

When Manning, Kubiak, Son of Bum and DeMarcus Ware left the building,  the Broncos would descend into the Post SB50 hangover from hell.

In 2018, the Broncos are loaded for bear. New QB, new O-line, new coaches, new receiver corps and some badass running backs. Above all, DeMarcus Ware is back to show the younguns how it is supposed to be done. He will be a force multiplier on the field, in the weight room, and when the Broncos are fighting in the trenches. He will be that voice that motivates that winning spirit when the chips are down.

All is well in Broncoville…




Pompeo and company working on the “Pompeo Plan” for North Korea

History has the propensity to document a presidential administration’s legacy. Reagan’s legacy was tearing down the Berlin Wall and negotiating peace with Gorby. Another aspect of the Reagan legacy was the introduction of rampant Federal deficits.

Bill Clinton is known for Monica Lewinsky’s cum-stained blue dress and using the Social security fund to fund the general fund and declaring a federal revenue surplus. he is also known for lying to the American people along with being a serial sexual harasser.

George H. W. Bush was known for his heinous twang, read my lips, and defeating Saddam Husein during the Gulf War while honoring mandates.

George W. Bush was known for absconding the Bill of Rights, the rise of the computer surveillance state, and exploiting 91 to attack an innocent sovereign nation.  He is also known for running the American economy into the ground and almost causing a Great Depression.

Barack Obama is known for $10 trillion in national debt,  elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, poddy training the school system, exploiting other peoples’ tragedies, cop hatred, turning kindergarten into basic training for gender dysphoria, and  spending more on the Bush wars of choice than Bush. He was also known for tripling healthcare policy costs in just 6 years.

All of the above-mentioned administrations did nothing about the reunification of the North Korean peninsula.

Trump, on the other hand, is developing the  “Pompeo Plan”  in the mold of the Marshal plan.  Seems that if Pompeo is successful in engineering a complete Korean denuclearization and re-unification package that deals with all the ills related to the assimilation of a totalitarian society, he goes down in history.


Kim Jong Un will have to side with the US economies of scale

Here you are, Lyndsey Graham.

My mother grew up in post world war II Germany.

The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan helped Germany rebuild and maintain a free society.

Today, the inept Clinton, Bush and Obama Doctrines have given way to the “Trump Doctrine” of diplomatic engagement and ” The Pompeo Plan.”

When America defeats an enemy, we usually pick them off the ground, dust them off, and help them recover. We did this in Germany. Our Marshal plan efforts enabled Germany and Japan to quickly recover and become economic marvels within decades. The GDP growth in Japan was insane from 1945 to the 1980s. The demand curve for Japanese cars, and electronics was insatiable as America’s manufacturing prowess stagnated. We all remember when that gas fuzzling Chevy was traded in on a Toyota station wagon that doubled the gas mileage. Of course today, Fords made in America are second to none.  However, The cars built in Germany, like Mercedes Benz, have become over-engineered high priced pieces of garbage that cost ridiculous amounts of money to maintain.

South Korea has also seen extreme prosperity while a satellite country and economy of the USA and the free world. Today, South Korea is a powerhouse of innovation and manufacturing. From Cars to ships and steel building components, South Korea competes directly with China and Taiwan and the countries of the Pacific Rim.

Today, both Japan and South Korea maintain currency evaluations that mirror the G7 community. Of course, China maintains it’s 8 to 1 worker ratio and artificially devalued currency. The Chinese boldly stick to a currency evaluation that is 15% of the G7 nations.

North Korea has way more to gain if they side with the South and the USA as it relates to economies of scale.

Kim Jong Un realizes that the North Korean economy will benefit much more if their currency is tied to the South and not China. Kim Jong Un will not relegate his people to Chinese labor camp wages.

China exploits their people with Chinese prison wages.

The quickest way for North Korea to be an economic powerhouse is to do whatever it takes to assimilate into the South Korean economy.

Kim Jong Un realizes that the USA will pick them up, dust them off, and help the North Korean people any way we can. Peace and prosperity is our objective.

The North and South Koreans are a hardy bunch like no other Asian demographic in the Pacific Rim.

It will be on Kim Jong Un to have the courage and leadership to assimilate freedom and the robust economies of scale that go along with being part of the modern world. I think he can do it.

The Brodhead resume

Donald Trump cultivating his historical legacy

During the American Revolution,  Colonel Daniel Brodhead was ranked 30th in communication with George Washington. The Brodheads and George Washington would sign their letters with a statement related to “disinterestedness!”

I shall be happy if anything I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir, I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

In the old days, the first priority of a statesman was to serve with disinterestedness. It was not that they were not interested in serving. The term disinterestedness meant that they were more interested in serving with honorable ethics void of material gain to do so. Men of means were driven by honor and dedication to the country rather than taking bribes for legislative behavior. In fact, a man in rags that served with disinterestedness had more honor than a politician that would elevate bills and resolutions for special interest.

Hillary Clinton never served with disinterestedness. They were in it for power and money. In fact, instead of disinterestedness, the Clintons became lying and conniving political whores for Clinton Foundation donations. Once they elevated a favor, they were rewarded with $500,000 speeches from foreign interests. Like Russia for instance.

Donald Trump, at this juncture, understands that he must serve with disinterestedness and cultivate his historical resume.   Unlike many others that have served, Trump has money, and now he wants a legacy that will last for eternity. Even under the ultimate scrutiny of the yellow press, Donald Trump is forging ahead.

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS, she was more interested in jet-setting for pay to play politics and Clinton Foundation revenue streams than engaging in diplomacy with North Korea. Now here we have Donald Trump cleaning up the mess that was left by the previous administrations.  It is a Catch 22 that Trump is being investigated because of Clinton Steele dossier while he is cleaning up Obama and Clinton’s mess in North Korea.

Traveling the world at 70 years old is a trying and hard physiological event. We must thank Donald Trump for maintaining his cool, humanity, and negotiating skills after flying 20,000 miles. You are a stud dude!!!!

Keep polished my friend.

The Brodhead resume