Face the Nation and it’s fake narrative full court press

At one time, Face the Nation was one of the premier political shows on television. One of the prerequisites to host the show was a high level of non-biased journalistic integrity and professionalism. At one time, show hosts adhered to the high standards set by Edward R. Murrow and Waler Cronkite.  Even Bob Schieffer almost never crossed the line into biased reporting that supported a specific agenda or party. He looks at the good in presidents.  Today, Margarett Brennan is basically dragging Face the Nation into the liberal yellow press gutter.

Margaret Brennan relies on fake panels of so-called non-biased citizens. In reality, her so-called citizen panels are staged and opinionated DNC operatives that state DNC doctrine. They seemed to be staged demographics that are briefed ahead of time. We can come to this conclusion when every single woman panel member states that Donald Trump does not respect women.  Oh my word, the only event that ever cast Donald Trump as a standardized American guy sexist was when he talked about grabbing some pussy.  let me emphasize “talking about grabbing pussy!”

Of course, Bill Clinton, on the other hand, used the Arkansas State police to help him attempt to screw women in hotel rooms. Bill Clinton attempted to rape women and used taxpayer resources to do it. To take our minds off the cum-stained blue dress and shoving cigars up Monica Lewinsky’s pussy, Clinton bombed Libya.

Now, Margarett Brennan is suggesting that Trump is taking away security clearances to run interference for Omarosa Manigault’s book? WTF?  What a completely immature argument that pushes poetic license to the limit. Brennan must think that the audience is made up of stupid people. What a damn insult.

Face the Nation gives more respect to porn sluts and traitoresque limelight seeking narcissist dogs then the president of the United States.

Face the Nation is now attempting to create fake news ahead of the midterm elections. They are now orchestrating a false narrative and propaganda campaign in support of the DNC. All of it is based on lies.  They should just get it over with and add a DNC donation link to their twitter feed.

Margarett Brennan is basically a pawn for the DNC. She has turned to Face the Nation into a false narrative producing biased reality show complete with porn whores, ambulance chasers, panels of staged biased idiots, and a cadre of highly botoxed so-called experts.

Perhaps, Susan Hutchison is too professional to be on such a partisan hack show.

As far as yanking security clearances, I had a secret clearance for decades as a USAF aviator. When I retired, it was pulled just like the millions of soldiers that retire. Of course, my brothers in arms did not exploit their security clearances along political lines. We just fought the wars of choice. The Federal government is inundated with overzealous criminals that shit on the Bill of Rights. They all need their security clearances yanked and sent to prison for violating their oath to the office.

Then again, a few soldiers gave away intelligence and were sentenced to prison. But when they change their sexual orientation, Obama gives the gender confused traitor amnesty just for LGBTQ donation streams. So, hence, the only people that abuse their security clearances are Democrats and traitors that grow tits and take it in the ass in order to get out of jail.

Of course, we need more women in politics. I would put a professional woman up against a male politician any day of the week. Women make this world go around. However, Face the Nation supports the socialist construct and women that have a heinously liberal point of view. .  In fact, they put more effort into falsely accusing Trump of being a sexist and a racist than our current  Republican-led capitalist prosperity. They feel that their right to label a president a sexist and a racist circumvents everything else that is happening around us.

Margarett Brennan is becoming a grotesque partisan hack journalist that lives in the liberal la-la land.  So gross!!! she is continuing the Obama era of division, race labeling, false narratives, and biased propaganda campaigns.

CBS has engaged in an epic fall from journalistic grace.  How do they look themselves in the mirror every day?



Margaret I need you to interview Susan

Just like Margarett Brennan, Susan Hutchison is the wife and mother of United States Marines.

I need you to maintain your balance of non-biased reporting and put Susan on your show. Please.

You and her both have the extraordinary ability to display high levels of public relations prowess. You are both extreme professionals that take pride in your trade and journalistic integrity. Please get her on the show. You will have fun.


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Omarosa Manigault might be a lying, and conniving reality show Snake

It is clear that Omarosa Manigault built upon her reality show experiences when she ratted out Donald Trump with manufactured and tailored diatribe.  She saw dollar signs and a platform to employ her extreme limelight seeking narcissism when she basically doublecrossed Donald Trump.

So, here we have a reality star that becomes part of Donald Trump’s inner circle.  Instead of being satisfied with a huge salary, she decides that Donald Trump’s presidency is just an extension of the Celebrity Apprentice. She then surveils Donald Trump and writes a book based on her orchestrated perceptions. She then releases the book and claims she has more audio and visual intelligence on DonaldTrump. Moreover, she fabricates lies and propaganda designed to validate other lies.

Omarosa Manigault might have an evil inner core. Her objectives are to incite and capitalize on racial hatred and division. Her fraudulent assertions are tailored in great detail to play to the liberal yellow press, the unhinged and stupid intolerant liberal left, and Trump derangement syndrome. Omarosa’s diatribe is completely orchestrated and manipulated gibberish for profit. Her modus takes extreme cues, manipulative processes and unsubstantiated  ulterior threats from the Stormy Daniels debacle. Only stupid people do not see the logic and marketing  construct.

Manigault tailors her book and media interviews in order to play to Trump derangement syndrome.

Wow, Donald Trump lifts her up and helps her get a job and she backstabs him like a dog. Then if one says anything about her being a lying and conniving traitor to her friends, one is labeled a racist and a sexist.

Omarosa, you are possibly a reprehensible gold digging fraud.  You might be a self-absorbed narcissist that exploits friends.  Your behavior is akin to a media hound. That could make you a media dog. I personally would go further and say that your behavior could be more like a snake. Dogs are faithful. Pigs are faithful. Snakes will bite you even after you feed them for over a decade. Dogs will only bite you if they become senile and mentally unbalanced from old age. Labeling a traitoresque narcissist a dog is too good for that individual.

When I look at Omarosa Manigault I see an extreme narcissist that might lie through her teeth to get media attention.

Omarosa Manigault’s behavior is no different than Stormy Daniels. While she may not be a dirty porn star, she is whoring out lies and severely tailored propaganda against Donald Trump just for money. In addition, she is seeking to profit from lies designed to cultivate minority and racial division and hatred. This makes her motivations reprehensible. She is marketing to the worst in humanity for money and her own narcissistic reality show snake vanity.

Donald Trump needs to sue her and tie her up in court.

Meanwhile, Gillibrand is a liar that manufactures conclusions from thin air. Then again, what does one expect from a Hillary Clinton protege?

Other than that, Margarett you displayed some solid interview behavior and asked non-biased questions. A behavior that dignifies your intelligence…Kudos

Panetta was a Clinton and Obama partisan hack

It was Panetta that replaced General Petraeus as head of the CIA.

In the Democrat’s world, it is ok for Hillary Clinton to destroy tens of thousands of emails and use her private email server to receive secret and confidential federal documents. Petraeus. on the other hand,  was forced to resign and threatened with jail time for sharing a few emails with his girlfriend.

Panetta was Obama’s Democratic operative go-to guy.

It is not clear if Petraeus was forced to resign because he was not part of deep state treachery and had to be neutralized..

Let us be clear, several employees in the Federal government politicized their Federal clearances and actively exploited the Patriot Act to surveil presidential candidates along political lines. They abused their secret clearances. There is no difference between that illegal behavior and burglarizing a Watergate apartment.

All Federal employees that were involved with elevating the Steele dossier along with FISA court abuse, must have their security clearances revoked. Abusing one’s security clearance along political lines is not part of the 1st amendment. It is an illegal activity that must be rooted out and eliminated.

America’s Bill of Rights is in the balance. Those that have actively undermined our 4th Amendment must have their clearance canceled and then they must be prosecuted.

It is time for the Congress and Senate to investigate the wholesale abuse of our 4th Amendment by DNC leaning operatives in the Federal Government.

What we are seeing is McCarthyism during the Obama era.

Again, Margarett seems to be allowing DNC operatives to twist the truth while advertising for Democratic candidates.

Margarett Brennan is engaging in a high level of yellow press.

It is clear that there was active collusion and abuse of the Patriot Act along political lines at the Obama DOJ and FBI.  It is clear that Hillary Clinton was in on it and that is why she destroyed all the emails. What we are seeing is a massive cover-up that would destroy the Democratic party for the next 20 years. Americans must know how deep the collusion hole goes and if Obama knew about it. Did Bill Clinton discuss this collusion with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac?

Our great republic and our supreme rule of law are in the balance. Americans demand that the Congress and Senate get to the bottom of this partisan treachery and threat to our Bill of Rights. The Meuller investigation must be terminated and a special prosecutor elevated to investigate the FBI, Obama DOJ, and DNC/ Clinton corruption. We demand this.

Panetta as a DNC operative, your positions and diatribe are partisan to the extreme, hence, you have zero credibility on this issue.  You are a Clinton and Obama partisan hack.  You may have turned the other cheek while Obama used the Patriot Act to surveil Americans without a legitimate court order. You may have turned a blind eye to deep state corruption and the absconding of our 4th Amendment along political lines. Screw you.  Just like Clapper, Brennan, and the folks at the FBI, Americans cannot believe a word you say.

It is time for Donald Trump to come down hard on the DOJ and every individual that was involved in FISAGATE. This is America and not the KGB.

The Federal government and equal application of the rule of law is in the balance.

We must show that the rule of law applies to Democrats unless of course, one is afraid of being labeled a racist? It is time to do your jobs and defend enemies both foreign and domestic. It is time to defend the form of government we spent blood on. It is time to root out the tryranny. Do your job Trump.

Margarett come on now!!!!WTF?


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In the final analysis, Paxton Lynch sucks

During Paxton Lynch’s final quarter as a Bronco, there was lightning, wind, hail, and rain in Longmont. At Milehigh, the dissatisfaction with Paxton Lynch was calmly plastered all over Vance Joseph’s face.  Up in Elwood’s luxury suite, Kube sported a high and tight jarhead cut as he observed Paxton Lynch’s third preseason of extremely shitty play.  From a distance, we could see the door closing in Elwood’s eyes as he attempted to mask the tell. Meanwhile, Bronco fans booed number 12 when he took the field. Many were passing the hat for another billboard.

Even the most benignly ignorant Bronco fans now understand that Paxton Lynch’s ability to play in the NFL does not exist. Moreover, everyone in Denver has watched Paxton Lynch regress from a $12 million dollar first round draft pick to a guy that cannot compete for the practice squad.

At this juncture, and just as Elwood cut ties with Siemian, Sloter, and Osweiler, Elwood now has no choice but to shitcan Paxton Lynch for the good of the team.

It is clear that Paxton Lynch refuses to evolve. In fact, he will never evolve, hence, keeping him on the Bronco depth chart or roster is basically a fools game.  Elwood has given Lynch every benefit of the doubt. Paxton Lynch does not belong in a Bronco uniform. In fact, Keenum and Kelly represent Vance Joseph’s best option for keeping his job. Lynch only distracts from this reality.

Paxton Lynch is actually the winner. He walks away with over $10 million dollars and never has to work another day in his life.

If Shannahan was on the sideline, Lynch would have been done in 2017.

Elwood, on the other hand, must love to torture the fans.

The bottom line is that Paxton Lynch will never improve, hence, there is really no reason to keep him around for the rest of preseason. The Lynch experiment should be over.

It is time to rep out Keenum and Kelly. Keenum still has to incorporate all of the wide receivers and gain solid synergy with the TE guys.  David Williams will be lucky to make the Practice Squad, Tazz is a stud, Booker and Freeman are premium NFL badasses and the best Bronco RB duo ever…

It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chad Kelly is a gamer! Time to cut the $12 million baggage and focus on Keenum and Kelly.  Screw another veteran QB. We do not have time for any more extraneous distractions that negatively affect team synergy and performance.

Business is business and we must trim professional liabilities that are hostile to winning and dominating the AFC West.

Sorry, someone has to state the obvious….

I expect Lynch’s termination by noon Monday


Life is good in Broncoville.

Brodhead to change Chapter 45 of “from Babbitt to Baghdad” to honor Trump

Newt Gingrich left Brodheads out of his Valley Forge Book.  He also used Thorton Flemming Brodhead’s death scene in his Civil war trilogy.

I won’t be leaving Donald Trump’s good deeds out of my book” From Babbitt to Baghdad. “

There is so much content related to the deep state and the liberal yellow press, an author could ramble for days. I will be employing “double cannister”

Proceeds will go to help fund the Northern Nevada Old soldiers home.

Captain Daniel Brodhead

He was born circa 1631 in Yorkshire, England. Under an expedition led by Colonel Richard Nichols in 1664, Brodhead was second in command and played a role in the capture of New Netherland. He settled in Marbletown, New York in 1665. He died on July 14, 1667 in Esopus, New York.



Thornton F. Brodhead


Thornton Fleming Brodhead (1822 – August 31, 1862)[1] was a brevet brigadier general during the American Civil War.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead was born in south Newmarket, New Hampshire, on September 22, 1822. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in law. He then moved to Pontiac, Michigan. He soon was appointed prosecuting attorney and then deputy Secretary of State.

At age 27, he became a senator for Michigan. Brodhead enlisted in April 1847 as 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant in the 15th U.S. Infantry during the Mexican War, and he was brevetted to the rank of captain on August 20, 1847. He was made a full captain on December 2, 1847, and was mustered out on July 31, 1848, when the troops were disbanded. In 1852 he was appointed postmaster of Detroit.

At the beginning of the civil war he raised the 1st Michigan cavalry regiment,[2] at the head of which he served under Generals BanksFremont, and Pope. He died of wounds received at the second battle of Bull Run in August 31, 1862.

Personal life
Brodhead married Archange Macomb, a daughter of general Macomb and they had six children.[1]


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The Brodhead resume

“Face the Nation” changes name to “Face the liberal nincompoops”

We thought John Dickerson was a biased and intellectually challenged liberal nincompoop when he replaced Bob Schieffer as host of Face the Nation.  The show went from an adequate level of journalistic dignity to a British Tabloid. Scratch that, Face the Nation has become a liberal clearinghouse for idiots and partisan hack politicians that revise history and state serial lies.

Margarett Brennan seemed to start out on an ethical footing and put her best journalism foot forward when she replaced the heinous twang and offensive bias of John Dickerson as host of Face the Nation. However, it was not long before Face the Nation regressed to almost exclusively entertaining Trump hate and Trump derangement syndrome. It was sad to see Margarett Brennan’s excellent logic and critical thinking skills give way to a Jerry Springer level of non-representative biased journalism. It is a bummer to see a very worldly and educated journalist dumb herself down so she could interact with stupid Democrats and idiot liberals. She has in fact, taken a show that competed at the Cronkite and 60 minutes level to an entity that regurgitates tabloid gutter hearsay.   Real journalism that honored truth and dignified the trade has given way to a  show that belongs in a magazine at the checkout counter of Walmart.

It seems that everything that Brennan hosts is skewed to make conservatives look bad.  Case in point, at the 1 year anniversary of Charlottesville, she focused on labeling white folks as racists while totally avoiding Antifa violence. The acts of a few dozen Nazi wannabes took precedent over the hundreds of libtard Antifa idiots that beat on the cops. Brennan is getting really good at cheerleading for false narratives and engaging in fake news.

For her mental and physical health, she should take maternity leave.

Now, Margarett Brennan is entertaining the thoughts and liberal obsessions of New York senators that are attempting to label Trump as anti-woman. I mean it was quite amusing to listen to Kersten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton’s replacement, labeling Trump as especially hostile towards minority women. the Hillary Clinton replacement drone then stated that Trump was a sexist and serial sex offender?  Of course, it was Bill Clinton who was the real pervert that got blow jobs from young interns in the coat closet.  As it is, there is not one single event that supports the conclusion that Trump is hostile to women. Hence, Gillibrand is a liar.

Kersten Gillibrand’s thinly veiled partisan hack lies are as thin as her hairline.

Next, we will be treated to Brennan’s so-called content experts engaging in their signature version of TDS.

By now, most of America understands that the Democrats and their liberal idiot constituents are basically a conglomeration of commiserative fools, that only entertain inept social wedge issue gibberish, revisionist history, and outright lies.   I guess when one loses market share, journalism must give way to serenading a smaller and smaller audience. Truth and integrity give way to marketing profit and the exploitation of specific demographics.  Oh well.

Oh and I am not falling for the other shit.



Maria Cantwell engaging in McCarthyism and unethical double standards

Journalistic integrity, of late. has gone the way of the Dodo in great measure. Many in the liberal yellow press are on one side of the demarcation line,  while too few are on the side of non-biased truth and ethical reporting. Today, ethical reporting is predicated on what political party the object of interest pays allegiance to.

Today, it is becoming very clear that the US Justice Department and rogue agents in the US government actively manipulated the FISA courts into authorizing surveillance of a presidential candidate. These events make Watergate look like a misdemeanor. Either way, Nixon resigned over Watergate. However, today, Maria Cantwell is more interested in stopping Kavanaugh from becoming a Superior Court Judge than getting to the bottom of FISAGATE.  It seems that Maria Cantwell is more concerned with partisan hack politics than defending the Bill of Rights. In addition, Maria Cantwell’s hostility towards a Constitutional Conservative judge suggests that she will not defend our Constitution either. In reality, Maria Cantwell’s undeserved tenure as a partisan senator is a joke and an insult to Washingtonians. .

Maria Cantwell wants to file a Federal lawsuit in order to see Brett Kavanaugh’s records while he was working at the Whitehouse under a Republican president. Meanwhile, she says nothing about the extreme political and illegal corruption that is going on at the US Justice Department and FBI. This glaring  “Catch 22” showcases the extremely biased and non-value adding foolishness of Maria Cantwell’s misguided efforts. she does not represent Washington State. She represents the worst in Democratic party stupidity.

Maria Cantwell will obstruct legal and legitimate efforts to expose deep levels of corruption along political lines at the US Justice Department and FBI while also obstructing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Maria Cantwell’s partisan hack Catch 22s are insulting to the taxpaying citizens of Washington State.

Maria Cantwell’s hostility towards exposing deep state corruption while opposing Constitutional Conservative judges is basically McCarthyesque.

In Maria Cantwell’s world, support of the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and basic legal truths are only considered along political lines. In the old days, this would be considered heinous tyranny. Today, however, the liberal yellow press turns a blind eye and adapts their journalistic integrity to meet the needs of special interest-backed senators. It is sad that the liberal yellow press will follow unethical senators into the gutter of partisan hackery. They basically destroy their journalistic credibility in support of lies and tyranny.

Our great American Dream was based on ethical truths and the equal application of the rule of law.  Maria Cantwell only legislates along partisan lines.  That makes her McCarthyesque and an enemy of civil discourse, truth,  and our great republic.

At this juncture, all Americans must make a stand in support of our traditional form of government as envisioned and constructed by The Founders.  We must or we will lose our heritage as the greatest country on earth. A country that stands for the rule of law and the rights of the individual. Maria Cantwell only stands for her own vanity and unethical partisan BS.

Dear Brutus, the utter stupidity, and unethical partisan hackery of  Maria Cantwell’s Democratic party are making fools of the liberal yellow press.  Cantwell is sucking every last drop of credibility from the journalists that support her. Cantwell, Clinton, and her Democratic party constituents feel that the rule of law does not apply to them. Let us show her that our vote counts and vote this woman out of office. It is either that or be cast as fools.


The Brodhead resume

Bronco’s preseason opener showcases extraordinary player talent and depth

We could talk about Siemian and Sloter coming back to Denver and holding a quarterback clinic. We could talk about Paxton Lynch and how his days as a Bronco are now numbered. We could talk about Machine Gun Kelly II looking like a badass with a lightning release. Instead, let us focus on the bulk of the value adding obvious.

I am paying little attention to Case Keenum going 3 and out before giving way to Paxton Lynch’s traditional  “schitty play” and the lowest QB ratings since Chris Simms spelled Kyle Orton for a few.  Sending Keenum up against his old “almost Superbowl team” was non-value adding. In fact, it was about like sending Manning to Indy so he could beat up on Andrew Luck in front of his dedicated Indy fans and players. let us overlook the fumble for the sake of poetic license.

Instead, let us focus on Royce Freeman, the Tasmanian Devil,  The revamped O-line and how even the second and third string Bronco D-line looked like wolves tearing apart a fresh kill.

Royce Freeman can read the holes, juke like a bitch and then lay rubber. The tempo of his legs and feet become a blur as he kicks up turf and accelerates like a drag car. We all saw it. We saw a rookie that can simply “burn em off like a  1970 440 charger at Dog Pound Road in Longmont on a Friday night. I think he makes chubby bear Anderson look quite substandard.

The Broncos now have a bonified 4 yard a carry man.  Now all he needs to do is enact injury countermeasures and stay on the field. Dudes badass.

Then there is the Tasmanian Devil with incredible hands. We all saw it. Tazz reaches out and snags the ball, sucks it in quickly, and protects it.  He then jukes like a bitch and hauls ass. It is clear at this juncture that Tazz is ahead of David Williams in the depth. What a  $15,000 score. If indeed The Tasmanian Devils’ hands are as good as he demonstrated, he is a multi-role player that is a force multiplier in the backfield and down the field.

I have taken down my nude centerfold of Christian McCaffrey.

Quickly, the D-line was refreshing. They were all over the field. They made a few mistakes, but they were more like wolves with their heads bobbing back and forth while yanking and tearing meat from the bone.

It was clear that St. Joseph was giddy on the sidelines. Elwood and company have recruited massive talent. I have no doubt in my mind that Keenum will bring it all together.

Anyways, let us endure the last remains of Paxton Lynch’s not so excellent adventure in Denver. I told Elwood to keep Siemian and Sloter. Instead, he holds open enrollment for his extended quarterback handicamp for performance challenged 1st round quarterbacks complete with safe spaces and counseling sessions. The guy that cried at the Blackhole its only student. The only question that remains is do you cut him now or make Bronco fans endure the demise in excruciating detail?

I am sticking with Keenum and Kelly and begging the Vikings for Sloter. Trade them, Brandon Marshall.  Let him stay in their locker room during the National Anthem. DT shame on you! You guys have made your point and now you are simply being stupid.

Elwood looked quite handsome and stellar in his blue sports coat and white pants as he gazed from his luxury suite window. He squelched his grimace, NFL heartburn, and associative stress disorder with the swig of a double rum and coke, while he watched as Siemian and Sloter decimated the Orange Crush. Then again, it is only pre-season. During the regular season, Siemian simply cannot score and throws the ball away.  Paxton, however, likes to negotiate zero 1st downs, a 40 percent completion rating, limited yardage and then assumes his role as a QB dead man walking on the sidelines.

“Dead QB walking!!!’ Ya got yer dead QB walking here!!! DeadQB a walkin!!!!

What a bummer dude!

All is good. Just watch Royce Freeman highlights and have a $100 steak with TD.

All is well in Broncoville. Damn straight it is!!!!!