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To whom it may concern:


My wife and I came down to Hillsboro to install a new washer and dryer in our soon to be rental at 780 SW Brookwood.  While we were there, we had a chance encounter with the owner of 770 SW Brookwood. He has sold his house on a tiny lot for $360,000.  He also sold his 7000 sqf lot with Brookwood access for $90,000. This suggests that the (2) 50′ by 125′  lots at 780 SW Brookwood are worth at least $75,000 each with water and sewer hook ups. The profit on two homes built on these lots would eclipse $400,000 in today’s market. Hence, the city annexing a large portion of the property at 780 SW Brookwood via defacto imminent domain will cost upwards of $200,000 in lost profit for the owners at 780 SW Brookwood.

The Brookwood landing developer wanted this 7000 sqf lot as well as my land at 780 SW Brookwood. These two parecels would have netted a 270 by 125 lot capable of supporting 4 lots and a city road. The reason why the Brookwood landing developer has lost interest in my property is because the owner of 770 Brookwood sold the lot to someone else.

I paced off the Hubrich’s property. If they added my 25′ by 225′ road to their property, it would net them (3) 55 by 150 lots, as well as,  a 40′ by 100 narrow lot.  They would also gain a 7000 sqf lot and (2) 60 by 110 lots.

The Brookwood landing folks wanted all of this property. They also planned their road to accommodate this reality at the behest of the owners at 780 SW Brookwood.

As of 11/25/2015, the Hubrichs at 804 SW Brookwood have not developed their rental property lot. presently, If the owner of 780 SW Brookwood  chose to split off his lots, the City requires a city road to transition the property. This is a defacto imminent domain.

If the Hubrichs are allowed to develop the adjacent lots across from 780 SW Brookwood, then the proposed city road through 780 SW Brookwood  would be null and void.

Lasty, there is a fire hydrant on Brookwwod avenue that is 500 feet from my house on 780 SW Brookwood. I also have a 25 foot access road. A regulation fire lane is 20 feet wide. Hence, I have the ability to support both a fire lane and a 5 foot utility easement. This also means that there are zero stipulations on water sprinkler systems etc.

If the city planners intend on making a property owner install a city road through his or her property, then the same rules apply to the property owners at 804 SW Brookwood. They also must put in a city road.

Should the city planners allow one property owner to develop a lot without the same road infrastructure stipulation, then the folks at 780 SW Brookwood would also not be required to provide land for a city road.

In summation, the Brookwood landing developers were unsuccessful as it relates to purchasing the land and housing in and around  780 , 770, and 804 SW Brookwood. Their planning was predicated on acquiring this land. Because the land was not purchased, the city should make the Brookwood landing folks install a cul de sac  in lieu of a street. In addition, if the city allows the Hubrichs to develop their lots without a city road through their property, then there is zero requirement for a road across 780 SW Broowkood.  Should the city allow lot development on the Hubrich’s property without a corresponding city road, then we at 780 SW Brookwood  have a strong case to sue the city and negate their silly road to the backyards of new construction. Should we decide to sue, we will seek  damages that exceed $200,000.

As it is, we are going to rent our property out until the water and sewer taps at the Brookwood landing are installed. We also want to be contacted as soon as the new street is roughed in so we can connect without disturbing finished sidewalks etc.  When the entire Brookwood landing addition is built and sold off, we will revisit this silly road issue.

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780 SW Brookwood

Hillsboro, Oregon.







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