Arizona Cardinals a tough road game but a Bronco road win!

Let’s just forget about the Jets game. Let us completely suppress the Jets game. In fact, what Jets game?

Let us talk about how the powerful Bronco defense stayed pace with KC and the hottest new QB in the league. Let us focus on how the Denver D shut down the Rams offense.

Bronco fans saw the tell. We saw how the Denver D regained it’s hanging tough composure.  We saw how Chubb bit on the carcass and shook his head violently with 3 rookie sacks. Then the rest of  “the dogs ”  joined in screaming, psychotically yelping in anticipation,  and getting some.  Goff who?

Just as Gettysburg was the highwater mark for the South,  the Rams game was the floodgates that ushered in the reemergence of traditionally awesome Bronco football. All the physical qualities are there. The Broncos just happened to stumble into the reality that they are badasses.  The Denver Bronco defense is set once again to dominate for the remainder of the season. Their mental momentum is undeniable.

Musgrave as so much offensive talent at his disposal he doesn’t know what to do. Bronco fans are seeing remnants of Kubiak’s inept up the middle for -1 along with new play calling. We are also seeing offensive plays that flabergasted  Son of Bum. On one play call, Booker burns it for 6 yards. The next play they run Freeman into the line of scrimmage without any play action or intelligence on how the line is evolving. The Broncos would move the ball radically down the field only to see Musgrave become dysfunctional conservative when he is close to the red zone. Then stupid penalties or indecision pushes the Broncos out of Mcmanus range.  Unlike Siemian who would hang onto the ball until he was sacked, I thought Keenum knew how to throw out of bounds when he is flushed from the pocket. I mean WTF?

We do know that Case Keenum has the ability to bury the mental shit and drive down the field in the 4th quarter.  For the Broncos, the red zone was a no-go zone under Siemian, Osweiler, and that other high paid NFL bust tall dude that cried at the Blackhole. We cannot expect Case Keenum to patch together a team with a history of shitty play calling, a dozen different coaches and several different garbage quarterbacks in just a few games. Everything takes repetition and synergy. We can expect Keenum to stay focused, tenacious,  and execute the basics. We expect him to believe completely in his capabilities and doggedly move forward. Positive things are going to happen.

Keenum has to keep the Broncos on the field with solid running game and possession receiving. he then exploits “The three Amigos 2.0” Come on now!!!!!

The Broncos win if they mentally build on their epic performances against KC and The Rams.  They win if they run the ball, exploit the RB corps hands on screens and play action.  They win if they execute quick scripted plays and use their WR corps.  They win if they execute the basics, limit penalties, and run the hurry-up offense.   They win if they rush the passer like everyone knows they can. They win if they finally realize that they can.

Bury the Arizona Cardinals boys…

All is well in Broncoville! Damn straight it is…