Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to declare a national emergency on the 2nd Amendment

Oh my word! Nancy Pelosi’s personal epidemic of irrational thought and incompetence continues. In Pelosi’s world, killing a 9 month old fetus is morally ok, but a border wall is immoral? Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her DAZI party make no distinction between legal immigrants that wait in line and illegal caravans full of disease ridden criminals, gang members and rapists. In her world, it is ok for coyotes to rape young illegal grisl attemting to cross the border. It is also ok for DAZI party officials in Virginia to rape women in college and still stay in power. The Catch 22s are significant.

In response to Donald Trump possibly declaring a national emergency on the border, Pelosi is suggesting that the next Democrat president declare an emergency on the 2nd Amendment? What is this dingbat suggesting? The 2nd Amendment is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. There is no Bill of Rights for illegals crossing the border. Border security is authorized via the Constitution. Trump has legal authority to protect and defend the USA.

Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat. At 78 years old, she is at the twilight of her life and seems to be losing her mind. Wow, Pelosi supports massive illegal immigration and is now threatening to take our guns if we do not allow illegals to enter this country. In Pelosi’s world illegals have more right in this country than the 2nd Amendment. WTF????? Seriously WTF???

Republicans cling to their guns and religion.

Democratic Socialists or DAZI party members cling to 9 month old fetus extermination and the illegal immigrant reconquista. Oh my word!!!

Pence and Bibi visit Warsaw Ghetto monument

My mother grew up in Hitler’s Germany. She was born two years before Jesse Owens became the fastest man on earth at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. My German grand father would serve 5 years on the Western front as a cavalryman. During the days of the Wiemar Republic, he was a conservative senator. Opa would not take the oath to Hitler so the family farm of 300 years was nationalized by the NAZI party. Opa was also subject to assassination during the “Night of the long knives” where Hitler had 400 Germans killed. Opa went into hiding. He was later sent to Dachau concentration camp along with utter thousands of German veterans that opposed Hitler. Because he was pure German and a a decorated veteran, he was released instead of being executed. Dachau was created for political prisoners and people that were a threat to the NAZI party. My mother would eventually be forced to join Hitler Youth. She also remembers the smoke from the stacks of Dachau.

The farm would be liberated from NAZI tyranny by a segregated all Black U.S. army unit as it marched across the farm’s lush fields in the spring of 1945.

Today, Hitler Youth programs have become LGBT youth programs in the school system where kindergartners are separated from the family and directed into political and gender indoctrination programs.

The German concentration camp of Dachau became the concentration camp model that would be built and implemented across Europe and the East as the German war machine moved across the great Steppes towards Moscow. The focus of the Nazi party then became the total extermination of the Jew. After the battle of Stalingrad, Hitler accelerated the extermination of the Jew in Europe. The Warsaw ghetto would become a massive concentration camp for the strict purpose of isolating Polish Jews. The Polish population stood idle in the face of mass murder. Afraid to make a stand. As the Eastern Front collapsed, Heinrich Himmler’s SS accelerated Hitler’s “Final solution” and sought to empty the Warsaw ghetto and send the inhabitants to extermination camps. Jews would then be transported via cattle cars to these extermination camps en-mass. Once the families arrived at concentration camps like Auschwitz, they would be stripped of their remaining possessions, separated from their children, stripped naked and herded into gas cambers. The cremation ovens would run 24 hours a day.

Many of the cattle cars were made of dark painted steel. It was a common policy to leave these cattle cars full of Jewish people in the sun for hours and hours of a day. The temperature in these cattle cars could rise to 130 degrees.

We can never ever forget what so-called advanced societies are capable of. That is why Republicans stand for the Bill of Rights and equal application of the rule of law. Today in America, only Republicans are subject to the rule of law and the FBI/Deep state simply abuse the Bill of Rights.

Many of the Jews at the Warsaw ghetto would put up a fight and not go peacefully to the cattle cars and gas chambers. Pence and Bibi honor those individuals. Republicans honor these heroes.

Republicans will always stand with Israel.

Today, in America, we are seeing are seeing the rise of the DAZI party. If one does not take the oath to the DAZI party, one is labeled a racist or a bigot. The scientific experiments and mass genocides that occurred in Europe have become DAZI eugenics programs and planned parenthood. 6 million Jews were killed during Hitler’s “Final solution.” Today 20 million black babies have been exterminated via DAZI party abortion programs. However, there are no monuments to the folks that fought against America’s DAZI party infanticide. There are no monuments to heroes in Andrew Cuomo’s New York city abortion ghetto. Only pink lights and the laughter of evil politicians as they enact their racist eugenics program.

In the US Congress we do have Ilhan Omar. She shares the views of Heinrich Himmler and continually engages in antisemitic rhetoric. She calls Jews “Hooked nosed” as visions of “Crystal Nacht” and bricks through windows come to the fore front of our memories. Instead of policing Omar’s offensive Muslim views, Pelosi and DAZI party officials do nothing. Pelosi’s DAZI party members share the same political behavior and social reprehensible policies as circa 1925 Nazi Street trash. The USA based liberal yellow press are no different than the Joseph Goebbels state run press of the 1930s and 1940s. In response many Americans have to rely on ” Radio Free America” for real news. The FBI and the deep state now share similarities with the Hitler’s Gestapo or Stalin’s KGB. The DAZI party’s idea of healthcare is baby extermination. Next. they will seek to eliminate private healthcare insurance and replace it with government run healthcare. Who knows, but they may expand their lust for eugenics programs into state run death panels that target baby boomers.

The American dream and our freedoms are in the balance when congresswomen are allowed to engage in antisemitism. It is just the beginning. Just as we stand with Israel, we must stand for the vision of the Founders. We cannot stand idly by as decadent liberal forces take our freedoms and the sanctity of natural child development for the purpose of political indoctrination. We must fight. We must fight for our children and the innocent unborn. We fight for humanity!

Liberal yellow press colluding to expose Democratic Socialist idiocy

We are finding that Donald Trump’s ability to manipulate the press is simply epic. For example, Trump has exploited the liberal yellow press and the Robert Mueller probe for full effect for the last two years. All Americans now know it was a Clinton/Deep state hoax that showcased extreme political bias and unbalanced application of the law. In fact, the liberal yellow press ignorantly painted the Democratic Socialist establishment and the FBI as basically KGB-esque establishments. Establishments that apply the rule of law to Conservatives and law abiding citizens while DAZI party members and illegals get a free pass on everything.

The Kavanaugh fiasco was another case in point. We are supposed to believe The Ford lady for an alleged low level sexual assault issue 35 years ago while discounting two separate rape allegations on a Virginia DAZI party member. We are supposed to believe Trump collusion charges by Clinton while totally omitting the reality that it was the Clintons that colluded with the Russians. The DAZI party expected the liberal yellow press to do it’s bidding and elevate a lie like Joseph Goebbels on steroids. In fact, the liberal yellow press came through for the Clinton/Bush/Obama deep like willing press dogs. As a consequence, Americans now view both the liberal yellow press and Democrats as simply far left freak shows not worthy of consideration or belief. Trump Republicans are now viewed as the safe and intelligent alternative to mass DAZI party liberal stupidity.

At this juncture, if the liberal yellow press covers the current DAZI party presidential candidates like they did the Republican candidates from 2014 to 2016, they will have colluded to the benefit of all Americans. They will expose the DAZI party candidates as simply irritating leftist demagogues just like did the neo-cons in 2016. . While their inept verbage might play on the human shit strewn sidewalks of San Francisco or the liberal bastions on the East and West Coasts, the current DAZI party dogma will not fly with 75% of Americans.

In our baby boomer lifetimes, we have not witnessed this level of far left Democrat idiocy. We have never seen so many undeserving, divisive, ignorantly grandiose, and unhinged candidates step forward for the presidency. Most, are hybrid offshoots cut from the Hillary CIinton/Barack Obama political mold. Same game plan. Same idiocy. Same racist and bigotry labeling campaign for the vote. It is laughable. So anyways, it will be extremely amusing to watch as the liberal yellow press colludes to undermine the DAZI party fools that think they have a shot in hell.

In reality, the first month of the Pelosi led 116th Dingbat Congress has been a public relations disaster. The newest members of the 116th Dingbat Congress, like Cortez, Tlaib, Omar and Jayapal have made Marxist antisemitic liberal idiot fools of themselves. In fact, they have enticed other soft in the head liberals to follow suit. Then there are the entrenched political hacks like Lewis, Cummings, and Schiff that continually engage in non value adding witch hunts and race labeling. However the biggest caveats are the DAZI party’s penchant and lust for killing 9 month old babies while insisting that illegals get sanctuary status. Liberals will attack ICE and detention of illegal children while supporting infanticide and the institutionalized killing of black babies in New York. Oh my word. This is going to be interesting. DAZI’s call Republicans racist while supporting a massive Eugenics program for minorities and enjoying campaign donations from Planned parenthood? WTF?

All the DAZI party candidates will offer is a so-called Republican war on women over abortion rights after they clapped for their infanticide agenda. Next, they will label people who do not want to take the oath to the DAZI party as racist. Lastly, they will seek to elevate the New Green Deal! A green deal that is simply unattainable enviro-fascist gibberish. Of course if one does not believe in the New Green Deal then one is labeled anti -science and earth unfriendly. One big guilt campaign from the judgmental and intolerant left. Oh and we must not forget the Democrats tripling health care policy costs with less coverage. Now they want to create medicare for all based on extremely inflated healthcare costs. To them private sector competition has no place in their government controlled and legislated healthcare price increases. Costs that are double that of Germany would be triple that of Germany under the medicare for all construct. 80 million baby boomers would see their policy costs triple if not quadruple and take up huge portions of the social security check. Let the battle begin…..

Washington State GOP has no game plan for 2020

Republicans have painfully watched as Republican influence in the Washington State House and Senate have been squandered via the elevation of ho hum candidates. At the Federal level, the selective powers that be have elevated perennial candidates with track records of failure. They also elevated a slew of identity politics candidates that went down in flames in what should have been an easy win in toss up districts etc.

It is more about a few folks maintaining complete control of the process then thinking out of the box or cultivating a real message to the people. Instead, we get run of the mill candidates. At this juncture, the mantra of lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way is in play.

Republicans, the party of Lincoln is no longer a bold party in Washington. They are passively allowing decadent social trends to steal the sanctity of natural child growth. Instead of standing against the destruction of the family, they think that social media induced trend compliance and sad congeniality in support of the neo-moral relativism of the liberal left is the safe route. They think that surrender will endear Washingtonians to conservative values. In fact, they are too afraid to make a stand because they are afraid of labeling. The saying’ “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” does not apply to the compliant political hacks in Washington state.

The Washington State Republicans like to play it nice and subdued. Their lackluster theatrics do not move the voter whatsoever. Instead, we continually see the Washington State Democratic Socialists or DAZIs make regular power advances. These DAZI party officials then seek to raise every manner of taxation based on either enviro-fascist lies or feel good emotional arguments. These special interest enviro-fascists continue to undermine Christ in our school system, attack the role of the family, and elevate the decadence of gender politics. However, even when these baby killing DAZI’s come after the children, Republicans stand idle by and are too afraid to make a stand. Meanwhile, Washington State is becoming a satellite nation of California complete with massive property taxes, and multi generational taxation plans that consume the cash fuel of the economy stupid. In addition, landlord tenant laws are being so bastardized that home owners are now renting from the State and get a pittance in return. As it is, the DAZI party of Washington state want to turn the Puget Sound into one massive government controlled socialist real estate venture where half of monthly rents go to Washington state taxation. The DAZIs want to take our guns, our rights, our property, and our children via liberal indoctrination.

Sadly, nobody is making a stand because they are too scared to be labelled by a freak show.

The bottom line is that the leadership have their heads in the sand and are not willing to make a stand. They are going willingly to the gas chambers of liberal insanity. In lieu of elevating personalities that will put up a fight, they have regressed into hiding in the shitter in the concentration camp of liberal decadence and servitude. Oh my!!!!

Brodheads took New Amsterdam in 1664. We have been fighting for this country for over 350 years. It is sad that our legacy of strength has devolved to control by the decadent and mentally inferior among us.

I dint inherit shit. I started from pennies and only had the American dream and a good wife at my side. Now if you will excuse me, I need to work on my million dollar custom home that I owe zip on and complete two books. When you downtrodden lemmings need someone real, set up a committee, Otherwise, I will do what I will at a higher venue.

Uncle Donny just needs to stay the course for 2020

I personally voted for Gary Johnson in 2016. As a fiscal conservative, I was extremely impressed with Gary Johnson’s fiscal prowess when governor of New Mexico.. In addition, he attracted scores of Hispanics that voted Republican. I voted my conscience even if it meant that Hillary Clinton might win. That was then. This is now, and I am rolling with Uncle Donny!

Today, bolstered by Mick Mulvaney and solid demonstrative deeds, Trump has solidified his base and is actually rallying copious independents to the cause. We may also be seeing the return of the Reagan Democrat as the Democratic Socialists go full stupid and the liberal yellow press continually engages in fits of DTS tainted propaganda methods.

Uncle Donny has turned out to be a badass that has negotiated the steep presidential learning curve in extraordinary fashion. The fella has gonads of titanium and routinely plays the liberal yellow press like a $19.99 Ebay Chinese made Stradivarius knockoff. While his twitter and public verbiage may be simple in their delivery, it is clear that he possess and employs a much deeper and very intelligent public relations strategy. A strategy refined and honed from decades and decades dealing with the media. The genius of Donald Trump is that he played the liberal yellow press for free press during the 2016 election,however, after he was elected, he eliminated the yellow press media filter and went straight to social media (Twitter)! So, Americans get the Twitter feed straight from the horse’s mouth without the decadent and biased liberal yellow press media filter.

Uncle Donny will say one thing and the liberal yellow press will deliver it in their signature DTS ridden way. The American public then sees the two different versions. One message is the Trump message and the other is a bastardized liberal yellow press view. One version is unabashed Trump. The other versions is simply fake news and gibberish.

The Democratic Socialist presidential field is ripening into a circus of identity politicians, absurdly liberal nincompoops, and folks with zero name recognition. 2020 is the year of the Democratic Socialist women. The entire Democratic Socialist campaign will focus on women in order to elevate Kamala Harris. Chances are that she will win the Democratic Socialist nod and then add Julian Castro to the ticket. The approach will target all the states of Guadalupe Hidalgo . As we recall, blacks did not donate and come out in droves for Hillary Clinton.Hence, in order to exploit that demographic, they will require an identity politics candidate like Kamala Harris. The final race will come down to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden will represent the centrist aspect of the DAZI party, and Harris will be the progressive aspect.

All Uncle Donny has to do is executive action on the border wall, make progress in North Korea, withdraw from the Middle East, and Afghanistan, and continue to stimulate job growth. It is clear that Trump has the ability to manage the stock market and the Fed thing after 8 years of Obama’s FED handicapped economy and CQE. . The only thing that may negatively affect Donald Trump is the yearly national deficits. Joe Biden can leverage this reality given that yearly deficits were on the decline while he was VP. The Democratic Socialists or the DAZI party only have a chance if the economy shits the bed stupid. However, this is not the time of George Bush, the perpetual war monger and the second coming of Herbert Hoover. This is the time of Trump and solid economic times. Let the good times roll. Now if you will excuse me, I have to buy some of that $2.46 a gallon diesel fuel and go work on my Colorado custom home build on the front range. Oh and regular here in Colorado is $1.75.

Adam Schiff now focusing on Trump’s future dealings?

Adam Schiff is lost in some sort of “Minority Report” la la land. He is now focused on Trump’s future crime. How Orwellian. The Liberal yellow press is fixated on Trump face crime and calling him a racists, while Adam Schiff is using tax payer funds to continue surveillance of Donald Trump in real time. Soon, the idiot Schiff will be accusing Donald Trump of toilette payer collusion if he wipes his ass with a Russian brand. Today there are no limits to Adam Schiff’s asinine behavior and Trump fixation. Now he thinks he is protecting the American dream by monitory and intercepting Donald Trump’s pre-crime. The asinine Schiff Game plan is straight out of the movie “Minority Report”. A hybrid of KGB /Nazi tactics and a Hollywood movie. You simply cannot make this shit up. This suggests that the Trump witch hunt is ending with zero collusion. Schiff and Mueller have nothing now and will have nothing in the future?

Percy lipped Adam Schiff could not find anything on Donald Trump. Of course it is now becoming clear that Robert Mueller habitually exploited the illegal FISA courts even before the FBI put Donald Trump under surveillance. In fact, his attempts at manipulating FISA court judges is legendary. The dude is a corrupt liar. It is a documented fact.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, the FBI limited their investigation to a few weeks or so. No FBI investigation into Clinton Foundation pay to play behavior while she was SOS. There was never a call for her tax returns or those of the Clinton Foundation. The liberal yellow press has no interest in going after Clinton corruption.

Now that Adam Schiff “the asshole” has not found anything on Trump, he is now focusing his House investigation committee on Trump’s future financial dealings? He is now suggesting that Trump’s financial interests would interfere with Trump’s dedication to the American people? This guy is an idiot that is wasting our time.

It is time for someone to take this percy lipped lying and insulting fool behind the political wood shed and beat his political face in.

Adam Schiff is making a mockery of the Intelligence committee and using it to meet his own twisted agenda. The dude is a political hack that is looking to make a name for himself. What he really needs is his ass beat and some knuckles placed on his bitch lips.

It is time to take this idiot to the mat and confront his partisan hack agenda.

Donald Trump directs National Park Service to paint the Brodhead Homestead

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The B-file

A Brief history of the Brodhead Family as I see it (The Brodhead Homestead)

Throughout my life, my last name has been subject to ridicule. The harassment became quite acute in junior high, high school, and my entire service in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves (1978 to 2006). Some of my favorite names were: Butthead, shithead, Brodbutt, Brodtoe, Asshead, suckhead, and an immense catalog  of other bastardizations. It did not help that I had a big mouth and a Napoleonic complex. After a while, it simply became something to not react too. The real problem was the name prejudice as it related to job resume’s. This reality was completely validated when I ran for Congress and gained a consistent low percentage across every single precinct and county. This is not a poor me declaration. I found a way to win within the private sector and simply bypass the oppression of name prejudice.

In 2005, I flew one of the last C-141 aircraft to the bone yard. This was after serving 18 months doing medivacs out of Iraq. On January 1st 2006, I had enough of the military and retired. This transition was the hardest thing I ever had to face. I was both a military dependent and an Airman. My father had bombarded me with patriot conditioning since I was old enough to wipe my butt.  I never understood where his lust for military service and patriotism came from.  After retirement,  and for five years, I dealt with separation anxiety and loss of status as an Air Force aviator. It did not matter that I had made it in the private sector and was independently wealthy.Many times I would dream of the service. many times, my friends would have to talk me out of joining up again. Soon, I realized that I could not even go to the base, because it would ignite military separation anxiety all over again. I would have to stand on my own self concept and dignity. As a conservative in the fight, I ask nothing from government  except  limited government, a strong military, and the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I did my time in the military, but the fight continues.

In 2006,  I got a dog to ease the transition and also started to find out the real history of my family without the name calling and prejudice. My lack of deserved self esteem and the realization that  the Brodhead name is one of the most esteemed family names in the history of this great country became infectious. I had no idea. It is has become an opiate of day dreaming. Eventually this behavior must stop. Pride is one of the Cardinal sins. The internet has given rise to the gluttony of surfing the net.

The Brodhead Homestead deserves to be rehabilitated and then maintained as a historic symbol of the American dream.  The reasons are not from a single act of heroism or politics.  For over 350 years, Brodheads have been fighting for this country. It started in August of 1664 when our progenitor  Captain Daniel Brodhead  from Yorkshire, England ,disembarked Man-O-wars along with 400 British Dragoons. He would be second in command of the Nichols Expedition, and force the surrender of New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York, and English speaking rule established.

Over 100 years later, Brodheads would turn against the tyranny of British rule. Daniel Brodhead from Pennsylvania would be one of the first delegates to the First Continental Congress (Provincial)  in 1775 and pledge his support of  New England against British acts of tyranny. This was the result of  Paul Revere’s ride to Pennsylvania.  When the American Revolution broke out, Luke Brodhead would be part of the 1st American rifle regiment and among the “Guns of Ticonderoga at Dorchester heights at the Siege Of Boston. At the Battle of Long island, Daniel Brodhead would defend Washington’s retreat across the East river. He and George Washington were on the last boats to leave Long Island. On the Manhattan side, Brodhead under the command of Thomas Miflin would tend the encampment fires as George Washington’s troops fled to Fort Washington. Daniel Brodhead would be among the 2500 rag tag soldiers that escaped across the Delaware  River into Pennsylvania. Thomas Paine coined this time as ” The Time that tried men’s souls!”

Luke Brodhead would musketed at the Battle of Long island and spend time on a British prison ship. Daniel’s son would also be wounded and spend time on a British prison ship before being exchanged. Luke would go on to be General Marcus De Lafayette’s Aid De Camp. at Valley Forge along with fighting several more battles.

Daniel Brodhead would become the commander of the 8th Pennsylvania regiment. Brodheads would fight along side George Washington  at several battles such as:  Defense of Philadelphia. Princeton, Bound Brook,  Brandy wine, German Town, and the Paoli Massacre just to name a few. He would winter at Valley Forge and then become the commander of the Western Department headquartered at Fort Pitt. Eventually he would become one of Washington’s Generals and help found the Society of Cincinnati.

The Brodhead name is woven into the proud legacy of the Keystone state. We are inseparable.

After the American Revolution, Brodheads were not finished notching out their place in Pennsylvania history.  Brodheads  would team up with Augustus Wolle , buy property, and create the Saucona iron works. This property would become Bethlehem steel.

Then there is the efforts of Congressman  Richard H. Brodhead of the Pennsylvania 10th district. He would go on to hold a Senate Seat as well. During his service a Congressman and Senator, he would support legislation that funded the troops during the Mexican American war. The list of his achievements and bills in the House and Senate is staggering compared to the politicians of today. Everything he did was for Pennsylvania. His efforts helped secure our manifest destiny and then create avenues for the rise of Pennsylvania steel. His name is on the Oregon territory, the Washington territory, the Utah territory, The Gadsden purchase, and Iowa statehood. Just to name a few. He debated the Kansas Nebraska act,slavery in the territories,  and the Wilmot proviso.  In addition, to territories, his name is on bills that funded the John C. Fremont expeditions,  created countless military roads, postal infrastructure and government buildings across the country. His name is on the bills that created the West Wing, The East Wing, The Capitol building Dome and the Congressional Library. His biggest achievement, however , was, a bill that funded the topography surveys for the first Transcontinental railroad. This achievement would put Pennsylvania steel production in overdrive and allow Bethlehem to support the growth of America. These acts would enable the massive economic success of Pennsylvania steel for close to 120 years.

Brodheads fought for English speaking rule. They fought for Independence.  We fought in Mexico. We fought for Emancipation. We fought for manifest destiny. Above all, we fought for the great Keystone state. Our efforts are part of Pennsylvania’s history. Had it not been for Pennsylvania, we would not have endured.

.  The Brodhead Homstead is a part of Pennsylvania history that must be preserved. Allowing it to go to ruin is  shameful and basically craps on Pennsylvania history. It insults the Founding Fathers. I mean, Brodheads rose up against tyranny before George Washington and the rest of the slave owning Virginians even got out of bed. We were the first of the Fighting Founders and put our lives on the line for liberty.  The Brodhead Homestead should be maintained like Mount Vernon or Montecello. After all, it was a Brodhead that defended Washington and secured the Jefferson manuscripts for the ages.

All one has to do to see the efforts of the Brodhead family is to go to the Congressional Globe website and search the Brodhead name. You will find litteraly thousands of bills that were voted on by Richard H. Brodhead. I believe he lived in this house and was one of Pennsylvania’s greatest  statesmen.

The house deserves a decent paint job….

In summation: During the American Revolution, Brodheads dealt with oppression and British bureaucracy  with the thrust of Pennsylvania steel through the torso or a musket ball to the forehead.We were among the 2500 Patriots that marched  barefoot and left a blood trail in the defense of Pennsylvania, liberty and independence. I find it quit a catch 22 to have to fight for the right to maintain a property of such great historic significance. A property that was  taken by imminent domain and then abandoned by a  federal Bureaucracy. Today, however, we can work together and restore this wonderful home. This symbol of Pennsylvania’s heritage and the American dream.

So, in closing, let us all work together and put a damn paint job on the house. For the love of Pete!!! Oh my word…..I will donate $1000 and commit to April. Anyone else that wants to contribute can do so. I believe, however, any donations should go to buying paint directly.

Another scenario is asking the NPS to lease the property back to us for a term of 5 years while we work on it. We would provide assurances that we would adhere to all environmental rules and regulations and work on it ourselves. The lease would be a $1 a year. Let us come up with a proposal after we have put a very nice white paint job on this historic srtucture. .

Search Brodhead legislative achievement here at the Congressional globe.

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AuthorStephan141cPosted onFebruary 8, 2016Edit”A Brief history of the Brodhead Family as I see it (The Brodhead Homestead)”

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Madam Dingbat House speaker Pelosi pivots to Trump tax returns

Apparently the 116th Dingbat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the ass Adam Schiff have nothing on Donald Trump, hence they are pivoting to Donald Trump’s tax returns. However, the catch 22 caveat is that Donald Trump will not show his corporate tax returns, hence, Pelosi and Schiff are seeking a stale mate.

Madam Dingbat Pelosi, and Schiff the ass, have nothing on Donald Trump. In order to keep the Russian collusion bullshit alive, they are Schiffting to Trump tax returns. So as long as Donald Trump refuses to show his tax returns, the Russian collusion BS stays alive. The asshole Schiff can then keep his BS Congressional investigation on the books and maintain slight of hand credibility. In reality, he has not a shred of evidence against Donald Trump besides bogus Steele dossier gibberish. Instead of accepting that the Steele Dossier and Meuller’s witch hunt are zero sum games, Schiff avoids a public relations defeat. Schiff and Pelosi are counting on the liberal yellow press to pivot to Trump tax returns. They will then declare Trump guilty by virtue of his not disclosing his tax returns.

The DAZI party have become masters at deception and Jospeh Goebbels propaganda techniques. They are exploiting every public relations trick they can find.

Americans are now viewing Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff as DTS ridden idiots that engage in fake propaganda. Instead of dealing with her district’s rampant homelessness, drug addiction and human feces inundated sidewalks , Pelosi is fixated on Trump.

It is clear that the Democratic Socialists or the DAZI party are the party of illegal immigration, baby extermination camps, commiseration, socialism, and race labeling. They, along with the liberal press skewered Kavanaugh for what could have been fake accusations.However, when one of their baby killing own is a black faced KKK dunce cap wearing racist, the liberal yellow press says little. Of course the DAZI party will skewer women who claim to have been sexually assault by a DAZI party member. It is the same game plan the Clinton’s used against the women who claimed Clinton sexual predatory behavior.

The real war on women is being conducted by the DAZI party. They focus on infanticide while welcoming illegals for the vote. The DAZI party is raging a war on the family and the mental health of children via LGBT indoctrination programs in kindergarten. Hitler Youth have become DAZI LGBT youth programs. NAZI “Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter” programs have become Dazi infanticide programs and DAZI LGBT recruitment of 5 year olds and teaching children that there are 19 different genders. This is a real war on child mental health and a wholesale attack on the strength of the family.

As far as Trump tax returns, there is nothing new here. Dingbat Pelosi and the ass Schiff just want everyone to think there is. The Clinton’s deleted emails that could have shown extraordinary collusion with the Russians and pay to play politics. The only question now is if the corrupt IRS leaked Trump IRS documents to Schiff and Meuller illegally. We cannot put it passed the Deep State. After all, the IRS sought to squelch conservative activists via IRS audits. Schiff and Pelosi schiffting to Trump tax returns is just an extension of that corrupt government behavior.

The DAZI party depends on the liberal yellow press and justice via social media. A this juncture they have nothing, so they are dangling Trump Tax returns instead.