From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 31)

At this juncture, I have to move on from the 728th and expand on the 730th and the Northern Alliance.  The 728th Airlift Squadron introduced me to the entire world.  They trained me and then gave me a window seat to the world and knowledge.

I could talk about all the different trips and all of my obtuse observations, however, it would not be appropriate. I will elaborate on one last trip.

The 728th acquired a female load from Active Duty. She was a pretty Hispanic gal. She was quite thin and looked like a runt in a flight suit.

I signed up for a trip to Guam via Hickham AFB. Needless to say, the leg to Guam is always brutal. When we arrived at Anderson AFB, we were sent downtown for billeting. The hotel was right on the beach. It was late in the day and the sun was starting to go down. The crew quickly dressed into shorts after getting our rooms. Within 15 minutes, the cockpit crew would be sitting on the beach facing the sun. On this day, the sun would cast a brilliant light show across the clouds on the vast Pacific horizon. It was a brilliant sundown with the yellow and orange colors of the sun and dark blue light filtered through clouds. Angular sun beams would emanate from the fringes of the clouds.

Soon the sun would be touching the ocean as it went down. This would alter the light show. The light would fan across the waters of the ocean and be hard on the eyes.  About this time a female figure in a bikini walked by us and then directly in front of us. The sun seemed to absorb her into light and energy, and she seemed to be deteriorating and dissolving into the light as the sun beams emanated from her figure from every direction.  One could barely make out a human being as she blocked the sun and was bathed in light.  I did not have sunglasses on and shaded my eyes with a cupped hand at my forehead.  The bikini clad gal would walk a little farther. We then realized that this was our Loadmaster gal. In addition, while she may have looked like a runt in a flight suit, in a bikini she looked wonderful with full hips, tiny waist, beautiful legs, and a more than adequate bust line. Her hair was long, black shiny and healthy. The cockpit crew simultaneously gave a collective sigh. I would blurt out “Oh my word!”

This last memory is the way that I leave the 728th and start on the saga of the 730th Airlift Squadron and the Northern Alliance.

History belongs to those that write it. I have owned up to all of my personal failings and how I have stumbled in the past. Every veteran looks back upon their service and casts it in the most dignified manner. It was true at the Battle of the Crater to the Battle of the Bulge and beyond. We forget about human trespasses and focus on the good. I will now present the history of the 730th from September 11th, 2001 to the retirement of the mighty C-141. I will present the experience in a manner void of personal weakness, social nuisances or inept observation. I will show how I can write without incessantly using “I.” I will show in superb detail how patriots came together and put their best feet forward for the sake of the soldier. I do this with the utmost respect for those that I was allowed to serve with. Take it or leave it.


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