Brodhead Solar power legislation explained

$132 for 300 watts

Solar panels have plunged in pricing. Today a 300-watt solar panel can be had for $129.000 off of E-bay. Unlike older panel technology, the newest solar panels are installed on corrugated plastic and can be glued to a surface.  20 of these new style solar panels can be had for  $2600 plus shipping. This means 6000 watts on a sunny day or enough power to light “100”  60-watt bulbs.

Today’s grid tie inverters can supply power to a battery bank. They can supply isolated power to a residential circuit breaker panel. They can also export power to the grid, however, legacy utility companies have lowered the prices they will pay customers with solar power surpluses.

Exporting surplus solar power to the grid should not be an objective. The objective is to build a residential solar power system that will power heating and cooling systems as well as an electric car. The only limiting factor today is the cost of  battery technology. This could be overcome by a standardized 10 KW  lithium ion battery bank.  The automotive industry is fully tooled up for lithium Ion battery bank production, hence, car style battery banks should cost no more than $2500.  Low-cost automotive battery banks in conjunction with natural gas and low wattage min split technology will heat and cool a house without legacy utilities.

The good news is that the battery bank of an electric car can power all the needs of a house overnight. So, the car is charged quickly during the day and then the power is returned to circuit breaker panel during the night. This arrangement would render legacy utilities as simply obsolete.

So not only will the battery bank of your car take you to the store, it will power your residential power needs overnight.  The only caveat is that the electric stove, electric water heater, electric furnace, and electric dryer have to be replaced by gas appliances or low wattage alternatives. Electric coil heating is simply ridiculous power hogging technology.

Brodhead solar power legislation would allow homeowners to finance a new solar system within a mortgage when they buy or refinance.  Banks normally only loan money on the amount of a home appraisal. It is left to the owner to gain financing for solar infrastructure. Many people do not want additional loans to pay or simply do not have the money.  Now. let us say that mortgage companies are mandated to  provide solar system  financing as part of a loan ahead of time. Then the homeowner could finance the solar system before moving in.  However, instead of charging 5% for the money, the interest rate on the solar system would be limited to the prime lending rate plus a small percentage.   Obam’s inept FED and monetary policies will take 10 years to  rectify using small yearly  FED rate increases, so the time is now. This would reflect pennies on the dollar for a $15,000 to $20,000 “standardized”  residential solar system. The installation would be done by certified contractors at a predetermined price. A price that is set by an advisory board or solar commission board. This would create massive jobs.In addition, solar financing could be buried in the mortgage loan industry. Meaning, whenever a home is sold, the cost of the solar system is buried in the purchase price leaving no additional debt for the seller or the new home owner.

Today, technology allows the sun to power one’s house and one’s car. When these costs are rolled into a mortgage, a low-interest HELOC, or an interest only HELOC,  a homeowner will see huge savings in energy costs.

This means more money for everything else. The multiplier effect would be insane and would create hundreds of thousands of solar-related jobs.

Here in Tacoma, the utility company charges several additional fees above and beyond the cost of electricity. A large under-insulated home with electrical heating can cost $400 or $500 a month to heat.  The same goes for cooling or heating homes in the entire West. Even modest use of electricity costs upwards of $150 a month. When we add in $250 a month in monthly vehicle commuting costs, we can now visualize the cost savings. In fact, the cost savings would be equal to the amount of money Obamacare takes from our wallets.Lastly, my legislation would be excellent for Hispanic alternative energy workers. America has always needed the blood , sweat and work ethic of the legal immigrant. That is who we are.

In the final analysis, Brodhead Solar renaissance legislation would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Social security revenue, and Federal revenue.

We helped pass legislation that spanned a continent and put millions to work. Pioneers that had a lust for free enterprise and the American dream. We can do it again, and we will do it again. We must, given that our children’s futures are being subject to special interest oppression and they  are turning to the false prophecy of stagnating socialism for answers. They are trading in the American dream and willingly chaining themselves to the loom of socialist stagnation.

Next, I will talk about retooling the higher education system


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