Broncos interview Kim Jong Un as quarterbacks coach

A desperate John Elway has turned to Kim Jong Un for the Denver Broncos Quarterbacks coach. During a conference call interview with the, Elway stated that while he wants to keep Siemian and Lynch around to compete next year, they need a little motivation. We then heard a little from Kim Jong Un about his tactics and strategies to enhance performance. Coach Kim stated, “when

Coach Kim stated, “when nimian and packsthon no make first down, I have my peepo rough him up a bit. When he thow incompretion, he get teeth pulled. He throw picumsix, well, you know what I mean… At that point, Elway started to back out on the deal and Coach Kim threatened nuclear retaliation.

The phone called ended when Coach Kim wanted a Papa Johns franchise to support three bowls of rice and fish heads a day for soldiers in his army. Just before Elway hung up, Coach Kim threatened to send Dennis Rodman over to his house. I know where you live he said.

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