Case Keenum articulates awareness of Bronco offensive pitfalls

What a breath of fresh air! I have beaten the Trevor Siemian horse to death and then some. However, it is now time to compare and contrast Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian as it relates to the press conference.  With Trevor Siemian, we were treated to his boyish handsomeness and your basic college level jock simpleton diatribe. A reporter would ask a simple question and get a simple contentless answer void of expansion.  All we got was a fella that demonstrated a positive attitude with all the stale football nuances and cliches that were programmed in the highschool and college locker room.   Ok, that is great!!!  Yeah!

After day 10 or training camp, Case Keenum came in and articulated his awareness of some of the Bronco offense pitfalls. Siemian, Lynch, and Osweiler, almost threw exclusively to DT or Sanders. On occasion, they would throw to the other receivers, but for the most part, Sanders attempted to hog the show and DT remained the go-to franchise guy. Toward the end of the 2018 season, Siemian’s ability to release quickly or make second reads debilitated to the point where he could not connect with Sanders unless it was at point blank range.  Sanders ran all over the field in order to gain separation. This reality was exacerbated by a bad ankle injury etc. Meanwhile, Siemian would attempt to run for his life. Of course, by mid-season 2017, none of the three Bronco quarterbacks could score in the 1st or second half. If by chance,  they miraculously drove the ball down the field, they would inevitably throw an interception or something to that effect. The Red Zone was a no-go zone while McManus would choke early in the season.

Special teams were at a high school level.

The once extremely awesome  Bronco halftime adjustment went the way of the dodo.  Meanwhile, the Orange Crush defense would be left on the field for almost the entire game as the Three QB Stooges went 3 and out over and over and over again.

Lynch is entering his 3rd season in Elwood’s extended handicamp for performance challenged quarterbacks.  Maybe it is time for Machine Gun Kelly’s big legged nephew and a bus ticket for the Lynchmeister. Just saying. Then again, it will be excellent to see Siemian going toe to toe with Lynch and Kelly going toe to toe with Sloter. The best thing will be wtaching Kirk Cousins get his ass handed to him by Elwood’s D line from hell.

Keenum understands that in order for the Broncos WR corp to be successful, he must incorporate Hamilton and Sutton with vigor. It is a given that Sanders, as always, is going to give it 180%.  During 2017, he tried to make up for the trifecta of shitty quarterbacks at the behest of his physical health.

The Broncos used the running back hands sparingly.  Booker has proven that he has hands that are better than McKenzie’s. 2018 will see Booker breakout and eclipse 1500 yards combined yardage. In 2018, Booker improved his yards after contact in a beast mode fashion.   Dudes a stud and has made extraordinary progress over the past two seasons.  It will be interesting to see if Royce Freeman can be an adequate replacement for CJ Anderson. If his position in the draft is any indication, he will be. Henderson is ready to do some damage and should be given every opportunity to do so. Unlike the past, the Broncos have to play the dudes through thick and thin. Let me get that taste of victory instead of relegating them to the dust in the corner.

The Broncos O-line seems to have been fixed. Hopefully, Case Keenum does not have to run for his life on every down.

Lastly, Keenum told us the most obvious problems that plagued the Broncos in 2017. He also alluded to how he is going to fix it. Boy oh boy, that’s a really good start to 2018.

Now let us see some hurry-up offense, possession receiving, knowing where the 1st down marker is and not running it up the middle into a mass of defenders on 3rd and long. The good news is we have a pro bowl caliber QB and a completely updated Bronco O and D.  The 2018 Broncos are going to be brutal on the AFC West.

Case Keenum's #BroncosCamp presser

#BroncosCountry LIVE: Case Keenum meets the media after Day 10 of #BroncosCamp

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