Case Keenum frees up Elwood to go nuts in draft

In reality, the only difference between Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian are the interceptions. At first, Trevor Siemian had successfully adopted Peyton Mannings ability to avoid turnovers. In the playoffs, turnovers are a severe distraction. In the Superbowl, a turnover will cost the game. Trevor Siemian would end up not following the Peyton Manning script. In fact, he would fall into an old pattern of throwing the ball up for grabs like he was in college. His completion rate versus interceptions would become debilitating. The Broncos could be driving the ball downfield and poised to score against an average team, and Siemian would throw a “stupid ball.”  The trend simply pissed off the Bronco D-line.

Now that the Broncos are dealing with Trevor Siemian’s interception problem and extracting themselves from the handsome and endearing quarterback, they can move on to a robust draft. However, it would keep Siemian around for preseason. Trevor Siemian would make a really good back up QB. Paxton Lynch has never beat out Trevor Siemian during the preseason. Odds are that the next team that Trevor Siemian is on exploits him effectively.

Elway must not allow the Denver D-line to regress like the Legion of Boom. he needs competition for Von Miller and a D-Ware right side edge rushing clone. He needs a run stuffer and some middle.

If Elwood does not fix the O-line, don’t expect Case Keenum to be the second coming of Manning.

I pull Vita Vea as number one since Chubb will be gone. During the second round, I pull an edge rusher or an O-line dude.

We need a strong right side offensive tackle.

As far as RB, I stick with Shanahan’s RB policy and look at later rounds.

Between Wolfe neck and contract issues along with rape accusations for Gotsis, the Broncos now need another DE to shore up the fiasco.





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