It is obvious that Trevor Siemian is the starting Quarterback in Denver

Trevor Siemian outclassed and out-completed Paxton Lynch for the starting QB  job in Denver. He seems to have regained the top tier capability he employed during the first half of the 2016 season and before his grade 4 shoulder separation.  This year, however, Siemian can look forward to a 2000 yard  RB duo in Anderson and Henderson. He can also look forward to very good hands in the backfield.

Kyle Sloter was 7/7 or a 100% completion rate.  It seems that Coach Joseph used him in the last quarter to see what Ridley and Thompson could do and where they stand on the depth chart. This is now a hard choice because Thompson is excellent on special teams and seems to be running very strong this year.

Kyle Sloter again showed us that he can effortlessly complete and move the ball. He has the Montana touch, reads the field well and has a very efficient release.  It was extraordinarily evident that  Sloter’s thought processing is light-years faster than Paxton Lynch.  His level of raw talent is simply much much higher.  At this juncture, the Broncos must consider him a 3rd string handcuff at the very least.  At best, Sloter looks to be worthy of the backup position.  In addition, he is now on the  NFL radar and would easily find a job elsewhere.

This years group of players is epic. Elwood is going to have a real hard time making that cut to 53.  Many of the folks he will have to cut could start on other teams. He would be stupid to let Sloter walk.

I am done talking about Siemian. He has all the tools to be top tier.

Below should be the two Bronco Quarterbacks for 2017. Lynch has had plenty of time to develop. Sloter walks on and immediately makes a huge impact. The choice is quite clear.


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The heinous liberal yellow press have reached their high water mark

The high water mark for the Confederate army during the American Civil war was when Robert E. Lee was massing his forces for an attack on the Union center at Gettysburg.  Instead of attempting to take the high ground and flank the Union forces, he chose to charge the union center.  The absolute high water mark would be when General Pickett’s troops got the order to dress shoulder to shoulder and begin their slow charge towards the center of the Union lines. The so-called charge would be preceded by a massive artillery barrage that would fly over the Union positions and leave most of the Union artillery and infantry intact.

The high water mark for the heinous liberal yellow press was during the Charlottesville fiasco. Special interest would bring in the BLM  with charter buses that would park back to back and then disperse.  During the off load of the buses, folks wearing BLM shirts would be intermixed with people wearing KKK shirts.  The KKK faction of the operations group would then intermingle with the so-called Alt-Right for maximum illusive effect. The event would be a false flag operation in all its glory.

They would have no permit to assemble and not be stopped on orders from the Mayor. The Mayor of the city, a Democratic Socialist, would hold the police back and allow the violence to elevate. The police would only be allowed to do their jobs after a Hillary Clinton/Antifa member rammed his car into the crowd killing a woman and injuring dozens more.  The liberal yellow press would blame the death and injuries on the people that were protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. Instead of calling the killer a Hillary supporting Democratic Socialist, they called him a white supremacist associated with Republicans. We saw this method when Gabriel Giffords was gunned down. We saw this method when the liberal yellow press called Geroge Zimmerman a white racist Republican instead of the Hispanic card carrying Obama supporter that he actually was.  The same liberal yellow press play book has been used since 2008. Blame Republicans first and never sort out the truth later.

Donald Trump was skewered for wanting to get to the bottom of the story before divvying out blame. Even after condemning white supremacy, he was inundated with inappropriate and staged media outrage in addition to being called a racist. The liberal yellow press would then call all Republicans racist again and again. The liberal yellow press employs Joseph Goebbels propaganda techniques in a strict and disciplined fashion, meaning, state a lie over and over and over again until it is accepted as truth. The political exploitation of Charlottesville seems to have come from the playbook designed by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Socialist Mayor of Baltimore. Hold back the police and allow violence to ensue.

After the incident, a massive barrage of fake news artillery fire would inundate the internet and the TV. The liberal yellow press would charge the center shoulder to shoulder. The folks at the Union center breastworks would not give an inch and returned salvo after salvo of balanced objectivity. The internet would see a countercharge of Patriots engaging in truth.

When the smoke cleared,  Donald Trump’s favorability rating had increased 10 points. In his wake of truth, the battlefield of fake news was strewn with reporters with dead careers. The Liberal left, the left of ignorant democratic socialists, bussed in BLM Psy-ops groups and the ultra stupid anti-fascist communists would run from the battlefield and go back to the societal shitholes from whence they came.

Antifa members are like the village idiot that was found naked in an alleyway next to the burning  Reichstag. They are either stupid politically or paid to be stupid politically. Somewhat like Morning Joe.

America would side with Trump and truth and give a collective  “aaaaa shut up” to the violent and pathetically stupid liberal left and their heinous and truthless ass kissing yellow press.

The Republican party, the party of Lincoln would stand tall.

As far as the white supremacist Virginians, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not Republican.  Join the violent and stupid divisive  Democratic Socialists. They are the party of 100 years of Jim Crow laws and the KKK. Not Republicans. We fought to defeat racism and not the other way around.



Did Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer engineer Charlottesville extremist clash?

Some say that the Charlottesville events were facilitated and manipulated for maximum political effect by the Mayor Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer. According to some in the Charlottesville police department, Mayor Signer ordered a stand down in order to allow the protests to evolve into violence. Others have said that they witnessed several charter buses that unloaded folks with BLM teeshirt and KKK teeshirts. The Buses were all from the same charter company and they were parked back to back! WTF? The Democratic Socialist mayor and  DNC political strategist saw the opportunity as a way of further dividing the country and labelling Donald Trump and his supporters as racists.  The Democratic Socialists, like their KKK members of 100 years, want to control the black man.

The Democratic Socialists started labeling white America as racist when Howard Dean called Republicans the “Old Racist White Party!”  The intent was to shame voters into voting for Barack Obama. If one voted for John McCain, one was a racist. If one voted for Mitt Romney, one was a racist. If one did not support the government take over of healthcare, one was a racist.

Barack Obama took a few pages out of the Otto Von Bismark play book. He would dangle his own version of a “Kultur Kampf” on America. He would redefine marriage, potty train the school system with the politics of gender dysphoria, and engage in elevating racial division.   Instead of attacking the Catholic church to pass his version of special interest backed full retail healthcare, he would exploit the politics of race and gender identity as the shiny object. All the while, he would double down on all things Bush and come out of the closet as the neo con’s neocon. The one-time anti-war activist would become the embodiment of a war mongering Lyndon Baines Johnson.

In Goebel Esque fashion, The liberal yellow press would hold the country ‘s feet to the racial division fire for 8 long years.  However, once America’s first black president ended this 8 years, the strong black coalition and revenue streams would begin to dry up. The gay movement had achieved their major objective of marriage equality and serving in the military, hence, this major political revenue stream slowed to a trickle. The result of these collapses was Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton for the presidency. As a result, the BLM movement began to wane. Moreover, the execution of a Black female police officer in New York by a BLM sympathizer alienated a vast number of police departments across America as well as the Black community as a whole..

In order for the Democratic Socialists to regain national attention and again obtain the high ground of racial exploitation for political expedience, the Mayor of Charlottesville may have engineered the collision of extremists in Charlottesville. After that, the liberal yellow press would collectively label Donald Trump a racist if he did not condemn only the white supremacist group.  It is quite a strong coincidence that Mike Signer already had committees directed at reducing Confederate statues in his town?

The Democratic Socialists paraded around in KKK costumes for 100 years before the Civil Rights Act. In 2007, the liberal yellow press and DNC would turn the tables and label all Republicans as white racists.   With the looming threat and reality that they were losing the initiative and control of black  minds and black perception in a post-Obama era,  they needed a blatantly racist incident to regenerate control and chain  the mental wrists of  black folks to the Democratic Socialist  campaign  loom of hate and division etc

Folks this seems to be a staged event along the lines of the burning of the Reichstag.  A DNC facilitated event to exploit a few skinheads in order to again label white America as racists.  I think the DNC and the Yellow press has again pulled the wool over the public’s eyes. At worst, Mike Signer helped engineered the death and injuries in Charlottesville by holding the police back.  At worse, he used Charlottesville as an opening salvo for a higher office and elevating himself to the national stage.  Here we can see him redirecting the hate from Charlottesville for the maximum political effect to benefit himself. Even though Signer is of the Jewish faith, there must be an investigation into this matter in order to fully grasp what steps were taken by the Mayor prior and during the fiasco. This must be done by a State entity because the Yellow press will have a field day pitting Trump against the Jewish community in favor of skinheads. The equation is too perfect to be simply coincidence.

The coincidences in Charlottesville go beyond the realm of synchronicity.  There are too many awkward premises that point to the conclusion of a conspiracy and an outright orchestrated exploitation.  This could be a false flag operation facilitated by the left in its entirety. We might call it  “Operation Signer.”

A good defense is a badass offense.  It is time to run the ball up the middle in Charlottesville. Ground zero must be Signer’s office. Should  Democratic Socialist  Virginia Attorney General  Mark Herring not investigate this matter,  given the possible presence of conspiracy,  he would be sucked down the rabbit hole. This is the shiny object and appropriate chaff and countermeasures for the DNC making racist attacks on the American people.

Lastly, Donald Trump has an excellent relationship with Israel. A balanced apologetic tone along with an intense focus on Signer is required at this juncture. Let us see how far the rabbit hole goes. It stinks of Clinton Kainzean political science and an attempt to dominate the thought processes of  hardworking altruist Patriot African Americans. It represents the worst in liberal Virginia politics.







Joe Scorborough





America’s “burning of the books!”

Pat Buchanan called it “The Golden Cow of Globalization!”  One could argue that globalization and the rise of China have had an hour glass effect on the world economy. The sands of the world economy are draining into the hands of the communist leviathan. One only has to tour the rural parts of New York state to see the thousands of grand brick structures that once housed robust manufacturing endeavors.  Endeavors that employed every manner of vocation and skill set.  Forced to compete with China’s devalued currency and 8 to 1 worker ratios, no sector or state was immune to our industrial collapse.

The USA was once called the “Arsenal of Democracy.”  Japan, Germany and the Axis scourge would awaken a sleeping manufacturing giant. The USA would go from a GDP of  $90billionn and rampant unemployment to a $270 billion GDP. The US manufacturing base would allow the US forces to crush these fascist dictatorships and save the modern world from tyranny. A byproduct was total domination of the world economy by a mighty US manufacturing base.

Today, globalization is turning China into “The arsenal of Communism!” The giant sucking sound that has devastated America’s manufacturing base leaving an economy based on internet addiction and $700 Chinese made smart phones.  Here in America, many in our society are sharing behavior not seen since post Treaty of Versailles Germany in the 1920s.  The NAZI party,  BrowBrownshirts, and trash of the streets of Munich have become skinheads, white supremacists, BLM, and ANTIFA. Individuals above hard work have become the ignorant terrorist arm of the US Democratic Socialist party.  ANTIFA supports a Communist doctrine that is the extreme manifestation of fascism. This reality renders ANTIFA as simply ignorant morons. BLM is engaging in a sort of  “burning of the books” by tearing down historical statues, behavior reminiscent of NAZI Germany and ISIS in Iraq.  The violent marches of ANTIFA and the BLM, parallel events like Kristallnacht or the Night of Long Knives. Meanwhile, white supremacist groups ignorantly blame the Jews for the rise of the Democratic Socialist’s anti whitey campaign.

On a side note, Robert E. Lee served in Mexico and helped American forces secure our Manifest Destiny.  Jefferson Davis was instrumental in bringing the Transcontinental railroad and served during the Mexican American war.  They are part of American history good or bad.

Republicans have been fervent and instrumental in bringing freedom and tolerance to this great nation. From emancipation to equal rights. we, unlike the Democratic Socialists, are proud of our history.   We are the party of Lincoln. We are proud of our history fighting the NAZIs, and the communists. Maybe, the ignorant among us might want to pick up a book and learn real history instead of what the liberal yellow press is shitting.

American’s embrace our history and learn from our mistakes.  We do not bow to a few unemployed liberals who are stupid and bereft of political or historical knowledge.




Hopefully John Lynch does not expect the 49ers D to hit hard in a preseason game

For many Bronco fans, Steve Atwater was the hardest hitting safety in Bronco history.  We all remember when he stood up Christian Akoye and the thousands of hits he tendered on the ball carrier. Of course, this was well before concussion effects were even on the radar. In fact, during a division game, Atwater would torture his opponents. Worried about being mauled and ran over by Atwater, wide receivers would drop the ball while looking to see if Atwater, the madman, was closing in.

The Broncos had several good safeties after Atwater, none of them, however, wanted to put the ball carrier in a wheelchair.  That would change when John Lynch showed up in Denver.  If Lynch could close the distance on a receiver, he would hit at full speed right below the shoulders and knock the opponent to the ground. Sometimes, once the receiver.s feet left the ground, the next body part to meet the turf was his head.  Lynch’s specialty was cutting off a sideline route runner. The spectacle was brutal. He was like running full speed into a telephone pole.

Anyways, The 49ers do not play the Broncos in 2017 on the regular schedule. Hopefully, John does not expect his players to kill off Bronco players. Save the hits for Seattle.  Please do not try to put Trevor in the hospital during the preseason for old times sake. OK, asshole?Otherwise, I might send Boles to your house.

John Lynch would be selected to the Pro Bowl 9 times.  He would be inducted into the Ring of Fame on two different football teams and also earn a Super Bowl ring.  Arguably one of the top three safeties in the history of the NFL, he has yet to be inducted into Canton. Then again, John Elway will still kick his ass at Candlestick.

During the 2006 post season, in order to maintain his physical capability, he would drink a concoction of Andes mountain goat urine,  grasshopper juice, and Pandabear feces extract.  in addition to learning ballet.  2007 would be his last year as a Bronco. Then he went to the Patriots like Tebow and got cut. Lynch would become a sports announcer.  Because of all the hits he levied, he sometimes would repeat the same sentence three times on the microphone.

John Boy would knock heads for 27 seasons dating to peewee football. Other schools put restraining orders on him.  Many of his victims routinely forget their home address or where the refrigerator is.

Brian Dawkins was also one of the greatest safeties to play the game. Unlike Lynch, Dawkins would do just enough to put the player down so they could still have children. He did not hit you hard unless he hated you.  Bronco fans would literally have collective orgasms when he sacked Peyton Manning.

John Lynch was somewhat like  Bill Romanowski, he hated everyone when his feet hit the turf.  He just showed it physically without spitting in their face.  Romanowski supplemented his strength training with dried cat penis extract, pig feet paste, and camel gonad.  When he stopped using, he shrunk up like a Bosworth. The Raiders suck…..

Weapon X just showed up to play.

I probably got laid more at CSU…..




VP Pence delivers epic speech in Chile

A solid leader is able to accept input, refine his message and work towards synergy and consensus.  During VP Pence’s diplomatic trip across South America, he visited with several presidents and toured a few parts of the beautiful continent.  He started the trip with a position on Venezuela that included military intervention.  After several interactions with Latin America’s seasoned and intelligent democratically elected leaders, VP Pence evolved from his neocon penchant to a better consensus on a diplomatic and economic solution to Venezuela’s border line dictatorship and failed socialist state.

Of course, the Washington Post would employ one of their idiot reporters. Instead of talking about growing trade and diplomatic relations with our western hemisphere partners as a means to isolate countries that support North Korean nuclear proliferation, the WP reporter asked about Charlottesville.

It seems that the liberal yellow press is more fixated on the vagueness of President Trump’s first position on Charlottesville than world economic facilitation and world peace. This suggests that the liberal left only has the capacity to process simple emotions and extremely low-level media hate facilitation.

VP Pence ended his tour of the beautiful and vibrant country of Chile on an up-note and a wonderful eulogy for Heather Heyer.

It is clear that VP Pence adjusts his positions to meet the diplomatic needs of our friends in South America. One could actually see the growth in his demeanor, articulation, and sincerity…

Beats the hell out of apologizing for America in front of the Brandenburg Gate and leaving a million dollar cleanup bill for the Berliners.

I have to give Pence and A for his respectful trip to South America.


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Morning Joe has morphed into “Morning hate media”

Back when I was a kid growing up in Nevada, there were only two TV channels. We had CBS, Walter Cronkite, and the Vietnam body count. We had NBC and the colorful NBC peacock after we got our first color TV.  For the children of Nevada, the NBC peacock meant that Walt Disney was on the channel. The NBC peacock would always be aired just before Walt Disney would come on as well.

Back then, the Big Three  TV stations employed a much much much higher level of journalistic standards. Broadcasting networks considered the family and our children when producing a program.  CBS presented the news void of hateful rhetoric. Programs like Walt Disney projected programming that was simply good and appropriate for the developing minds of the young.

Of course, journalistic standards would begin to deteriorate during the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution, and through out the growth of technology. Television and movies that used to project virtue or expose evil became action pictures chock full of gun violence, blood, and gore. Pong games on an Atari became violent video games on octo core computers.  Sex, violence, and perversion would inundate the internet. Instead of being exposed to Old Yeller or The Yearling, children would be exposed to internet pedophiles and the most disgusting acts a human being is capable of. The sanctity of childhood would be basically exposed to the gates of societal hell.

With the addition of 5000 cable channels and the millions of dot coms, traditional Big Three media giants continue to lose market share. Instead of being able to target the single demographic of a large  US populous, they have to devise ways of capturing smaller and smaller identity groups. Today, they are down to pitching hate speech to a small fraction of the commiserating and miserable radical liberal left and old school DNC race baters. .

Today Morning Joe has become “Hate Media” for the Alt left. They even have the audacity to suggest that white Americans that vote Republican are racist and bigoted.

Every day, the so-called Morning Mika floats around like Tinker Bell and directs her wand of hate.

Journalism used to just state the facts and allowed the observer to make ethical and moral conclusions. Morning Joe has become quite Goebelsesque and makes the moral conclusion for the observer. They tell us what to think and how to feel.

Above all, they are liars and fake journalists that seek to cultivate and harvest bad will and hate between factions of society.

Every person in the US besides the idiot skinheads of the South understand that the KKK, the NAZI party, and white supremacist groups are inherently evil and obsolete. They have no place within  American society. Blaming the president for Charlottesville and the violence that will follow is simply irresponsible and fake news.  In fact, it is down right insulting. and the gibberish of stupid people.

The liberal yellow press in all reality will call any “white Republican president”  a racist as a matter of entrenched DNC policy.

For 8 years, NBC played along with the democratic socialists ” Kultur Kampf” of division and harvesting other people’s tragedies in order to direct hate. They have been doing it for so long that they know nothing else. Teaching violence, racism, and division is the opiate of NBC.

Yupp, Morning Mika is like an evil Tinker Bell floating around and casting bits of hate every time she opens her mouth.  Morning Joe is a piece of societal shit as well.

“Morning Joe” facilitating racial hatred and kissing the ass of the lunatic fringe.









Donald Trump was right to get all the facts on Charlottesville

The hallmark of the Obama administration was  “never letting other peoples tragedies go to waste. ” When Gabriel Giffords was gunned down by a paranoid schizophrenic, the Democratic Socialist liberal yellow press was quick to blame conservative Republicans. Never mind that the gunman was nuts.  When Trayvon Martin was killed after attacking George Zimmerman, the Democratic socialist liberal yellow press was quick to label it a hate crime. Barack Obama also sought to harvest the tragedy without looking at the facts. He thought that Zimmerman was a white conservative, but it turned out that he was a Hispanic card carrying Democrat that voted for Obama.

That is how it was for 8 years. Every black on black crime or murder perpetrated by an illegal or an Islamic terrorist was brushed under the carpet. When two black youths killed Autumn Pasquale for her bicycle and stuffed her body in a trash can, The media was silent. When a black man poured liter fluid into Jessica Chambers mouth and set her car on fire with her in it, Barack Obama never said a word.  When a  black female cop with a family was executed by a BLM sympathizer, the liberal media said nothing.

Donald Trump is not a racist, however, the yellow press is spring loaded and has defaulted to continuing the strategy of calling Americans racist. NBC has dedicated its entire broadcasting system to inspiring and elevating hate.

Yupp Donald Trump was right to gain all the facts before commenting. Unlike Barack Obama who shot from the hip whenever someone else’s tragedy could be exploited, Trump gathered the facts before condemning the hate groups that were involved. But that is not good enough for the commiserating liberal left and its hateful mouth piece the liberal yellow press. They do not want reconciliation and inclusion, they want hatred, placing blame and labeling Americans as racists and bigots.

The liberal yellow press, in reality, insights people to violence and can be considered “hate media!”

Sure, everyone knows that the KKK, NAZIs and White supremacist are evil and obsolete, but I am sorry, but, Charlottesville was not Donald Trump’s fault.

Americans require a president that looks at all the facts. We need a leader that will only buy off on legislation after he has read the bill.  Obama never read the health care bill. He never considered all the facts when he abandoned Iraq or attacked Libya.  He did not consider the facts when he gave Iran billions to finance their nuclear program. He gave little thought to normalizing relations with Cuban dictators or kissing Hugo Chavez’s ass.  Barack Obama did not consider all the facts when he added $10 trillion to the national debt in 8 years. He did not think twice about engaging in generational theft and slipping the bill to our children.  He did think long and hard when he lied about Benghazi and exploited the Sandy Hook tragedy to attack the 2nd Amendment and run media interference for the Susan Rice lie. .

Yup. we need a president that will look at all the facts before he gets us into trouble, like nuking North Korea or starting a war with Venezuela.

As far as the liberal media, the more they lose market share and the more hate they preach.

Donald, relax and pay zero attention…. Take a deep breath and dangle a shiny object.


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Susan Hutchison authors Republican resolution that condemns white racist violence.

These days, the ignorant left engages in bizarro fake news. They say that up is down. They support one violent racist group while condemning other violent racist groups. They have adopted an Evergreen community college pathos as it relates to free speech and the 1st amendment. The yellow press turns a blind eye to violent protests that destroy property or get police officers shot in the head while patrolling dangerous neighborhoods.  The city of Baltimore can have the freedom to loot and destroy and nothing is said. A couple of youths can kill a white girl for her bicycle and then stuff her in the trash can, and nobody says a thing.   Thousands upon thousands of youth kill each other off in Chicago and are relegated to the back pages of a newspaper that nobody reads.  But as soon as a few idiot white supremacist skinheads show up on the compass, the liberal press wants to provoke a race war.

In today’s world, only the oppressed are allowed freedom of speech.   There is no law that suggests that people must be intelligent or politically correct when expressing their views or exercising their first amendment rights. There are laws against running people over or throwing a brick at the head of an innocent truck driver.

For 8 long years, Barack Obama could not bring himself to say Islamic terrorism. He could not even bring himself to say a word about violence in Chicago. In the case of Charlottesville, the Liberal yellow press made Trump spell out in detail complete with deaf interpreter the words White supremacists, the KKK, and NAZI groups.  There were too stupid to infer that Trump meant all racist hate groups when he first reacted to Charlottesville.

The biggest insult the yellow press tenders is associating Republicans with white supremacy.   So, for all you idiots that believe every damn thing the idiot liberal yellow press says, we have a little historical primer for you.

Just so you know, Republicans fought and died on the battlefield to defeat white racism and supremacy. In response, the Democratic Party paraded around in KKK outfits for over 100 years. They carried torches and lynched black people in front of their children.  So kindly leave Republicans out of your fake news and revisionist diatribe.  Or better yet, shove it up your ass.

Here let me spell it out again! I will put it in bold!

Shove associating  Republicans with racist groups up your ass!