ST3 taxation must be replaced with a bridge to Anderson Island and Longbranch

The ST3 taxation structure does nothing for Tacoma and the 6th district. In fact, it takes hard earned revenue from hardworking people via property taxes for several decades. The Seattle and Eastside corridors are basically maxed out, hence, further building only compounds traffic problems. A train system will do very little to alleviate traffic problems.  It is a costly distraction that takes cash fuel from the Tacoma economy and gives it to a corrupt institution. Moreover, Pierce county did not vote in favor of the bill. This is taxation without representation.

Brodheads funded and fought during the Mexcian American war. Thorton Flemming Brodhead would fight alongside  Issac Stevens, the first governor of the Washington territory. Thorton and Isaac would also die on the same day during the Civil war. After that, we helped populate this manifest destiny by voting to fund copious military roads across the territories as well as the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad.  The Congressional globe is full of data related to our voting and funding dozens of military roads across the great territory of Washington.

Brodheads have always been endowed with creative thought and long-reaching visions for this great country. Our leaders must have appropriate visions for growth or they aren’t worth their salt.

Today, the 6th district has an antiquated transportation grid that is hostile to growth. Because of Seattle and Tacoma traffic congestion, the 6th district economy suffers tremendously.  These inadequate traffic flows are stifling growth in the 6th district.

As your congressman, I will apply the same far-reaching goal structures that my lineage has applied for over 350 years on this continent.  My first order of business will be to author and fund a transportation bill that creates a floating bridge system from Dupont to Anderson Island and then Longbranch.  Next, we will wrestle control of McNeil Island away from Federal control. Brodheads administered utter hundreds of thousands of acres via veteran land grants, so eliminating the  McNeil sexual predator prison Island in favor of residential construction will have a historical imperative. You really just have to believe in me…

Bremerton is an essential military installation. It requires greater  4-lane access routes via Longbranch and the Olympia area. These routes would create copious infrastructure, commerce, and residential construction. Brodhead legislation would put the 6th district economy into overdrive and drive real estate pricing. It would also become a bastion for retirees with money as other folks flock from overpopulated areas with high crime rates and Democratic Socialist controlled State governments.

Brodheads have always understood that it takes appropriate legislation in order to stimulate the economy.

The other scenario is to elevate an idiot that does not have my level of intelligence, communication skills, and lineage. It does seem that our current powers that be have a very low batting average when it comes to fixating on identity politics candidates.

I pulled 8% of the vote last time with zero help from the Republican party.  You all know who I am and how I think. For 350 years, we have been a known quantity. Our history is the history of this great country. This history can be easily exploited via creativity and media exposure. You just have to be willing to donate to my campaign, organize creative media resources, and execute the plan. You just have to keep on Rocking me, babe. Realize that once I get $5000 in campaign donations, I will have to generate an FEC account. At that juncture, I then will kick in the massive amount of cash on hand that is sitting around. However, instead of being a Weyerhauser trust fund baby, I made all of my money via the private sector. I am truly grassroots…… With a brain….All I need is just a little speaking skills help and social support. Thats really it.

Brodhead For Congress

make checks payable to:

Stephan Brodhead

7402 South Cushman

Tacoma, Wa 98408

Just click on the link below and put Brodhead in the search engine…


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There can be no tax cuts without corresponding cuts in the Federal leviathan

When the Bush tax cut was eliminated on those that make more than $250,000 a year, the yearly deficits did go down.  Had the tax cut not been eliminated, the national debt under Barack Hussein Obama would have been much much higher. But then again, the Democratic Socialists feel that taxing the rich will solve all our fiscal problems. They also feel that corporations must be taxed to oblivion because somehow, job creators are evil?

While Donald Trump’s 2018 budget calls for excellent cuts to the Federal Government, it also adds robust military spending after decades of exorbitant spending which offsets any savings to the taxpayer.

The Iraq war should have taught us something. For several years, the US military operated off of both a hard line budget, as well as, an Ops budget.  Some years saw the Ops budget well over $200 billion a year. Of course, the Pentagon now perceives this Ops tempo budget as a mandatory requirement. The brutal reality is that much of the Ops budget went to waste in the war zone. Normal logistics controls and accountability were abandoned and replaced by unaccountable waste, fraud, and abuse where many entities simply  pillaged the national trust. etc. Even today, there are upwards of 500,000 pieces of military equipment in and around the Middle East that must be either destroyed or brought back to the USA.

This yearly Ops budget could have funded huge aircraft procurement programs, as well as Naval ships etc. Instead, it was wasted on 3rd world shitholes 10,000 miles away.

The military Ops budget must be eliminated along with reducing all Federal programs to include the Department of Homeland security.  The cuts to the Federal Department of education can go as deep as 50% or even more.

Donald Trump needs to take another look at his 2018 budget. He needs to make a few cuts to the military if he wants a lowered corporate tax.

It is wonderful that China is backing the USA when it comes to North Korea. As far as Iran, the G20 must reapply sanctions. let us look at non-military options for now and focus on reducing the Federal Leviathan so tax cuts will not adversely affect yearly deficits.

It is clear that John McCain is a lunatic when it comes to military spending. McCain Thornberry is a pipe dream and an insult to the taxpayers. I mean, McCain paraded over utter trillions in military spending during Iraq and Afghanistan, and now he wants a $100 billion increase in military spending?

World fuel costs are half of what they were during Iraq.  This means every C-17 sortie costs much less. This also means that if the Ops tempo is simply reduced and we walk away from Afghanistan, there is no requirement for Ops budget.

Donald Trump needs to focus on reducing the Federal Leviathan before talking about tax cuts. It is clear that McCain Republicans do not care about yearly deficits and just want their 15% to 20% increase in military spending. Meanwhile, seniors on Social Security get the scraps and zero COLA growth.

Bush sent our troops into battle against IEDs without up-armored Humvees. As a result, the VA budget is exploding. We must focus on retooling here at home at a modest pace.  We must bring back all the expensive equipment and then reconsider constituting the forces.  We must also eliminate pentagon waste, fraud, and abuse. That way, when we again engage in wars of choice, our troops are not wounded or killed because of Pentagon stupidity.  Then again, the new Humvee seems to be overpriced.  I mean, we cannot pay 3/4 million for an up-armored jeep that uses off the shelf parts. I think we can trim the cost of this Wisconsin/ Ryan product by at least 30%.




Same as it ever was!









Phillip Rivers isn’t letting up on the throttle, is Siemian?

The top 5 gunslingers in the NFL must include Phillip Rivers. Ever since he took the reigns from Drew Breeze, he has been the ironman QB of the entire NFL.  The dude has started 12 seasons and every season he plays all 16 games.  Of course, Alex Smith has been in the trenches just as long.

Of late, every single AFC West team has suffered setbacks. Derek Car seems to not have the same octane level as last year.   KC lost to the Steelers. Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are playing their asses off in LA.  Siemian seems to go from greatness on the field to just going through the motions.  Sometimes he flashes top-tier performance, and other times regresses to Ortonesque play. The sooner Siemian figures out that he can be successful and consistent the better.

At this juncture, after a stupid loss to Peyton Manning’s little brother, the Broncos have a very mentally tough game ahead with the Chargers.  Ironman Phillips is not going to let off the throttle. He will continue to dominate via heinously ugly sidearm throws, and look to get even with the Broncos. Of course, young looking Dan Fouts will be sitting on his shoulder whispering sweet nothings. The question will Siemian take out Rivers like Elwood did years ago, or does he fold his cards? Does Siemian go .500 in the division or does he get up from the table?  Like Alex Smith, Rivers is a stud that will not quit. He has never been a quitter and gives everything 150%. That makes him a tenacious badass hell-bent on winning.

Meanwhile, Shanny is tossing back a rum and coke fixating on the loss to the Steelers in the AFC championship game.  Boy, Shanny junior and John Lynch have not brought the magic to San Francisco. Who is the defensive coordinator?

Mighty fine job Jay Cutler is doing in Miami.

Expect Rivers to come a shooting and Melvin Gordon to look for some payback.

All is well in Broncoville.



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Trevor Siemian and Broncos continue to improve with loss to Giants

Some teams have to knock the rust off after a bye week.  This was quite evident during the Bronco Giants game.  A game of inches where any NFL team can beat any NFL team on any Sunday and the New York Giants proved this once again.  Even a down and out Giants team can rise to the occasion and pounce on a team that is coming off a bye.

Even during this aggravating loss to the Giants, Bronco fans could see the difference in the offensive line, play calling and the run game.  While the first string wide receivers were quite good before Sanders went out with an injury, Siemian found excellent synergy with underutilized Jordan Taylor.   Number 87 it seems, knows where the first down marker is which might be a big asset as Trevor grows into possession receiving. We saw a much improved Devonte Booker who seems to be playing in a different universe of late.  The Broncos have been making good use of the tight ends as well.

Last season, Trevor Siemian seemed to emulate Peyton Manning in the pocket.  Once he was injured and played through a grade 5 shoulder separation, the formula did not work anymore.  This year we are seeing a multi-dimensional player that scrambles better and exploits run avenues. He is also much more aggressive. At this juncture, Trevor needs to run the hurry-up offense. It is obvious that Trevor continues to get better and better.

DT was insane…..

Had it not been for CJ Anderson’s  TD nullification and Brandon McManus’s missed kicks, the Broncos would have won and be tied for 1st with KC.

Other than that, the Broncos showed that they will not quite before the fat lady sings.  All in all, it was a loss,  but a loss the Broncos can really learn from. The Broncos are still moving in the right direction. They just didn’t have their shit together after a bye week. The real score was 26 to 20. 

Trevor needs to get back in the trenches and fight for every single first down.

Justin Simmons is a badass.



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Donald Trump applying disciplined approaches to foreign and domestic policy

Barack Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. His greatest domestic policy achievement as community activists was stoking and exploiting division and alienation.  He would bring this divisive undertone to the Whitehouse as well.  Except for a stimulus that did nothing for GDP growth, Obama relied on the FED to dictate economic policy. 9 years later, bank savings interest is still less than .5%, so Americans are forced into the stock market or into real estate ventures. Of course, should interest rates rise, then the interest payment on the $20 trillion national debt shits the bed over time. Not only that, when interest rates rise, the Stock Market will go through a massive readjustment as baby boomers seek conservative savings returns.

Throughout his entire 8 years in office, Barack never let other people’s tragedies go to waste. The guy cared little about reducing the massive leviathan and was the go-to guy for the nanny state. He doubled down on all things Bush and was the Neo-Cons, Neo-con.

Brack Obama’s foreign relations policy was a dismal failure. He basically ignored North Korea and then gave Iran utter billions in frozen assets as part of the Iran non-nuclear proliferation deal. Within months, if not weeks, after receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen assets, Iran went back to talking its previous nuclear proliferation gibberish. Obama was then left with wearing the Neville Chamberlain dunce cap.

The dense and moronically stupid and biased liberal yellow press says little about Donald Trump forcing China into the application of sanctions on North Korea.  Successful Republican foreign relations does not fit their self-serving paradigm.

Unlike North Korea that was the bastard communist son of post World War II Sino/Soviet Communist block influence, Iran is dictatorship on its own. Iran was never part of the Cold War construct like Iraq and Syria. hence, both Russia and China are not aligned with them politically or economically. This means that they can be isolated in a much greater fashion than North Korea.

The Israelis are terrified of Iran having a nuclear weapon. It would only take 3 hydrogen bombs to eliminate the state of Israel.

Appeasement failed in North Korea and it is failing in Iran. It is time for the USA, Russian, China and all the G20 nations to sanction Iran. In addition, Americans must support a robust anti-missile defense that employs a 100% kill rate. This can only be done with nuclear-tipped anti-ballistic missile systems.  We cannot allow Seol, Tokyo or Televiv to be reduced to smoking rubble.

Yupp, Barack Hussein Obama led this country like a divisive community activist where if one did not vote the Democratic Socialist party line, one was considered a racist. He also apologized for America and then adopted a Neville Chamberlain approach to foreign relations. Given that Kim Jong Un is lobbing ICBMs over Japan and walking his way to mainland America, I believe Barack kinda failed. It is time for the real upper hand.

North Korea and Iran do not believe in  “Mutually Assured Destruction.” They believe in using nuclear weapons to bully others and manipulate foreign relations outcomes. Both regimes are led by madmen. All of the nuclear treaties of the past between Russia and the US as it relates to anti-ballistic missile technology is obsolete in the face of these new threats.  US nuclear doctrine must be modified.

Reagans Starwars program funded very successful anti-ballistic missile systems that were based solely on accuracy and kinetic energy.  Adapting low yield nuclear tips to these accurate systems would allow Israel and other strategic partners to better defend themselves against rogue threats. So you either must accept possible  EMP collateral damage or  Hiroshima level event on the coastal plain of Israel.

The author’s uncle would fly the B-17, B-29, KC-97, KC-135A and the B-52. He would fly nuclear missions along the Russia border as part of “Operation Chrome Dome.” In the 1950s, he would fly the mission at Groom Lake to film nuclear detonations. He was the squadron security officer that controlled the nuclear routes and codes. He was back up crew to the Palomares broken Arrow incident. 

The author would pull nuclear alert on the B-52 and also fly as an Engineer on the C-141 and performed support missions to Kwaj.  73 years of Nuclear doctrine knowledge. 


  1. the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.
    “negotiations were conducted under the aegis of the UN”
    synonyms: protectionbackingsupportpatronagesponsorshipchargecareguidancecontrolguardianship, trusteeship, agency, safeguarding, shelterumbrellaaidassistance;

    “they had wrongly assumed that  Israel did not fall under the aegis of  Americas strategic partnership.
    (in classical art and mythology) an attribute of Zeus and Athena (or their Roman counterparts Jupiter and Minerva) usually represented as a goatskin shield.
    plural noun: aegises


Brodheads, Groom Lake and filming nuclear testing from a B-29

Sometimes a family story gets told to the neighbor.

While I knew that my uncle Doug flew the B-29 in SAC, I never heard too many stories about his flying experience with that aircraft during the 1950s. He did tell me that he once lost two engines after takeoff. As he told it, a military pickup truck attempted to cross the runway while the B-29 was on take-off roll.  The number 4 engine propellor would strike the truck just before and after the cab of the truck.  I guess the propellor sliced all the way to the frame of the truck. The driver would not be touched, however, his asshole sucked upholstery.

Uncle Doug would rotate the aircraft before rotate speed to miss the truck. Once the aircraft struck the truck, it would be below stall speed, so he had to porpoise the aircraft to keep it airborne.  They would do one lap around the field and land again.

Apparently, Doug flew missions to Groom Lake in order for the Airforce film nuclear testing. Doug would fly the aircraft around the mushroom cloud as they filmed. Later he would succumb to cancer on that side of his body.

Today the same Air Force is steeling Groom mine.




Trump issues “healthcare insurance across states lines” executive order

Republicans voted for the repeal of Obummercare literally dozens of times. However, now that Republicans control the House, Senate, and Executive, many Republicans have become Obama lite. They must be targetting the voters that pay absolutely nothing into healthcare, State taxation or Federal taxation. Meanwhile, the hard working Americans that make a little above the mean income and live within their means, have seen their health care premium costs go up threefold in just 7 years.

In reality, Obummercare was the rise of the healthcare industrial complex where healthcare cost growth is legislated. Of course, even though “across states lines, insurance policies will introduce competition into the private sector, the ignorant liberal lemmings among us will call it fascism. That is because they are stupid.

Americans can expect a legal challenge from the liberal left. The liberal left and the blue states want to remain in control of health care costs.  The blue states like Washington under Jay Inslee want hard-working Washingtonians to pay grotesquely high premium costs while his Evergreen Community college idiot base gets it for free.

Obama used the executive order more than any other president. Whenever a legal challenge would arise, the liberal supreme court would legislate from the bench.

It is time for the Republican House and Senate to kill off Obummer care and start over. I mean who is going to pay for all the free healthcare?

As it is, the Obama era is over but his legislative and executive history will cost our children dearly.  Our children will be paying on Obamas  $10 trillion bill forever.  But then again, Trump’s tax proposals and military spending ideas will push the yearly deficits back up over $1 trillion a year.

Ya win some ya lose some…

Of course if one complains about their premium cost tripling since 2008, then one is considered a racist.

So, how does the economy survive when the coming generations have to pay for everybody else’s healthcare on a globalized fixed income serviced based economy? seems Republicans no longer care about the jackasses loading down our children’s futures like a miner’s jackass.



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Watching Bronco games at 3 in the morning in Germany

When John Elway showed up in Denver, I was attending Colorado State University. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to watch excellent Bronco games with my father and uncle. The house in Longmont would be full of Broncomania to include a roaring fireplace and my German mother’s good cooking. After the Broncos delivered the Raiders a superb beating, the family would treat themselves to Rosina’s schnitzel, Blau kraut, and Bavarian potato salad or maybe her very tasty Sauerbrauten with dumplings.   Other times, it was her German style spaghetti or my dad’s American chop suey. Of course, when my 4 foot 10-inch tall Bavarian mother’s twin sister would show up with uncle Mike, then we could look forward to Rosie’s German Chocolate cake. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee, my mom’s cake and the Broncos delivering a beating at Mile High.  It is one of the finer things in life.

Uncle Mike would join the Marine Corps at 16 years old and end up a POW in Korea. My dad would spend over 20 years in SAC and spend 6 months on an Agent Orange defoliated hill in Vietnam directing B-52 strikes.  Leni and Rosi would see their Bavarian farm taken away when my German Grand Father would not take the oath to Hitler.  An all-black segregated army unit would liberate the farm from NAZI tyranny in the spring of 1945. When we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it.  Just ask the average airhead liberal who knows nothing save the present.

In 1990, I was given a slot as a  USAFRES C-141B Flight Engineer at McChord AFB, Washington. Given that I would end up flying worldwide  7 to 10 days a month in support of our national interest, I would miss out on utter dozens of Bronco games. In fact, from 1991 to 2006, watching a Bronco game would be rare. Sometimes while staying in military billeting across the world, I might stumble across of Bronco game on the Armed Force’s Network.  Many times, I would watch Bronco games in Germany at 3 o’clock in the morning. After a 20 hour crew duty day flying to a 3rd world shithole, it was nice to see Denver knock off Brett Favre or knock the KC chiefs out of the playoffs.

During the Iraq war, and for 18 months, Bronco games were pretty much out of the question unless I just happened to be in crew rest at March AFB. Instead of watching a Bronco game, I was either hauling wounded or soldiers to and from the battlefield.

There is a scene in the movie 13 hours where one of the Special Forces dudes sees a Libyan watching TV.  He then speaks up and says.” I wonder if he can get the Bronco game!” The words seemed to come straight from my mouth because I have said that across the earth for close to 20 years of flying. We could be at Command Post at Dover AFB and I would ask if I could watch the Bronco game. Hell, I could be in Kenya and I would ask if the Bronco game was on?You can imagine the look on a Kenyan waiter’s face when one asks  “how bout them Broncos?” At $30 a month in Kenya, and lucky to have a job, I am certain that same Kenyan waiter would stand for the National Anthem with a vengeance. I am certain that his children would pay attention in school and obey police officers.   To most of the 3rd world, America is still the shining city on the hill. All one has to do is bring a positive attitude to the table instead of multigenerational social alienation.   The work begins with strong families with mommy and daddy. Of course in Germany, a waiter might surprise you with an intimate knowledge of the Broncos etc.

Anyways, it is a real bummer for Bronco fans that are serving in uniform to see Bronco players taking a knee during the National Anthem. I mean, one finally gets to sit down to watch a Bronco game on a military base somewhere and Bronco players are taking a knee? WTF????

So, whenever a Bronco player feels he must take a knee and make a political statement, they might think about that Bronco fan that has just taken an AK47 bullet for their freedoms and is sitting in a hospital somewhere. When they are laying in a hospital bed, and clicking through the Armed Forces Network looking for a Bronco game, hopefully, you are standing with him or her as well as the National Anthem.  While some of my airhead liberal friends call standing for the National Anthem “forced nationalism,”   the rest of us simply call it respect.

I stand with the soldier regardless of color, as well as, the National Anthem. To hell with the BLM.



3011 Elderberry house build design submital to HOA


HOA design review for lot 12

3011 Elderberry

Mead, Colorado


Diane Currie & Stephan Brodhead


To whom it may concern:

My wife and I looked long and hard for a home design that would fit well on this 2.7-acre lot.  We needed a South facing entrance, east facing side load garage, and west facing view windows of a great room. My wife and I entertained doing our own plans and purchased expensive software as well.  We also contracted with a high-end builder but canceled the build because of ridiculous cost increases during the design phase. We then looked at hundreds and hundreds of plans on the internet. The search criteria include 3 car side load garage and 2400 sqft.

We expanded the search criteria up to 3300 sqft along with reducing the sideload garage to a 2 car. The only plan that we found after viewing online plans for a year was the 23256JD plan. The plan is 2400 sqft.

The 23256JD plan incorporates a main 8/12 pitch hip roof configuration which meets the HOA design recommendations.  The house design also includes copious box outs and roof line changes that make the roofing system quite exotic and pleasing to the observer.  The home sports two porches. One in the front and one in the back. These porches meet the dimension requirements as well.

The 23256JD employs and elaborate window and trim package along with copper look roofing brows and siding stone. The roofing material will be dimensional  “Driftwood” shingles. The siding will be 8-inch James Hardie cement composite board. The trim will be cement board style as well. All the trim will be oil based brilliant white.  The siding will be painted satin white for now.

The only change to this plan is the omission of the porch fireplace stone and the chimney stone. The chimney will be a conventionally sided and framed structure.  (Please consider allowing us to install a direct vent system.

The build will also include a detached garage. The dimensions will be 28 by 48 and incorporate the same facade the house.  I will forward the design to Christy via Email. I do not have a program that will convert the PDF to JPG, so you will have to reference the PDF via my email.

I talked with Pam at the City of mead and she said the 28 by 48 garage was within the building and land use requirements. We need just a little larger garage in order to store our 24-foot sprinter van and 24 foot Ford F350.

The detached garage will have 2 doors facing the street. These two doors will be 9 by 9 doors and easily masked by a privacy fence. The Garage will also have a sideload 11 by 11 door. Again, the front of the garage will share the same stone and siding configuration as the front of the house and the main garage. The structure will be 12 feet from the main house at a 90-degree angle and share a 36 by 48 cement pad.

I have a restored 1951 Ford Truck, a VW drag car, and vintage BMWs that I need to be able to store as well. hence, I need a big garage.

The road to the pad will be 235 feet long. I may use cement or asphalt. Please approve the use of either.


We will address landscaping with you later. We will need your input on what type of landscaping will be appropriate for the entry into Vale View. This is very important. Again, we will require your input on landscaping and fencing.


I would like to install 24 south and west facing solar panels on the north end of the property. We will need your input on how to mask the paneling from view etc.


The parking pad will drain to away from the house and garage and onto areas that are  50 feet from the neighbor’s lot and in front of the house. The house and garage will incorporate gutter drains and french drains that channel water away from the foundation.

In closing, please approve this submittal as is.

Site plan


The first color will be brilliant white.  This way. all the calking joints will match the siding for now. We plan on changing the color, but cannot decide on a color scheme at this time.  We are also looking at Certainteeds new composite siding as well. When we get to this stage of the game, I will keep you abreast of any changes. For now, however, we are simply painting it white in preparation for other colors later.


Christy will forward site plan and garage elevations.




James Hardie staggard shingles on Gable ends.

Related image


James hard plank 8 inch

Image result for white james hardie lap siding



Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 19

.Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 22Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 21Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 20


Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 18


Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 02



Why Brodheads stand for the National Anthem

In August of 1664, Captain Daniel Brodhead of the British grenadiers would lead the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam.

In August of 1776, Colonel Daniel Brodhead of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment would be among the last boats with George Washington that crossed the East River after the defeat at the Battle of Long Island. He would set the fires on the Manhattan side and accompany Washington’s ragtag Army to Valley Forge. Brodhead would defend Philadelphia as well and serve during 8 years of the American revolution.

During the War of 1812, two of my Grand Fathers would serve in Adam Hawks Pennsylvania regiment.

After the Battle of Bladensburg, the British set their sites on Washington DC.

When the British burned the Capitol building, Senator Richard H. Brodhead from Pennsylvania would later vote to fund the Capitol Building extension, West Wing, East Wing, Congressional Dome and Congressional Library. Because Thomas Jefferson’s Manuscripts had been burned by the British, Brodhead authored a bill to purchase all remaining Jefferson manuscripts to refill the Library of Congress.  We would also vote to fund the Mexican American war and the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad.

During the Civil war, we would take bullets for emancipation. In fact, for over 350 years every generation of Brodhead has served in uniform. We have served to protect and cultivate our fledgling democracy and have seen it grow into a mosaic of equal rights and equal opportunity.  All that is required is for the individual to take positive action.

As a Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves on the mighty C-141, I have flown 1.7 million miles in support of our national interest. I have been to hundreds of international cities on every continent save Antarctica.  I have seen the third world shitholes of the Middle East along with the far reaches of Africa. I was there for Rwanda, and Somalia doing support missions.  I have seen the ghettos of South America.  I know first hand how great this country is compared to the hundreds of countries and cultures across the globe.

I have not been to South Africa where apartheid has given way to white genocide and the eradication of white society symbols across the country. Today there are basically refugee camps filled with unemployed whites. Meanwhile, the South African government turns a blind eye to the wholesale murder of the remaining white population.

Here in America, we stand for everyone’s rights under the law. Our police departments are there to protect the innocent of every color, race or religion.  We employ equal opportunity laws. We support equal opportunity in education and every manner of state and federal employment. Our military doggedly supports the high ideals of racial equality, the content of character, and equal access to promotion. In reality, America is a shining example of equal opportunity.

Here in America, the liberal left is engaging in  “American history shaming. The liberal left is importing the same methods of history symbol shaming that is being employed in South Africa.  They attack historical figures, shame our history, and reject American history for politically correct gibberish.   If one is a conservative Republican one is considered a defacto racist even though we are the party of Lincoln, emancipation and civil rights.  The liberal left is so ignorant, they can be manipulated into believing anything. The liberal left engages in “White shaming” only if one votes Republican.

Before an NFL millionaire takes a knee during our National Anthem, they need to take a tour of the real world. They need to see the poverty of Africa. They need to see the way Arab countries are run.  They need to see a public execution in Saudi for a low-level crime. They need to see the massive ghettos of South America. They need to see the anti-whitey eradication campaign that is going on in South Africa by the black-dominated government.  Here in America, we do not allow this type of racism.

Sure, racism exists in this country. However, we are also a population hell-bent on providing avenues for success for our minorities from education to equal opportunity for employment across the spectrum.  Conservatives believe in strong family values and respecting the pillars of society like teachers and police officers. Instead of kneeling for the flag, how about standing with communities and being super role models for the oppressed?  It is easy to grandstand on national TV. Instead of stoking alienation, how about visiting communities that arse stricken with an epidemic of black on black youth crime. How about doing photo ops with black police officers that are putting their lives on the line to help others?

Then again, if you don’t believe in standing for the flag of freedom, just leave the country and see how a 3rd world shit hole suits you.

The last name of the female cop that was executed by the BLM was Familia. In German, Familia means family.  Before our society can help those that are stricken by societal alienation and violence, America must restore the family. Officer Familia, a mother, and a dedicated servant is telling us this. Her death is a symbol for the revitalization of strong family values in our inner cities.

I stand with strong families. I stand with police officers. I stand for the greatest flag for freedom the world has ever known.