Arizona Cardinals a tough road game but a Bronco road win!

Let’s just forget about the Jets game. Let us completely suppress the Jets game. In fact, what Jets game?

Let us talk about how the powerful Bronco defense stayed pace with KC and the hottest new QB in the league. Let us focus on how the Denver D shut down the Rams offense.

Bronco fans saw the tell. We saw how the Denver D regained it’s hanging tough composure.  We saw how Chubb bit on the carcass and shook his head violently with 3 rookie sacks. Then the rest of  “the dogs ”  joined in screaming, psychotically yelping in anticipation,  and getting some.  Goff who?

Just as Gettysburg was the highwater mark for the South,  the Rams game was the floodgates that ushered in the reemergence of traditionally awesome Bronco football. All the physical qualities are there. The Broncos just happened to stumble into the reality that they are badasses.  The Denver Bronco defense is set once again to dominate for the remainder of the season. Their mental momentum is undeniable.

Musgrave as so much offensive talent at his disposal he doesn’t know what to do. Bronco fans are seeing remnants of Kubiak’s inept up the middle for -1 along with new play calling. We are also seeing offensive plays that flabergasted  Son of Bum. On one play call, Booker burns it for 6 yards. The next play they run Freeman into the line of scrimmage without any play action or intelligence on how the line is evolving. The Broncos would move the ball radically down the field only to see Musgrave become dysfunctional conservative when he is close to the red zone. Then stupid penalties or indecision pushes the Broncos out of Mcmanus range.  Unlike Siemian who would hang onto the ball until he was sacked, I thought Keenum knew how to throw out of bounds when he is flushed from the pocket. I mean WTF?

We do know that Case Keenum has the ability to bury the mental shit and drive down the field in the 4th quarter.  For the Broncos, the red zone was a no-go zone under Siemian, Osweiler, and that other high paid NFL bust tall dude that cried at the Blackhole. We cannot expect Case Keenum to patch together a team with a history of shitty play calling, a dozen different coaches and several different garbage quarterbacks in just a few games. Everything takes repetition and synergy. We can expect Keenum to stay focused, tenacious,  and execute the basics. We expect him to believe completely in his capabilities and doggedly move forward. Positive things are going to happen.

Keenum has to keep the Broncos on the field with solid running game and possession receiving. he then exploits “The three Amigos 2.0” Come on now!!!!!

The Broncos win if they mentally build on their epic performances against KC and The Rams.  They win if they run the ball, exploit the RB corps hands on screens and play action.  They win if they execute quick scripted plays and use their WR corps.  They win if they execute the basics, limit penalties, and run the hurry-up offense.   They win if they rush the passer like everyone knows they can. They win if they finally realize that they can.

Bury the Arizona Cardinals boys…

All is well in Broncoville! Damn straight it is…

Khabib wants to be Conor McGregor complete with a Mayweather fight?

So after Khabib beats a lackluster Conor McGregor, he now wants a big fight opportunity with Mayweather? Khabib thinks he is worth the super big money because he beat McGregor? Oh my word. So, now whenever someone wins McGregor’s weight division, they are then worthy of that $50 million fight?

First off, Most people like Conor McGregor. He played the Irish fighter theme to the hilt. His brand campaign started years ago. McGregor is a draw. Khabib is a fighter that everyone hates. We hate him so much that we think Mayweather should blow him off and say, ” sorry Hodgie, but you don’t get a payday”

McGregor deserves another fight with Khabib. He needs to knock Khabib the fuck out before he retires. In fact, McGregor knows that his legacy is not complete until he wins a rematch with Khabib, otherwise, his legacy will be compromised.   McGregor knows that you have to go out a winner or ones legacy is shit. The UFC can offer Khabib pennies for a rematch and give McGregor tens of millions.  Khabib is not a draw. He is a hated entity that only deserves tiny little UFC paychecks. I mean that is just how it is.

No big paycheck only one UFC fighter after another. Feed him low-end fighters while Conor McGregor engages in a real camp.

McGregor is not finished with Khabib. The Irish won’t let him quit after losing to a Hodgie.

Perhaps, MiniMendes should come out of retirement.  That would be a massive draw.

Oh, an eat shit Khabib!



Bradley Chubb gets 3 sacks as the Denver D finds itself

Had it not been for the Todd Gurley II freak show, the Broncos effectively beat the Rams.  They beat them physically and via play calling. The Denver D found itself stuffing several red zone attempts by the Rams offense. Moreover, the Bronco D made stand after stand against a team that is arguably the next NFC division champions. In some regard, Goff will not be denied, however, the Bronco D  shut him down and are now looking like the 2015 Denver D. Sure, there are few issues with the secondary, but they are working hard to overcome them. Look, the Broncos went up against one of the NFL’s best teams and acquitted themselves well. It wasn’t a blow out as much as it was a discovery in their own abilities.

Bradley Chubb got a taste of the kill with 3 rookie sacks. He looks extremely strong and his moves, finesse, and tactics will now quickly evolve. Chubb looks big on the field. With more weight room, cardio, and technique training and he becomes a force to be reckoned with on every play.

The offense is also coming along, albeit, a little slowly.  Realize that Keenum is trying to patch together an offense that has seen a merry go round of quarterbacks, coaches, and playbooks.  We do know that Keenum scraps for everything down to the last minute of play. Soon he will be able to tie the running game in with his receiver corps. Musgrave’s play calling is much better than old Kubiak’s stale play. He did call Freeman lazily up the middle which resulted in shit. The outline is looking better. With repetition and familiarity, the Denver offense only gets better. It is not time to give up on Keenum. He will soon put it all together.

Just as John Fox afforded stability to the Denver Broncos, we must give Keenum some time to repair the Bronco offense and exploit it. I would say he has until the bye week.

The Broncos are discovering that they are a good team.. They are finally rebounding..It is wonderful to see this.

It is now time to think about Arizona. They are a must win. Same time zone, and nice weather. There will be no excuses.

Nice game Chubbley Dubbley….

Yupp Elwood needs to look at 2019 QB draft picks.


Mike “Shanny” Shanahan likes Proper 12

So, almost our entire Fantasy Football League and copious relatives showed up at the Murphy house to watch Conor Mc Gregor beat the Muslim terrorist. All the Conor prayer rugs were freshly washed and unfolded in the corner. One of the friends brought Cuban cigars, some Tacoma  Purple Thunderfuck and a bottle of Proper 12 that he had purchased from the internet.  High above the city of Tacoma, an NSA predator surveillance drone was surveilling the  UFC fight get-together. The drone pilots would focus in on the glistening bottle of Proper 12.  It was a matter of national security.

Some would clip the cigar and torch it off. Others took one-hitter off Washington State’s finest green leafy substance.  The rest licked their lips and waited for the shot glasses to arrive.

For many people, a full shot of Irish whiskey is just a little too intense.  While in the Air Force during my first term, I almost died drinking a fifth of Tequila. I can also remember the Southern Comfort hangover from absolute hell. I now respected the hard stuff and only seek moderation and good taste. Proper 12 tastes good and heats the balls up!!!!!!!!!

So, we filled the shot glasses with only a 1/3 ounce and then toasted to McGregor performing a “kill in the cage”  on the Muslim.  I was expecting a Brazilian style “knock the fuck out!!!” Then again, I was still smarting from Mini-Mendez losing.  It would be nice to see Mendez go aginst Khaboob. Anyways, I was ready for McGregor to get right in Khabib’s face and knock him out in a proper 12 seconds. It was obvious that he held back. Conor wasn’t fooling anyone. When he gave his back for the choke it was obvious. like Nate Diaz, Conor had learned what he needed and wanted to end the fight. Next time, it won’t be so easy for the Muslim who likes to always take people to the ground.

The Proper 12 went down smooth and then had a really nice and soothing woody aftertaste. In the whiskey scheme of things, it was quite kind and congenial. We would then look forward to another tasting. Collectively the party would consume about 1.5 ounces each over 4 rounds before the fight. The whiskey would go well with the conglomeration of Mexican food the gals would make up. Good stuff.

Proper 12 gets an A plus for being such an agreeable whiskey. The next day, I personally felt better after flushing the system a bit. Then again, it is all about moderation and drinking properly.  Most Irish scumbags drink way too much and ruin the Proper 12 experience. Proper 12 must be relished and relished well among friends. Too bad the Irish Bum threw the fight. As it was, Khabib tried to ground and pound McGregor but could never take his chin.  That does not bode well for the Muslim. Conor now knows all the limitations.

As far as Mike Shanahan, he couldn’t wait to get back to his house so he could share a fifth with Jake Plummer.  They then threw darts at the Jay Culter dart board.

As lineage to British imperial bastardism and Long Shanks, Brodheads were used to running broadswords through the McGregor clan. However, they do like the good whiskey.  He is still a bum, shiiit!!!!!

How the Broncos beat the Rams

Many of us thought that Kansas City and Mahomes would blow Denver out. Instead, the Broncos contained Mahomes for almost 4 quarters. They played man to man well and then zone when it was required. It is always hard to do the long flight to the East coast and then do your best on the playing field. Some might not sleep well, while others bring baggage with them. The loss to the New York Jets is just an insignificant loss. Shit happens, and it is nothing to think about for the rest of the season.

The difference between a good defense and a bad defense sometimes comes down to simple communication and attitude. It is not about other peoples perceptions. The only perceptions that matter are those of the players in the trenches. A fat  news reporter that dines on BBQ potato chips and the dollar menu while sitting on his ass is no real authority. The authority belongs within the hearts of the Broncos. Willpower, perception, performance, and execution.

Just like last year, well except for few exceptions, the Broncos are not using the running backhands and doing dump offs and screen passes across the line of scrimmage. With a little play action and some RB dump offs and the Rams will be forced to play shallow.  This really opens up the WR corps for some deep ball.  The Denver running backs are good enough to put the Rams D back on their heels.  Introducing the hurry-up offense with scripted plays for possession yardage would be a good thing. Moreover, Keenum needs to start using Lacosse. Musgrave is going to have to give Wade Phillips looks he has never seen before. You give him the familiar and its all over.

There is going to come a point where the Broncos will have to challenge Sutton.

The Denver D just has to get its mental shit together and regain its composure.  They will also have to pass rush Goff. The Rams O-line looks like it is not the greatest on the left side, so Bradley Chubb should eat them alive. Denver wins if they play up to their capability and shitcan all the rest.

Lastly, Keenum is going to have to control the football and keep the Rams D on the field.

We saw how Musgrave used the running game until he got to the red zone. He then changed the attack method and had to kick a field goal. The Broncos have great running backs. However, they always use them in a piecemeal fashion and never let the RBs get into a groove. Sad…

The Broncos win when they pound the running game and reduce the Rams physically.


1968 anti-war baby boomers disgusted with Maria Cantwell’s violent and intolerant liberal left constituents

2018 marks 50 years since 1968. The year of Martin Luther King’s needless assassination.  The year that Bobby Kennedy would win the California Democratic primary for president only to be gunned down at the Ambassador hotel. It was the year of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A year when General Westmoreland wanted to stage nuclear weapons in Vietnam. 1968 was also the year when the altruistic baby boomers had enough of Vietnam war and showed up at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. The Democratic party controlled City’s response was to beat and bloody the protesters.

That year, the Republican strategy was to cast Democrats and the anti-war Vietnam protestors as whiners and complainers. Nixon road into the white house on the vote of the forgotten silent majority.  The folks that worked every day and sent their children off to war because they thought it was the right thing to do for duty, honor,  and country.  Bore out of WWII, the greatest generation still retained loyalty to the American government. They remembered the great depression and rampant unemployment.   Many remember eating oatmeal three times a day and doing scrap metal drives for the war effort. The greatest generation, a generation that was carved out as a united group of Americans. Americans of every creed, color, and religion. A united melting pot that was grateful for the economic prosperity that would follow after defeating evil. However, they were easily manipulated into supporting an unjust war. The warmonger playbook would be duplicated in 2001. 911 would replace the Gulf of Tonkin symbol,. LBJ’s penchant for war would have a rebirth in George W, Bush and Obama would become Nixon complete with surveillance of presidehtial candidates. Instead of 10 years in Vietnam, it would become almost two decades in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, that 1968 baby boomer is hoping that their 401K does not collapse for the 4th time since the year 2000.  None of the 1968 baby boomers raised a finger during 17 years of perpetual war.  Almost 80 million baby boomers watching every single penny.  The mighty American economy that provided high wage jobs and pensions became low wage retail jobs.  Retirements based on social security and the unstable stock market. The number of baby boomers without any savings for retirement hovers at about 60%. Today it is said that if one has $10 in one’s pocket and no debt, one is well off.

Today while stock market is overvalued from 8 years of Obama’s continuous quantitative easing and low FED rates, The Trump economy sports the lowest unemployment numbers in some cases ever. The Trump economy is also generating utter billions more in Social Security Revenue. So, while liberals are rioting about Kavanaugh and the right to genocide their fetuses, Trump is pumping the Social Security fund like nobody else.

The WWII soldier came back to a ticker tape parade, livable wages, and inexpensive housing.  A man could work, have a house, a retirement, and put the kids through college without running up massive amounts of student loan debt. The greatest generation used the GI Bill by the utter millions.

The Vietnam soldier came home to “baby killer” and an economy that was taken off the gold standard. Once the so-called sexual revolution and burning of the bra were over, it took two parents working to maintain the household. Vietnam vets did use the Vietnam era GI Bill, to better themselves. The end of Vietnam also ushered in the beginnings of imports and the destruction of the US manufacturing economy.

The Iraq veteran came home to a massive GI Bill that they never used. They came home to an economy that took two jobs to rent an apartment. While fighting and dying for the rights of  Islamists 10,000 away, they had their Bill of Rights taken from them. Moreover, they became subject to the massive Bush/Obama Department of the homeland computer surveillance industrial complex. Democratic senators like Maria Cantwell wanted to disallow Iraq veterans from owning guns because they were a threat to society.  Anti-war Democrats would then double down on all things Bush and spend more on perpetual war than at any other time in our nation’s history. Maria Cantwell would say nothing about the surveillance of all Americans by the Obama police state or twenty trillion in national debt. The Democratic mantra then became cheerleadership for race labeling and encouraging riots.  If one does not vote for socialism one is then labeled a racist. Imports from Japan became massive imports from China based on devalued currency.

The Afghanistan veteran will come home to the Democratic mantra of forcing children into gender dysphoria basic training in our school system as early as Kindergarten. A Democratic mantra that continually attacks the role of the family. A Democratic methodology that promotes violence, intolerance, and glorified decadence. Democrat followers that are more interested in allowing grown men with razor stubble, a wig, and fake tits to use the little girl’s room than restoring the Bill of Rights.  They also want all manner of free stuff and a free ride education system that caters to stoners. Today, our children are ridden with education debt. They cannot afford a house and live  spartan existences with $900 cell phones.

The 1968 anti-war baby boomer Democrat fought for altruistic values like stopping the needless killing in Vietnam. They were more intelligent and much less prone to political behavior modification.

Today Maria Cantwell’s Democrat supporters can be manipulated into fighting over what bathroom to use while turning a blind eye to the evils of big government. They can be manipulated into believing up is down and down is up. They are easily prodded into believing lies and propaganda. They say nothing about the abuse of the War Powers Act and are unmoved by the serial lies by presidential administrations.

Donald Trump has never lied to our faces. The Democrats are a bunch of corrupt liars that feel the justice system does not apply to them. . That’s the bottom line

I guess the party of Lincoln is still the party of the educated and informed.  We are in the trenches for limited government, and upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are about increasing economy, the dignity of a job, and American prosperity. We are the party of accountability and believe that if one gives their best to the American dream, America will give it’s best back to you.

Maria Cantwell stands for “guilty until proven innocent” intolerance, stupidity, violence, and unabated government intrusion into our lives. She stands for the brutal genocide of the innocent unborn, open borders,  enviro-fascism,  taxation, and revisionist history gibberish.   She is the party of justice via social media. She does not represent the sacred American dream only a decadent sideshow. The great Democratic party of 1968 no longer exists. It became the party of corruption, lies, and deep state abuse of the FBI, CIA, IRS, and NSA. A party that believes that due process and the rule of law only apply to conservatives, libertarians, independents,  Republicans and the American people.

To believe in Maria Cantwell is to believe in 18 years of partisan hackery and a political party that has become the laughing stock of the world. It is time to truly make America great again. Sadly, Maria Cantwell is not Part of the equation.

It is time for Susan!!!!


The Broncos owe Wade Phillips nothing

We all remember when The Broncos played the Steelers for the AFC championship. Plummer and Shanahan were one win away from the Superbowl. During that game, they honored “still playing” Jerome Bettis. He was going to retire. The event softened the Broncos resolve allowing the Steelers to win.  It was going to be Shanny’s “Elwoodless” Superbowl. Instead, it created a tension between   Plummer and Shanahan which culminated with the Jay Cutler thing. Of course, this then led to the Josh McDaniels era.

Josh McDaniels squeaked out a win against the Patriots, but other than that was the most hated coach in Bronco history.

Elwood did not let up on the throttle when he went against Dan Reeves during his next Superbowl win. There had been tension between Elwood and Reeves for years over play calling and how to play the game. Elwood and Shanahan relished beating Dan Reeves.

Wade Phillips was once the Denver Broncos head coach.  Before that, he was at the Bronco defensive helm when Elwood and company engaged in the infamous 55-10.  Son of Bum then replaced Dan Reeves only to have a terrible season and be fired.

Wade Phillips inherited an excellent Denver Broncos defense. Everyone thought that Jack Del Rio did an excellent job as Denver D coordinator. Under Del Rio, the Broncos made extraordinary performance gains. When Wade Phillips was brought in, the Bronco D was the best in its proud history. The Bronco D was like a new 2015 Ford quad cab diesel warmed up and ready to go. All Phillips had to do was put the keys in the ignition, start it up and hit the throttle.

Wade Phillips did not create Elwood’s best D in history. He only tweaked it a bit. All the hard work had been done during the John Fox and Jack Del Rio era.

The Broncos do not owe Wade Phillips jack. In reality, they owe him a nice Mile High beating.

It is just a matter of watching Seahawks film. The Seahawks exposed Wade Phillips and the rams with their defensive tactics and running game.  That’s incredible considering that not one single ” Legion of boom”  player is left on the roster. In addition, the Seahawks ran the ball down their throats and did not throw much.

Wade Phillips left our house. He no longer lives here. The Rams are not coming back to our house and letting Wade Phillips put his feet up on the furniture and drink all the beer. When he shows up on Sunday, we are going to slap his little bitches around, beat them physically and run the ball down their throats.

The Broncos will look at the film and simply go after Wade’s kids.  We will shut down Gurley man, and negotiate a few pick sixes. Chubb is going to get 3 sacks as he pushes hard on the outside and spins onto Goff, Goth or whatever the hell his name is. Peko will stuff the center. Roby will have a pro bowl day.

I need the Denver O-line on the field playing possession football with copious use of Freeman and Booker hands.  You were supposed to watch Addai film. Then I need a fresh Phillip Lindsay to finish them off when they are worn out. You do remember the 4.3 40 speed right?

Everyone will be an animal and play hard, happy, and lucky football.

All is well in Broncoville. Time for an ass whooping boys…

Denver only owes Son of Bum an epic Mile High ass Kicking.

Thanks, Pete Carrol.


Broncos Bradley Roby always improving

The Bronco fans have seen Bradley Roby improve year over year.  He has upheld his end of the bargain and is a very important member of the team. If he continues his progression, he will be a pro-bowler.

Sometimes for whatever reason, the WR you are covering gets a step.  Sometimes, the D gets burned. It happened to Champ Baily when he got toasted a few times in one game. It happened to Talib.  It happened to Rahim Moore. It happened to Darrent Williams. It happens to everybody.

Roby has been learning Bronco football from a firehose. He continues to step up and get better.  It is natural to have a regression professionally and emotionally. We then pull our bootstraps up and come back stronger. It is all part of the game and life.


Suck it up!!!!   Roby!!!!!