Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Siemian

Trevor Siemian plays like he has the dreaded bi-polar pigskin disorder or BPPD.  One week, he plays like a winning top tier QB and the next week he plays like  Elwood at Superbowl XXII. But then again, we have to look at Trevor’s  Quarterback Reference group: Peyton Manning, a first-round Hall of Famer and probably the best QB in NFL history, and Brock Osweiler, one of the biggest high paid QB busts in NFL history. Then there is Paxton Lynch, the coddled first rounder that cried in front of Raiderville. A 1st rounder with a 2.9 yards per completion average and 20 something QB rating after two years in the NFL? Only Elwood knows why he kept him around after preseason with those kinds of numbers while offing a gamer (Kyle Sloter) with a 153 QB rating.

One week, Siemian dines on a concoction of Brock  Osweiler karma, Vance Joseph vague gibberish, and tears from the black hole, and the next week, he looks like he just had breakfast with Brady. The inconsistency is simply freaking Broncoville the hell out.

Last week the Brodcastbooth called DT an over the hill WR, and this week, he looks like his old self again. Meanwhile, Emanuel Sanders has yet to stem his slide from 1000 and has numbers like an average Tight End. It seems that sanders wears cornerbacks like a two-year-old wears a pair of dragging diapers full of two grimacing poop loads at the community playground.  If opposing cornerbacks could get any closer, they would become a tattoo.  However, even the nicest guys like Ochocinco miss the cut when they miss a step. Only the names are changed to protect the innocent.

The good news is that Siemian seems to finally know how to throw the ball away when he is flushed from the pocket.  While the Denver O-line had its best performance of 2017, Siemian is scrambling out of the pocket much better and starting to grow eyes in the back of his head. When he cannot throw the ball, he makes good use of space and moves the chains on his own. It seems that he reads the line of scrimmage better and has adapted some Snake Wilson  skills. Above all, Siemian is not throwing the ball away. The Denver D is stepping back up to the plate as if they are playing for the depth chart in pre-season. Elwood can either be Santa Claus in the case of Paxton Lynch or the Grim Reaper for everyone else.  As it is, Elwood put the cutting knife in his coat pocket for now.

I think Musgrave is starting to get the Bronco’s offensive shit together.

Lastly, It is a no-brainer that NFL scouts were licking their lips about Siemian once again. Instead of taking the 1978 FIAT to the mobile home realtor showing in Platteville, Siemian just installed another zero at the end of his 6 figure salary.  The question is: Will Mr. Hyde or Mr. Siemian show up next Thursday? At this juncture, Elwood is starting to trip. Soon, Elwood won’t know what to think. I mean he lost his mind when he let Sloter walk. The inept act could be compared to Josh McDipshit trading Cutler for Orton.

Next week we will talk about how Elwood collapsed against Phil Simms during one of his signature episodes of BPPD.

Below we can see Brock Osweiler transforming into  Jim Plunkett.

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Elwood to start “Uncle Rico” against the Jets

John Elwood was impressed with Uncle Rico’s ability to hit Napoleon Dynamite in the face with a piece of steak while he was on a bicycle and painted on by Pedro.  So much so that he signed the Ricomeister to a one year $10 million deal.  Kube had stumbled across the Rico video when he was surfing Youtube related to Baker Mayfield. He judged that the distance that Rico threw the steak to be around 60 feet, hence, he realized that Rico would average  20-yards per pass completion. Given that Paxton Lynch only achieves  2.93 yards per reception, Kubiak felt strongly that Uncle Rico would be a complete upgrade and gave “Wood” a call. After finishing his Rogaine treatment, Elwood agreed, and they closed the deal. Elwood would also hire “Kip” as offensive coordinator. Elwood also gave “Jake the Snake” a call and offered him a membership in the Bronco ring of fame if he would sign a one year contract as a backup. Apparently, “the Snake” had just done a bong hit of “Greeley feed lot thunder fuck”  and could not complete a sentence, so the conference call was cut short.

During an interview with the Brodcastbooth, Elwood revealed that he was not happy with Trevor Siemian’s play. In addition, he stated that he needed a QB that could hit DT in the face with the pigskin turd at 40 yards. Elwood also brought in Jerry Rice, Terrel Owens, and Rod Smith to shore up the Wide receiver corps. To help the no-fly zone, he put Champ Bailey on the payroll as well.

During Thursday’s practice, the Champ completely shut down Emanual Sanders and intercepted Trevor Siemian 8 times. Of course, when Uncle Rico took the helm, he was able to go deep on Rice and move the chains. Together, they went the entire length of the field in two plays like it was arena football.  Rod Smith never took the field and was too busy bullshitting with Elwood about their Superbowl rings.  TD would show up and they would leave the practice and head to Elwood’s Steakhouse after observing a McKenzie fumble.

Uncle Rico threw the ball so hard that he broke DT’s right thumb, his index finger, and the pinky.  Uncle Rico showed off a little by throwing from goal post to goal post while on his knees.

Terrel Owens was shown the door after he held out for $50 bucks more so he could pay his cell phone bill. He did run the 40 in 4.4 seconds but blew out his hamstring in the process.  He was later seen in his 1978 Fiat Uber driving Trevor Siemian to a realtor showing of a mobile home in Fort Lupton.

Elwood paid for Uncle Rico’s one year deal by trading Von Miller and Aquib Talib to the Eagles for a first-round draft pick. Elwood went on to say how he felt that Uncle Rico would be an excellent role model for Baker Mayfield. When asked about the trade, Von Miller’s face grimaced as he cut a “silent but deadly!” Talib was not available for comment. He was at a local gold jeweler getting a  gold chain necklace appraised. Coach Joseph was also unavailable for comment. He was at the doctor getting his Prozac prescription changed to Zoloft and shock treatments.

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Trevor Siemian’s “Catch 22”

The worse Trevor Siemian plays and the better the 2018 Bronco draft will be. Elwood has given up on 2017. He is letting the team sink or swim under a demonstratively inept coach with Vance Joseph.  The normal Superbowl hangovers under other coaches have become a full-on nervous breakdown and a trip to the Sanitarium with the Broncos. Almost the entire team, save a few youngsters, have thrown themselves on the couch. Tell me about your mother?   The massive high from a historical Superbowl 50 has devolved to a team that plays like a last place college team.

Trevor Siemian came on like the second coming of Peyton Manning. Then he suffered a grade 5 shoulder separation and played like shit the rest of the 2016 season.  Lynch would play a few games like Chris Simms after a weekend tequila binge. Now that he is all healed up, he is playing even worse. Is this by design? Have Elwood and Siemian cut a deal? Is Siemian sucking so bad for the team’s draft in 2018 and Elwood has promised to keep him around? As it is, with every loss, Siemian’s value as a free agent shits the bed. If he goes 4 more losses, he could be done in the NFL.

Then again, one can wager money that Josh McDaniels is looking at Trevor Siemian for the preseason. Old Josh is looking at Bronco film and saying to himself, “man their play calling is garbage.” But, he also probably sees how Siemian reads the field like a 3-month-old in the cradle with shiny objects dangling.

So, Trevor Siemian smokes the last 4 games and retains his value as a free agent or he goes down in flames.

At this juncture, it looks like Elwood is more interested in going 3 and  13 then  7 and 9. At 7 and 9, the Broncos are in the middle of the pack as it relates to the draft. At 7 and 9 , Siemian salvages his career and deals from a position of strength.  At 3-13, he is lucky to not get cut or picked up by another team for a no contract no pay preseason camp.

Instead of dealing from a position of strength, Siemian has his ass in the air like he is praying to Allah. Elwood and the Snake had way-way way shittier teams to manage, yet they won.

Maybe Siemian should phuck throwing the ball to Thomas and Sanders, given that Fowler and Latimer seem to get way better separation. They could probably move the ball if they did not run it up the middle into a wall of defenders. Oh for the love of Pete, the Broncos need a complete overhaul starting with shitcanning Joseph and all of his entourage. He is just not ready for the big time.

Maybe Siemian should change his number back to 3?

Wow, his jersey numbers are 3 and 13. I guess it is written in the stars. Maybe he should ask to have it changed to 9, 16, or 55-10? As it is, he took the matrix pill and will soon be getting flushed by the NFL machine. That is of course if he doe not go full on Mr. Anderson. He could pull the turd out his ass and throw the pigskin turd for copious completions.

Meanwhile, Elwood and Kubiak have a nude centerfold of Baker Mayfield on their office wall and a little Mayfield shrine complete with candles, incest and a Jay Cutler Voodoo doll.

Siemian might want to look into selling cell phones at a Denver Mall! The Bell will soon toll for thee.

Time for a Tebow? OK!

Trevor!!! Get you some!!!!

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Yaaa Baker Mayfield makes Trevor Siemian look like shit

When we consider the copious interceptions and lack of judgment on Trevor Siemian’s part, we almost think he is playing for the other team. As far as Paxton Lynch, he belongs more in a millennial safe zone than on the NFL playing field.  I mean crying in front of Raider fans? How embarrassing. Elwood has coddled Lynch so much over the last two years that Elwood seems to be more like a daycare center employee than a general manager. Word is that Lynch has a safe zone in the Bronco locker room with teddy bears and Ken dolls with stupid looking Zoro goatees.

Vance Joseph seems to be on heavy doses of Prozac. His post game monologues are mundane, boring and only state the obvious. Joseph should quit football and become a mortician. “hello and welcome to Mr. Josephs mortuary where NFL teams go to die, how may I assist you? ”

I screwed up when I watched a Baker Mayfield tape. Whats weird is my next door neighbor growing up in Boulder County had the last name that was Baker.  My dad served with a BJ Mayfield from Tyler Texas. No synchronicity there.  So back to Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield is everything that Siemian is not. He has the ability to throw to receivers so the ball is not intercepted. Mayfield can scramble like Russel Wilson and has an arm like Drew Brees. Unlike Siemian, Mayfield can read the field and throw on the run. In fact, the massive chasm of difference between Mayfield and Siemian is grotesquely large. It is like night and day. But then again, Baker Mayfield would not get away with many of his throws in the NFL. Even if Denver picks him up, he might be the second coming of Johnny football. Of course, Denver’s coaching would insist on him being a pocket passer and send his talent to the gas chamber.  In a matter of months in Denver, and Mayfield is partying with Johnny Football at a dive college bar somewhere.

Mayfield has an insane QB rating. His ratings are between 150 and 200 as opposed to Siemian’s and Paxton Lynch who lackadaisically play in the 20 to 30 zone.

If past is prologue, Siemian will suck for the remainder of the season. His completion rate will be in the 40s and his passer rating will be between 30 and 40. If Paxton Lynch replaces him for a game or two, Bronco fans will be treated to a QB that is half as good as Osweiler. Of course, Elwood never admits he is wrong and will keep Lynch around because he is tall and a first-round draft pick.

Elwood really screwed up his cap space as well. He is paying millions to folks while others get the scraps. Given how shitty the Broncos are, he might consider purging the cap of the big paychecks and develop newer talent for a fraction of the cost. As it is, the D-line second string can perform just as good as Elwood’s expensive dudes. Simmons and several others prove this. It is all on full display with the current 8 game losing streak or is it 9? At this juncture, even average talent with good coaching would eclipse the current situation. Remember when the Bronco line was the lightest in the NFL and they still kicked ass? It’s about heart and coaching. Today, the high paid elitists have gone soft and 8 losses in a row prove it.

Either Elwood has lost that winning edge or he is hanging on to a crappy QB corp while installing a shitty coach so the Broncos are first in line for the draft. This would be considered a first in Bronco history given that the Broncos have always competed at .500 or better or made the playoffs. Shanahan had to make do every single year as it relates to the draft. Maybe Elwood has a huge boner for Baker Mayfield and this year’s shitty Broncos team is by design? Elwood is faced with years of plugging or a brand new 1st round QB to replace the safe zone boys.

Siemian is only 4 games away from his dream of selling dumpy rambler real estate for a 2.5% commission.  If he stays the course, he will be waived and then have to compete for free during the preseason for a roster spot on someone else’s team like Tebow with the Patriots. How wonderful renting a dump apartment only to get cut.  Then again, there is always the CFL.

Meanwhile, Kubiak is watching Mayfield film like it is NFL porn.


Manning and Gruden should be in Denver

On second thought, acquiring Eli Manning for the Broncos would be an excellent move. Elwood could then shitcan Siemian, Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch and focus on the draft. Machine gun Kelly’s nephew could be the back up whether he is good enough or not.

As far as Vance Joseph, his inability to inspire has led the Broncos farther down the rabbit hole. In reality, Joseph is only a transitional head coach. Elwood needs to see how Bronco players respond to shitty coaching and lower their play. Even under the best Kubiak coaching, the Broncos were not going over .500 this year anyway. The schedule was simply too brutal. Removing better coaching allowed the Broncos to free fall and a better picture comes into view.

Peyton Manning elevated Demaryius Thomas and Emanuel Sanders play.  Even with Siemian’s quick release and thumb breaking heaters, the aging duo seems to never get adequate separation and are easily covered by even the most average cornerbacks in the league. Both Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler have also failed to exploit Thomas and Sanders this year. Given that all three Denver quarterbacks on the roster should not be playing on NFL turf, the jury is still out on Thomas and Sanders. A preseason camp with Eli Manning would remove all doubt as to what the offensive problem really is.

NFL fans have seen it over and over again. We saw Riley Odoms or Haven Moses give up the ghost. We saw Rod Smith struggle to play with two bad hips. We saw how countless wide receivers lose a step and be cast into oblivion. So, nobody should be shocked to see that Thomas and Sander’s days are numbered.  Again, given the shitty quarterback situation in Denver, it is not clear yet. Chances are with Eli Manning at the helm and Thomas and Sanders kill it in 2018. We do know that under Siemian, Thomas and Sanders receiving numbers are half of what they were under Peyton or even Tebow. It is like hitching a racehorse to a jackass cart.

The Broncos have a healthy corps of running backs, hence the focus might be on Dline, O-line, and WR for the draft. If past is prologue then recruiting a 1st round edge pass rusher in the mold of Von Miller is a no-brainer.  A fat juicy run stuffer and a few O-line dudes would shore it up.

Too bad Elwood let Sloter walk. With a QB corps of Eli Manning, Kyle Sloter, and Machine gun Kelly junior the Denver Broncos would be setting pretty. Osweiler could watch football from his 100-acre ranch in Bozeman. Paxton Lynch could work at McDonald’s, and Trevor Siemian could be selling $100,000 dump ramblers in the stagnate midwest like he wants.

As it is, Eli needs to win one more Superbowl so he can bury Peyton.

Lastly, that coach that benched Eli is a shitty coach. Reminds me of Vance Joeseph.

If I am Elwood, I pick up the phone and call Manning and Gruden.  Bring Gruden to town with a capable staff and shitcan Vance Joseph’s shit entourage. Let’s get this damn show on the road…

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Elwood needs to stick with Osweiler for remainder of the season

Well, the second coming of Trevor Siemian was not pretty. In reality, his days as an NFL quarterback are numbered. In fact, his days as a Bronco are circling the toilette bowl. One more shitty game with 3 interceptions and a 30 QB rating and his helmet disappears beyond the porcelain hole.

The one thing that we did learn through three different quarterbacks is that Demaryius Thomas and Emanuel Sanders seem to have seen their better days. Three different quarterbacks threw to them and each time, DT and Sanders were wearing the defender like a fat chick wears Walmart sweatpants.  One could see Siemian loading up and be throwing thumb breaking heater spirals only to see the defenders hand get in the way.   In addition, Siemian is addicted to throwing tipped balls. Even Rod Smith who would have both hips replaced achieved better separation in his final appearances as a Bronco WR.

The Bronco offensive line is much better than last year now that Sambrailo is gone and Elwood recruited solid free agents and draft picks for the left and right sides. The running game is much better as well unless they default to running up the middle for a loss.

The Bronco defense is showing signs of cylinder wear after staying on the field for the last 2 years as Siemian, Osweiler and Paxton Lynch go 3 and out as a matter of course.

Brock Osweiler played 500 hundred football in Houston. Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are pretty much unable to do anything. At this juncture, Elwood can torment Bronco fans with more inept Siemian play and then top it off with the sob story, or he can play Brock Osweiler and see if the Broncos can win the final games of the season.  Moreover, he should healthy scratch Siemian and Lynch and elevate Kelly as a back up for shits and grins.

The biggest problem the Broncos have is the Wide Receiver Corps not getting separation and the quarterback’s limited ability to read the field, scramble and throw with accuracy. if one watches film of other NFL teams like Seattle and Philadelphia, one will see copious separation and copious receptions. Anyways, don’t know what else to say…


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Obama operating shadow presidency

Now that the Clinton dynasty dreadnought has caught on fire and is sinking in the Potomac, Obama is making his move to be the center of attention. He is even shadowing Donald Trump’s latest and successful foreign relations trip to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and China etc. This is a first in American history.

During the Obama administration, he turned a blind eye to North Korea, while Hillary Clinton used her position as SOS to raise Clinton Foundation funds. She used Federal transportation assets to jet set around the globe and leverage donation streams. Soon, North Korea would be lobbing ICBMs toward the US and threatening Japan and Guam with nuclear annihilation.  Now they are threatening Washington DC with a Thermonuclear holocaust. hence, during the entire Obama administration, there was an absence of leadership in the Pacific Rim. As far as the Middle East , he kissed Boehner’s ass and doubled down on all things Bush. He would then refuse to alter the  “Status of Forces agreement” and abandoned Iraq to ISIS. Moreover, he was a liar that destroyed cost-effective free market health care in the USA.

Barack Hussein Obama is attempting to stave off the reality that his presidency sucked. He is also attempting to stay in the limelight while assuming the Clinton Foundation donation thrown in the international arena.   The absence of Clinton leadership and loss of credibility has seen donation streams basically dry up. Obama is reengaging these donation streams in hopes that he can benefit.  Now that Hillary Clinton is a despised failure, Barack Obama wants to become the face of the DNC. This suggests that  Michelle Obama will run for the presidency soon in Hillary fashion. So, not only his he begging for former Clinton foundation foreign donation streams to benefit himself, and effect elections, he is bad mouthing our president.  That puts him in the asshole category.


The US is not ready for the racial hatred and social commiseration that the Obama’s project.  Americans endured his racially focused divisive pathos for 8 years. Only Obama’s  liberal constituents thrive on Obama style social commiseration. In addition, to suggest that there is an absence of leadership in Washington DC  after Donald Trump’s performance in his first year smoked that of the Obama administration suggests that Barack is descending into political dementia. Then again, he likes to share the stage of liberal stupidity with the liberal yellow press and all the democratic socialists that suffer from libtardia.

Dude, go back to Honolulu and get the hell out of the way!!

A former president talking shit about a current successful president stinks of ignorant jealousy and the rantings of a contemptuous insecure narcissist that is desperate to maintain his heinous legacy.


Elway must purge the Bronco High Command

We all remember when Cutler came back to town and Orton served him a loss.  Cutler would get the last laugh when he schooled the Broncos to the tune of 35 to 9. Of course, Trevor Siemian must still be focused on selling real estate because his self-fulfilling prophecy of being a  lousy and unworthy NFL quarterback is coming true.  With every loss, Trevor Siemian’s value plummets. As it is, he has devolved to a sub 50% completion rate, copious interceptions,  no 3rd down conversions and a QB rating of between 22 and 30.  If Trevor was not a likable, handsome and wholesome dude, Bronco fans would want his head upon a stake. At this juncture, there is no reason to think he is salvageable as a starter. In fact, he may not be worthy of being a backup and in reality is a distraction that should be released or waived.  Paxton Lynch is also an unworthy distraction and has no business on an NFL playing field.

The only unknown left as it relates to the quarterback situation in Denver is Chad Kelly.  We also know that Brock Osweiler is much better than both Siemian and Lynch. Even then, the Broncos need the best QB they can pull from the draft and play him whether he is ready or not in 2018. We have seen how coddling a 1st round QB draft pick turns into a mess.

For years and years, the Broncos were almost good enough to make the playoffs, and not bad enough to get a top draft pick. Year after year, the Broncos would play .500 football and have to settle for late round talent.  Good coaching and free agency kept the Broncos in the win zone. With quarterbacks like John Elway, Jake Plummer, and Peyton Manning, and the Broncos were fierce competitors.  Year after year, the Broncos would have to make do in the draft. Shanahan thought that running backs were a dime a dozen and opted for plug and play by committee.  However, when the O line sucked, so did the plug and play RB.  Today, the Broncos have extreme talent in the backfield, but the coaching simply does not know how to exploit them. They are still stuck on running up the middle into a line of defenders.

In 2017, the Broncos suck. Vance Joseph is turning out to be worse than Josh McDaniels. In fact, every aspect of the Bronco organization is demonstratively worse from special teams to offense and defense.

Elwood said that he wanted to bring a winning attitude back to the Bronco organization when he 86ed Tebow and hired Peyton Manning.  He had also hired John Fox to add stability and consistency to the organization. Each of these moves paid great dividends. Today, the Broncos must be plagued with lousy coaching and players that can no longer get it done. If this is the case, then in order to bring a winning attitude back to the Bronco organization, John Elway is going to have to do a complete overhaul of the organization. Vance Joseph has not shown Broncoville a damn thing. Maybe it is time for a winning college coach and a plethora of new draft talent? I don’t think an aging free agency quarterback is the answer. It would just be a band-aid.

I am not certain that Bronco fans can endure another season with Vance Joseph. I think it is time to purge the Bronco High Command in a Stalinesque fashion and call it a rebuilding year. The Broncos are finally seeing the gutter after Peyton Manning elevated the organization. It is time for young and hungry talent, and I do not think keeping Joseph and his pathetic entourage around is part of the equation.

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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval should be thanking Trump for corporate tax rate reduction

During my  2016 Congressional run in Washington state, I followed suit with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and refused to endorse Donald Trump after his Mexican judge comments. This would cost me dearly in support from the Republican party.

The House and Senate just passed a major tax reform bill that will save the Silver State’s Gambling enterprises utter millions if not billions in corporate taxes.

At this juncture, Donald Trump has demonstrated exceptional competence related to international relations as well as old-school Republican brand limited taxation policies. At this juncture, Sunny needs to send Trump a thumbs up.

Trump’s first year in office makes the Obama era look sickly. Social commiseration, class envy, and wealth redistribution have been replaced with a robust economy and 3.3% GDP growth. The Trump tax cut will put the American economy into overdrive and the stock market into the stratosphere. The positive effects will last through the Trump 1st term and will restore economic growth and stability while stimulating capital investment. Folks that stayed off the sidelines because of the Obama’s, penchant for wealth redistribution and government regulation, will now commit to investing in the American dream.

Then again, one is considered a racist by the liberal left if one supports a massive taxation overhaul. As we recall, Obama added utter thousands of IRS employees and then harassed conservative groups. As we recall, Obama was a big government ass kissing yes man.

It is clear that the Democratic Socialists are a dysfunctional and a destructive plague on the freedoms and promise of the American dream. They are a detriment to commonsense and prosperity. In fact, the Obama era and Democratic Socialist control of the House, Senate and big government spending and taxation was one of the greatest threats to our liberty and one of the lowest points in the history of this great nation. Second only to George W. Bush.

Obama added regulation after regulation and utterly destroyed inexpensive healthcare in the USA. In addition, he has kowtowed to both Iran and North Korea while leaving the Middle East a mess.

Obama was more interested in cultivating racial hatred, and the politics of gender confusion then growing the economy and wages via private sector exceptionalism. He was more interested in reforming bathroom laws in the school system then reducing government and restoring the Bill of Rights.

Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. He led this country as a community activist and allowed the FED to run economic policy. Instead of meaningful legislation and effective international relations, he engaged in the politics of class envy and social contempt. He was a closet neo-con and doubled down on all things Bush. Americans were treated to one lie after the next.

Donald Trump has made many huge steps in making America great again. He is delivering on his promise. This is a first in modern presidential history.

Brian Sandoval’s buddies in the gaming industry were just handed a massive paycheck. The folks that work in the gaming industry were just handed a massive standard deduction that will put thousands back in their pockets.  Money that will introduce cash fuel into Nevada’s economic engine. The multiplier effect will be enormous across the nation and increase Nevada State revenue, thereby enabling the survival of all of Brian Sandoval’s education and infrastructure objectives.  Pop the cork.

We could have had Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or a catalog of neocon idiots at the helm. Instead, we are blessed with the Trumpmeister.  I was wrong. So very wrong. Sorry

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Bronco win tips: Miami

Copious use of hurry up no huddle offense…Get them on their heels every down.

Don’t let pocket collapse

With Ndamukong Suh in the picture,  Siemian will have to have a strong left side to depend on.  He should Snake out of the pocket and fade while Janovich fakes a block and then runs to the chains for a conversion reception. Booker and Charles can be used this way also. The Miami D will then play shallow opening up  Latimer, and Fowler.

Hurry up offense,  believable play action to RB with scrimmage tosses to FB  after abandoning the QB block etc or downfield to Latimer.

Someone has to do the McCaffrey style sacrifice over the middle.

Hit McKenzie deep on the right sideline. He needs to juke and get separation. Pure speed…

Don’t force the ball to 88 and 10 if they do not have separation.

Avoid WR tosses that are less than 3 yards. Leave that to RB and FB hands out of the backfield… Establish backfield possession receiving and run game early and then punish defenders downfield.

Copious use of Booker on the edge.

Lateral to Anderson, flea flicker, downfield

TE across the middle possession receiving.

Pound the run game with hurry up offense.

no huddle, hurry up, toss lateral flea flicker, downfield

CJ left side on 72 flea flicker back down field

Flushed from the pocket drills neutralize pass rush snake style.

Slap your guys on the back and lead…

Lets get this done….



read the fucking field