Cousins or Keenum break the Bronco bank

Elwood spends money in free agency like a delusional drunken sailor. In the background, Vance Joseph is begging for a high dollar plug and play quarterback in order to bolster his mundane NFL coaching prowess.

Peyton Manning was worth every single penny when he threw for the Broncos. Keenum, on the other hand, has been passed around the NFL year after year. As we recall, the Broncos under number 7 were poised to upend the Vikings serial Superbowl losses dating to Fran Tarkenton. The Vikings could never win a Superbowl. This same halo of Superbowl failure hung on the Broncos from 55 to 10 until a mad-eyed Elwood helicoptered in.  Until that moment, Broncos fans wanted Elwood to avoid embarrassment by losing in the playoffs.  The demons were killed off when Elwood and the Broncos won two back to back Superbowls.  With Manning, Superbowl 50 was Peyton Manning’s last shot and final crowning after choking in the playoffs year after year. The QB with the long neck and forehead would not have to settle for a single win against Rex Grossman the heinous one..

The Keenum “Minni Me” is not worth $5 million a year. If we put him on the Siemian payment scale, he is a temp camp arm.

John Elway screwed the cap when he gave Von Miller and several others a huge front-loaded contract with huge guaranteed money. . Now he is faced with paying Kirk Cousins $30 million a year? Of course, the contract will be frontloaded with $70 million.  Kirk Cousin’s completion rate is padded by copious dump offs to Chris Thompson and other running backs. Had Trevor Siemian been allowed to use his running-back hands in the same  Leveon Bell fashion, his completion rate would be 10% higher. The Broncos have yet to adapt to the game-winning  RB employment tactics that the Steelers, Falcons, Panthers an many other teams utilize. But then again the O-line sucks.

As it is, the Broncos break the bank if they acquire Cousins. They have nothing left for any free agents that plug the O-line problems. Moreover, they won’t be able to offer solid Bronco players better contracts, hence, the Broncos will have to let go really good players to free agency for the next 3 years.

Bronco fans are starving for a homegrown QB and not a high dollar plug and play QB that wants a $120 million contract with $70 million guaranteed. Should Elwood do this, he demonstrates financial ineptitude and tells the Bronco organization that he does not believe in the team. He is basically doing another Manning style hale-mary just to make it to the playoffs. This suggests that he is not the NFL general manager guru he thinks he is. Shanny never allowed the Broncos to play like shit for a draft pick. In fact, Shanny helped build the Washington organization which benefited Kirk Cousins greatly. With all the coaching changes and the QB musical chairs, Elwood seems to have played a card that Shanny would never ever do.

RGIII and Cousins were Shanahan’s post-Elway road to redemption after the Plummer AFC loss to the Steelers and getting fired by the Broncos.  Alas, Shanahan would not be afforded an Elway-less Superbowl while in Denver. Cousins was a desperate Shanahan go-to guy when the fragile RGIII folded his knee. It is quite a Catch 22 that Cousins could be Elway’s Post-Manning road to redemption after being propped up by Peyton Manning.  Meanwhile, Trevor Siemian takes the Broncos to the playoffs in 2018 for less than $2 million. Vance Joseph getting rid of Trevor Siemian would be at the same level as McDaniels alienating  Jay Cutler. It would be somewhat like Shanahan blaming a 7-4 Plummer and trading him away for a 7th round draft pick. If Vance Joseph loses in 2018 with a $30 million QB, the Broncos are broke and the musical coaching chairs continue. It would be ironic if Cousins became an Oswileresque Houston contract fiasco that totally screws the cap and becomes the reincarnation of Orton.

Lastly. the Denver press will eat this guy alive.


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