Deconstructing Kim Jong Un’s demilitarization “PR stunt” and its objective

Kim Jong Un basically dangled the denuclearization of North Korea in front of Donald Trump in order to create a PR forum. They then orchestrated a PR stunt using the South Korean president as a pawn. The PR stunt was engineered to create an illusion of working with the South. Next, Kim Jong Un sends a few abhorrent and caustic personalities as negotiators. When these folks are rejected, Kim Yong Chol steps in to save the talks. Kim Jong Un wanted the USA to step away from the table so they can place blame on Donald Trump.  Then the PR stunt with the South Korean president could be used as fodder to isolate the USA and unhinge the South Korean /USA relationship.

Now, Kim Yong Chol wants to back step Kim Jong Un’s promise to denuclearize. To do this, he is engaging in the same standardized caustic tactics.

Pompeo understands the Asian culture. He understands that the Chinese and Koreans view things in 30-year plans.  Pompeo is playing a  slow, soft and receptive hand. He understands that he cannot play a defeatist card, and must simply put on a good show.

Dealing with sociopathic morons like Kim Yong Chol is not easy. The dude is a product of massive conditioning and brainwashing. He is also a key player in the North Korean dictatorship. In reality, if talks are to move forward, he must recuse himself.

Pompeo should simply slow walk the entire process.

The goal of the North Koreans is to have the sanctions lifted while maintaining their nuclear arsenal. Then things will simply regress to the pre-China sanction era.  North Korea will never adopt democratic reforms or allow free travel. They will only want to expand the current joint economic zone with South Korea.

The best way to deal with these idiots is to never come to a conclusion and only ask questions.

The North Koreans want to step away from the table and blame it on the USA. We cannot let that happen.

The North Koreans cannot employ logical arguments in support of their oppressive society. Their logic is based on maintaining absolute power, hence, all of their arguments are tainted to that end.

Put on a happy face and slow walk.

Coming to a rapid conclusion will not bode well for the USA.  Put on a happy face and let them implode.

We do need China to remain on board.

The worst case scenario, if the North Koreans are strung along, will be them walking away. The USA must then create a G20 and China coalition that exerts maximum economic pressure. These are steps 1 and 2.

Lastly, dealing with insane power-mad dictators and their subordinates is probably the worst diplomatic scenario possible. they are the product of decades of conditioning and brainwashing. They all need therapy.



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