Demarcus Ware a force multiplier in Denver

We all remember Elwood crying when he told us that he had to quit because he could not physically be the quarterback that he wanted to be and play football like he was accustomed to playing it. Hence, the post-Elwood era started in earnest after offing Dan Reeves and his  Atlanta Falcons. Brian Griese would do his best to make the transition, however, things would not get better in Denver until Jake the Snake showed up.  Of course, Shanny would trade in the 7-4 Plummer for Cutler who couldn’t cut the mustard. Shanny would then go down with the Cutler ship and be replaced by Josh McDaniels the hated one.

The era of Josh Mcdaniels, Orton and Chris Simms would give way to the year of the Tebow.  Elwood would trade in the Tebow for Peyton Manning. The Broncos would then enjoy 4 straight years of playoffs and Superbowls.

Like John Lynch on a concoction of goat urine, Peyton Manning would give up the ghost in his final year as a Bronco. Aided by the Osweiler, the Broncos would limp to the Superbowl. Then the behavior modification of being benched by Elwood for the Oz would enable Manning to overcome his postseason self-fulfilling prophecy and win another Superbowl before riding off into the sunset with his long neck and forehead silhouetted against the light.

DeMarcus Ware would have to quit because of a nagging lower back issue. Even though Demarcus ware was quickly picked up by the networks, he missed the trenches.

When Manning, Kubiak, Son of Bum and DeMarcus Ware left the building,  the Broncos would descend into the Post SB50 hangover from hell.

In 2018, the Broncos are loaded for bear. New QB, new O-line, new coaches, new receiver corps and some badass running backs. Above all, DeMarcus Ware is back to show the younguns how it is supposed to be done. He will be a force multiplier on the field, in the weight room, and when the Broncos are fighting in the trenches. He will be that voice that motivates that winning spirit when the chips are down.

All is well in Broncoville…




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