Design document for bedroom addition at 9164 Jotipa drive

Leick construction is invited to bid this job in its entirety.

Rob Hartford is invited to bid the excavating to include break up of existing deck and collapsing of old septic tank. Owner will provide 10,000 dump trailer that carries up to 2.5 to 3 yards of dirt or concrete.  Please contact TCS  concerning a bid for 64 feet of 4 foot foundation wall and footer.  Owner will require engineers stamp on foundation design etc. I have left a message with Emily at TCS.


The subject property is situated at 9164 Jotipa drive Longmont, Colorado. Presently the residential use home is 1480 sqft. Our plans are to add a 20 feet by 22 feet master bedroom addition. The 440 sqft. the addition will incorporate a full bath and walk in closet. The addition will share an existing wall with the current structure. This wall will be 20 feet in length and start 2 feet in from the southwest corner of existing structure. The truss arrangement will be perpendicular to the current hip and roof configuration of the existing structure, hence the center of the roof line will be oriented from north to south etc. The south end will have a standard gable end with 1 foot over hangs and suport 4 x4 members. In addition the south west end will have a box out with 4/12 pitch roof.

The current brick install will remain and be exposed within the new addition. Cuts will be made just for stud wall attachment to existing. The exterior brick work will be completely preserved for interior asthetcis to the new addition.

Parts list at bottom of page

The Foundation:

20 by 22 brick ledge foundation with 4 foot crawl space. The 20-foot common wall to existing will be re-enforced with a concrete wall with footer and be tied to existing with one-inch sheer bolting or rebar. The location of the crawl space access is at the discretion of the foundation engineer. Consideration might be given to adding a 12 by 12 access port for HVAC flex ducting.

Floor joists:

The floor will be constructed with L/360 230 11 7/8  TJI 16 O/C free span with 40 live and 20 dead loads or standard  2 by 12 lumber joists supported by 4 by 8 by center beams supported by peer posts 8 feet on center .  The floor joists length and rim joist material will be determined by the framing contractor in concert with the foundation engineer taking brick ledge into consideration.

The current permit parts list reflects 2 by 12 by 12 floor joists  and a 4 by 8 center beam

Floor sheeting:

Floor sheeting will be 3/4 inch tongue and groove OSB board. The floor will be covered with 3/4 inch tongue and groove hardwood, so entryway floor height threshold will need to be 3/4 inch below finished existing.

Stud walls and sheeting:

Stud walls will be built with 2 inch X 6 inch x 92 5/8 studs 16 O/C. The wall sheeting will be 7/16 OSB or plywood at the discretion of the framing contractor.  The finished wall sheeting will be wrapped with Tyvek or material preferred by the framer.

Brick work and siding:

The west facing wall will be bricked up to 4 feet or as determine by bricklayer sub-contractor.  The remaining siding area on the west wall will be composed of flat smooth  Hardie flat siding with a board and batt configuration.  the South facing wall wil be a combination of brick, Hardie siding and board and batt.  The upper gable end will be dipped cedar shake or cleared after install. The East wall will be a combination of flat smooth hardie smooth with board and batt.



bathroom window will be  20 by 20  grid window that matches existing brand and style

West wall window will be a 50 by 30  grid slider that matches existing brand.

South wall windows will be  2 each  50 by 50 grid windows.  One window will be mounted in a 10-foot box out with 4/12 pitch roof. The box out will be small enough to be supported by floor joists without mods to the foundation. The brickwork will terminate at the 4-foot line and the gable end and the box out gable end will be board and batt white hardie.


1 each 6 foot wooden french door between existing and addition.

1 each 36 inch exterior 9 nite door on East wall close to bathroom wall structure. Door swing will be determined using best practices.

2 each 30 inch 6 panel interior doors.



standard design  5 feet by 8 feet bathroom with one common plumbing wall. 30Inches for  $90 tub, 30 inches for toilette and 30-inch vanity. Plumbing wall will be 2 X 8. Walk-in closet will take up the remainder of 12 X 8  area. Doors will be standard 30 inch.

Entryway threshold.

The existing  south facing 40 30 window will be removed and the wall reconstructed from the outside with a 4 by 6 header and French door etc. The interior existing wall will then be sawsalled existing along the “rough in” as to avoid sheet rock work. Consideration will be given to reusing existing south facing window and installing it on west wall of new addition.


conventional sheet rock techniques to include heavy Mediterranean knockdown.

Trim: will be determined at a later date.


3/4 tongue and groove hardwood ..species to be determined. ( prefinished white or red aok is prfered) Or Brazillian cherry…

bathroom floor and tub surround will be a combination of Lowes tile



Lowes entry Owens Corning level duration to match existing.



R38 batts and R21 batts



Recessed LED lighting throughout.



16,000 BTU renaii 85% direct vent  wall furnace on west wall.

5-inch duct to the bathroom off existing HVAC system.

7-inch duct to south wall of new bathroom.


Consideration should be given to relocating crawl space access to new location in addition. This would allow for a 10-foot natural wood deck from the addition to the east end of the house. The deck would make a 90 degree to enable access to new french patio sliding door. the other scenario is a hinged location on the deck with a hinged deck rail. Or, just install a stamped concrete deck that incorporates the current crawl space access. If a treated deck with railing is chosen, we will need bids on peer pads etc. Please get a bid on a concrete pad per descriptions listed above.

A natural wood deck with sun wood and treated would be quite nice and visually appealing. It could also angle off to the door to the new garage, It would then only require one stairway to the sidewalk.  We would have to devise a hinged crawl space access cover and hinged railing that swings out of the way etc.

Abandoned septic tank:

There is an old septic tank that is right where we want to build. It was serviced and only used a month 10 years ago, so the water can be sucked out and routed over the new leach field for elimination. The excavator will have to collapse the tank into itself.  consideration may be given to filing with 1/2 minus and compacting to just below crawl space grade as well. This should be done before the inspector sees anything.


All electrical work will be done by homeowner to include new 200 amp service.


All HVAC work will be done by homeowner


The homeowner will accomplish plumbing wall unless a sub-contractor can come up with a solid labor bid after job is designed and staged.



All gutter, fascia and eve material will be replaced when job is on going. The eve overhangs will be smart lap and the fascia will be smart lap painted white. The gutters will be white continuous.

There are copious cracks in the brick. The Brick sub will have to provide estimates for crack mitigation. The existing exterior brick will remain.

Consideration will be given to installing new prehung solid 6 panel doors with elaborate trim throughout the house.

The existing family room garage floor needs to be yarded and rebuilt with 2 by 6 and tongue and groove sheeting. The east interior wall should be stripped, reinsulated with R21, and sheetrocked. Consideration is being given to filling the current 6-foot patio door opening with a single 9 light 36-inch door.



I need a foundation, framing, truss and roofing bid from Leick Construction. The homeowner will help. I also need a foundation engineer stamp as well. Hopefully, the simple drawings will not cost that much. Homeowner will stage job site or Leick Construction can arrange materials and delivery at his discretion.


Parts list to follow. Please provide truss contact numbers


Below is the look we want to achieve. Disregard main structure of house and focus on the perpendicular structure with box out. The only difference is the addition of a 36 inch 9 lite door per plan.




Displaying Site Plan JPEG 9164 Jotipa 2017.01.01.JPG


Displaying Site Plan B 9164 Jotipa 2017.01.02.JPG



Displaying Foundation Plan JPEG 9164 Jotipa 2017.01.01.JPG




Parts list:

12   each 20 span trusses $50 dollars each                       $600.00

20 each 4 by 8 sheets of osb  $11 each                                $220

18 each 4 by 8 sheets of  hardie flat                      $ 520

2o each, sheeting  4 by 8 sheets of T &G 3/4  inch $17 each   $238

75  2 by 6 by 92 5/8 wall studs    $3.72                    $280

30  2 by 4 by 92 5/8  wall studs   $2.50          $75

6  2 by 6 by 10 top plate $40

6 2 by 6 by 10 bottom plate $40

6 2 by 6 by 12 plate etc. $50

3 4 by 8 by 8 $45

44 4 by 8 sheets of sheetrock $405

R38, R21, R30.  $600

6 square of roofing   $330

1  each 36 inch exterior 9 lite door $209

1 set of interior french doors  $300

1 50 by  30 window   $225

1 20 by 20 bathroom window $100

2 50 by 50 feet window    $500

2 interior doors   $120

1 toilette $90

1 sink $200

1 bath tub  $100

Miscellaneous  electrical $200

lighting 16 recessed $300

ducting HVAC etc. $75

Trim $200

Flooring $500

Foundation $3500

roofing labor $500

Framing labor 440 times $8 an sqf   $3500

floor joists 24   each 2 by 12  by 12  $16    $384

nails $200

2 4 by 6 by 12 floor beams   $40

peer blocks  and misc  $40

Fascia, eves and gutter $300

Paint  $200

Owner labor for permit purposes 320 hours at $10 an hour


Total for permits








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