Donald Trump cultivating his historical legacy

During the American Revolution,  Colonel Daniel Brodhead was ranked 30th in communication with George Washington. The Brodheads and George Washington would sign their letters with a statement related to “disinterestedness!”

I shall be happy if anything I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir, I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

In the old days, the first priority of a statesman was to serve with disinterestedness. It was not that they were not interested in serving. The term disinterestedness meant that they were more interested in serving with honorable ethics void of material gain to do so. Men of means were driven by honor and dedication to the country rather than taking bribes for legislative behavior. In fact, a man in rags that served with disinterestedness had more honor than a politician that would elevate bills and resolutions for special interest.

Hillary Clinton never served with disinterestedness. They were in it for power and money. In fact, instead of disinterestedness, the Clintons became lying and conniving political whores for Clinton Foundation donations. Once they elevated a favor, they were rewarded with $500,000 speeches from foreign interests. Like Russia for instance.

Donald Trump, at this juncture, understands that he must serve with disinterestedness and cultivate his historical resume.   Unlike many others that have served, Trump has money, and now he wants a legacy that will last for eternity. Even under the ultimate scrutiny of the yellow press, Donald Trump is forging ahead.

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS, she was more interested in jet-setting for pay to play politics and Clinton Foundation revenue streams than engaging in diplomacy with North Korea. Now here we have Donald Trump cleaning up the mess that was left by the previous administrations.  It is a Catch 22 that Trump is being investigated because of Clinton Steele dossier while he is cleaning up Obama and Clinton’s mess in North Korea.

Traveling the world at 70 years old is a trying and hard physiological event. We must thank Donald Trump for maintaining his cool, humanity, and negotiating skills after flying 20,000 miles. You are a stud dude!!!!

Keep polished my friend.

The Brodhead resume

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