Donald Trump kowtowing to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear blackmail

The North Korean regime is a bunch of assholes. They have always been assholes. Had it not been for the million Chinese troops coming across the Yalu, McArthur would have wiped all the North Korean communist assholes off the face of the earth. Instead, North Korea became a buffer zone for the Chinese and weapons customer for the Soviet military-industrial complex.  Had it not been for the Chinese, there would have been no Korean war armistice, no DMZ and no pain in the ass North Korean dictators to deal with. Instead, there would have been a unified Korea with no designs on China or Japan. If Japan is any indication, a unified Korea in 1953 would now be an economic powerhouse. sadly, however, while the South is a robust capitalistic economy, the North Korean people have become a  poverty-stricken brainwashed population with zero human rights. A petri dish of abused humans that suffer from a collective Stockholm syndrome.

Now that the North Korean military is ridden with antiquated 70-year-old Soviet technology, Kim Jong Un felt it prudent to step up to the nuclear plate and then threaten Americans with a nuclear attack. They used the same loudspeaker tactics they used on the frontlines during the Korean conflict to levy their brand of nuclear terrorism on the world stage. Specifically, Kim Jong Un threatened to attack the USA  with a nuclear weapon every other week.    As a result, Trump talked China into sanctions against North Korea.  Next, he made it clear that he was open to de-nuclearization dialogue with Kim Jong UN.

The first thing Kim Jong does after Trump responded to his nuclear blackmail is to create of chief negotiator for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. Of course, he recruits Ro Son Gwon,  a military ass kisser from the North Korean high command to do his bidding.

Trump just told Kim Jong Un that his government would be protected and very rich. In essence, Donald Trump despite North Korea’s atrocities and human rights violations will support the North Korean dictatorship. Moreover, he has responded to North Koreas nuclear terrorism.  So Trump will make North Korea rich while maintaining the dynasty. When Cuba sought to stage medium-range Soviet nukes 90 miles off the coast of Florida, they were relegated to the shitlist. Today Republicans pledge support for the Cuban people and not the other way around. Today, Donald Trump is pledging US support for a North Korean despot at the behest of the North Korean people.

Trump is basically kowtowing to North Korean Nuclear blackmail.  He is promising massive economic aid to an oppressive regime with the worst human rights record in the world in exchange for denuclearization. I thought the USA does not negotiate with terrorists? As it is, Trump seems to be kissing a communist dictator’s ass.

In reality, the North Korean dictatorship is incompatible with the South Korean democracy.  If Iraq is any indication, North Korea will use all capital investment infrastructure to fund its military and probably a clandestine nuclear program.

While Trump has to show up in Singapore to save face, the reunification of Korea will take a multigenerational strategy and a North Korean people’s revolution.  As it is,  Trump will fail as it relates to North Korea. So, either he is naive or he is setting the stage for military intervention after orchestrating a smoke and mirrors diplomatic media parade.

North Korea must be isolated and sanctioned.


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