Donald Trump reaching across the aisle on illegal immigration issues

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Barack Obama’s greatest private sector achievement before becoming president was buying a house.

While president of the United States, he employed an in your face community activist public relations methodology. He allowed the elevation of racial issues and the destruction that came along with rioting in the streets. He exploited Sandy Hook and the execution of 1st graders to run interference on the Benghazi lie. He also exploited other peoples tragedies from Gabriel Giffords to Trayvon Martin. Everything was blamed on the so-called white racist Republican. All of America’s evils were blamed on those that did not vote for Obama.

The only reasons why Obama defeated the Republicans in 2008  was because George W. Bush engaged in trillion dollar wars of choice and ran the American economy into the ground. Republicans then elevated the waffling pseudo-moderate warmongering John McCain who then chose Sarah Palin the idiot dingbat from Alaska.

In 2016 the DNC elevated Hillary Clinton and a socialist that lives in a mansion. They sought to play the same script of cop hatred, division, class envy, and stoking the embers of racial discord.  They played the DNC/Howard Dean card that all Republicans are old white racists. They also ran a lying and conniving political whore who used her position as SOS to jet set for Clinton Foundation donations. Of course the “Deep State” was in on it.  Now, the “Deep State” is investigating Trump for Russian collusion based on Clinton’s Steele dossier. I guess they are running that scheme in order keep the Trump’s DOJ from investigating Hillary Clinton. Word on the street is that the Clintons have copious on half the Congress and Senate. If she goes down, she is taking them with her.

Donald Trump knows how to cut a deal and sculpture public opinion.  Lately, he has done this by pardoning a black female that is serving a life sentence for a  stupid low-level marijuana offense. He should now start a commission that investigates similar inmates in states that have legalized marijuana and then pardon them. An initiative that Governor Brian Sandoval has failed to do.   He even pardons a great black boxer. Soon he will pardon Mohamad Ali. The black community does not care if Cassius Clay was a draft dodger. We can determine this societal conclusion through the lens of the OJ trial. Emotions trump facts. That is just the way it is in politics. Plus the FBI hated Mohamad Ali. What comes around goes around. Unlike Bill Cosby, Mohamad Ali is a solid and enduring symbol of Black Pride and history and should be treated accordingly.

Except for Schumer serenading MS-13 gang members and refusing to call them animals, the DNC only has a few stupid political strategies left in their playbook.  In fact, the only things left are DACA and separating children from the parents of illegal aliens.  These issues are the only things left that enable the Democratic Socialists to cling to the Hispanic vote.  Once, Donald Trump calls on the Congress and Senate to reactivate DACA and stop the separation of children from illegal immigrant parents, he neutralizes the DNC argument.  When Donald Trump’s $24,000 standard deduction hits the ground running when we file 2018 taxes, all the Hispanic voters will see a huge tax return and lower premiums on the health insurance exchanges.  These events will be the final nail in the DNC coffin.

Uncle Donny, it is a safe bet that you can extend DACA and shove the termination of separating families down the throats of the Democratic Socialist. You just have to act. Conservatives do not hold the sins of the father against the children. This is a safe move. Just do it.

Uncle Donny’s report card:

Trump’s Reaganesque approach to North Korean re-unification A plus.

VP Pences’ “babe wife”  A plus

5.9% Black unemployment A plus

3.7% White unemployment  “Bravo”

Reagan tore the wall down.

Obama apologized for America in front of it.

Kudo’s Uncle Donny stay the course and look polished… You are doing well…..Do not waiver.



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