Donald Trump scoring high on foreign policy and economy

The liberal yellow press downplayed Bill Clinton’s creative use of a cigar and an intern’s vagina along with serial sexual harassment allegations. . However, when it comes to Donald Trump’s disturbing and alledged copulations with a disgusting porn whore, the liberal yellow press are all in.  Then again, screwing a possibly STD-ridden porn slut that is venereally linked to the likes of Ron Jeremy and the rest of the porn industry is heinously disgusting and extremely low class, especially when one’s wife just had one’s baby.  This type of behavior suggests that Donald Trump only views women as erotic sexual objects and nothing more. In fact, he might be emotionally bankrupt in the love department.  If this is the case, Donald Trump is not only a narcissist, he is a self-centered being that prioritizes decadent self-gratification over the sanctity of marriage and the physical and mental health of a spouse. . Moreover, we must take pause when a president is so quick to violate his vows of marriage, given that he has a social contract with his constituents. If Trump did indeed screw a porn star when his wife just has his child, , the act makes him a creep and an unvirtuous scumbag.  Trump’s alleged behavior should fit right in with the liberal yellow press and their elevation and celebration of sodomy. At least, Donald Trump is not a Barnie Frank. I guess he has more dignity than that.

On the foreign relations front, Donald Trump has adopted GW Bush’s penchant for doing what he says he will do. When a Syrian president gasses children, Donald Trump targets Syrian military installations. There is no lying about Benghazi.

Donald has also started working a deal on China’s devalued currency and trade deficit. As we recall, China’s 30-year plans and labor camp wage structure have wiped domestic products off the shelves of the entire world. In essence, China has been allowed an economic handicap for generations. While the rest of the modern world is seeing their middle class evaporate, communist China is seeing their technology manufacturing sector and merchant class explode. China is seeing their shipping industry and shipbuilding prowess dwarf the rest of the world.  Hence, just as China has exploited their 30 year plans to undermine and kill off the rest of the world’s manufacturing and trade base, the USA must adopt 30-year plans of their own. It is either that or allow “The Arsenal of Democracy” to regress to a large proletariat of minimum wage earners that cannot afford to pay for the social net, for 80 million baby boomers. The Trump tax cuts have started the ball rolling, however, we must have massive corresponding cuts in the federal government. Trump must focus on the Federal balance sheet.  Increases in the FED rate must be accompanied by reduced fedearl spending.

Another agenda that Trump has been successful at is the denuclearization of North Korea and the unification of the Korean Penninsula.

Lastly, Donald Trump’s foreign policy and economic policies make GW Bush and Barack Obama look like stupid neocon ass kissers and community organizers. Trump’s foreign relations prowess makes Hillary Clinton look like a lying and conniving political whore that the yellow press failed to drag across the finish line.

As far as Mueller and the bullshit Russian probe, Americans are sick of the charade. Oh and Comey is what is wrong with the FBI and its wholesale infiltration by Gestapo like Democratic Socialist sleeper cells that investigate along political lines. The FBI must be sanctioned by cutting their budget by 30% and a purge of entrenched high year tenured FBI agents.

There are no words to evaluate Tom Kaine’s utter stupidity and synthesized partisan hackery gibberish.  It seems that the Democratic Socialist platform is basically special interest enviro-fascism, destroying the Bill of Rights, class envy, taxation, open borders, and non-value adding anti-Trump gibberish.

Good job reigning in Jeff Sessions and his hostility towards Marijuana and States Rights.   How on earth did you come to the conclusion that Jeff Sessions was right for America in the 21st century? WTF?







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