Donald Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong UN

The one unifying theme about despots like Saddam Hussein,  Bashar Al-Assad Moammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or the Muslim Cleric wack jobs that run Iran,  is that they all will not give up power without a fight.  Hitler offed himself when the Soviets were a block away. Even when Saddam Hussein was pulled out of a spider hole, he still declared himself the ruler of Iraq and wanted to negotiate.. Of course, all of his Fedayeen Saddam  Sunni soldiers would become supporters of ISIS after being kicked out of the New Iraq military. The Iraq military was once dominated by Sunnis. Once Hussein was toppled, the Iraq army was purged of Sunnis.

Bashar Al-Assad will go the way of Moammar Gaddafi. He won’t give up power until he is pulled from a culvert and executed with a stick shoved up his ass. .  As far as Iran, the Islamic fundamentalists that ride shotgun over the Iranian people, will not give up power until there is a Shaw of Iran style revolution.

We really have to deconstruct Kim Jong Un’s thought processes and the North Korean power monopoly before we move forward. Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator of a country. A police state with absolutely no human rights. A people that are under constant surveillance. A population that can be hauled in an executed for what would be considered a non-crime in other countries.  The North Korean political and economic construct is basically incompatible with the rest of the world. It is inconceivable that the free world should be compelled to adapt to Jim Jong Un’s North Korea.

Kim Jong Un and his North Korean dictatorship can only stand if they have China to prop them up.  Without China trade, and world import and export activity, the North Korean government has no money. They have no money for feeding or fueling their military. It is certain that the GPS coordinates of all fuel dumps and artillery locations have been mapped, hence, a concentrated conventional missile strike would reduce the North Korean forces to an ineffective fighting force after a few short months.

The North Koreans will only buy into things that will strengthen their ability to stay in power.

Kim Jong Un and his dictatorship will want all sanctions lifted and capital investment, however, they will not give up their power structure. They will seek to take all the proceeds that capital investment will produce to fund their military and acquire advanced weaponry.

The longer sanctions stay in place and the more willing North Korea will be to negotiate.

Given that Kim Jong Un is now threatening to pull out of the summit with Donald Trump, It is time to simply cancel the Summit all together and focus on stiffening the sanctions in addition to ensuring that China maintains their end of the bargain.

The only way that North Korea turns into a freedom loving democracy with human rights is if Kim Jong Un and his henchmen each taken a bullet in the head.

Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong Un. He will have to create the same conditions that the Russians suffered under Tsar Nicholas II . He will have to leverage the world against China so they stick to the plan.

North Korea is a massive concentration camp of people that suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.  They love their misery.



I blow off the summit.




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