Elwood almost maxed out on the Bronco spending cap

It was obvious during the playoffs that Denver’s offense was terrible. The quarterbacks on the playoff teams could cook marshmallows in the backfield and be afforded second reads as a matter of course. In Denver, the pocket collapsed quickly on almost every play and the Bronco QB musical chairs fiasco had to run for their lives on almost every down.

It is said that if Elwood had the 49ers O-line, he would have won the Superbowl a half dozen times. If Montana had the Denver O-line, he would be in a wheelchair.

As it is, Elwood has about $36 million left in the Bronco Spending cap. If he commits to Cousins at $30 million a year with a $70 million guaranteed, The Bronco spending cap is basically crippled for the next 3 years. Unless the Denver O-line is fixed and brought to the Clady/Franklin standard that Manning enjoyed, Kirk Cousins will get the shit kicked out of him.

Three Denver quarterbacks could only get into the 50% completion rate in 2017. It is certain that under the current Denver O-line condition, Cousins devolves as well. Not only that, he will have to scramble on every throwing play. This suggests that the WR corps besides DT is regressing and needs James Washington. The left side needs a massive strength upgrade and the right side needs more run blocking strength. These needed upgrades turn CJ Anderson into a left side beast and Booker into a right side raving madman.  Expect a 2400 yard RB by a committee that eclipses  Mike Anderson /Tatum Bell. Siemian has to improve his play action and turn it into believability. Washington turns scripted plays into a complete advantage.

With a few upgrades on the Denver O-line, and Trevor Siemian will get into the 65% completion rate at $1.9 million.

Taking Lauletta in the draft would be a good thing.

Finally, Elwood is quite inept when it comes to spending all the money.  In addition, the Broncos will make the playoffs in 2018 without a QB upgrade. Gruden has been out of the hunt for 10 years, KC shitcanned Alex Smith, and Rivers is on his last mental legs in a new city. Plus he has an ugly and heinous side arm throw. The Broncos kick some ass this year.

The Broncos identity crisis and Superbowl hangover from hell started when Manning left. It was then compounded when Kubiak and Wade Phillips went elsewhere. Then, the addition of McCoy and his Tiger tank assembly line playbook turned the Bronco offense into chaos. Special teams sucked and the Bronco D-line started pointing fingers.  Even if Elwood spends his last nickel on Cousins, we could see a repeat of 2017 as Trevor Siemian’s corporate Manning memory is lost. Elwood and St. Joseph will have to pay their dues on the O-line and fix the organization before they bring in a high dollar average QB like Cousins.  Cousins is a pussy and should go to the Vikings. There he won’t end up in a wheelchair. We don’t want him here and he ain’t no Manning. He ain’t as tough as Trevor either.  Moreover, Trevor has not lost his confidence and will maintain consistency during pre-season. A simple Musgrave playbook, Shanny style scripted plays, Manning hurry-up offense, and O-line improvements are all that is needed in order to exploit Siemian. hell, you don’t even know if a rookie QB will make it through the preseason. You don’t even know if St. Joseph can elevate his coaching skills. All the demons have been exorcised and the Broncos will lay waste in the AFC West in 2018 without little Kirky boy.

Elwood handcuffs Siemian for 2018 and takes a QB in the draft. To hell with  Cousins.

Washington defensive lineman Vita Vea stands on the field during warmups before an NCAA college football game against Montana, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


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