Elwood does not need free agents in 2018

In the past, John Elwood has been extremely successful with the draft. In fact,  most of the valuable Broncos are homegrown draft picks.  Just look at the secondary. It seems that some of his free agents simply never live up to expectations, want too much money or are jaded in some regard. In 2018, John Elway should shun free agency entirely and only draft for Bronco weakness.

At no time in Bronco, history has the Broncos had so many early round draft picks. Today, the biggest Bronco weakness is on the Bronco O-line. As we recall, just adding Garett Bowlls to the left side, allowed CJ Anderson to almost break the 1000 yard marker. The 2016 running game basically sucked compared to 2017. Again, Devante Booker made freakish gains in his yards per carrying. Instead of a regressive Monte ball style one hit wonder, Devontae Booker is becoming an all-purpose 4 YPC bruiser. As always, CJ Anderson can somehow dance around defenders and cut it loose. He has proved this over the last 3 seasons and is now poised to gain over 1200 yards in 2018. In the running back department, the Broncos might only need a bigger rookie back that can take Janovich’s place. Janovich has been used sparingly which suggest that he is not needed unless he is used as an RB etc.  The O-line needs a left tackle along with some power run blocking on the right.

The focus for this year’s draft is to recruit an edge rusher like Chubb and a run stuffer like Vea. NFL teams will not know what to do against Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, and Bradley Chubb if Vea stuffs the middle. The Broncos must be able to wreak havoc against Carr, Mahomes, and Rivers. The Bronco D will break them this year.

Vance Joseph cannot make a rational decision on a Denver quarterback until he at least improves the offensive line. the only thing that is needed is a later round rookie. Let Kubiak work his magic.

In some regard, Elwood should focus entirely on the D-line and pick up the best and strongest D-line players in the draft.  James Washington could be the next 1000 yard Denver receiver and a Christian McCaffrey on steroids. The next Leveon Bell.

As far as tight ends, the Broncos do not know how to exploit the TE  and have underutilized the position since Julius Thomas went away.

With a cap space of $36 million, John Elwood needs to stay away from FA this year.  Fill the stable with rookie talent with a lust for winning and the big payoff down the line.

Unlike Orlando Brown, Vita Vea has serious juice in his tank.  The Peko protege!!! “The Mad Samoans!!!!!

Chubb and Vea elevate inside linebackers.

There will be no adverse effect on the no-fly zone now that Talib is gone.










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