Gary Kubiak riding off into the sunset a winner

Gary Kubiak is truly a magnificent individual and a man of many means. He has effectively taken our minds off our mundane day to day tasks and entertained us. He helped put fire in our bellies and encouraged us to go forth without fear. He helped make Bronco talk Sunday at the water cooler a thing of glory. The halls of every school in Colorado are filled with Bronco jerseys with coach Kubiak not far from the minds of millions of budding Bronco fans.

His efforts united millions of folks across America and the globe as Bronco fans. He led by example and was a role model for our children.

The duo of Kubiak and Elway took our minds off the ups and downs of Colorado since the early 1980s. Gary Kubiak is a good man. Copious Thanksgivings and Christmas were spent watching the  Broncos next to a roaring fire, and after a robust meal. Kubiak goodness is welcomed and cherished in our homes. He is universally adored and respected.

Most of us are jealous of Gary Kubiak. He went from John Elway’s backup to an NFL coach and then came back to Denver to help win Superbowl 50. He has been in the NFL trenches developing and motivating athletes since 1983. Before the 1980s, he was a dedicated athlete from the time he discovered that it was up to him to wipe his own ass. The guy has been giving 110% to his craft and trade for 50 years of his life.

In most Bronco circles, Gary Kubiak is synonymous with John Elway. When Coloradans drive by Mile High stadium, Gary Kubiak, John Elway hold first positions of endearment in our minds. We could be sitting at a babbling Rockie mountain river having a BBQ, and once the Bronco talk starts, there will be Gary Kubiak occupying the wrinkles in our brains.

He has led by example and is a true pillar of society. His goodness and his quest for excellence are highly regarded by all Coloradans. He has nothing to prove.

After all these years of competition, Gary needs a break. He needs to be kind to his heart and relax. He needs to adore and cherish his family after years and years of patience, support, love, and devotion. Bronco fans will then not have to worry about him because he is a man of many means. He has that fire, motivation, and interaction skills that most of simply wish we had.

Sometimes the transition from the things that we love is very hard. We can either let the transition be anxiety for years or we can close that chapter and renew ourselves as soon as the door hits us in the ass. This is what Kubiak will do. He will continue to spread his kindness, and wonderful humanity and seek to nourish and develop the individual. That is who he is.

Kubiak is going out a winner and has nothing to prove in the NFL arena. Unlike thousands of coaches he has a proud legacy and a Bronco Superbowl win. He can breathe easy now because it his time…..

Most of us get an insignificant trinket when we retire. Our once dedicated and nourishing coworkers forget about us. We might find the remnants of our previous careers buried in our Facebook or a few Christmas cards. We are lucky to get a small retirement allowance.

Gary Kubiak will be part of Bronco history and part of the Bronco fan psyche for decades and decades and decades and decades to come. That is not too damn bad for a Texas Aggie.

Bronco fans wish you the best of health and take comfort in the fact that you will not have any regrets. We take comfort in the fact that you will move on and find something else that sustains you.  We know that unlike many NFL stars, you have made sound investments with the money you have earned, save for the future and live within your means. We know this will happen because you are a winner and a smart one at that. Great NFL warriors go on to be positive pillars of the community. We expect nothing less than positive personal mental health and contentment from Mr. Kubiak.

Ok it is time to talk about Christian McCaffrey.

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