Governor Brian Sandoval would make excellent Secretary of Education

Some people simply have a wide envelope for interaction.  They contain balanced child, parent and adult ego states. They can scold an attorney in a court of law, talk civilly to a TV station reporter or sit down amongst a 3rd-grade class, and be just one of the kids.  Some folks have 30 years of public service topped off with executive experience. Going further, a few here and there understand that we must adapt our school systems to meet the needs of ever-changing technologies. Most people understand that we must secure our school systems and provide safety for our children.

As a result of the bombing of the World Trade Center,  the Congress, Senate, and Executive went nuts and established the Department of Homeland Security. Their present budget is close to $50 billion a year. The FBI budget is close to $9 billion. The NSA budget is about $11 billion.  The CIA budget is about $15 billion.

When Jimmy Carter was in office,  the Department of Education was established. Today it sports a budget of about $70 billion a year.  The American people pay about $150 billion a year for the aforementioned Federal entities, however, we cannot protect our children from mass shootings at our schools?

All the terrorists do not communicate via the internet or cell phones, hence, most of the NSA surveillance apparatus is obsolete. That is unless the NSA has turned to surveilling Americans and presidential candidates without a real court order.

Conservatives have wanted to eliminate the Department of Education since Jimmy Carter created it.

The Federal Department of Education must be reorganized. Its role would only be to manage and provide block grants to the States. In addition, all education policy would be the domain of each State.

Because the FBI, CIA, and NSA have turned against our Bill of Rights, they must have their budgets cut by 50% and the proceeds used to secure our schools.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval loves kids. he would be the go-to guy when we restructure the Department of Education and make schools safe for our children.


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