Hutchison calls on Senator Cantwell to approve Judge Kavanaugh

There was a corresponding fall related to journalistic integrity and the rise of the internet. The bigger the internet became and the worse our news organizations regressed. We can then throw social media and partisan bloggers into the mix, and standardized journalistic honesty and fairness were thrown out the window.

However, the trophy for the largest fall from journalistic grace belongs to the liberal yellow press. They are no longer reporters but regurgitative lemmings that do the calling of special interest and liberal idiot numbskilions.

The liberal yellow press and Maria Cantwell will tell you that the liberal side of the Supreme court is saintly and adhere to high judicial standards. In reality, the Supreme court under Obama and Cantwell was basically Obama’s Kulturkampf Kangaroo court. They legislated from the bench.  If Cantwell can approve of heinously liberal judges Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer that vote along party lines, then she cannot reject Kavanaugh. Then again, let us get to the bottom line. Maria Cantwell is a Schumer ass kisser that does not represent the people. Hence, her positions and opinions are corrupt and invalid. The democratic party is making a mockery of our legislative branch and the laughing stock of the world.

Here in Washington state, Inslee/Cantwell style lawmakers have become unhinged and economically irresponsible. They are running business out of town.

Cantwell is both an economic liability and an ineffective representative.

It is time for Susan.




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