Iran continues to finance Hamas attacks on Israel

Per Hanz Morgenthau and his teachings on balance of power among nation-states, the destruction of the Middle East has been good for Israel’s security. During the Arab-Israeli wars, all the Middle East Muslim countries ganged up on Israel. The IDF had to slap around the Egyptians, the Syrians, Jordan, and Iraq.  When the Sunni and Shiite factions of the Muslim religions are fighting among themselves, Isreal is more secure. Netanyahu basically stated this a few years ago.

During second Iraq war with the USA, the Iraqis lobbed Scud missiles at Israel just to be assholes. They wanted to entice Israel into military operations against Iraq. Any intervention or response from Israel would have united both factions of Islam against the USA.

Today, because the USA pulled out of the Iranian nuke deal, they have increased their support of Hamas and continue to harass Israel. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama and the Winter Soldier never considered HAMAS when they kissed Iran’s ass on the nuclear weapons deal.

Before the USA re-enters nuclear talks with Iran, they must stop all support of Hamas against Isreal.

The Iranian leadership is basically a circus of hateful, control freak lying assholes.  They make the Shaw of Iran look like a benevolent dictator.



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