Is Donald Trump forming an alliance with Senator Rand Paul?

During the 2016 presidential debates, the Trumpmeister was quite hard on the Rand Paul. He realized that Rand Paul was the smartest and the most prepared candidate on the stage.  All the rest were simply neocon ass kissers that could only play the scripted hand of an idiot. The twang of Ted Cruze’s voice mad us sick and gave us visions of the “Child Catcher” on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  When we listened to Chris Christy’s diatribe, we were more interested in how he could possibly wipe his own ass. Senator Rubio baffled us with his own style of identity politic diatribe. Ben Carson simply freaked us out when he said that he would drone strike illegals. In reality, the entire Republican presidential candidate spectrum save Paul and Trump were simply clowns.


Today, Trump and Paul have joined alliances. Trump understands that Paul is the most prepared, and enthused senator of Capitol Hill.

Together they are focusing on reducing the Federal budget.

In reality, Donald Trump could severely reduce the Federal Leviathan starting with the NSA and FBI.

I think they should meet and come up with a plan….


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