Is it time for a NATO base in southern Iraq?

When we look at the collective affect of George Walker Bush and Barack Hussein Obama foreign policy, we understand that it is within  US and international interest  to establish a NATO base in southern Iraq.

Barack Obama could have amended the “Iraq Status of Forces agreement” and demanded or continued presence in Iraq. A rapid reaction force would have reduced ISIS as soon as it showed is ugly face. Instead, and in order to prove a 2008 campaign position that Iraq was in a civil war,  and the surge would not work, he abandoned Iraq. This allowed the blood and treasure of a decade to go to waste.

A NATO base in Iraq would send a message to Iran 

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton then staged the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden to go along with attacking Libya. This choreographed theater was meant to bolster Obama’s foreign policy credentials.  Moreover, the Clintons had a score to settle with Gaddafi in Libya. As we recall, the last time the Clinton’s bombed Libya was to take our minds off the cum stained blue dress. The Libya attack and the capture of Osama Bin Laden seems to be an orchestrated hybrid  political production between  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When terrorists attacked the Benghazi embassy, the narrative began to unravel, hence, Hiallary Clinton blamed the attack on a video in order to make it through the 2012 election.

Now, because of Obama/Clinton foreign policy, Christians are beheaded in Libya, Sunni Muslim extremist are running a muck in Syria and Iraq, and millions of refugees are over running Europe. To top that off, Barack Hussein Obama and the winter soldier are giving Iran $billions of dollars to manufacture weapons grade uranium, while the Russians provide missile technology. The Iraq war machine that served as a bull work against Iran has been destroyed. So, America should consider a NATO base in Iraq to offset this reality.

I find it a Catch 22 that the folks that caused all these problems (Bush and Clinton) are running for president. Jeb Bush wants to fix his brothers failed Bush Doctrine, Hillary Clinton has gone from blaming a video to harvesting the Paris attack as her own 911 call to arms?

George Washington warned us of foreign entanglements during his “Farewell address.”  Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the other hand create and exploit foreign entanglements as terms of endearment for the military industrial complex.  Currently, both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are seeking ownership of the Paris attack for their own personal 911 as  “No tragedy should go to waste!” Both are neocons from the same political womb.

Americans have had enough of the political theater. It is time for a balanced approach to Foreign policy. It is time for Rand Paul.

The only way that the Middle East will recover is a NATO presence in southern Iraq and an international intervention in Syria. If we really want to restore Sykes Picot, Sunni extremism will have to be reduced in Iraq. Iraq’s government  will have to be reconstituted with better Sunni representation. Government without representation is tyranny.  It is sad to say, but Isis in Syria will have to be accomplished at the point of a gun and include international troops. We do not know if weapons from Libya were transported to Syria under Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Next, America must provide  foreign aid,  food,  and infrastructure money to rebuild Syria,  and reintroduce Syrian refugees from Europe back to Syria.

The Bush and Clinton dynasties caused the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, therefore , they are not the solution.  Americans must fix the problems that Bush/Obama/Clinton have collectively caused. Then we must leave stable Middle East sovereign nations the hell alone.


Bush/Clinton and Obama created ISIS a must watch video. click here


It is time for a fresh approach and diplomacy. It is time for Rand Paul


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