Is Trump bringing back Bethlehem Steel?

During the 1850s, Charles Brodhead and Augustus Wolle bought the land that would soon become Bethlehem Steel. Meanwhile,  Pennsylvania Senator Richard H. Brodhead was busy authoring legislation that created and financed the Pacific Railway Topography Surveys. The surveys would be managed by Jefferson Davis the Secretary of War and Richards uncle by marriage.  James K Polk is an underrated president and the chief architect of our Manifest Destiny. He would facilitate the war with Mexico and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  Future president Franklin Pierce would serve in Mexico with his cousin Thorton Fleming Brodhead.  Franklin Pierce would become president and work diligently to create the territories and build a railroad to connect our Manifest Destiny from sea to shining sea.

Bethlehem Steel would become the steel powerhouse that provided the material to span a continent, build skyscrapers and build the Great White Fleet. For over 100 years the US steel industry would reign supreme.

Today, China artificially manipulates its currency. They can employ a worker ratio of 8 Chinese to 1 American. While Bethlehem Steel was going down the tube like GM because of an exorbitant union worker packages and overhead, Import steel was cheap.  When projects like the second Narrows bridge in the Puget Sound needed steel, they had to buy South Korean Steel and have bridge assemblies shipped across the Pacific.  Today, China dominates the Steel industry which enables it to build ships, tanks, and infrastructure. Even steel posts for the  Mexican border wall were purchased from China.

On a level playing field, USA Steel companies could compete with China here in the USA.

The Chinese have employed 40-year plans that have wiped domestically made products off the shelves of every nation in the world. Once the competition is eliminated, they raise prices back to what the market will bare.  China spends very little on healthcare per worker. It is a fraction of the cost versus other G7 nations.  If American steel is to survive, the playing field must be leveled up. Tariffs on Chinese steel is a start. American Steel and aluminum are strategic assets that must be protected.


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