John Kerry and Javad Zarif a bizarro reboot of the “winter soldier”

Oh yes, it was John Kerry who served on swift boats and had his own private reporter tagging along. He then left Vietnam after a short tour and quit the military after being handed everything on a platter. The New England elitist would grow his hair out in RFK fashion and wear a fatigue shirt in front of Congress. There, the New England elitist would bad mouth the soldiers that fought and died in Vietnam.

The Kerry Winter Soldier was not unlike Hanoi Jane fondling a Soviet-made anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi complete with a North Vietnamese army helmet. . It was not unlike Hanoi Jane giving a note that a Hanoi Hilton POW had slipped her to a  Vietnamese guard so the POW was beaten severely.

John Kerry’s opening salvo for public attention was the “Winter Soldier” event. being a coddled officer in the Navy was simply not good enough for him. So, he shit on his fellow seaman and soldiers via his long-winded  Winter soldier diatribe. Later while in the Senate, he would join Harry Reid in giving aid and comfort to the enemy when our troops were still fighting and dying on the streets of Fallujah.

John Kerry’s final act as a New England elitist politician was to engineer a nuclear deal with Iran. In the deal, the Iranians would receive hundreds of billions in frozen assets and then be allowed to develop weapons-grade uranium. In essence, Barak Obama and John Kerry paid Iran to produce weapons-grade uranium.  Of course, Israel’s Mossad uncovered a massive treasure trove of documents related to Iran’s nuclear program. Within these captured documents from a warehouse in Iran illustrated Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Now that the world knows that the Iranians are liars and Donald Trump wants to nix the Iran nuclear deal,  John Kerry is revisiting his passion for the limelight by once again adopting a Winter Soldier approach. Even though John Kerry has nothing to do with the Trump administration, he has taken it upon himself to renegotiate with Javad Zarif, a proven liar. Oh boy! So, here we have the Winter soldier communicating with an untrustworthy diplomat from the Iranian/ Muslim terrorist epicenter shithole.

Kerry bad mouthed our soldiers serving in Vietnam and Iraq. He then gave Iran huge sums of cash and an OK to make weapons-grade uranium. Now he is siding with demonstrative liars whose ultimate goal is to become a nuclear weapons capable power.

When Germany invaded Poland, Neville Chamberlain would become the symbol of appeasement and failed diplomacy. Hitler lied to his face related to German aggression. From then on Chamberlain never regained a chair at the diplomatic table. Javad Zarif lied to Face the Nation’s Margarett Brennan. The Iranians lied when they were engaged in the Obama nuclear deal. Just as Hitler lost all credibility in 1939, Zarif is a demonstrative liar with zero diplomatic credibility. He is a liar.

John Kerry should go back to New England and shove a ketchup bottle up his ass. He has no business negotiating with anyone as it relates to US national security.

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