Justin Forsett makes immediate impact on Bronco running game

Except for calling plays that rushed Justin Forsett into a wall of defenders, number 20 made an immediate impact on the Bronco running game. Not only does Justin Forsett retain the hands he had in the Ravens backfield, he his rushing is more than adequate. In fact, had it not been for a forced fumble and penalties, Forsett would have been a force to reckon with. Even with the limited yardage shown during the Bronco/Titans game, Forsett should be considered as first in the depth chart. He is much more dynamic when compared to Devonte Booker.  Moreover, should the Bronco play calling improve, and Forsett is the real deal, he will drastically improve the 3rd down conversion rate. Of late, Devonte Booker is not even a change of pace back,

Trevor Siemian plays well in the second half but seems to have a mental block scoring in the first half. It is either that or the fellas calling the plays are losing consistency. Justin Forsett is rested up. The Broncos need to see if he can pound the line and be used during every down. Let him establish his feel for the line and then leverage the passing and running game. As it is, the play callers let him run the ball once and then try other things before fully exploiting Forsett’s ability. They bring in a veteran and then avoid establishing the running game.

Devonte Booker seems to be settling into a sub 3-yard  per carry average. In fact, he is now working on a sub 2-yard per carry average. If he does not bust out for a 2-yard carry, he is either stopped at the line of scrimmage or dropped in the backfield. Booker does not make the cuts and does not have Justin Forsett’s ability to quickly assess the field and exploit the posture weakness’s  of defenders. The broncos would be better off elevating another running back from the practice squad and placing Booker 3rd on the depth chart.

The Broncos have nothing to lose. They either establish the running game with Forsett or they are left with throwing the ball 50 times a game.

In the second half of the Titan’s game, Trevor and the receiver corps were really coming on.  I think the Broncos are ready to put everything together and be successful in the first half and the second half. Life is good in Broncoville.


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