Kim Jong Un will have to side with the US economies of scale

Here you are, Lyndsey Graham.

My mother grew up in post world war II Germany.

The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall plan helped Germany rebuild and maintain a free society.

Today, the inept Clinton, Bush and Obama Doctrines have given way to the “Trump Doctrine” of diplomatic engagement and ” The Pompeo Plan.”

When America defeats an enemy, we usually pick them off the ground, dust them off, and help them recover. We did this in Germany. Our Marshal plan efforts enabled Germany and Japan to quickly recover and become economic marvels within decades. The GDP growth in Japan was insane from 1945 to the 1980s. The demand curve for Japanese cars, and electronics was insatiable as America’s manufacturing prowess stagnated. We all remember when that gas fuzzling Chevy was traded in on a Toyota station wagon that doubled the gas mileage. Of course today, Fords made in America are second to none.  However, The cars built in Germany, like Mercedes Benz, have become over-engineered high priced pieces of garbage that cost ridiculous amounts of money to maintain.

South Korea has also seen extreme prosperity while a satellite country and economy of the USA and the free world. Today, South Korea is a powerhouse of innovation and manufacturing. From Cars to ships and steel building components, South Korea competes directly with China and Taiwan and the countries of the Pacific Rim.

Today, both Japan and South Korea maintain currency evaluations that mirror the G7 community. Of course, China maintains it’s 8 to 1 worker ratio and artificially devalued currency. The Chinese boldly stick to a currency evaluation that is 15% of the G7 nations.

North Korea has way more to gain if they side with the South and the USA as it relates to economies of scale.

Kim Jong Un realizes that the North Korean economy will benefit much more if their currency is tied to the South and not China. Kim Jong Un will not relegate his people to Chinese labor camp wages.

China exploits their people with Chinese prison wages.

The quickest way for North Korea to be an economic powerhouse is to do whatever it takes to assimilate into the South Korean economy.

Kim Jong Un realizes that the USA will pick them up, dust them off, and help the North Korean people any way we can. Peace and prosperity is our objective.

The North and South Koreans are a hardy bunch like no other Asian demographic in the Pacific Rim.

It will be on Kim Jong Un to have the courage and leadership to assimilate freedom and the robust economies of scale that go along with being part of the modern world. I think he can do it.

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