Kim Yong Chol’s “regrettable” brain damaged junkyard dog diplomatic skills

Kim Yong Chol is a  disease-ridden baboon tyrant in a military uniform.

Negotiating with Kim Yong Chol is probably about the same as negotiating with  Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or Fidel Castro.  Kim Jong Chol really does not represent the interests of the  North Korean peoples. He represents the interests of the North Korean power structure. In reality, Kim Jong Chol is the head of Kim Jong Un’s “Fedayeen Kim!’ For those that never follow history, “Fedayeen Kim” is a take on  “Fedayeen Saddam.” Fedayeen Saddam was a paramilitary organization made up of treacherous low-level Sunni  Muslim scum that kept tabs on Iraqi communities.

Kim Jong Chol is is the head of the North Korean police state. He is also the product of a lifetime of state conditioning as are all of North Korea’s population. For close to 70 years and multiple generations, the North Korean people have been conditioned to hate Americans and prepare for war. That is all they know.

Kim Yong Chol could be considered that brain-damaged junkyard dog that has been guarding the same fenced off area of obsolete political dogma shit since he was a pup. Even if offered a piece of steak through the fence links, Kim Yong Chol would rather bite your fingers off.

Kim Jong Chol is so far gone that he should be euthanized for the good of the North Korean peoples. Kim Yong Chol is only negotiating for the survival of the regime and his place in it.

The USA is offering a Marshal plan on steroids for the North Koreans if they denuclearize and tear down their 70-year-old junkyard fence. Of course, the North Korean power structure is simply too afraid and will not give up their infrastructure of oppression.

Kim Yong Chol must understand that the USA and South Korea hold all the cards. We can easily manipulate China into upholding sanctions by employing China sanctions and tariffs. This reality could be expanded to the G2O nations. Kim Yong Chol must understand that any further nuclear threats or lobbing ICBMs across the Pacific won’t end well. The USA and South Korea possess technology that will defeat North Korea’s nuclear program easily. We then have the technology and the heavy aviation assets to burn the north side of the DMZ to the ground and incinerate entire divisions. The North Korean advantage in personnel will be reduced by the copious MOABs we will drop.

The USA can do nothing or everything for the North Korean people. The brain-damaged North Korean military high command has to simply get out of the way.  But then again military dictatorships never capitulate until their bodies are burned at a Berlin bunker or they are pulled out of a spider hole and hung.

So Kim buddy, it is regrettable that you of all people are speaking for the North Korean peoples. You are an asshole. In a freedom loving republic, you would be marched up the stairs of the gallows and hung.

All the American people want is a unified Korea and a nuclear-free Korean Penninsula. Dude, supporting South Korea is a pain in the ass at the end of a long and costly logistics chain. Moreover, the American people do not want any part of the Korean peninsula shithole.

The clock is ticking. Take it or leave it.

Kim Yong Chol will play the stupid card and then get his ass handed to him when the North Korean people rise up and kill him off. As far as defeating the South, that is now a pipe dream. I say we wait them out and reduce the dialogue to a holding action.

Regrettably, we must slow walk  Kim Yong Chol the damaged police state control freak dumbass. Doesn’t he look like a little monkey in his military uniform?   He needs a bullet in his head.

Kim Yong Chol is the leader of an infrastructure of cowards that do not have the courage to invite freedom and prosperity to their oppressed piece of dirt. They are evil selfish cowards. They are offered a  massive “Pompeo plan”  and billions in world capital, but they choose their current oppressive shithole environment. OH, my word!

I now need you to head to China, hang out a bit, eat some good Dim sum and relax.

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