Kirk Cousins aint no Peyton Manning

When Tebow connected with DT in overtime against the Steelers, Bronco fans thought we had a keeper. Of course, Tim Tebow would then have to attend Tom Brady’s postseason QB school and get jacked. Even then, Bronco fans loved Tim Tebow and his 4th quarter comebacks. But just as Tim Tebow was “Tebowing,”  John Elway pulled the prayer rug out from underneath the boy and sent him packing to the Jets. Some thought that “The curse of cutting Tebow”  would follow John Elway like he was the  Boston Redsocks trading Babe Ruth. However, that was not the case. Elwood would bring in a new quarterback with a giraffe neck and a  long forehead that had been shaped by a football helmet since peewee football.  The football helmet was like Chinese concubines bounding their feet.  Even now, Peyton Manning’s forehead takes daily abuse when he hits a low door threshold. He may have to smoke some Jake the Snake thunder phuck to reduce the effects of long forehead induced trauma and CTE.  Anyways, Peyton Manning plugged all the holes and killed it in Denver. He turned average WR into 1000 yards and good WRs into 1500. He turned a post-Houston Kubiak into a Superbowl winning coach. The only person he did not plug for was Wade Phillips. The greatest Bronco defense in history stood on its own and bulldozed the way. Of course, the greatest Bronco defense in history would have an identity crisis when Son of Bum and DeMarcus Ware left the building. Then they would point fingers and start telling management who to draft and recruit for the QB position.

So, we now have Trevor Siemian, who, like Ed McCaffrey sacrificing himself over the middle, has given it his best shot while enduring a shitty O-line. Of course, in order to extricate himself from one of the worst seasons in Bronco history, Colorado’s first son John Elwood wants Kirk Cousin to bail him out. Things are different now. Elwood traded Tebow for one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Elwood acquired a first-ballot Hall of Famer that had been football poddy trained at gunpoint since he stopped shitting himself. Trading away Siemian for Kirk Cousins would be like paying $30 million a year for a third car. It would be like trading a “paid for” 2017 Ford F350 quad cab long bed diesel for a 2018 2 wheel drive Chevy pickup.  However, the dealership only gives you a 7th round draft pick and $200 bucks for the trade in, while the new truck payment is $30 million.   Then, the $30 million truck payment turns into a gas-guzzling entity that cannot carry the load. In addition, after a few hits from Khalil Mack, it sits in the shop for a complete season. Meanwhile, the Broncos cannot pay the mortgage or the light bill and find themselves selling their asses on Colfax Avenue.

Elwood seems to have regressed to delusional spending habits.

Siemian is one of his bros like Kubiak or Phillips. Elwood does not abandon those that do their best for him. If he can keep Paxton Lynch’s extended handicamp around, he can handcuff Trevor Siemian for 2018. With an awesome pre-season, Siemian’s value increases.  Of course, if the Senior Bowl is any indication, St. Joseph will be gone by week 8.  The only know consistency is Siemian in the preseason. This year, he puts it all together. That is if he learns how to fall and Elwood fixes the shitty O-line. As it is, the Broncos already have a Kirk Cousins, they just have to fix the real issues.

Check out how the pocket always collapses with the shitty Denver O-line. Now put ill-looking Kirky Cousins in the mix. What are you going to get?

We need to focus on the division. We need to focus on upgrading our current Superbowl defense and fix the glaring O-line issues. We need to get back to basics, fix special teams, play a simple playbook, protect the QB, and focus on winning the division first. We can do that with the current model with a few low-cost tweaks like Chubb, Vea, and some big offensive guys that are pure muscle and zero fat. Like the Mormon Monster only 40 pounds heavier. We can do that by acquiring James Washington to compete with Sanders. 2018 will tell if Sanders is a 500 yard WR like when he played for the Steelers or he is a 1500 yard WR when he was under Manning and 2016 Siemian.



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