Lauletta faster than John Elway in his prime

Elwood says that the combine QB 40-yard dash is for show.  When we look at Tom Brady’s  “300-pound guard like  40-yard dash,” we understand Elwood’s point.  It is estimated that Elwood would have run a 4.95/40-yard-dash had he done a combine in his day.

If Elwood does not think that the 40 yard dash matters that much, he might consider Kyle Lauletta’s 20-yard shuttle performance.

  • Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta had the best time among quarterbacks with a 4.07, nearly 0.3 seconds under the position average.

Kyle Lauletta is approximately a 1/2 second faster than all the rest of the QBs in the field. This suggests that his ability to accelerate during a scramble would be quite  Elwayesque at a minimum. This also suggests that he could outpace an edge rusher to the opposite sideline.  This is a tangible that Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield lack.  In reality, all Josh Allen has on Lauletta is the super deep ball.  Let us ask Jay Cutler and Tom Brady about the super deep ball, shall we.

The best quarterbacks in history were experts in possession receiving and “making” is WR corps know exactly where the 1st down marker is.

let us remember how Baker Mayfield sucked at the Senior Bowl and how Lauletta scored out the ass with folks he only worked with a few days.

So, Lauletta is just as fast as Josh Allen in the 40 but smokes him by close to a 1/2 second in the 20-yard shuttle. In drag racing, this is the difference between a  200 horse VW bug and a 300 horse VW drag bug. In the NFL this is the difference between little baby Mayfield getting sacked in the backfield or scrambling for a 15-yard completion after a blitz.





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