Like gravity, the Broncos will regain their composure in 2018

For all practical purposes, the Broncos have been exorcised of the Superbowl 50 post-Manning malaise. The Post Houston Kubiak coaching staff and infrastructure has been replaced. The playbook has been simplified under Coach Musgrave. The Broncos harvested the 2018 free agency and filled several needs in premium fashion. The Broncos are also replenishing the herd with excellent draft picks as well.

In reality, had the Broncos had a decent quarterback in 2018, they would have easily made the playoffs.  As it was, the 2017 Bronco schedule was brutal to the beholder at first. At first.  However, the Raiders lost their Derick Carr edge.  Kansas City saw a late-season collapse.  Of course, Ironman Rivers put together a good show in a new city only to fall short at the end of the regular season. The 2017 schedule looked tough, but things change overnight in the NFL.

Elwood is drafting once again to win the AFC West division. Siemian mistakes and inability to make secondary reads will be replaced by a seasoned quarterback in Case Keenum. The porous O-line was bolstered by a pro bowler. The wide receiver corp now has an additional Julio Jones sized player. The running back corps has what could be the second coming of Terrel Davis. The 2018 Bronco running back corps is stacked like no time in recent Bronco history.

Extreme upgrades have been made to the Denver defense along with retention of many of their best.  As we recall, the 2017 Denver defense was ranked at the top. in several categories. The Denver D is always a Superbowl caliber defense.

2018 will see a Bronco team that is renewed and full of competitive vigor.

During the Bronco Seahawks Superbowl, the Seahawk “Legion of Boom” seemed to have gravity on their side.  Whenever the football was close to the goal or anywhere on the field it was sucked into the end zone like it was succumbing to the gravity of a black hole.  The Seahawk defense played like they were inhuman.

The demons are gone now and the Broncos will regain their composure like gravity. This is a very talented group. All they need is the smell of Raider and KC blood and all bets are off.  The tweaks are being made. All that is left is “never quit!”






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