Maria Cantwell’s heinous US Senate legacy

When we look back on Maria Cantwell’s U.S. Senate legacy we basically find a failed legislator. A biased partisan hack Democrat that votes 100% party line. This means even a chimp could do her job in the U.S Senate.

The so-called high point of Maria Cantwell’s career was related to Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act was meant to lower health care costs, however, in reality,  it increased health care costs in some states by a factor of 3.Prior to “Cantwellcare” Washington State sponsored healthcare policies could be had for $250 a month for a 50-year-old female. Now that same policy costs about $800 a month. However, some pay zero for a baseline policy while others pay policy costs that have tripled. This construct took utter billions in cash fuel from the Washinton State economy.

At the closing of the Iraq war, Maria Cantwell remained silent as Barck Obama failed to adjust the  “Bush Status of Forces Agreement.” He then left the fledgling Iraq government to fend for itself. Maria Cantwell could have spoken up and demanded that a “US rapid reaction force” be staged in Iraq to protect the gains made by our troops. She then watched ineptly as a small contingent of ISIS fighters retook large swaths of Sykes Pecot. She said nothing as all the blood and treasure spent on Iraq Freedom was squandered to the doorstep of Baghdad.

Another by-product of here heinous legacy is the complete destabilization of the Middle East and the overrunning of Europe with refugees.  She said nothing when Barack Obama was attacking nations and encouraging an “Arab Spring” among our staunchest allies like Egypt. She did not know that part of her job is to maintain treaties and goodwill with foreign nations. Then again, she was pretty good at elevating division and calling half of America racists.

Maria Cantwell supports open borders and will not defend our US sovereignty.  She does not support our rule of law or controlling any aspect of illegal immigration.

Maria Cantwell paraded over the destruction of the Middle East and finds peace with North Korea and Russian as unpalatable. As a US Senator, she is worthless.

Lastly, Maria Cantwell served through 7 years of Continuous Quantitative Easing. Under her custodial responsibility, the US economy only replaced jobs lost by baby boomer retirement attrition.  It seems that the job creators would not come off the sidelines when Democrats were riding shotgun on the economy.  An economy propped up by zero interest rates for 7 years. All the while, she was busy supporting Barack Obama’s pathological penchant for land grabs, and inept enviro-fascist regulations. Stifling and burdensome regulations by the thousands that strangled the private sector and stunted economic growth. Nobody trusted her then and nobody trusts her now. Meanwhile, the bridges were falling into the river.

We must also remember how Maria Cantwell helped add $10 trillion to the national debt and simply slipped the bill to our children. All this without so much as making one single stand.

Of course, Maria Cantwell will vote to overturn Trump tax cuts while voting for more massive government and stifling regulation. She is hostile to GDP growth and historically low unemployment rates. America must fail for her to implement her socialist dogma and run business out of town. It is time to bury her heinous legacy once and for all, She does deserve another term.

You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a Cantwell legacy. She failed on the domestic front, the infrastructure front, the peace front, the economic front, the health care front and everything she touched.  Of course, the liberal yellow press will protect her dismal record an engage in fake news.

Cantwell was a liberal idiot foot soldier during the worst presidential administrative nightmare in American History. It is time to run her out of town on a rail.

It is time for Susan.

You know damn well it is time for Susan!!!

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