Message to Sarah Jeong

Some journalists go over the top and spew a firebrand version of anti-whitey rhetoric. It seems that Sarah Jeong of the New York Times is one of the more overzealous writers that is afflicted with Asian superiority complex.

Every single country in the world has its own form of racism. From the Hutus and Tutsis to New Delhi and Beijing, groups alienate themselves from others via racism, religion, or political affiliation. In South Africa, Apartheid has given way to the extermination of the white farming population and the taking of land by the government.  Another example of the racism teetertotter is  Rhodesia or untouchables in India, How about Christian beheadings on the beaches of Libya or Turkey’s elimination of Kurdish villages?   What about Bosnia or Yemen?  Today in America, even sexuality and gender are being dissected and cataloged into individual camps.  Some countries seek to maintain a homogenous society like Japan and consider all other races as inferior.  Others engage in an active genocide. History is littered with copious acts of racism. It is not limited to whites in America. In fact, it lives in countless forms across the globe.

Sarah Jeong is from South Korea. Had it not been for the white men that gave their lives for South Korean freedom, Sarah Jeong would have been born into a totalitarian state.  In fact, most of the soldiers that fought for Sarah Jeong’s country were white guys from every nation state that supported the United Nations.  Today millions and millions of white guys have served on the Korean DMZ protecting Sarah’s homeland from communist aggression and dictatorship.  If Sarah stated the same gibberish in North Korea, she would be in a North Korean concentration camp.  Oh, it is a bunch of white guys that are seeking the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula so Sarah’s aunts and cousins in Seoul are spared a Hiroshima level event.

It was white guys that created the greatest nation on earth, so she could express her 1 st Amendment rights. I don’t see that happening in China.   As it is, Sarah Jeong is bad mouthing the melting pot created by a bunch of white dudes. Her pathologically misguided and insensitive rhetoric has no place here. Her behavior is a relic of the Obama era of division and focused hatred.

In reality, South Korea is a nation of racists as well.  While they want America’s military presence and money, they have an underlying contempt for pretty much every other culture in the world. When they immigrate to the US, they immediately create mini Korea business communities complete with signs in South Korean. Many will refuse service to white customers. When they live in a third world shithole, they will do anything for the US dollar. However, when they come to the US they revert to the same racist nationalism they were accustomed to for utter centuries upon centuries.

Sarah Jeong seems to suffer from an anti-whitey racism pathos.   The pathos could have been learned in the home. Her parents may be responsible for Sarah Jeong’s conditioned aggression towards other races.  That is why teaching racism in the home is so destructive. Then again, white guys love to lust after LBFM’s.  In some regards, I do not blame her. The cycle of racism cannot be elevated in the home. It seems that the liberal left now embraces conditioned multi-generational racism if it is directed exclusively at the white races from Europe. Wonder how Sarah’s views on racism would go over in China? A nation-state of a billion homogenous beings. Would she be successful plying her trade and brand of racist nationalism there?  Or is her racism only directed at the white race? If so, she is an Asian supremacist.

This says more about her defeatist mental character than anything else.  She condemns whitey for what she herself engages in.   It is more about her failed character than her objects of contempt. Therapy would help.

But then again, it was a bunch of white guys who fought and died so she could be anyone or anything she wants in America. If she chooses to fixate on anti-whitey racism, that is her choice. Living one’s life consumed with contempt for a person because he or she is white seems to be quite a waste of time.

Putting a demonstrative and unhinged anti-whitey racist on an editorial board is quite heinous. I guess they both need therapy.

Really, you need therapy and we need an apology for your own good.

A beautiful and talented journalist cannot be consumed with hate and conditioned behavior.  Beauty goes to the core. Entertaining racist drivel is beneath your station.

Of course, she could go back to South Korea and be as racists as she wants. After all, South Korea is a single identity nation-state and many in that nation are racist to the core. Just like every other country on earth.

But seriously, Sarah, get some therapy so your conditioned racist BS does not interfere with your career or your personal well being and mental health. I think Obamacare will cover it.

really, I suggest that you visit a shrink and open a history book or just shut up!


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