Might as well start Paxton Lynch against the Raiders

Denver Bronco fans had high hopes for Trevor Siemian. It was supposed to be a Cinderella story about an inexperienced QB picking up where Peyton Manning left off. The story started out well but finished like a Greek tragedy. We saw a fella with a beautiful and accurate spiral that could beat solid teams degenerate to an amateur looking QB that could not convert third downs or sustain a drive down the field. It was like Tim Tebow in the first half all over again. But unlike Tim Tebow,  Trevor Siemian employed struggling scrambling skills or let the pocket collapse. Unlike Tim Tebow, Trevor Siemian could not figure out a way to win in the second half. He couldn’t even figure out how to move the chains.

We thought that he would reverse his substandard play and simply learn how to win. We thought that he would throw long bombs to 10 and 88 and use his TE corps in Elwayesque fashion. We thought the running game would advance past the two yards per carry shell. But alas, it was not to be. In fact, the Bronco offense is so bad that the  Jaguars would be ashamed.

The Broncos could leave Siemian in for the final game of the season against the Raiders, but it would be meaningless. Siemian is not hungry to keep his job as a starter. Starting him against the Raiders would be akin to validating his below average play. The Raider game is now the first game of the 2017 preseason.

It is time to bench Siemian and play Paxton Lynch during the final game of the season. Of course, if he fails miserably a third time, it will be time to start looking for QB alternatives in the offseason.  Hell, it is time to start looking anyways.

Trevor Siemian had Bronco greatness in the palm of his hand. He simply let it slip through his fingers. At this point, Siemian will have to work his ass off to regain his footing and be regarded as a solid option at QB going forward. He will now have to earn his keep in a big way. To do that, however, the Bronco coaching staff will have to be completely overhauled. It is clear that Kubiak is regressing into his old Houston 2 and 14 self again.

In the meantime, Trevor might start watching Tom Brady film and focus on his quick release times..

So bench wonderboy and start the weird goatee dude that cannot achieve 1st downs or drive down the field either.

OK, it is time to start looking at college running backs and a new coach.Image result for jon gruden



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