Mike Bloomberg announces Bloomberg Global Business Forum 2018

My great plus Grandfather would be the second in command of the Nicholls Expedition.  He would leave his home in Yorkshire England and set sail on Man-O-Wars for New Amsterdam. Th fleet would arrive on August 27th, 1664. On September 8th, 1664, the Dutch would surrender Manhattan to King Charles II. English speaking rule would be established in the New World.  Back then, the Wall was to protect against Indians or for puking on after drinking Dutch swill and chasing Dutch whores.

On August 27th, 1776, Daniel Brodhead III would cover George Washington’s retreat across the East River and light the fires on the Manhattan side while under the command of Thomas Mifflin an original signer of the Constitution.

On September 11th, 2001 Stephan Brodhead would be a USAF Flight Engineer on one of the only aircraft over the skies of America and haul FEMA assets to New Jersey.  At 7 Am on the 12th of September, he would see the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 35,000 feet and a hundred miles away.

Today, Brodhead is simply a narcissistic fool and struggling pissant.



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