Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval always focused on making schools safe

When I was a child growing up in Mineral County, Nevada, our school bus driver was a Paiute Indian from Shurz. He ruled his flat nosed Bluebird school bus like it was his. The guy never said much, however, with just a look and a few assertive words, and the rowdy children on the bus sat down and simply shut the hell up.  On this particular Paiute’s bus, you entered the bus, sat down, and remained quiet. While a little pre-school gibberish between seat partners was tolerated, any loud conversation was  strictly “Verboten!” I mean once the relationship was established between the Great Basin Indian  Ghost dancing Warrior and the bus brats, all that was required was a stern look from the big bus rear view mirror to squash and uprising.

When we moved to Colorado, things were much different. The school bus ride became a torturous affair. One always looked forward to the bullies on the bus. Every single day, the students would treat the bus in a “Lord of the flies fashion!” Kids threw things or beat up on others. It was a loud and socially heinous event. Of course, once we got off the bus at school, other bullies would descend upon whomever and orchestrate their brand of schoolyard bullying. I was maybe 4 foot 6, so I was open season for the bullies in 9th grade.  I would only take so much and then go ballistic. My specialty was grabbing the big kids around the waist and upending them. Once they were on the ground, I would attempt to pummel them. After that, they left me alone when the word got around that the 4 foot 6-inch tall 65-pound boy from Nevada was ornery and did not take the shit.

Today, our children binge watch violent video games, eat garbage, never go outside to play and use social media as an extension of the bus and playground bullying.  Unless the school or families step in, children can simply brutalize each other.  Unlike the past where a rowdy child got the paddle, ADHD kids get medicated into submission and mentally unbalanced youth are left to their own destructive devises.

It is bizarre that we spend $30 billion a year for the NSA, FBI, and DHS to surveil Americans. yet they cannot identify at-risk youth with gun and violence fixations?

Religious symbols have been removed from school systems and replaced with neo-moral relativism. The sanctity of childhood in our schools has been tainted with violent video games and cyberbullying.  Liberals are now seeking to turn even Kindergarten into basic training for gender confusion.  “Do unto others” has become social media torture and the tactics of abuse and alienation. Some children even commit suicide because of social media hazing.

Today, many children lack social coping skills and are lost in the fantasy world of violent video games. Some families allow their children to play violent video games until they go to bed.  Once they complete their homework, they are rewarded with violent video games. Oh my word!   They are not rewarded with a bicycle or playing catch in the backyard.  In the past, children watched Walt Disney, Happy days or even Friends. They spent time with the family after a good meal. Today, they lock themselves in a room and fantasize about killing people as a past time. Then, given their lack of coping skills, they pick up a gun to settle differences. Moreover, some become so alienated that they want to kill every student they come across.  In reality, mass shootings at our school systems can be blamed on the violent conditioning of video games, heinous cyberbullying, and the heinous social nature of the adolescent.

In Nevada, Governor Sandoval has put anti-bullying in schools front and center.  He is also working hard to make our schools safe again by arming some teachers, however, who is armed and who is not is kept secret. The logic is simply genius.  There are veterans that now teach in the Nevada school system and they know how to use and care for a weapon. Even a small 32 caliber handgun that is easily concealed would be an effective deterrent to mass shootings in the right hands. This, along with controlling entry points and constant communication and surveillance techniques would be a force multiplier.









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