Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on trade mission in Cape Town South Africa

The philosophical rift between Democrats and Republicans could not be wider these days. Democrats like  Jackie Rosen support open borders,  zero national sovereignty, societal division, limited GDP growth, every manner of freebie and a universal basic income.  They also prefer an unlevel playing field as it relates to trade. They even support a nuclear North Korea and the DMZ  in lieu of a unified Korean peninsula.  Lastly, they crave bad relations with the former Soviet Union. Above all, however, folks like Jackie Rosen demand that our Supreme Court justices defecate on the Constitution and legislate social idiocy from the bench. These premises support the conclusion that Jackie Rosen is part of the unhinged liberal left. Positions that simply do not ride in the Great Silver State.

Jackie Rosen was comfortable with anemic economic growth during Obama’s 8 years in office and 7 years of Continous Quantitative Easing. However, she is uncomfortable with Trump tax cuts, and 4.1% GDP growth.  A successful Republican-led economy is like Kryptonite for Rosen style Socialists. They require a deadbeat economy in order to ply their trade of defeatism, division, class envy, and Marxist diatribe. In order for the Rosen style Democratic Socialist to thrive, Nevada must have a crappy economy.

It was just last week that Barack Obama was in South Africa bad mouthing the US economy and US leadership. He also elevated the liberal yellow press as if it really wasn’t special interest-backed fake news and partisan leftist propaganda. In reality, much of the liberal yellow press is controlled by only a few corporations. Hence, the idea that much of the liberal yellow press is “Free press” is like saying The North Korean Times is a free press.

During Barack Obama’s speech in South Africa, he touted his Marxist support of a universal basic income. So, in Rosen and Obama’s world, everyone gets free everything. They won’t tell you where the money is supposed to come from. Of course, the money would come from the bulk of America’s GDP. Instead of 4% unemployment and the lowest rate of unemployment among minorities in history, a Rosen economy would rival the ghettos of  Liberia.

Anyway, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is in South Africa on a trade mission. Apparently, they have experience in water technology and alternative energy that might work in Nevada. Nevadans know that water preservation is crucial to Lake Mead as well as Walker lake etc. In fact, there might come a time when the level of Lake Mead is below the turbine intakes, hence, Nevada must invest in an solar energy along with LED technology.

The dudes from Hawthorne are simply tougher than those Fallon boys.  Ya gotta be tough to fly the heavies.

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