Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s rational approach to Syrian refugees

Unlike many of the Republican candidates who lack a legal and logical mind, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval actually applies a high level of thought process to issues. he will not commit to either side of an issue until all consequences are vetted.  When this process is applied, then one never has to cover their tracks. Honesty is the best policy, however, contemplative thought, logic and critical thinking skills are essential to political survival.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has the trained mind of a judge.  These qualities are essential in a leader. As we recall, bothe Bush and Obama are bereft of rational and logical thinking skills or causation effects.

Many of the Republican candidates have come out as refugee unfriendly.  Given our country’s rich history in welcoming refugees across the globe, their positions are counter to our demonstrative morals

Brian Sandoval formulated a better approach to the Syrian refugee crisis:


CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval on Monday called on President Barack Obama not to send any Syrian refugees to Nevada until the administration completes a review of protocols for eligibility and security.

In a letter to the White House, Sandoval said after a review of federal regulations over resettlement, “I am encouraging you to make a further review and to consider necessary refinements to these policies and practices given the recent tragedy in France.”

He added, “I am specifically concerned about the background checks performed for Syrian refugees sent to Nevada for resettlement, and I would appreciate further guidance on the benefits eligibility of such persons while they reside here.”

He concluded, “I would also request that until your administration has completed the review of these programs, no additional Syrian refugees be admitted for resettlement in Nevada.”

Sandoval’s letter to the president was stronger than a public statement he issued earlier in the evening, when he said he asked state agencies to determine how many refugees are currently in Nevada and would evaluate the situation after a response from the federal government.

“It is in the interest of all Nevadans and the millions who travel to our state annually to insist on extensive evaluations of any potential risk individuals may pose to Nevada or our national security,” Sandoval, a former federal judge, said in a statement.

He concluded, “We must balance our nation’s role as an international leader with the safety and security of our citizens and visitors.”



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