One flew over the North Korean cuckoos’s nest.

The denuclearization talks with North Korea are somewhat like a scene in “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest!”  Donald Trump plays the role of  Randle McMurphy ( Jack Nicholson). Kim Jong Un plays the role of Martini ( Danny Devito.)  Kim Yong Chol plays the role of Nurse Ratched, and Pompeo is Billy Bibbit.

North Korea is basically a large insane asylum. The population under the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong Un suffers from “Stockholm syndrome!” The rest of the Pacific rim enjoys a much higher standard of living, the internet, free travel, free press, and everything else. In North Korea, the population has endured zero human rights and decades of a dismal economy. North Korean soldiers are several inches shorter than those in South Korea. Whenever there is a bad agriculture crop, the people starve.  Even then, the North Korean people will do little monkey cartwheels and wave the flag on demand. They will cry on demand as well. In fact, the population of North Korea will endure the stifling dictatorship and do anything for 3 bowls of rice a day.

Donald Trump came in like Randle Murphy and offered sanity to the insane asylum. Kim Jong Un Martini wanted the denuclearization cigarettes until Kim Yong Chol Ratched showed up and put a halt to the party. Of course,  Billy Bibbit Pompeo was getting diplomatically laid until Nurse Kim Yong Chol Ratched reasserted the North Korean insanity control agenda.

Just like the FBI, NSA, and CIA are infected with overzealous control freaks that have lost all connection with reality, North Korea is controlled by highly conditioned control freak maniacs. The North Korean power structure has eclipsed overzealousness. They have grown accustomed to their power structure over the North Korean peoples. They are more concerned with their survival than North Korean prosperity.

The North Korean dictatorship and military high command need shock therapy. In reality, if the North Korean people ever want to be free it will take a Revolution.

Pompeo must view Kim Jong Un and his control freak entourage as basically sociopaths on the couch.  He must become a sounding board for a bunch of asylum ridden control freaks. Pompeo must simply slow walk the process and keep smiling.  Really, that is all one can do with the insane asylum.

China will have to be motivated into severing all ties with North Korea via G20 trade sanctions.

When the USA gets the sniffles, the rest of the world gets a cold. When the G20 nations restrict trade with China, the Chinese economy gets pneumonia and their currency collapses. We must force the pissant Chinese president to move.

As far as Kim Yong Chol, he is so far down the dictatorship rabbit hole there is no saving him. He simply needs a bullet through his brain.

The North Korean military needs to perform a  “Coup D’etat!” Just take your AK47s and kill off every single officer in uniform. Then hang Kim Jong Un by his heels in the street.

Meanwhile, the USA must upgrade THAAD with nuclear warheads and station them on  Aegis.








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