El Duce Lindsey “Adolf” Graham

In 1664, as second in command of the Nichols Expedition, Captain Daniel Brodhead of Yorkshire England disembarked British Man -O wars along with 400 British troops and took New Amsterdam. We then called it New York.

In August of 1776 Daniel Brodhead  IV would fight gallantly at the “Battle of Long Island.”  He would also defend Washington’s retreat across the East River and tend the fires  at Brooklyn heights that fooled Howe’s Forces.

We would fight in Mexico, and then pass legislation that initially funded the topography surveys for the first transcontinental railroad. Then we would help populate our Manifest Destiny.

During the civil war, we would take bullets for emancipation. We even supported legislation that created the Capitol building East wing, West wing, Dome and congressional library.

Brodheads have always been on the right side of history.  Our story is the American story.

My German grand father would be a senator in the Weimar Republic and spend a few months at Dachau for not taking the oath to Hitler. In addition, his farm would be nationalized by the NAZI party.

In the scheme of things, Lindsey Graham is looking more and more like the sort of passive aggressive NAZI fascist trash that roamed the streets of Munich in Brown shirts.

America is not ready for Hillary.

We are also not ready for a military industrial complex ass kissing psycho perpetual war mongering chronic masterbator like Lindsey Graham.


Lindsey Graham is a Joseph McCarthy style fascist military industrial complex ass kisser.

Lindsey Graham should be nicknamed  “El Duce”, because he has no vision for America save perpetual war and kissing the ass of armaments manufacturers and special interest. Lindsey Graham is not an expert at international relations, he is an idiot.

Americans need to put a stop to this idiot’s rhetoric and hang his political career up on a post.




Brodheads took New Amsterdam and called it New York


My Great Plus Grandfather was second in command of the Nichols Expedition.

We used to drink Dutch Swill and piss on the wooden wall that became Wall street..

Meacham, are you bitching about the heart and soul of America again?


“Daniel Brodhead I, the founder of the family in America, was a captain in the English grenadiers, and came to the new world in the reign of King Charles II with the expedition of Colonel Richard Nicolls, which effected the capture of New York (then called New Amsterdam) from the Dutch, in 1664. The Dutch dependencies on the Hudson river, including Esopus, Schenectady and Fort Orange (now Albany), were also surrendered to the British, and Captain Daniel Brodhead was assigned with his company of grenadiers to maintain peace and order at Esopus, with the title of “Captain-General of the Esopus”, as the Dutch inhabitants were then called. He married Ann TYE, but it is not positively known whether she accompanied him on the expedition to America, or whether she subsequently joined him in Esopus.

In 1776 as war broke out, Daniel Brodhead IVwas commissioned as an officer of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment of colonial troops with the rank of lieutenant colonel. His first action came at the Battle of Long Island, where he was recognized by George Washington for his bravery and initiative.  Brodhead and Thomas Miflin, and original signer of the Constitution, would tend the fires at Brooklyn heights as Washington’s forces escaped to Manhattan across the East River. At the battle, Brodhead’s only son, also named Daniel, was wounded and captured. He was soon exchanged, but died of his wounds shortly after being released.

Om 9/11/2001, Stephan Brodhead would fly across the entire Unites states on a C-141 with FEMA assets bound for New York. No ther planes in the sky. At 7AM on 912, the crew could see the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 100 miles away and 35,000 feet.

Now Hillary Clinton has her campaign headquarters at Brooklyn heights?

All these events take place with just a mile of each other. The matrix is clear. We must stop this political narcissist lying  bitch from crossing the East River.





Update on Brodhead Homestead

Sorry I have not kept everyone abreast of our situation.

My wife and I have had copious to do in preparation for restoring the exterior of the Brodhead Homestead house.

Diane’s mother just past away at the young age of 92. She and I have been focused on her for the last several months.

The good news is we have an offer on our Oregon house and will have it sold by July 10th 2015. This will reduce our debt to $12,000. We have also been working hard on our Kirkland house. I have built a new bathroom, replaced all the doors, floors and trim, as well as new bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. It should be ready for the market shortly.

So, all the ducks are lining up. We should be ready for Pennsylvania in September. I do not want to work in summer heat, so, we will be waiting until the weather cools somewhat.

I have yet to author the painting plan, and the NPS bureaucracy seems to be fixated on rules and control . Even wiping one’s ass is subject to committee.


house 3


Update on Solar fridge performance

So, I received our Whynter 2.1 upright freezer in only two days from Amazon.  The quality of construction is excellent. The walls of the fridge are very thick. We found that the compressor is almost silent. In fact, the click of the thermostat is louder than the compressor. In order to check if it is running, one has to put one’s hands on the compressor and feel for vibration.

The dimensions of the freezer are 30 by 20 by 18. It does need 4 inches of space between the compressor and any walls. This reality causes the freezer to stick out 24 inches from the wall of the Sprinter which restricts human movement between the dinette and the cabinet face. So, we placed it behind the dinette on a custom pallet.

The freezer will freeze two gallons of water overnight and only use the surface charge of the battery bank. We have yet to see the batteries go below 12.5 volts after running this solar fridge all night.

Anyways, we have found that using the solar freezer to freeze gallon jugs of water and also keeping frozen items is the way to go. We then exchange frozen gallon jugs in the Coleman cooler every couple of days. We use the Coleman cooler for refrigerator type foods etc.  This arrangement precludes our having to purchase $3 bags of ice or deal with draining off water. Another benefit is fresh and pure ice water for drinking.

I did order a digital controller and could turn the freezer into a fridge, but at this point, I think it is appropriate to leave it as a freezer and use our old steel red Coleman cooler for everything else.

The learning event is complete. I now have an operating solar system. The system has  (4) $80 Costco golf cart batteries, a 2000 watt Xantrex controller, (2) 100 watt solar panels, and a 30 amp charge controller. This arrangement will heat  water for coffee or soup via an electric tea pot or power a $59  600 watt microwave. Even though the 600 watt microwave has less power, the tiny size makes it very efficient and work exactly like a 1000 watt large microwave. We also have a working freezer that only requires 50 to 70 watts to operate. When fully cold, the freezer only cycles for short moments at a time. So, the R and D is done and it is time to enjoy the system on the road. On last thing. We could have purchased a 12 volt chest cooler, but they are massive and costly. Plus they do not hold very much food. The cost of a portable chest freezer/fridge  at $600 is more than the cost of the Whynter 2.1 and the Xantrex controller combined. Moreover, the 12 volt compressors are subject to failure unlike the 11o volt ac compressors that are in every dorm fridge across the nation. When something fails, you just throw it away or use it as an upright cooler using gallon jugs of frozen water for cooling. Sorry I am such an intelligent cheap bastard. But then again, you can lead morns to water but you cant make them think.

I am thinking about going back to school and become a solar design engineer.  Unlike idiot 729th pilots, This former FE can actually think. I wonder if the Egyptian scum bag United airlines pilot every made back his United airlines stock. As it is, as lineage to the founding fathers , he is beneath my station. Plus I am worth more. Eat shit Fuad.





Just received offer on Oregon property



It was May 2003. I was billeting at the Sigonella inn across from the Sigonella Naval Air Station on the island of Sicily.  The next day , we would be doing another midnight Air Evac out of Iraq.

My wife had sent me an email. At that time, C-141C Aircrew had to go to the base  library to check email. Anyways, she had been restructured out of a job as Director of Quality at Eddie Bauer in Seattle. Just a month later, she would be recruited by NIKE as a senior manager in NIKE quality. The only caveat? We had to relocate to Beaverton, Oregon.

At the time, I was activated and serving 18 months on active duty in the Air Force. I was able to get 3 days leave in order to look for a house. The first house we looked was in need of repair, but sat on 3/4 acre in the middle of town. My wife did not like it, so we looked at dozens more on tiny lots in average areas. None of them suited our fancy, so we went back to the old rambler on 3/4 of an acre and made an offer. The house had a contingency offer, so , I offered $5,000 more and slapped down $10,000 cash in earnest money. This kicked off the other buyer. In a month we had the house. We moved in and then I spent 10 years remodeling it.

I paid $182,500. Put $50,000 in materials into it. Now we have an offer for $315,500 minus realtor fee and $5000 in closing costs. I will then owe only $15,000 on a $2,265,000 rental portfolio. I live by the saying: leave things better than you find it. I do this in all things. I take old things and build them into great things. When my family took New Amsterdam in 1664, and then served with Washington in 1776, we turned North America into the greatest country on earth.

I served in war and then made my money in the private sector as a small business owner and real estate investor. I wanted it all: world travel, small business and real estate.  I may not be a tuff guy, but I am an animal warrior in the private sector.  I am not beholden to big government, and as a reservist with 15 years active duty, and service from 1978 to 2006,  I do not get any money from the DOD until I am 59 1/2. This is called being a self sufficient conservative.  Then again, I married the daughter of a cotton farmer.

Rick Perry’s poser Seal and Jarhead biker buddies shunning biker safety

There are those that have laid down a bike and suffered road rash and then there are those that have not. I remember laying down my Honda 750 and getting road rash to the knee cap.  Then there was the elbow, shoulder, and wrist rash.

To prevent road rash when laying a bike down, I wear a Joe Rocket mesh jacket with body armor. I also wear a full face schnell rated helmet, chaps, and boots.

There are two kinds of motorcycle accidents. One style is severe and takes your life. The other is much less so and provides the rider with scrapes, bruises and broken bones. We minimize each scenario via ride safety equipment.

Here we have Rick Perry and his  Seal and Jarhead entourage totally disregarding motorcycle safety gear and presenting a stupid image to the public.  Show me don’t tell me…..

It seems that Rick Perry and his military buddies did not learn a  damn thing about rider safety.  As a former governor, Rick Perry should lead by example. What he presents here is disregard for safety. Luttrell  looks like a poser.

Our gallant troops go on to be leaders in society. Part of being a role model in the private sector is presenting and image of common sense for our children and espousing an image of responsible behavior.  Stupidity is not cool….

Live to ride and ride to live

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Rick Perry losing the Biker macho war to Scott Walker

I offered to do Laconia Bike Week with Rick Perry. I was going to carry his banner all around New Hamsphire. Instead, Rick Perry finds me obtuse and his campaign staff is territorial and inelastic. In fact, it seems they are out of touch with reality. In lieu of Bike week in New Hampshire, Rick and his staff are more interested in talking about rectal feeding and water boarding.

Meanwhile, Scott walker is absconding the 55 plus male voter.  Even though Scott Walker has never served in the military or finished college, he is cleaning Perry’s clock and Rick is letting him do it.

Rick Perry’s campaign staff is out of touch with today’s demographic.

I have to go to Oregon and check on my house. I may have to paint it because it is not selling.

Call me at 253 205 5995 if you want help in NH. I will head out there ASAP and do some campaigning for you…If not, you can blame it on your stagnate  and unresponsive campaign staff. I blogged for you in 2012. I stuck with you until the end. I guess, because I am enlist Air Force Air Crew, my opinion means zip.

Meanwhile, this enlisted fella made his way totally in the private sector and makes double the salary of a general.

Oh and Luttrell looks like an idiot riding a $30,000 motorcycle in a tee shirt. How about some safety gear like a Rocket jacket and leather gloves. The mesh lets the air through. When you dump the scooter because your a poser, then you don’t end up with road rash.  damn, didn’t you learn a damn thing as a  Navy Seal relating to motorcycle safety? WTF?  Drop the carelessness BS.


Walker is a punk…..


Show me dont tell me? Right!!!!



Scenes from

Update on motorcycle trailer

I have wanted a small motorcycle hauling trailer for awhile now. Something my Sprinter van can pull without affecting efficiency too much.  I already have a car hauler that increases diesel consumption from 23 MPG for my Cummins powered Ford F250 to 12 MPG. This is unacceptable, plus I would rather travel in the Sprinter van so I have a place to sleep or live rather. There are copious motorcycle rides that I would like to do in several different states.

I looked at several low end trailers, but found that they all had the stupid small tires and were of questionable quality. I opted for a Harborfreight folding trailer. I then updated the crappy little tires to safe  and appropriate 175 80 13 C rated trailer tires. The only modifications were lengthening the axle  2 inches and raising the fenders 4 inches. These mods will allow for higher speeds without cooking the bearings. Because of the axle modification, I will reduce the payload to 600 lbs. The axle is welded, but I will add 4 grade 12 bolts to the splice mod in a vertical fashion for good measure.  Later I will build a better trailer using my new knowledge of trailer design and parts from www.Etrailer.com

When I install the 4 by 8 sheet of plywood on the trailer with galvanized pan heads , I will also use liquid nails and bond the plywood to every metal surface . This will add rigidity to the frame. The trailer should haul my $2700 Victory motorcycle without safety issues. I know my welds look like pelican shit, but, there is good penetration, plus I will add 4 high strength bolts vertically to the splice and reduce GVW by half.



New solar refrigerator passes muster

It tool awhile, but now I have an adequate working knowledge of  RV solar systems. I started out with only two 6 volt golf cart batteries, a modified sine wave  inverter, and one 100 watt solar panel with a 30 amp PWM charge controller. While the 2300 watt Power brite MSW inverter would run a microwave, it was noisy and only provided half the power, hence, things took twice as long to cook.  We also tried a small dorm fridge but found that they ran all the time and ran the batteries down at night.

When the $180 MSW inverter quit working, we purchased a Xantrex Prowatt 2000 pure sine wave inverter. This inverter required four 6 volt golf cart batteries and the addition of a second 100 watt solar panel. Then we purchased a $59 dollar 600 watt microwave off of Amazon.com. Now the microwave works perfectly and will heat food items quickly.  We can even cook large Costco trays of Lazagna for 10 minutes or more without depleting the golf cart batteries.

I looked at all the 12 volt chest style refrigerators, but they are either too small or take up too much floor space. Plus, they are expensive and provide less cooling space than a 2.1 dorm fridge. I then found a Whynter 2.1 upright freezer that was energystar certified. The unit only uses .88 amps at 110 volts. Per the Xantrex inverter display, the unit only uses .05 KW to run or 50 watts. The display may be off by 25 watts, so the fridge probably uses the advertised 75 watts to run. The fridge insulation is twice as thick as a conventional dorm fridge and holds the cold like nobody’s business.

I performed the overnight test on the Whynter 2.1. When I went to bed, the display read 12.6 volts. When I woke up, the display read 12.7 volts. Hence, the batteries charged up without direct sunlight from sunrise to 7 am, while the solar fridge operated all night. This means that the solar fridge does not draw very much power and the solar panels and batteries are more than capable of running it while charging batteries with the least amount of light energy.  In fact, the new solar fridge barely uses the surface charge of the batteries over night. This means no more bags of ice or draining water from a cooler.

The next modification will be the use of a digital controller that bypasses the units analog tstat. This modification will reduce run time even further by reducing the temperature differential between outside air and the inside of the fridge. I still want to purchase two more 100 watt solar panels and a Xantrex 40 amp charge controller.  This will allow 400 watts of solar panel  power to help operate the 600 watt microwave and further reduce harmful loads to the battery bank.

We now never buy propane and simply use the sun to power all of our RV needs from making coffee to cooking meals.

Next, I will design and install an off grid solar system on our house in Boulder county Colorado.

My wife and I have tried dragging a fifth wheel around the country and found it to be stressful, awkward, inefficient, and costly. With the Sprinter, we get 20 MPG at 59 MPH. We stay in 3 star hotels every third night and use Priceline to get the best deals. We fill the fridge with non preservative style goodies and stay away from fast food joints and restaurants. This reduces travel costs down to  “fuel and food only” since we use out of the way rest stops or city parks etc. We have even parked in hotel parking lots without a problem. My wife like Hampton inns. If it gets too hot, we run the 3000 watt silent running generator and a portable AC unit or the two air conditioning systems on the Sprinter.

Hmm thinking about Sturg.is



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