Will Havana compete with Las Vegas?

Before there was Las Vegas, there was Havana, Cuba. Instead of a 5 hour jet flight from New York to Las Vegas, Gamblers flew to Cuba on slow flying prop aircraft like the DC4. A flight from New York to Havana in a prop job would take over 7 hours. Today, it now takes 3.5 hours in a Boeing 737. Havana is within 2.5 hours of flight time from Dallas. In fact, all across the South, and the Eastern seaboard, the flight times to Havana are short with little time zone change. Hence, air fares to Cuba will compete with air fares to Las Vegas and take less time. A jaunt from Disney-world to Cuba takes less than an hour.

When one lands in Cuba, one can expect everything to be cheap. From Hotels to hookers, Havana has it all. Unlike, Las Vegas that has beaches on Lake Meade miles and miles out of town, Havana has beaches right next to the downtown. A couple could have a night on the town and a cool evening stroll on the boardwalk. All within a few blocks of  gorgeous old buildings and beautiful sandy beaches. A taxi ride in a 55 Chevy convertible would be a fraction of the cost of taxi ride in a Toyota Prius from McCarran. Instead of 115 degree heat, the breeze from the Atlantic would blow through open windows and comfort the senses.

Today, old gambling Casinos next to beautiful sandy beaches stand ready for renovation. The only thing keeping Havana from becoming a gambling destination is the Castro regime. They outlawed gambling in 1959. Soon Raul Castro will realize that legalized gambling would create a windfall for the Cuban communist government. Of course the Castro’s would use this revenue to purchase Russian made military equipment and continue to subjugate the Cuban people.

Should Havana Cuba become a gambling destination, expect Atlantic city to collapse and Las Vegas to take a huge vacation revenue hit. Instead of long flights to Honolulu, folks would opt for a short flight to Havana. Sadly, America’s stagnate wages due to Clinton/Bush/Obama fast track stupidity and a globalized economy fit the hand of the Cuba’s economies of scale like a Chines made glove at a dollar store.

All “the profit Obama” has to do is tell his minions to boycott Vegas and go to Havana, and they will do it. I mean, if Obama can tell his liberal air head army that marriage is between a man and a man, he can tell his unemployed Marxist minions to party in Havana. Moreover, Obama is really just to the right of Che Guevara, and exchanged Christmas cards with Hugo Chavez.

What happens in Havana, stays in Havana.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has increased Nevada government spending by over a billion dollars. Should Havana legalize gambling, people will flock to the communist island for fun, gambling and decadence.  Unlike Nevada hookers who want hundreds and hundreds of dollars, a Havana whore can be had for $50 bucks with hotel included. Food is cheap and delicious. Taxis are cheap. Drinking is cheap. Music is refreshing and the sex is dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Even the afterward Cigar is a tasty treat. Any loss in Nevada gaming revenue will blow a massive budget hole in Sandoval’s spending agenda.

Barack Hussein Obama is basically attacking Las Vegas tourism by serenading Cuban dictators. For every Cuban that gets a low wage job at a Cuban hotel, one job is lost on Fremont street. Obama has sided with Cuban employment over the prosperity of Nevada and hard working Hispanic families.

Rand Paul has also jumped on the Havana dictator band wagon, but expects Nevadans to give him a few delegates in 2016?

Hillary Havana Clinton is also lock step with Obama’s plan to wage war against Brian Sandoval and Nevada prosperity.

So, what is good for J Edgar Benghazi Hillary Havana Clinton  will be bad for Las Vegas and probably Reno too. Especially when the Castro regime legalizes gambling and the Trump types start building huge casinos. Hillary thinks she owns the Hispanic voter.

Hangover 3 will be filmed in a Havana whore house next to an old Batista era gambling hall.


Rick Perry knocks the National Press Club’s socks off

While Rand Paul was seeking an audience with Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville, Nevada, and the Marijuana industrial complex in Denver, Colorado, Rick Perry was giving an awesome speech to the National Press Club.

It is a certainty that Governor Perry is an excellent orator and way more effective than he was in 2012.  In the words of Zack Mayo,  “I got nowhere else to go!”

I gave Rand a shot, but he let me down on Cuba’s liberty, talking with a known racist, and seeking audience with Colorado drug dealers. Plus, Rand Paul is a 1/2 term senator in the mold of Barack Obama. America needs another senator running this country like a hole in the head.

Sure did like the light blue paisley tie the president of the National Press Club was wearing.  Maybe , just maybe, he will see fit to send me one just like it. Thanks for giving Rick the time and respect he deserves. Oh and a mug too.





Rick Perry best presidential candidate for Seattle’s aviation industry

The public is not really aware of how much the Bush family has profited from war as far back as Prescott Bush.  I mean it is a know fact that Prescott Bush profited from Hitler’s NAZI Germany. It is a known fact that Both George H.W. Bush and George H. Bush profited from wars in Iraq. In fact, Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton made at least $39.5 billion off of bid and no bid contracts during Bush perpetual war.  The Bush donor list made billions and then slipped trillions in debt to our children. Over the next 50 years, Halliburton’s $39.5 profit will end up costing between $4 and $6 trillion. Under Bush Cheney and Obama, the VA budget has ballooned from $50 billion a year to over $178 billion, while our Air Force fighter and tanker fleets are old, and ridden with obsolete navigation systems and inefficient and polluting propulsion systems. In lieu of updating our aviation assets here at home, Bush and Obama spent our senior’s security and our children’s futures on “Marshal plans for extremist Muslims 10,000 miles away?”

The Bush family has been cultivating a “total war” donor’s list since the rise of Hitler. One of the reasons that Reagan chose George H.W. Bush for VP was because of his links to the CIA, and ability to raise campaign donations from special interest groups that profit from war. Jeb Bush has inherited the Bush donor list. Of course that list now includes the surveillance industrial complex that harvests every aspect of our electronic behavior. So, really, the Bush family has always been about total war and surveillance, from  Prescott Bush’s NAZI Germany war profiting to the Patriot act.

Prescott Bush and NAZI Germany

There is a big difference between the Bush family and the Perry family. The Bush family feels that the border with Mexico should be wide open. In fact, George H. Bush fought the “Border fence” tooth and nail. Of course, Jeb Bush feels that amnesty for tens of millions of illegals is an “Act of love!”. It is clear that the Bush family will trade amnesty for the popular vote. Hence, they will trade our sovereignty for the presidency so Bush war related special interest can make billions 10,000 miles away. In Jeb Bush’s world, an illegal can walk across the border, but a tax paying legal citizen must be under surveillance 24/7?

Meanwhile, our Federal aviation assets are approaching 70 years old with antiquated and polluting propulsion technology. Rick Perry, on the other hand, wants to put aviation  and border surveillance assets on the Southern border. This would be a windfall for Seattle based Boeing aviation.

The newest Boeing drone technology is hydrogen powered and can stay aloft for 48 hours. The power plants are inexpensive automotive based engines with extreme fuel efficiency, and high cubic inch to horsepower ratios. The platform can carry an array of surveillance accessories from  night vision, and infrared video to multiple zoom in and wide angle high resolution remote day light observation capabilities. The technology is generations ahead of the systems employed by the U2 and SR71  spy planes.

This generation of spy plane technology is  digital, light weight, inexpensive,  and user friendly. The drone is remotely piloted and can be relegated to autonomous navigation via GPS . So, once it is launched, and climbs to altitude, it will fly a pre-programmed course along the border for 48 hours. Flight routes can be updated and piloted “seat of the pants”  remotely.  Flight routes could also be in the form of circular race tracks etc.  The amount of topography that can be under surveillance is staggering compared to a border agent in a fossil fuel burning Chevy pick up.  The hydrogen fuel can be produced with zero carbon emissions. In addition, the drone platform could serve as a pilot training internship for colleges, the DOD and the commercial airlines. Given, that the airlines face a massive airline pilot shortage, a border drone surveillance program would be a safe and cost effective classroom training environment for cutting edge glass and GPS navigation technology   Military reservists could also do summer, fall, and winter (two week active duty tours)  on the border etc. This would cut man power costs down significantly. Seasoned border patrol agents would simply train and manage Guard and Reservists that are on the border.  The budget savings would be immense.

If Rick Perry is elected president, expect Puget Sound aviation manufacturing and Nevada’s drone industry to soar.

Rick Perry speaks up concerning Cuba relations

We baby boomers thought we had the market cornered on new cultural ideas. We embraced Rock and roll and smoked weed until it simply out lived it’s usefulness. We were the generation of free love and no war. I mean, many of us lived the sexual revolution until ” Patient Zero” messed it all up. Of course disco gave way to rap, and the ways of old gave way to computers, smart phones, social media, 5,000 cable channels, and the decadence of the internet.

Our society has become morally bankrupt. This analysis, from a morally challenged baby boomer of the seventies and eighties. Our society is now plagued with tattoos, student loan debt, worthless degrees, obesity,  internet addicts, and a population that will believe anything Barack Obama says. I mean anything.

If we baby boomers do not believe in complete absurdities, we are politically incorrect or racists and bigots. Think about it, if one believes in gun rights, one is a racist. If one does not believe in open borders and handing our sovereignty to Mexico, we are racists. If we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, we are labeled bigots. If we are Republican, we are white racists and bigots. If we attend church, we are considered right wing extremists. If we do not believe in lax marijuana laws, we support the war on drugs. If we do not support Hillary Clinton, we support a war on women.

Today, many of our citizens are only good at texting and cant even change the oil in their car. They believe in every aspect of science as presented by the liberal media, but cant perform even basic housing repair. They believe in science that is unproven, but if one does not believe in suspect science, one is labeled a backwards redneck. Meanwhile many are sitting on massive student loan debt and live at home.

Today, many young Americans do not even know what the “Bay of Pigs” was or the “Missiles of October!” They do not remember how Cuba almost started WWIII on our very door step. If Barack Obama had been in charge during the Cuban Missile crisis, Cuba would have 100 ICBMs pointed at every big city in the US. Today, Barack Obama is basically allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons. It would only take 3 low yield nuclear weapons to entirely remove Israel’s population from existence.

Barack Obama has normalized relations with Cuba while leaving Cuban dictators in charge. Of course Obama’s minions support his decisions because they are ignorant and do not care for the Cuban people’s liberty. But then again, Barack Obama’s “Kultur Kampf” seeks to change the way our society thinks on several issues from religion to illegals, to drugs, and America’s historical symbols.

Rand Paul has followed suit with Barack Obama relating to Cuba. The so-called libertarian sided with Cuba’s dictatorship over the liberty of the Cuban people. He visits Colorado to serenade Colorado’s weed industry and abandons family values. Next, he talks with a certified racist in Mesquite, Nevada. Rand Paul has established a demonstrative trend of irrational views and behavior. It is clear that he is not stable enough to be a US president.


Statement by Gov. Perry on Restoration of Diplomatic Relations Between U.S. and Cuba

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement regarding the announcement that the United States and Cuba will restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies in their respective capitals:

“The reopening of U.S. and Cuban embassies is the latest step in President Obama’s normalization of relations with the Castro regime, and the most recent example of this president’s foreign policy that ignores reality in exchange for surface level political “wins.” The truth is that since the Castro brothers assumed power in 1959, their policies have changed very little. The Cuban people today are not any freer politically or economically, and President Obama has failed to account for what the Castro regime has done in the last several years that warrants such an enormous shift in a longstanding U.S. policy of economic embargo and diplomatic isolation. There is no indication that further normalization will do anything to actually liberate the Cuban people or advance American interests.”

America is not ready for 8 more years of race bating

Hillary Clinton’s campaign platform is starting to evolve. It is rather simple really. It continues the Obama legacy of race bating, serenading illegals, attacking gun rights, attacking traditional marriage, and calling a majority of white Americans bigots.

If one did not vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012, one was considered a bigot and a racists. If a Congressman or Senator did not support serial deficits and printing money from thin air, he or she was considered a racist. If one does not support open borders and amnesty for illegals, one is a racist. If one supports the 2nd Amendment, one is a racist. If one does not support redefining traditional marriage, one is a bigot.

Hillary Clinton is now elevating  Obama’s beer summit strategy to a whole new level. Just as Obama has turned a blind eye to black on black crime, as well as ,black on white crime, Hillary is following suit. It appears that Hillary Clinton has no solutions for our current state of affairs. She only offers divisive commiseration. The same style of commiserating division that Obama has employed for his entire presidency. The only answer we hear from the Democrats is that white Republicans are racists and the root of all of America’s problems.

We can already see how Hillary Clinton is attempting to shame people into supporting her. It is the same playbook: make people ashamed to be affiliated with Republican candidates. If one votes for anyone else besides Hillary, one is a racist and bigoted whitey.

As always, Obama will not allow crisis or other people’s tragedies to go to waste. Every  event that can be perceived as racially motivated now becomes a full on prepared and scripted event directed at harvesting division for campaign donations. It is ok for blacks to murder each other by the hundreds in Barack Obama’s Chicago turf, but if a white person kills a black, it is an outrage. Blacks can call each other nasty names and kill each other off and nobody cares. If whitey does it, deploy the media.

If we actually look at Obama’s presidency, his only victory is free health care for those that pay zero taxes and the doubling of health insurance policies for those that do. The next president will inherit $20 trillion in national debt, massive debt monetizing, a propped up stock market, a housing bubble, the Middle east in turmoil, and racial disharmony. Obama has done nothing to fix our monetary polices save follow the FED’s lead. Obama’s monetary policies and artificially low interest rates have become an addictive drug for the stock market. PE ratios continue to climb as the Nasdaq and Dow approach ridiculous levels with laughable company earnings.  Facebook’s P/E ratio is over 80 with returns of less than 1%.  We can see a massive housing bubble evolving while many homes are still in foreclosure or purchased by Obama special interest campaign donors and removed from the market.  Any rise in interest rates will result in housing starts to stagnate, a run on the stock market, and interest on the debt to balloon. So, instead of dealing with massive government spending, Obama and Hillary dangle social issues in our faces. Obama and Hillary are more interested in turning other people’s tragedies into fund raising events than dealing with the foundation of our economy.

Next we will have to stomach Hillary and her wholesale illegal immigrant ass kissing campaign. She will insinuate that Americans that do not support amnesty for 12 million illegals are racists. Imagine a president that will call Americans racist for not handing our sovereignty away to Mexico? WTF?

Americans are looking for an individual that will manage and lead us out of the Bush Obama era and into a prosperous future. We are not ready for 8 more years of race bating, and blaming whitey Republicans for all the country’s ills.

America is not ready for Hillary. We are ready to shit can the Clinton’s, The Bush’s ,and the Obama’s and start over. Simply put, America’s mental health has had enough of these folks and  we are looking elsewhere. Besides, Hillary Clinton is a liar, a pathological narcissist, and a shape shifting  opportunist.  She cannot be trusted with our future, our government or our military. But then again, one is racists and a bigot if one writes any articles that are counter to J Edgar Benghazi Hillary’s commiserative Democratic party strategy gibberish. .

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s statement on same sex Supreme court decision



Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City, NV -June 26, 2015Governor Brian Sandoval released the following statement today after the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in theObergefell v. Hodges case.“Today’s ruling confirms the State’s position that the arguments against marriage equality are no longer defensible. The highest court in the land has decided the issue once and for all for Nevada and for our nation,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “This decision has a deeply personal impact on many Nevadans and marks a significant moment in our nation’s history. The issue of same sex marriage is settled in Nevada and we must move forward together, as the Nevada family.”


Office of the Governor . 101 North Carson Street . Carson City, NV 89701 . (775) 684-5670
Grant Sawyer State Office Building . 555 East Washington, Suite 5100 . Las Vegas, NV 89101 . (702) 486-2500


Jefferson Davis Brodhead

Here is some more synchronicity.


Humor only!

Senator Richard H. Brodhead held the same seat in the United States Senate for Pennsylvania that Rick Santorum held.  In 1857, Simon Cameron would win this seat and then go on to run for president. Simon Cameron would throw his 50 delegates to Abraham Lincoln allowing him to best William Seward for the 1860 Republican nomination.

Richard H. Brodhead would marry Jefferson Davis’s niece. Their son would be called Jefferson Davis Brodhead. He would be a Pennsylvania Congressman in the 60th Congress.

Richard H. Brodhead would die in 1863 a few months after Gettysburg.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would take bullets for emancipation at the 2nd Battle of Manassas.

Jefferson Davis, a West Point graduate,  did many great things for this nation from serving in Mexico and also as United States Secretary of War. He would fight at the battle of Monterrey and Buena Vista. Monterrey was the home town of Pedro Celis,  the shill for amnesty. Pedro Celis , as we recall, was Susan Hutchison’s political pet project. She elevated the Viva Bush protege and shill for amnesty as “terms of endearment” for Jeb Bush.

As Secretary Of War, Jefferson Davis worked extremely hard on populating our “Manifest Destiny” and creating the 1st Transcontinental railroad. He also built copious military roads to support the newly acquired territories as a result of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

People remember Jefferson Davis as the president of the Confederacy. A Confederacy that fought to the death to maintain the evil practice of human slavery. They forget Jefferson Davis’s legacy as Secretary of War and his service in Mexico.  Then again, Jefferson Davis and the Confederate flag are extreme symbols of racism and slavery.  Today, revisionist historians blame Republicans for the 100 years of racism in the South after the Civil war. They want to change the pictures of our paper currency, omit religion from our schools, and force birth control, and abortion on our society, while supporting wholesale amnesty for illegals. Now, not only are we supposed to support same sex marriage, we are supposed to elevate it to the same moral plain as traditional marriage. Soon, the federal government will want us to celebrate sodomy in our primary schools or be considered bigots.

Jefferson Davis was a “States Rights” politician. Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand does not believe in “States Rights” and is basically a yes man for the Federal leviathan. Barack Hussein Obama believes that illegal immigrants have more right to life in this country than the beating hearts of the  innocent unborn. Democrats feel that the federal government has the right to dictate and implement morality. Of course, our morally bankrupt texting generations have become blank pages that can be  told what to to think by the liberal elites. If conservatives speak up about anything, we are labeled bigots and racists and audited by the IRS. Of course, the Republican “Speaker of the house” will sanction conservatives if they do not vote 100% party line. Soon anyone who votes against amnesty for illegals will be sanctioned. Only in America do Neocons spend billions protecting borders 10,000 miles away while seeking amnesty for illegals and open borders here at home.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the other hand,  would trade our sovereignty for the popular vote. In the old days, this would have been considered treason and an impeachable offense.

Richard H. Brodhead worked with Jefferson Davis to fund the initial topography surveys for the 1st Transcontinental railroad. Before, the left coast was populated by wealth redistributing whiners that wont get off their asses and look for a job.


military roads cascades

Bill 422 of 869,

Inheriting Obama’s inept monetary policy


Obama’s approval rating is close to 50%.

This does not bode well for a Republican president in 2016, especially if we nominate Jeb Bush.

The stock market continues to climb aided by 6 years of open ended quantitative easing,  aggressive debt monetizing, and basically zero interest rate return on savings. The housing boom is being fueled by low interest rates, and a  “wealth effect” based on a propped up  and subsidized stock market.

The interest on the national debt has been artificially reduced by the FED bond repurchase or debt monetizing.  Even though Obama doubled the national debt from $9.9 trillion to almost $19 trillion in 6 years,  the interest on the national debt has remained the same. When interest rates and bond rates rise, expect the interest on the national debt to equal Social Security outlays. Expect the Federal government to pay the interest on the debt by printing more money from thin air. With the rise of the baby boomer retirement generation, soon 1/4 of the population will be over 67 years old and living fully off of Social Security and Medicare. Should Wall street harvest and raid the 401Ks of our seniors like they always do, expect 80 million people who only have enough money to pay for food, and utilities if they own their own house.

Barack Obama has enabled the creation of another George Bush style  housing bubble,  a stock market and national debt interest bubble, and the possible collapse of the bond market.

Barack Obama has not fixed any of the underlying economic issues that plagued the Bush era in 2007/2008. In fact, he has created conditions that are far more worse. While history may not repeat itself perfectly, it often rhymes.

As it is, the Federal government will never pay off the national debt. They will never reduce spending. They will never reduce taxation. In addition, Barack Hussein Obama and the FED have created a monetary policy that will not allow interest rates to rise because the stock market, and housing industry would crash, and National debt payments would double to over a $trillion.

Of course the democrats will insist that two special interest backed gray haired old ladies will be our economic salvation. The democrats have elevated the use of political props and symbolism to Joseph Goebbels levels. The real question in 2016, is how will we deal with Barack Hussein Obama’s economic incompetence since it has become systemic within our monetary policy, government budget, the bond market, the stock market and the housing market. When it falls, the last of the middle class goes with it….

Of course, all of the presidential candidates will see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil. They will enable the house of cards because, millions of American’s are vested in the illusion. Their retirement security depends on Obama’s house of cards.

If Jeb Bush is nominated, Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  All people care about is the money they have in the retirement accounts. They will vote with their pocket books…..Americans can be easily convinced that the root of all their problems comes from the Bush dynasty. Americans will reject Jeb Bush in a land slide.



Brodheads served with Alexander Hamilton

The Brodcast

Stating the Obvious


Make donations payable to Stephan Brodhead so I can up the game and fight for secure borders, Birthright citizenship bill, sane monetary policy, sane foreign policy, domestic agenda, transportation infrastructure, alternative energy program, battery technology, and retooling the Federal and DOD aviation fleets to composite based and cleaning burning propulsion technology

Stephan Brodhead
PO Box 12074
Tacoma, Wa 98412

253 205 5995

Here is some weird trivia for ya!

Brodheads have served in Congress or on the battlefield with every president on our paper currency.

George Washington:  1st Continental Congress, Valley Forge, During 8 years of the revolution

Abraham Lincoln: 30th Congress, Civil War, and Washington DC Emancipation Commissioner

Alexander Hamilton: Valley Forge

Andrew Jackson: Congress,  plus I get my middle name from Andrew Jackson. My grandfather’s name is Andrew Jackson. My Great Great Grand Father is named after Andrew Jackson.  Congressman John Brodhead (New Hampshire) Congressman John C. Brodhead (New York)

US Grant: Mexico and the Civil War

Benjamin Franklin: 1st Continental Congress and a personal friend of the family for over 50 years

Then we can top that off with my German grandfather who was a senator in the German Wiemar Republic….. Hint: Only folks that are concerned with the FED and monetary policy will get the connection….


United States National Debt $18,164,305,026,364.02
United States National Debt Per Person $56,529.83
United States National Debt Per Household $146,412.27
Total US Unfunded Liabilities $123,300,900,317,639.73
Social Security Unfunded Liability $15,114,586,173,570.42
Medicare Unfunded Liability $79,037,580,954,458.17
Prescription Drug Unfunded Liability $19,946,022,736,261.71
National Healthcare Unfunded Liability $9,202,710,453,349.42
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Person $383,729.48
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Household $993,859.35
United States Population 321,322,462

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval building economic credentials



Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City -June 18, 2015Governor Brian Sandoval today announced Nevada now ranks second in the nation for private sector job growth, behind North Dakota. According to new information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada added jobs at a rate of 4 percent in 2014, trailing only North Dakota’s gain of 4.6 percent. All told, Nevada employment totaled 1.06 million jobs in 2014, an increase of 40,700 new jobs over the year.

“This is extremely positive news for the Silver State,” Sandoval said. “This is more evidence that our economy is becoming stronger and is moving in the right direction. Still, there are too many Nevadans out of work. We will continue our momentum of attracting diverse industries to the state and assisting our current businesses in growing so that all Nevadans will have opportunities to get back to work.”

“This is an especially impressive performance when put it in historical context,” he added. “Prior to the recession, Nevada was at the top of the job growth rankings. During the prolonged economic downturn, Nevada’s job losses were the most pronounced in the nation. For instance, in 2009 and 2010, job levels fell by 10.1 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. However, the Silver State began making up for lost ground in 2011, when jobs grew 1.2 percent, the 37th-strongest gain in the nation. Growth has picked up every year since.”

“Looking at relative job growth over time offers the best picture of Nevada’s economic performance over the past several years,” Sandoval said. “We have gone from the fastest-growing state in the nation, to the state hit hardest by the recession, to the state that, once again, is near the top of the rankings.”

Nevada’s unemployment rate is currently at 7 percent, which equates to 99,000 people unemployed. The unemployment rate peaked at 13.7 percent, with nearly 190,000 people unemployed during the height of the recession.


Office of the Governor . 101 North Carson Street . Carson City, NV 89701 . (775) 684-5670
Grant Sawyer State Office Building . 555 East Washington, Suite 5100 . Las Vegas, NV 89101 . (702) 486-2500